DYM Chapter 2059

Ye Mo simply raised his hand and waved out a palm wind, sweeping away all those flying ashes of the spirit veins that had depleted the divine spirit energy, and the remaining five divine spirit veins that still existed instantly appeared clear. Ye Mo reached out and placed his hand on one of the divine spirit veins, and pure and dense divine spirit qi came from it. Ye Mo immediately knew that it was definitely a top grade divine spirit vein, although these remaining five divine spirit veins had also consumed a lot, but a top grade divine spirit vein was far more useful to him than a lower grade divine spirit vein.

Thinking of the dozens of divine spirit veins that had turned into flying ashes Ye Mo secretly cried out in his heart, because this place was sealed up, even if there were yin and yang veins, they could not replenish the divine spirit vein source by themselves. Now that he had a certain understanding of formation patterns and formations, from the orientation of these vein sources, Ye Mo guessed that those divine spirit veins that had turned into flying ashes might even be extremely high quality divine spirit veins.

With only a few divine spirit veins collected by Ye Mo, the surroundings of this great hall suddenly darkened, and with a burst of clicking sounds, the hall actually began to collapse.

Ye Mo’s body was like a lightning bolt as he quickly vanish from the hall.

A continuous sound of collapse came from the hall, splashing up countless dust and sand and stones. When Ye Mo raised his hand and rolled it, the dust and sand and stones instantly formed a huge vortex, which quickly compressed into a giant ball.

After the hall disappeared, the surrounding formations all completely disappeared as well. Ye Mo’s eyes were completely clear, and there was no longer anything blocking his vision or divine sense. When Ye Mo saw the sight in front of him, his heart immediately began to beat violently, he finally understood why there was nothing in the Wuding Valley, and he finally understood why the Extreme Divine Spirit Veins in that great hall had been completely depleted.

In front of him was a huge pill mountain, which was incomparably verdant. There were divine spirit gra*ses everywhere. Or some of the top grade immortal spirit gra*ses.

So many good things. Growing on top of this pill mountain, it would be strange if the divine spirit veins were not consumed. It looked like the best things in the Wu Ding Valley were all on top of this divine Pill Mountain.

When he had first risked his life to enter the Twilight divine Mountain, the divine spirit gra*s he obtained was not as much as a thousandth of what was found here. Ye Mo slowly breathed out, he was sure that this was definitely Elder Wuding’s medicinal garden.

Ye Mo’s gaze swept past this mountain full of divine spirit gra*ses and finally landed on a green-coloured fruit tree at the top of the mountain. The fruit tree bore dozens of dark grey fruits, which was the first time Ye Mo had seen fruits of this colour.

But when Ye Mo’s divine sense landed on this fruit, he almost lost his voice and shrieked. This was definitely a dao fruit. That flowing Dao rhythm and powerful law aura made Ye Mo sure that this was a Dao fruit.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Mo felt a familiarity from the fruit, there was a faint pattern on the grey fruit, and these patterns contained endless Dao rhymes and laws. These dao rhyme laws were very familiar to Ye Mo, they were the dao rhyme laws on the Tai Chou divine pattern.

He had already guessed that these Dao-rhyme grey fruits, which contained the same Dao-rhyme as the Tai Chou Divine Pattern, were definitely the Dao-rhyme fruits of Old Man Wu Ding’s enlightenment of the Tai Chou Divine Pattern. As long as he obtained these Dao fruits, his Tai Chou Divine Pattern would rise to an unimaginable height.

No wonder it was always difficult for his Tai Chou Divine Pattern to progress before, it looked like cultivating the Tai Chou Divine Pattern also needed to be combined with this dark grey dao fruit.

The first thing Ye Mo did was to throw out the formation flag to collect this huge divine pill mountain, but he soon realised. He was still unable to collect this divine pill mountain at his current level.

A few shadows appeared in Ye Mo’s divine sense, and Ye Mo immediately became anxious in his heart. He could tell that the people who had come over were all attracted by the divine spirit energy here and the divine spirit gra*ses in this divine pill mountain.

Ye Mo could no longer care about collecting this divine Medicine Mountain, he rushed to the top of this divine Medicine Mountain at the first opportunity, dug up this Dao fruit tree with dark grey patterns and sent it into his Golden Page World.

While Ye Mo was putting this Dao Fruit Tree away, several figures had already landed at the foot of the Divine Wanted Mountain.

These several figures all saw Ye Mo’s movements, but at this time no one bothered about Ye Mo and started to grab the divine spirit gra*ses from this Divine Pill Mountain.

Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t be polite, and also started digging for the divine spirit gra*ses of this divine pill mountain.

Only when the crowd had not even dug a thousandth of it, the middle of the divine Medicine Mountain suddenly cracked open and a powerful aura of destruction came from it, and chaotic and violent Heavenly Dao laws spewed out from the crack.

Ye Mo was standing at the highest point, and the first thing he sensed was that something was wrong. After understanding that something was wrong here, Ye Mo’s figure instantly transformed into a cloud of light and shadow and flew out from this divine Medicine Mountain.

As Ye Mo fled, the rest of the Saint Emperors who were collecting divine Spirit Gra*ses at the Divine Medicine Mountain also sensed that something was wrong, and they were not the least bit slower than Ye Mo, and instantly all transformed into vanishings and rushed out as well.

Almost as soon as all of them left, the divine Pill Mountain, which was filled with divine spirit gra*ses, turned into a terrifying explosion and turned into flying ashes in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo secretly said in his heart that it was so close, if he was just a little bit slower, he might have been locked by the destructive aura in that crack, and maybe he wouldn’t have been able to escape. This character of Old Man Wu Ding was really eccentric, this mountain full of divine spirit gra*ses did not give it to others, instead it exploded itself, this was simply unbelievable.

It was likely that the explosion of this divine Pill Mountain had something to do with him taking away the divine Spirit Veins, but he wasn’t disappointed, he had already gained enough. Only then did Ye Mo look around, he realised that the hidden formation that Little Ice Ginseng had taken him into before had been revealed, not only that, the rest of the formations around had also turned into some ruined formations.

No wonder these people saw the Divine Medicine Mountain in the formation, it looked like the formations here were no longer of much use after he had taken the last five top grade Divine Spirit Veins.

“Brother Ye has gained a lot this time.” Saint Emperor Yun Li looked at Ye Mo and said in a meaningful manner.

The Divine Pill Mountain exploded open and several Saint Emperors and Ye Mo escaped at the same time. The divine Pill Mountain blew itself up, causing these Saint Emperors to be incredibly disappointed while all of them also fixed their eyes on Ye Mo.

It was because Ye Mo had dug up a Dao fruit before they started rushing up the Divine Pill Mountain to collect the Divine Spirit Gra*s. And the most they had gone up the mountain was only to collect a dozen divine spirit gra*ses before the divine Pill Mountain exploded on itself. Because of this, those who saw Ye Mo collect that Dao fruit all stared at Ye Mo. No one knew what Ye Mo had put away first, there were no fools here, even if they didn’t see it. Even if they didn’t see it, they could still guess that what Ye Mo had put away was something extraordinary.

Now, apart from Ye Mo, there were six other people here. There were six other people here. In other words, of the nine people who entered the Divine Medicine Mountain, apart from one who didn’t come. Another one was killed by Ye Mo, the rest were already here.

The Yun Li Saint Emperor and another Yuk Dao Saint Emperor were vaguely blocking Ye Mo’s path in front and behind.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, wanting his kind of Ripple Dao Fruits, that was a dream, even if he got more than one, he would never take one out.

The reason he was willing to take out twelve Thunder Sea God Beads before was because he happened to have twelve fake ones. But this kind of dark grey dao fruit he had no fake ones.

“The harvest can only be considered average, I happened to see an ordinary peach tree and I like peaches, so I dug it up and put it inside my ring to eat a few of them when I had nothing to do.” Ye Mo said without being overbearing or humble.

Because Ye Mo had previously taken out twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls on his own initiative, it made some of the people think that Ye Mo was extremely timid and fearful, so they weren’t worried at all that Ye Mo wouldn’t give in.

When he saw that Ye Mo did not even take the initiative to offer to distribute that fruit tree, Saint Emperor Yun Li’s face immediately sank. However, he did not say anything, while the Nudao Saint Emperor who was blocking Ye Mo’s path on the other side said coldly. “Ye Mo, the Undying Valley was opened by everyone working together. As a result, nothing was obtained inside it. Since you have discovered the Divine Medicine Mountain and have obtained the most precious thing on it, then you should take it out and distribute it.”

Ye Mo was furious, he had found the entrance to the Wu Ding Valley and opened this place, this b*****d didn’t think about who he had benefited from the dozen or so divine spirit gra*ses he had just obtained, and he even wanted to share what was on him. You really can’t be too much of a wimp here, just because he took out twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls on his own initiative to deal with the little white guy before, it turned out that these people were still getting more and more fed up with him.

Ye Mo forced down his inner anger and stared at this Yudao Saint Emperor and said, “I wonder if this fellow Daoist has a dual monastic couple?”

“What does it matter to this Divine Medicine Mountain if I have a double monastic couple? I only ask you one question, will you take it out or not?” This Yudao Saint Emperor’s tone became increasingly harsh, his Dao rhythm aura flowed all over his body, a powerful and majestic Yudao aura rose up, and the immortal robe on his body had formed a Dao rhythm that was slowly fluctuating.

“That means there is a dual monastic couple, can you take out your dual monastic couple and distribute it a bit?” Ye Mo said sarcastically.

Not every Saint Emperor had a dao couple, but once the other party said something about their dao couple, it would be the greatest insult to a Saint Emperor.

When Ye Mo insulted him like that, this Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor could no longer hold back his anger, an ancient zither appeared out of thin air, and at the same time, his hand waved out dozens of strings. He already saw Ye Mo as a dead man, because not only did he have a dual-daoist couple, he was also a qin cultivator like him.

His daoist couple was stunningly beautiful in his eyes and definitely not half as bad as cultivation in his heart. When Ye Mo said that his daoist couple, how could he be willing to do so.

So in this instant he offered up his divine ability without being any hesitation at all.

“Ziii ……” Dozens of zither strings sounded as if they were falling plates of jade pearls cutting back sharply in a loop, cutting the space between Ye Mo and him into pieces, and Ye Mo was completely in the middle of this already cut apart and fragmented space. The powerful qi and killing machines around him were all squeezed in, and the space that had been cut apart was completely devoid of life. It was conceivable that once these cut-off spaces were blasted at his body, Ye Mo would likewise become shattered.

Ye Mo was never one to talk nonsense, so since his opponent had made the first move, he would not tolerate it. At the same time as the purple bamboo chopped out, he also threw a punch.

The Fist Dao divine Power Splitting the Sky, splitting the sky, also brought up the surrounding space, forming several killing vortexes, and even some broken spaces were swept together by this killing vortex. The killing vortex formed by the Rift Sky Fist blasted against these broken spaces, causing explosions in the sky. Yuan Qi exploded and space stirred.

“Boom,” the purple shooting claws clashed with the ancient zither of the Yudao Saint Emperor at the same time, making a crisp boom sound.