DYM Chapter 2058

They were just as depressed as Ye Mo, originally they thought that there must be a lot of good things inside the Undefined Valley, but they entered this valley and found nothing now.

It was only when they saw the Little Ice Ginseng that they became happy. The little ice ginseng was an ice ginseng king, and had been with the Chaos Tree and Bitter Bamboo for a long time, so its aura had the spiritual rhythm of the Immortal Dao flowing through it. How could these two unproductive Saint Emperors let the Little Ice Ginseng go?

One of these two was a Dao-shaping cultivator and the other a Dao-nurturing cultivator, and they certainly knew Ye Mo. Both of them looked at each other and then looked at the little ice ginseng standing motionless beside Ye Mo, and in their hearts, they were already convinced that this little ice ginseng belonged to Ye Mo.

“So this Ice Ginseng King is Brother Ye’s, then I’m sorry for the many offenses just now.” After that Shaping Dao Saint Emperor understood that the little ice ginseng was Ye Mo’s, he immediately went forward and clasped his fist and apologized, not saying anything with his eyes open.

Ye Mo nodded and his heart became a little less furious. After all, the Ice Ginseng King was an extremely precious immortal spirit object, and it was justifiable that the other party did not see him trying to take it.

However, this Shaping Dao Saint Emperor did not stop there, but continued, “I have been stuck in Shaping Dao for countless years, and I was hoping to get something good in the Undying Valley this time and succeed in nurturing the Dao. But I didn’t expect the Wuding Valley to turn out like this, it’s so empty that not even a blade of gra*s can be found.”

Ye Mo frowned for a moment, thinking, “What does this have to do with me?

This Shaping Dao Saint Emperor, however, took out a ring and said, “Brother Ye, I have millions of divine crystals here, but unfortunately I don’t advance in rank, and I can’t use these things. I would like to borrow a flower and offer it to the Buddha. Give this million divine crystals to Brother Ye.”

“Thank you very much. It’s just that although I like crystals. But I don’t get paid for what I do, so please go ahead.” Ye Mo directly gave his expulsion order.

Ye Mo knew very well how fast the little ice ginseng was. Since the Little Ice Ginseng was here and did not want to leave, it meant that there was something odd here. After these two had left, he would have to question the Little Ice Ginseng carefully.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, that Shaping Dao Saint Emperor hadn’t said anything yet, but the Yuk Dao Saint Emperor next to him had a sullen face. His aura rose up and even more Dao rhymes flowed around him. It was obvious that he was extremely dissatisfied with what Ye Mo said. To him, this place was not Ye Mo’s, so why should he tell them to get out of the way.

Ye Mo knew that it was a bit inappropriate for him to tell the other party to move aside, but since Little Ice Ginseng was staying here, he would definitely not take the initiative to move aside.

However, that Shaping Dao Saint Emperor said with a smile, “Of course we will leave this place, there is no rush. I am certainly not giving these crystals to Brother Ye for nothing, so I will make a negotiation with Brother Ye. Your Ice Ginseng King is already missing an arm, so I’m sure you’ve made a deal with someone else. I don’t want more either, just one thigh in your Ice Ginseng King will do. I wonder if Brother Ye ……”

“Get lost ……” This guy actually still wanted the little ice ginseng. Where else could Ye Mo hold back his anger and directly drank. The little ice ginseng was not a spiritual object at all in Ye Mo’s heart. Rather, it was a living being with life, and for this guy to directly ask for one of Little Ice Ginseng’s legs was simply too shameless.

This Shaping Dao Saint Emperor’s face changed and immediately sacrificed his huge blue halberd and said, “Give you face, but now it’s up to you whether to sell it or not, Brother Jing Yi help me swipe the formation, I’ll see what he really has to run wild ……”

Ye Mo knew what he meant, that wasn’t asking his friend to plunder the formation at all, but to tell that Yudao Saint Emperor to join him in attacking himself. Ye Mo didn’t even wait for him to finish his words before the purple sandblast slashed out. Since he wanted to fight, he would strike first, and on this point Ye Mo would not show any half-heartedness.

After the Purple Basket split out, apart from the two distorted blade lines, it also fused with the domain Ye Mo had stretched out, forming a new spatial domain bondage. It was surprising that not all of those two blade patterns blasted towards the Shaping Dao Saint Emperor, except for one blade pattern that blasted towards that Shaping Dao Saint Emperor, there was another blade pattern that hovered above Ye Mo’s domain, swirling around with killing power but seemed to pounce on that Yudo Saint Emperor.

At the same time, five thunder spears came down out of thin air, sandwiching the sky with a diffuse thunder light. Against a Shaping Dao, Ye Mo did not yet need to sacrifice his own Tai Chou divine pattern.

That Yuk Dao Saint Emperor had seen the fearfulness of the Falling Streak, and now that there was a streak that seemed to be blasting at him, he obviously didn’t have the energy to care about the Shaping Dao Saint Emperor next to him. At the same time, he sacrificed his own magic treasure to prevent Ye Mo’s blade ripple from landing on his body. He was also a little unhappy in his heart, although he was a companion with that Shaping Dao Saint Emperor, but if he wanted to join forces with himself against Ye Mo, he had to go through his consent first, right? He hadn’t even given his consent yet, so he forced his hand.

That Shaping Dao Saint Emperor was bound by both Ye Mo’s domain and blade domain, and could only barely sacrifice the huge blue halberd that was already in his hand in the face of this falling scar blade pattern.

“Boom ……” An explosion cracked as the twisted blade ripple directly blasted the giant halberd apart, and the blue light that had not yet gathered exploded.

Not waiting for this Shaping Dao Saint Emperor to break free from the blade ripples and the domain again, five thunder lances came blasting down. In the flash of thunder light, this Saint Emperor was nailed to the ground by Ye Mo’s five thunder lances without even spilling out of his original spirit.

The next moment, this Dao-shaping Saint Emperor’s ring, including his millions of crystals, had fallen into Ye Mo’s hands.

That Dao-shaping Saint Emperor stared at Ye Mo with a slightly pale face, if Ye Mo hadn’t sneak attacked the little white face of the Transformation Dao before, he would have thought that Ye Mo was a Dao Yuan Saint Emperor. To kill a Dao-shaping Saint Emperor in just one move, this kind of divine tactic was definitely not something he could resist.

“Brother Ye, I was reckless just now, farewell ……,” this Dao Breeding Saint Emperor’s face turned white as he flew backwards and disappeared in an instant.

As Ye Mo watched this Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor disappear, he sneered in his heart and did not go after him. In this place it was **naked strength talking, if he had been a little weaker just now, neither the little ice ginseng nor he would have been able to escape. When there are many people, some people think they are a Saint Emperor and still need to cover their greed with a piece of cloth. But when no one knows, it is the **naked law of the jungle.

Seeing that Yuk Dao Saint Emperor disappear, before Ye Mo could ask, Little Ice Ginseng said, “Boss, it’s right here. There is a natural formation here, and I just found this place when those two guys came.”

Ye Mo’s heart was greatly relieved, the Divine Spirit Veins left behind by Old Man Wu Ding were definitely not ordinary, and he even expected an extremely high quality Divine Spirit Vein to appear.

With Little Ice Ginseng leading the way, Ye Mo soon found the entrance to the natural formation, only that after Little Ice Ginseng led Ye Mo a few steps, he could no longer advance. This was because after entering this formation, Little Ice Ginseng had no direction either.

“Wait.” Ye Mo called out to stop the little ice ginseng.

When the little ice ginseng stopped, Ye Mo threw out a few formations and pointed at the few formations that appeared in space and said, “Old Man Wu Ding is very awesome, he found this natural formation and then he himself arranged new concealment and defense formations inside the natural formation. It’s normal that you can’t find this back formation, it’s arranged by the formation pattern, this is something I’ve just come across, you go into the Golden Page World, I’ll just analyze and deduce this formation here alone.”

Ye Mo was exposed to the array pattern formation arranged by the Wuding old man before he entered the Wuding Valley, and to be honest, this formation was indeed powerful.

After Little Ice participated in it, Ye Mo began to deduce the Wuding Elder’s formation. At the same time, he kept throwing out his own formation flags, and as time pa*sed, a faint spatial path gradually appeared in front of Ye Mo.

After Ye Mo entered this pathway, he continued to start throwing out formation flags. As he went deeper and deeper, Ye Mo felt that the formation was getting more and more complicated, while he was getting clearer and clearer about this formation that was set up with formation patterns.

A few days later, there was another small click, and Ye Mo’s eyes suddenly opened up in front of him, and what had been vaguely around him became clear. A narrow staircase appeared in front of him. The staircase was so long and vicissitudes that it was impossible to know where it led, but those dense divine spirit qi overflowed from the staircase, making Ye Mo understand that the place this staircase led to was where the core of the formation of the entire Wu Ding Valley was located. This was the place that provided the divine spiritual sources, without these spiritual sources, no formation would be able to exist permanently.

It was only at this point that Ye Mo suddenly understood that the Wuding old man had deliberately arranged this entrance formation from simple to complex, simply to allow those who entered here to learn. If they were in that extremely complex formation at the beginning, even if they could enter, it would be many years later and they might not even be able to crack it.

This was the formation inheritance left behind by Old Man Wu Ding, which was his formation pattern formation. After understanding this, Ye Mo hurriedly bowed and worshiped and said, “Many thanks to senior for leaving behind the formation pattern formations, junior has benefited greatly.”

Ye Mo accelerated his speed and walked through the narrow staircase, and a huge hall appeared in front of him.

There were no other formations blocking the entrance to the hall apart from a few spirit-separating formations, and Ye Mo was in awe when he walked into the hall. The divine spiritual qi that was so dense that it hit him in the face made him feel relaxed and happy. And what shocked him even more was that he saw a multitude of divine spirit veins here.

Eighteen divine spirit veins were placed crosswise, and these divine spirit veins had many formation flags and patterns connected to them, so it was obvious that these divine spirit veins were the source of divine spirit supply for the entire Wu Ding Valley. As long as all the divine spirit veins here were removed, all the formations here would be useless, except for some of the natural formations.

Ye Mo took a few steps forward, and a dozen of the divine spirit veins suddenly made a slight explosion sound, and then turned into flying ashes and sprinkled in this large hall.

Ye Mo let out a secret sigh and wasn’t too surprised. He had already felt this situation when he came in, although the divine spirit veins here were of a high grade, it was estimated that not many of them would remain. This was because after countless years, most of the divine spirit veins in this surrounding area where divine spirit energy was scarce had been exhausted and turned into flying ash.