DYM Chapter 2054

“Brother Yun Li, thank you so much for protecting the Dharma just now.” The white-faced scholar clasped his fist in thanks to the Daoist Saint Emperor who was called his Dharma Protector.

The Dao Transformation Saint Emperor called Yun Li laughed, “It’s just a small matter, it’s too much for Brother Jian to say that.”

Saint Emperor Yun Li knew very well that he was doing a favor of sorts. Even if he didn’t help to protect the Dharma, the other party could still walk away gracefully and at most not be here to heal his wounds.

Instead, the white-faced scholar took out an extremely delicate gourd and handed it to this Saint Emperor called Yun Li Hua Dao, saying, “I know you like to collect fragments of magic treasures, I have a gourd here, but unfortunately the bottom of the gourd is gone. I’ll just give it to Brother Yun Li, and I ask that Brother Yun Li not push back.”

Saint Emperor Yun Li frowned slightly, it was nice that he liked magic treasure remnants, but he couldn’t give a gift to someone with a remnant. However, this gourd was still considered exquisite, and without showing any unpleasantness on his face, he accepted this gourd and said, “Then, thank you very much Brother Jane ……”

Before he could finish his sentence, Saint Emperor Yun Li’s face changed, and then he grabbed the gourd in his hand and subconsciously asked, “What kind of gourd is this?”

Immediately after asking, he felt regret, this gourd was definitely not simple, even if there was no longer a gourd bottom, it was not a simple magic treasure.

Sending the gourd out, the white-faced scholar’s heart was bursting with regret. If he had known he would never have stayed here to heal his wounds, he would have gone as far as he could. If he had left when he was seriously injured, he was sure that Ye Mo would not be able to catch up with him, but if he were to leave now, Ye Mo would definitely request the Dao Transformer to hunt him down. He was so badly injured that he was not half sure of escaping the Dao of Transformation’s pursuit.

The white-faced scholar recognized what Ye Mo was about to say, and he was already sure that Ye Mo wanted to hit this gourd. There was no way he would help hide it. He could not get the bottom of the gourd anyway. He simply opened up and said, “This gourd is the Black Lake ……”

“You’re talking about that Three Treasures Mixed Gourd?” Almost all of them stared at the gourd in Yun Li Saint Emperor’s hand with shining eyes. The white-faced scholar was interrupted before he could finish his words.

The Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd, that was a legendary existence of an innate spiritual treasure. There were so many Saint Emperors here, and no one had heard of anyone having an innate spiritual treasure. This showed how precious this gourd was.

While thinking of the origin of this Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd, everyone present thought of the other thing in the legendary Black Lake, which was the thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls. These two heaven-defying magic treasures had actually been refined, and the crowd had long forgotten that this was the Wuding Valley, and all fixed their eyes on the white-faced scholar’s body.

Ye Mo screamed in his heart, he couldn’t imagine that this white-faced scholar was so shameless. He was indeed trying to tell the Wood Mou Sacred Emperor. Saying that he might be able to find the entrance to this Undying Valley, the condition was of course to ask the Mu Mao Saint Emperor to help bring the bottomless gourd on the white-faced scholar. However, Ye Mo did not make this request because he thought that once he made this request, he would most likely lift a stone and smash his own feet.

However, he did not expect that this white-faced scholar would know about his ploy even before he had mentioned his request. Not only did he know about it, he even took the initiative to bring out the item, causing others to have a hot look. Next, Ye Mo didn’t even need to think, the white-faced scholar must have said that the Thunder Sea God Pearl was in his possession. This way, all those greedy eyes would be attracted to him, this time it was really a blunder. These old things, they were indeed all as cunning as ghosts.

“That’s right. This is none other than the Three Treasures Mixed Gourd. Unfortunately, the bottom was dug out. I think this person could dig out the bottom of the Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd, so there must be something no less than the Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd. And at that time when I was refining this gourd, at the mouth of the gourd ……”

The white-faced scholar did not finish his words this time, but was interrupted by Ye Mo, “There are still twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls at the mouth of that gourd, right?”

“Hmph, it’s clearly twenty-four ……” As soon as the white-faced scholar said this, he knew that he had fallen for Ye Mo’s trick. Originally, he wanted to say that there were thirty-six of them, and all thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls were taken away by Ye Mo. Transferring all his hatred and jealousy onto Ye Mo, he didn’t expect to tell the truth because of Ye Mo’s impromptu socket.

The value of thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls and twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls were completely different, thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls could be put together as a set, while twenty-four could only be considered a decent magic treasure at best, and the drop in power would be astonishing.

The white-faced scholar understood the meaning of Ye Mo’s sudden interruption, the other party knew that he would definitely not hide anything and simply let himself tell the truth in haste. But even so, his purpose had been achieved. Although the twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls were not as precious as the thirty-six, they could still cause other people’s eyes to glaze over. What’s more, the bottom of the Three Treasures Hybrid Gourd was still on Ye Mo.

“The Black Lake has really been refined?” Immediately, there were several people eagerly staring at the white-faced scholar, and even the eyes of the Wood Mou Sacred Emperor looking at this white-faced scholar became hot. An innate magic treasure, who wouldn’t want it?

Ye Mo secretly screamed that he had blundered, but did not immediately flee, he knew very well that even if he fled, the news would still end up leaking out. Moreover, if he escaped, everything would be pushed onto him, and by then he would be in trouble with enemies everywhere. Although Ye Mo hadn’t escaped yet, he was prepared to escape at all times.

“That’s right, the person who refined the black lake is still here, this is the person.” The white-faced scholar finished and pointed at Ye Mo, “Not only did he dig up the bottom of the lake from the Three Treasures Mixed Gourd, but he also took away twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls. Everyone knows why he sneaked up on me just now, it’s because he has the bottom of the gourd and no gourd.”

Although everyone’s divine sense still fell on the bottomless gourd in the hands of Saint Emperor Yun Li, everyone’s eyes were fixed on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo knew that saying anything else at this time would be nonsense, so he directly stood out and cupped his fist and said, “How long has Black Lake been in the Divine Grave Domain? Why have the gourd and the beads never been refined away? Well, today I’ll tell everyone. I was in the Divine Grave Domain for training and happened to be not far from the Black Lake. But to my surprise, there was a violent explosion in the Black Lake, and it was twelve in a row. I immediately went to the Black Lake and found that the Dao rhythm aura inside seemed to have weakened a lot, and at that time, my greed acted up and I didn’t think anything of it, so I jumped into the Black Lake.”

Hearing that Ye Mo had jumped into the black lake, all the people stared at Ye Mo with heated eyes. It looked like the white-faced scholar had not wronged this Immortal Emperor.

The white-faced scholar didn’t know how Ye Mo had entered the black lake either, so when Ye Mo said this, he had no way to refute it. Only Ji Xi knew that Ye Mo was lying, and she did not come forward to expose Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo saw that the white-faced scholar did not refute, he knew that everyone else believed his words. He said even more calmly, “I heard that the lightning and dao rhythm laws inside the black lake were incredibly violent, but I didn’t expect that when I went in, there wasn’t any violent aura at all. Moreover, a big hole had broken open at the bottom of the lake, and that big hole was getting bigger and bigger. I went straight through that hole.”

Speaking here, Ye Mo pointed at the white-faced scholar and said, “This guy should have seen me jump into the black lake, so he jumped after me, and it turned out that he was even faster than me, and he reached the mouth of the gourd first. By the time I went down, he had already started to refine the gourd. I could only refine the twenty-four thunder pearls on the side, but that thunder pearl was not complete, and although I refined the twenty-four thunder pearls, their power was very ordinary ah.”

“A holy emperor in the hall, but he is full of lies.” The white-faced scholar looked at Ye Mo with disdain and sneered, “I did go down before you, but the big hole that was cracked wasn’t getting bigger and bigger, right? Rather, it was getting smaller and smaller. What’s more, are you alone?”

Ye Mo spoke up to the dao now, just to draw out this statement from the white-faced scholar. He said in a light voice, “You and I have an enmity, so if you want to add fuel to the fire surely you can, even if you say I have a partner here as well, it’s up to you.”

The white-faced scholar laughed, “Your partner is indeed here, Ji Xi and you have joined forces against me alone, do you dare not admit it?”

“You’re saying that Ji Shi and I stirred together?” Ye Mo looked at the white-faced scholar in surprise and repeated.

The white-faced scholar immediately reacted that Ye Mo was laying a trap. Some people would believe it if they said that Ye Mo was with someone else, but Ji Xi was from the Divine Maiden Saint Sect.

As soon as he saw the white-faced scholar’s face change slightly, Ye Mo said with a straight face, “Little white face, you can rob things indiscriminately, but you can’t say things indiscriminately. You robbed my gourd, there is no bottom anyway, so I am fine with it. But if you say that I stirred up trouble with the Goddess and word got out to the Holy Sect, it’s not just about me.”

“Ji Shi is not just the Goddess, she is also the Saintess of the Goddess Holy Sect.” Kan Zitong sneered and spoke up for Ye Mo.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to say more, someone was already doubting the white-faced scholar’s words. It was absolutely impossible to say that the Holy Maiden of the Divine Maiden Saint Sect and Ye Mo were both involved.

Ji Xi’s face was icy cold at this time, and he couldn’t see any expression at all. Ye Mo was secretly happy in his heart, he knew that Ji Xi would definitely not admit to stirring up trouble with himself. If there was a Dao Yuan Saint Emperor there was still a possibility that he could tell who was lying between himself and Little White Face, but the highest cultivation level here was only a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor. He believed that a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor would not be able to tell if he was lying.

As for Ji Xi, having cultivated to the Yuk Dao and being from the Divine Maiden Saint Sect, she would be even less likely to let anyone see what was in her heart.

Seeing that the white-faced scholar was about to speak again, Ye Mo suddenly took out twelve green and hazy beads and said, “I have obtained twenty-four Thunder Sea divine beads, but I also know that good things are shared equally among everyone who sees them. Just like this Undying Valley, everyone is also willing to wait for me to share equally, so I am taking out twelve beads to give away.”

The white-faced scholar and all the people did not expect that Ye Mo would be so generous and willing to take out half of what had come into his hands. Many people thought that Ye Mo was afraid, so he wanted to share some of the stuff out to calm everyone’s jealousy.

“You only got twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls, did twelve of them explode and so blow up the bottom of that gourd?” A Shaping Dao Saint Emperor suddenly said at this moment.

Ye Mo had taken out twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls on his own initiative, and everyone immediately felt much less jealous of Ye Mo. Now that a Saint Emperor saw that this was said, the crowd thought of Ye Mo’s previous comment about the explosion of twelve consecutive birth sounds. It was really possible that the twelve Thunder Sea God Pearls had exploded and then blew the bottom of the gourd off.