DYM Chapter 2055

There were only a total of twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls at the bottom of the Black Lake, and Ye Mo took out twelve of them at once. These Thunder Sea God Pearls were still refined by Ye Mo and had nothing to do with the people here, so it could be said that Ye Mo had gone to the extreme.

Although most of the people believed Ye Mo’s words, Ye Mo still felt a cold divine sense sweeping past him. Even if that divine sense was subtle, it could not escape his senses. Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t feel it and didn’t sweep back with his divine sense.

“Since that Fellow Daoist Ye is willing to share the Thunder Sea Divine Pearl, then what I mean is this, this Thunder Sea Divine Pearl is still placed on Fellow Daoist Ye, and after we break the seal of the Undying Valley, we will see who gets the most credit and give it to whoever. If each person has one, this Thunder Sea divine Pearl has also lost its original value.”

A somewhat disappointed Mu Mao Holy Emperor stepped forward and said.

There were only twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls, and Ye Mo also said that these twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls were of average power. He believed Ye Mo’s words, if they weren’t of average power, Ye Mo wouldn’t have taken out twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls.

The Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd was good, but unfortunately it was a thing without a bottom. No matter how good a gourd was, without a bottom, it would not become a good thing.

By now, Saint Emperor Yun Li had calmed down and sighed in his heart as he looked at the bottomless gourd he was holding. This gourd was really a chicken rib, it was tasteless to eat and a pity to discard. Holding it in his own hands wasn’t much use, and it had caused others to be jealous.

“I don’t want this thing to be of much use either ……”

Before the words of Saint Emperor Yun Li had finished, Ji Xi stepped forward and said respectfully to Saint Emperor Yun Li with a cupped fist. “Senior Yun Li, junior is somewhat interested in this gourd, and junior is willing to exchange it for a Purple Yin Divine Spring Pearl. If senior is unwilling, then forget it.”

When Ji Shi was first seriously injured, she was swept into a huge fist pit over a pool of purple spring water. Later, after she had fully recovered from her injuries, she checked for half a day before she understood that the purple spring was actually the Purple Yin Divine Spring. After the Purple Yin Divine Spring had been absorbed by her, she found a Purple Yin Divine Spring pearl in the middle of this spring pool, however.

“You have a Purple Yin Divine Spring pearl? Of course I do.” Saint Emperor Yun Li did not hesitate to give Ji Xi the hot potato. If the gourd in his hand was intact, even if he had to fight for his life, there was no way that Saint Emperor Yun Li would give this gourd to someone else.

The Purple Yin Divine Spring pearl was more useful than the Purple Yin Divine Spring, and could strengthen divine abilities. Remodelling the six veins. Saint Emperor Yun Li even suspected that Ji Xi did not know the main function of the Violet Yin Divine Spring Pearl. That was why he replaced it with him.

Ye Mo did not dare to ask for the gourd at all now, once he did, others would really suspect that the bottom of the gourd was in his possession. Now that he saw that Ji Xi had exchanged the Purple Yin Divine Spring Pearl for the gourd, he immediately said. “Everyone. I have a way to find the entrance to the Undying Valley.”

The crowd’s attention was immediately drawn to Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn’t wait for the crowd to ask before saying, “I am a top level Immortal Formation Master, just give me time. I can definitely find the entrance to the Undying Valley, and even if I can’t break this seal, I can still find a way to open the seal. I only have one condition, I have a Green Vase ……”

Before Ye Mo had finished his words, the white-faced scholar immediately transformed into a white light and disappeared without a trace. He already knew what Ye Mo meant, the green vial was not Ye Mo’s at all, Ye Mo now wanted the green vial on him meaning it was obvious that he wanted to exchange it with Ji Xi for the bottomless gourd. Although he fled, he was afraid in his heart that an Incarnation Saint Emperor would chase him. Once a Transformation Dao chased him, he might not be able to escape now.

What a cunning old thing, Ye Mo saw that the white-faced scholar fled before he could finish his sentence, and there was nothing he could do, his cultivation level was not yet able to stop his opponent from escaping.

Originally, Ye Mo was going to use the green vase as payment to break open this valley entrance, but now that the white-faced scholar had escaped, he had to say, “The reason I sneaked up on him was because one of my green vases was snatched away by this guy. Originally, I wanted to say that I would ask for everyone’s help, but unfortunately, this rabbit escaped too quickly.”

A hint of shame appeared on Saint Emperor Mu Mao’s face as he said, “I was the one who didn’t care, but don’t worry fellow Daoist Ye, the next time you meet this person, as long as you need the help of our people here, I, Mu Mao, will definitely not hesitate for a second.”

The rest of the Saint Emperors expressed their agreement with Saint Emperor Mu Mao’s words, and as long as Ye Mo needed their help next time, they would definitely step in.

Ye Mo was full of smiles as he clasped his fist in thanks, only that in his heart he treated what these people said as fart. After the Wu Ding Valley was opened and everyone got rich, it would be strange for anyone to remember to help him out. It would be good not to rob him of what he had on him when he was alone.

He didn’t say that he would share more after he found the entrance to the formation. It was because he knew that it would be futile to say such things, once everyone saw something good, no one would leave it to him. This was completely different from when he was in the Zha Kui Secret Realm in Zha Kui Immortal City, back then, he had the strength to speak, while now, he did not have the strength to speak.

Ji Xi was also disappointed, she knew that Ye Mo was proficient in formations and would most likely be able to find out the entrance to the Undying Valley. It was because of this that she had meandered back to exchange the useless bottomless gourd. The purpose was of course to remind Ye Mo to take back the white-faced scholar’s green bottle, but unfortunately the white-faced scholar reacted too quickly and was escaped by him.


Ye Mo began to search for the sealed entrance to the Undefined Valley, while the rest of the people were concerned and waited at the entrance of the valley. There were also people who didn’t quite believe that Ye Mo was a top level immortal formation master, but now, apart from Ye Mo, they could only go for a strong attack.

Ye Mo knew that the entrance to this Undying Valley was found and it wasn’t something that he alone had, but he still wanted to find it. He had gained a lot in this Divine Grave Domain, and the only thing he hadn’t gained was the Divine Spirit Gra*s and the Dao Fruits. If the Undying Valley was opened, there might still be plenty of divine spirit gra*ses and dao fruits inside.

He needed to improve his strength now, and if he didn’t have the resources, even if he had the Time Formation Disc, his strength improvement would still be limited. Besides, once he found the sealed entrance, with a seal like the Wuding Valley, he probably wouldn’t be able to open it by himself.

A formation flag was thrown down by Ye Mo, and some formation fluctuations were caught by Ye Mo. When Ye Mo saw a rippling formation flag, he was stunned. He felt an extremely familiar feeling as he once again saw a new means of arranging formations. To actually arrange a formation through a rippling dao rhyme was something he had never thought of before.

But these were not the reasons that shocked him. He was shocked because he saw the shadow of the Tai Chou Divine Pattern in these formations. Just in the twinkling of an eye, Ye Mo suddenly understood that the Tai Chou divine patterns were left behind by the Wuding Elder.

It was because of this that such similar formation patterns existed in the Wuding Valley set up by the Wuding Elder. The fact that he could feel these formation patterns was not half related to his level of formation, but rather because he had comprehended those two Tai Chou divine patterns.

A feeling of regret rose in Ye Mo’s heart, he suddenly did not want to continue breaking the formations, this place would be fine for him to come alone when the time came. How great an opportunity should there be in this Wu Ding Valley if he could perform such a terrifying divine ability as the Tai Chou Divine Pattern?

Ye Mo’s technique had just come to a halt. The words of the Wood Mou Sage Emperor came through. “Daoist Friend Ye is really good at this, we have been searching for a few days and could not feel half of the formation fluctuations. Daoist Ye only spent most of the day and we felt the formation fluctuations. It looks like the seal of the Wuding Valley has been opened. There is a chance of that.”

After listening to the words of the Wood Mou Sacred Emperor. Ye Mo knew. This old fox had already seen his hesitation just now. If he didn’t continue, it would definitely cause a fight and he could only continue searching for the seal entrance.

A day later. The fluctuations of the formation in the Wuding Valley were becoming clearer and clearer, even those who were not very proficient in formations knew that even if Ye Mo could not break this formation, it would only be a matter of time before he found the entrance to this seal.

Another day later, Ye Mo stopped arranging the formation flags and an extremely faint formation vortex appeared in front of the crowd. Ye Mo’s face was calm, but his heart was extremely unsettled. Don’t look at him to find out this formation vortex, but he knew in his heart that these formation vortexes were made up of many formation patterns, not real vortexes.

This kind of formation, if one did not know the Tai Chou divine pattern, trying to break it would be absolutely you impossible. He also had some doubts in his heart, it didn’t seem to be very difficult when he comprehended those two Tai Chou divine patterns, why had those two Tai Chou divine patterns been left there for countless years and no one had comprehended them?

To say that others didn’t care about those two Taishou Divine Marks at all, Ye Mo absolutely didn’t believe it. He had already tested the power of those two Taichou divine patterns over and over again, and they were definitely top-level great divine abilities.

At this moment, the formation vortex was out, and all of them knew very well that as long as they attacked this formation vortex, the sealed entrance to the Undying Valley would appear sooner or later.

“Haha, Daoist Friend Ye is truly astonishingly talented, the level of the formation has actually reached this level. If it wasn’t for Daoist Friend Ye, we definitely wouldn’t have found this entrance. We will be attacking this entrance together next, and Daoist Ye can rest a little. Of course Daoist Ye’s twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls need not be taken out, that should be something that Daoist Ye has obtained.” The Wood Mao Saint Emperor laughed loudly and was the first to arrive at the entrance of this extremely faint vortex formation.

Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t do anything if he could not contribute. Those twelve Thunder Sea God Beads that he wanted to give away were surprisingly still not sent out, which made Ye Mo a little speechless. These twelve beads were originally fake, if someone else wanted them, he would give them to him without stint.

The entrance to the formation was found and there were ten Saint Emperors here plus Ye Mo. Even if Ye Mo did not make a move and the remaining nine Saint Emperors attacked a sealed entrance, even if the sealed entrance was set up by the Mixed Saint Emperor, it would definitely be broken in the end.

He was most familiar with Ji Shi, but he also knew that none of the Holy Emperors here would take out their real skills, not even their real magic treasures.

The dao light of various divine powers smashed into the extremely faint sealing entrance, stirring up a ripple of dao rhythm at this entrance. These ripples exploded and made the extremely solid space click, so it was clear how solid this seal entrance was. Moreover, some of the ripples that had been blasted open would soon recover, only that the speed of restoration had slowed down because too many people were blasting away. Seeing this, Ye Mo had some more balance in his heart, if it was him alone, even if he found this place, he definitely couldn’t blast this seal entrance.

Even the sturdier entrance looked a little shaky under the full force of the nine Saint Emperors’ attacks, and the extremely faint swirling ripples finally slowly cleared up.

After another day and night of bombardment, the vortex entrance finally made a crunching sound, followed by a terrifying hissing sound.