DYM Chapter 2057

Seeing Ye Mo once again cast the Blade Stripe, this Yudao Saint Emperor immediately looked grave. He had seen Ye Mo’s Falling Scar Blade Stripe once before, it was a divine ability that almost split a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor in half. Although that Dao Transformation was seriously injured and Ye Mo was stealing the attack, it did not mean that this blade stripe was not terrifying.

The Taiji Xuan Shui nails once again transformed into a river of nails, sealing off all the space where this Yudao Saint Emperor was.

However, the power of the Falling Streak and the Rift was not on the same level at all. Although this Yudao Saint Emperor had used the Xuan Shui Nail River to seal the going space of the streak in the first place, the two spatially distorting streaks still tore through the river of nails in front of him.

It was as if the River of Xuan Shui Nails in front of him had suddenly broken off, breaking apart in the middle. The Yuk Dao Saint Emperor, who was completely blocked by the curtain cover of the river of nails, also revealed his figure.

This Yuk Dao Saint Emperor’s face changed slightly, he knew that Ye Mo’s sword pattern was powerful, but he didn’t expect it to be so powerful that it could tear apart his river of nails. Almost the moment the Spike River Curtain Cover was torn apart, he once again offered up a cloth scarf.

After a low fluttering sound, the two blade patterns were blocked by this Yuk Dao Saint Emperor’s square scarf.

This Yuk Dao Saint Emperor slightly deflated his breath, and the next moment, his aura surged up, and that Taiji Xuan Shui Nail blasted out again, while the square scarf also transformed into a space that was like a substance, trying to seal Ye Mo’s escape path.

“Tai Chi Xuan Shui ……”

Almost at the same time, Ye Mo waved out two more cracks, these two cracks appeared as if they were hidden, looking similar to the two knife patterns just now, yet there was an essential difference. These two cracks came before the eyes of this Yudao Saint Emperor in just an instant.

A terrible and grey destructive aura swept over him, and a shiver ran down his body, as if the next moment. His body would be torn apart by these two twisted ripples.

“Tai Primordial Divine Ripples ……” This Yuk Dao Saint Emperor obviously had not seen badly. He frantically burned his Yuan Qi and lifespan almost the moment he recognized the Tai Primordial Divine Ripples. He broke free of the two Tai Chou divine patterns and instantly went away.

Although Ye Mo’s two Tai Chou divine patterns had not improved significantly, because his strength had risen, he was also too much stronger than at the beginning. Similarly the strength of this Yudao Saint Emperor in front of him was also too much stronger than the badly wounded guy Ye Mo had killed the first time, and he managed to escape by burning his life span the moment he discovered the Tai Chou Divine Pattern.

However, Ye Mo still clearly saw that this Yudao Saint Emperor had completely aged when he disappeared.

“Pffff ……” This Yuk Dao Saint Emperor was too eager to leave, and he couldn’t even collect his own magic treasure in time. The square scarf was torn into pieces by Ye Mo’s Tai Chou divine Pattern, while the Taiji Xuan Shui Nail was collected into his ring by Ye Mo with a raised hand.

Ye Mo looked at the place where this Yudao Saint Emperor had disappeared and did not go after him. At the same time, he was even more concerned about the Tai Chou Divine Pattern, as both Yuk Dao Saint Emperors fled when they saw the Tai Chou Divine Pattern, so it was evident that the Tai Chou Divine Pattern should have had a fierce reputation back then.

In fact he had several ways to kill this Yudao Saint Emperor, he could cast Instantaneous Breath and then let the Tai Chou Divine Pattern behead the other party. Even when the other party fled, Ye Mo could still cast the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Bow to shoot and kill him.

But none of these were done to Ye Mo, because there was another person secretly spying on the side. Although that person who was hiding was very careful and stealthy. But it was still detected in Ye Mo’s senses.

The Instant Divine Breath Avatar had killed the Yuk Dao Saint Emperor who had just fled, and his strength would definitely be greatly damaged. The Absolute Saint Golden Bone Bow was even his killer weapon. The bottom card, in this place, Ye Mo would not take it out easily.

Luckily, he had already collected a Taiji Xuan Shui Nail, which looked pretty good, although it was not as good as a spiritual treasure, it was still a good divine weapon.

Ye Mo didn’t bother with the man snooping next to him, he directly turned around and left, disappearing in an instant.

After Ye Mo disappeared, an immortal-like old man suddenly appeared at the place where Ye Mo and the previous Yuk Dao Saint Emperor had fought, and he was clearly the Wood Mou Saint Emperor who had led the search for the entrance to the Undying Valley.

Saint Emperor Mu Mao stared at Ye Mo’s disappearing back for a long time before he murmured, “This person’s strike is definitely no less than mine, and his heart is still so deep, and also how does he know the Tai Chu Divine Pattern? This is just too terrifying.”

He stayed here because he thought the same as the Yudao Saint Emperor who had just escaped, that what the white-faced scholar had said was true.

That was that not only did Ye Mo have a gourd bottom on him, but he also had a heaven defying dagger. As for the twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls, he instead did not care. This was because after Ye Mo took out twelve of them, his divine sense had already swept through them and they were only very ordinary things.

Although the stuff was ordinary, he believed that Ye Mo couldn’t refine it either. Originally, he had eaten up Ye Mo, but now when he found out that although Ye Mo was a Dao-shaping Saint Emperor, he actually knew the Tai Chou Divine Pattern, he now didn’t want to mess with Ye Mo at all.


Ye Mo stopped and took out a jade token, in which appeared the Wood Mou Sacred Emperor standing where he had just stood, showing a surprised expression.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart and put the jade token away, he knew that this person who was secretly following without coming out must be the Mu Mao Saint Emperor. Now that he was gone, the monitoring formation flags left behind showed that he hadn’t guessed wrong. This fellow was a Dao of Transformation, otherwise, he might have forced the other side to come out.

After searching the Wuding Valley alone for half a day, Ye Mo was disappointed. He had heard from others that the Wuding Valley belonged to the Wuding Elder and had been sealed for countless thousands of years, so it was logical that there should be plenty of good things here, but now he hadn’t found anything. It might as well be outside in the Divine Grave Domain.

Inside the Wuding Valley, however, the layout is atmospheric, and the closer one gets to the inside, the stronger that feeling of being a natural place becomes. It was just that even if the landscape here was more natural, Ye Mo was still a little disappointed. He had come here to find something good, not to admire the landforms.

Luckily, the divine spirit energy here was still dense, so Ye Mo waved his hand and threw out Little Ice Ginseng and said, “Little Ice Ginseng, help find out if there are any divine spirit veins here? At least we can’t go home empty handed.”

“Boss, don’t worry, as long as there are divine spirit veins here, I can find them.” The little ice ginseng quickly rushed out after saying that, it was very proud of itself. It was now fooling around outside so that it could brag to Shadowless and Qiu Yang when it returned later.

Shadowless sat under the bitter bamboo and sighed, “Boss is getting more and more biased, I used to be outside all the time, but now Little Ice Ginseng goes out more often than I do.”

Although Qiu Lang called Shadowless big brother, he did not dare to offend Little Ice Ginseng. This guy was addicted to wine, and Little Ice Ginseng brewed a lot of wine, so once he offended Little Ice Ginseng, it would be hard to drink.

But when Shadowless said this, he didn’t dare to offend Shadowless, so he could only say comfortingly, “Brother Shadowless, you used to go out a lot because the boss needed your help in fights, but now that your cultivation isn’t even progressing and the people the boss meets are all some Saint Emperors who can destroy you with a raise of their hand, why would you go out at all?”

As Shadowless eyes glared, Qiu Lang was scared in his heart and hurriedly said, “Brother Shadowless, it’s fine if you want to go out more often, as long as you raise your cultivation up, you’ll be needed the next time the boss fights.”

“Boosting my a*s, I’m just a foodie, how can I boost up if I don’t have anything to eat?” Wu Ying drooped his head and said feebly.

“Boss, you are also from the dragon clan, you should know about the Huntian Dragon Fruit, right?” Qiu Lang saw that Shadowless was angry and hurriedly said carefully.

“What the hell do I know, I was driven out. Don’t fool around in front of me either, you kid, weren’t you also driven out?” Shadowless said angrily.

Qiu Lang said with a heated smile, “I’m different from you, I’ve also spent some time in the Dragon Clan, at least I know where the Dragon Palace is.”

Seeing that Shadowless was about to get angry again, Qiu Yang immediately said in a low voice, “Brother Shadowless, the Hunting Heaven Dragon Fruit is one of the most precious divine fruits of the Dragon Clan. I heard that a single Hunting Heaven Dragon Fruit can allow an Immortal Exalted level dragon race to advance, big brother, if you eat a lot of Hunting Heaven Dragon Fruits, it would be hard not to advance.”

Qiu Yang’s eyes darted around as he spoke, and Shadowless was no fool, immediately glaring at Qiu Yang and asking, “Are your eyes darting around, are you thinking of some bad idea?”

Seeing that Shadowless had figured out what he was thinking, Qiu Yang hurriedly said, “Big brother, I just want you to talk to the boss and ask him to take us to the Dragon Clan’s Huntian Dragon Fruit Garden, and then I just need one.”

“You know where the Hunting Heavenly Dragon Fruit Garden is?” Shadowless also asked with a twinkle in its eye, it had already taken all the Hunting Heaven Coiling Dragon Fruit inside this orchard as its own in its heart, even if it still didn’t know where this orchard was now.

Qiu Yang beat his chest loudly, “Boss, as long as we reach the range of the dragon race, I will be able to find the Hunting Heaven Dragon Orchard. There is also a Dao fruit inside the Hunting Heaven Coiling Dragon Orchard, called the Heavenly Departure Fruit. I heard that the Heavenly Departure Fruit can make people ask for the Dao, and it is the top treasure of the Dragon Clan, and many Saint Emperors have travelled to the Dragon Clan to ask for the Heavenly Departure Fruit. However, there is only one Heavenly Departure Fruit tree in the Dragon Clan, and that one tree only bears three fruits every ten thousand years.”

Shadowless laughed loudly, lifted his forefoot and tapped Qiu Yang’s head and said, “Not bad, haha, I’ll take both the Hunting Heaven Dragon Fruit and the Heavenly Departure Fruit ……”

Seeing Qiu Yang’s odd smile, Wu Ying winced and immediately changed his tone and said, “I mean the boss wants them all, the boss has them, he’s still afraid we don’t have them. Qiu Loang, do you think I should hurry up and tell the Boss that the Dragon Clan has what we need.”

“Hunting Heaven Coiling Dragon Fruit?” Ye Mo listened to Shadowless’ voice transmission and repeated in confusion. If it would allow Shadowless to advance, he was certainly willing to make the trip, but right now he didn’t know where the Dragon Clan was. He had only heard of the Dragon Clan, but it had been a long time since the Dragon Clan had disappeared from the Immortal Realm.

Just as Ye Mo was about to ask about Qiu Yangyang, his divine sense swept up two Saint Emperors blocking the path of the little ice ginseng.

Ye Mo was furious and landed next to the Little Ice Ginseng in a flash, staring coldly at the two Saint Emperors and said, “You two, I kindly opened the entrance to the Undying Valley and let you in, but you two still want to hit my immortal pet, could it be that you can’t be a good guy?”