DYM Chapter 2056

With this hissing sound, a terrifyingly swift shadow rushed out from the vortex that had split open. The powerful aura forced the Saint Emperors outside to retreat, and one of the Shaping Dao Saint Emperors who was the first to bear the brunt of the shadow was so oppressed by the aura of the shadow that he was unable to move a single inch.

“Boom,” as if a leather ball had cracked, this Saint Emperor was crushed by the shadow, unable to even escape in time.

The surrounding people’s scalps exploded as they watched, what kind of divine beast was this? It was so terrifying that it could smash a Dao-shaping Saint Emperor just by impacting?

Ye Mo, who was standing on the side, was also horrified and had long since sacrificed his Purple Bamboo Strips. This divine beast that rushed out from inside the Undying Valley was indeed too powerful, not only that, its speed could not be observed clearly with divine sense.

With a “whirring” sound, as if a thin line of wind had shot through, the shadow broke a Shaping Dao Saint Emperor and did not stay to fight with the rest of the Saint Emperors, but quickly disappeared from the entrance of the valley, as if it had never appeared.

It was only after a while that someone looked in amazement at the direction where the shadow had disappeared and asked, “What the hell was that? A divine beast?”

“This is definitely a divine beast no less than the Dao Yuan Saint Emperor, it’s a good thing it didn’t do anything to us.” The Wood Mou Sacred Emperor also said in secret awe.

Only after he finished his words did the rest of them remember that the Undying Valley had already opened, and at this point, no one was polite anymore and rushed into the Undying Valley.

Ye Mo became the last one instead, and he looked at the direction where the shadow had disappeared. In his heart, however, he calmed down, this shadow was certainly terrifying, but what was even more terrifying was its speed. With that kind of speed, even without a Dao Yuan cultivation, it could still smash a Dao Shaping Saint Emperor. That was simply the speed that could break through the void. It was thus clear. That Shadow Divine Beast. There was also the hard and sturdy body.

Looking at the crowd already entering the Undying Valley, Ye Mo no longer hesitated and hurriedly rushed in as well.

Without entering the Wuding Valley, the divine sense swept in and it was all dark inside, but after entering the Wuding Valley, Ye Mo found that the Wuding Valley was brighter than outside, and a round of light shot out in the distance, even like sunlight. However, Ye Mo knew that it was not sunlight. Rather, it was controlled by a formation.

The place in front of him was a not so wide valley, on both sides of the valley there was not a single blade of green gra*s, Ye Mo could even imagine that the green colour here had long been eaten by the divine beast that had just escaped. The surrounding aura was much calmer than outside, there were no messy dao rhythms of laws, nor were there all kinds of spatial cracks.

At this time, the eight people who had gone in first had long since disappeared, apparently all of them had already entered the valley. Ye Mo quickly entered the valley, and in just half a column of time, he saw three forks at the entrance of the valley.

Ye Mo randomly chose the left fork to speed up, it was very likely that Old Man Wu Ding was the one who left behind the Tai Chou Divine Pattern, and Ye Mo cared a lot about the Tai Chou Divine Pattern. If he could get more inheritance, then his Tai Chou Divine Pattern would go to the next level.

However, Ye Mo didn’t have to walk for long before he stopped. He sensed that he had been followed.

Ye Mo wasn’t worried about being followed, the people who entered this were only at most a Dao of Transformation, even if there was a Dao of Transformation Saint Emperor following him, he could escape even if he couldn’t fight.

Just as Ye Mo stopped, a lavender figure appeared behind him, while a slightly shrill voice said, “Not bad, very alert, to be able to detect that I am following you.”

At this moment, Ye Mo already knew that the man in front of him wearing a lavender immortal robe was the one who had subtly swept him with his divine sense earlier. With a Yuk Dao cultivation level, extremely small eyes and a compelling aura, his strength should be a little more powerful than the Yuk Dao that he had shot off his flesh before.

“I have already opened the Wu Ding Valley, you can go find something good yourself, what is the meaning of following me?” Ye Mo said nonchalantly, a Yuk Dao, he didn’t really care.

This Yuk Dao Saint Emperor laughed heatedly, “You don’t need to mention it, I know it was you who found the entrance. There are certainly many good things in the Undying Valley, but the Undying Valley is huge, and I am not in a hurry. Looking for you is indeed some personal business.”

Ye Mo calmly stared at the Yuk Dao man in front of him and didn’t say anything, he was wondering if he had a few chances of winning if he fought, or if he was an even match.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t ask any questions, this Yudao Saint Emperor didn’t care and continued, “Everyone else thinks that you might be above Yudao, only I know that you have only just advanced to the level of Shaping Dao Saint Emperor. I admit that your concealment technique is indeed first cla*s, surprisingly it is extremely natural and not half-breaking, if I didn’t see you make a move, no one would think that you are a Saint Emperor.”

“If you have something to say, say it quickly and stop farting, this emperor has to hurry, he doesn’t have that much free time to nag with you.” Ye Mo said with some impatience.

A stern aura shot out of this Yuk Dao Saint Emperor’s eyes, but he didn’t get angry, instead he said calmly once again, “Others don’t believe Little White Face Jane Kui’s words, but I do. Not only do you have the bottom of the gourd, but you also have a dagger that can dig the bottom out of the gourd. Something that can dig away the bottom of the Three Treasures Mixed Gourd, hehehe, I’m looking forward to it when I think about it. I won’t rob you either, bring me that dagger of yours and the gourd bottom, as for the gourd bottom I will go and ask that woman for it.”

Ye Mo knew when that white-faced scholar said he had a dagger that this matter would definitely be on someone’s mind, and now it was really here.

“Leave your ring and get lost.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, the Purple Lobster was already sacrificed, he knew that the other party would definitely not follow his words.

The Cracking Avatar split out, the purple mane sliced through the void, what was brought up at this time was no longer the slowly gathering void killing momentum at first. Instead, it rolled up the space around this and blasted past, the endless killing power simply bound this space completely, leaving the other party with nowhere to escape.

Compared to the initial rift, Ye Mo’s move was already more than tens of times stronger, showing the difference between a Saint Emperor and an Immortal Emperor.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, this small-eyed Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor hadn’t even had the time to get angry when he unexpectedly found out that Ye Mo dared to make a move against him first, and he was suddenly furious. Raising his hand, he raised a golden rain, and countless long spikes that emitted an intimidating aura appeared out of thin air, instantly blocking Ye Mo’s crack.

There were continuous explosive sounds of “click ……”, as the purple slashes brought up by the rift reduced from tens of thousands of feet long to only thousands of feet long, and those golden rain spikes continued to get thinner and thinner. As a burst of grinding and piercing sounds ended, the golden rain of nails suddenly collapsed away, and Ye Mo’s cracks disappeared.

Ye Mo struck first and the other party struck second, but casually blocked Ye Mo’s rift. However, he looked at Ye Mo in amazement, did he look away? A move from a Dao-shaping Saint Emperor had actually worn down all of his Taiji Xuan Shui Nail Cover.

Ye Mo had already tried out that his opponent’s control of the Dao Rhythm Laws was indeed much more skilled than his own, and although his move just now was only interspersed with some simple spatial laws, these spatial laws collapsed directly under his opponent’s divine ability shield.

This Nudao Saint Emperor didn’t wait for Ye Mo to slow down, the Taiji Xuan Shui Nail in his hand transformed into dozens of long rivers again and blasted at Ye Mo.

Or rather, these were not long rivers at all, but rivers of nails made up of countless rains of nails. These rivers of nails were still golden rivers when they were sacrificed, and after these golden rivers had completely bound the space around Ye Mo, these golden rivers of nails had already transformed into dark red waves of nails.

An aura of corrosive bone marrow pounced on him, Ye Mo’s face instantly changed greatly, this nail magic treasure of the other party was just a little too vicious. Other people’s spike magic treasures were all concealed and spiky to a*sa*sinate. But this man’s spike magic treasure actually blasted out a majestic aura as if it was a rolling river, almost sweeping away and corroding this valley. Or if the space here wasn’t solid and not easy, these dozens of spiked river waves would have already turned this space into pieces along with Ye Mo.

In this moment Ye Mo had already turned countless thoughts, the space around him was like sticky, even if he forced himself to break free from the space to escape, he would still be swept away by these dozens of Xuan Shui Nail River waves.

If he did not enter the Golden Page World, Ye Mo was sure that even if he was already an Immortal God Body refining cultivator, he would not be able to escape his small life.

The thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls could block these dozens of Xuan Shui Nail River waves, but Ye Mo did not want to take them out, not because he was afraid that this Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor in front of him would find out that he possessed thirty-six terrifying Thunder Sea God Pearls, but because Ye Mo knew that there was another person spying on the side.

As dozens of rivers of nails fell and the corrosive aura became more and more terrifying, Ye Mo did not dare to continue to hesitate and a large map that emitted countless golden rays was blasted out.

These golden rays soon formed a golden wave, and on top of this golden wave stood dozens of yellow clothed Luohans, a few of which even had some extremely faint gold in their clothes.

As soon as these Luohans came out, they immediately blasted out the iron sticks in their hands. A curtain of sticks and the waves of the river of nails swept together, stirring up a loud booming sound.

The corrosive river of Xuan Shui nails exploded, and Xuan Shui exploded everywhere, sending nails shooting in all directions. But the majestic aura that swept through the sky was immediately curbed. The corrosive nails from the river of Xuan Shui nails smashed into the bodies of those Luohans, causing the bodies of the yellow-clothed Luohans to rapidly fade and then dissipate. Only those few Luohans whose bodies carried a hint of pale gold remained standing above the golden river polluted by the Xuan Shui, blocking the endless river of nails.

“Vajra Mahayana Figure ……,” the Yuk Dao Saint Emperor who had offered up dozens of rivers of Xuan Shui nails cried out in astonishment, and then his eyes even revealed an incomparably eager and refined aura.

This was indeed the Vajra Mahayana diagram, the Vajra Mahayana diagram was a Dharma treasure that Ye Mo had refined the most shallowly, and he did not cultivate Buddhist divine abilities. The Vajra Mahayana diagram was one of the supreme Dharma treasures of the Buddha Sect, and although it was precious, it was not something that Ye Mo liked. Ye Mo refined some of the prohibitions of this diagram, mainly in case of emergency, but he didn’t expect to really use it today.

While the other party was still in surprise, Ye Mo’s Purple Grating slashed through again, this time it was no longer a crack, but a divine ability Ye Mo had comprehended in the Divine Grave Domain, the Falling Scar Blade Pattern.