DYM Chapter 2053

Although the white-faced scholar was already a Transformation Dao Saint Emperor, at this time he had already fought hard with that middle-aged woman for several days, which was tantamount to a defeat between the two of them, and his strength was greatly damaged. In addition, when he fell, he found a canyon in front of him, and there were even quite a few people inside the canyon. He was even more alert to the people in the canyon, but he was completely unaware that his sneak attack came from behind.

It was only when the two twisted blade patterns were about to tear him apart that he was suddenly startled. The Sun and Moon Eight Trigrams Gun was not even able to blast out the Moon Wheel before he had already sacrificed it, while desperately burning his Yuan Qi, making the body armour on his body even more radiant and bright.

“Boom ……”

Ye Mo’s long-stored Falling Trace Blade Pattern blasted at the hastily sacrificed Sun-Moon Eight Trigrams Gun, the Dao rhythm curling up from the blade pattern flowed, completely tearing apart the fluctuations brought up by the Sun-Moon Eight Trigrams Gun, the Sun-Moon Eight Trigrams Gun couldn’t withstand this twisted blade pattern blast, and the gun shield that hadn’t been formed was instantly broken apart.

“Poof” the twisted blade pattern easily cut through the extremely brilliant looking armour, bringing up a canopy of blood.

The white-faced scholar’s face was snow-white and he was about to be split in half by Ye Mo when a large hand of Yuan Qi fell down and pulled him apart hard.

Ye Mo did not continue, not to mention that the Yuan Qi hand that pulled the white-faced scholar away was also a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor, even if the other party did not pull the white-faced scholar, Ye Mo knew that he would not be able to kill the other party with that blow just now.

In Ye Mo’s plan, as long as he sneaked up on him, the white-faced scholar would definitely be broken straight away. But he didn’t expect that the white-faced scholar had a top-notch defensive armor, and that wasn’t all, the white-faced scholar was also a body refining immortal, and his body refining rank was not low.

For someone like the white-faced scholar, as long as he did not have a fatal slash. He would definitely have the chance to vanish. He would not give himself a second sneak attack. He did not flee. That was because there was someone here to help him out. So after the first slash did not kill the opponent, Ye Mo simply did not continue.

There were originally eight people in the valley, plus the white-faced scholar and Ye Mo and the woman, the place became eleven people at once. Ye Mo’s sneak attack was over in just the blink of an eye, and at this moment almost all of them were staring at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo only looked like he had an Immortal Emperor cultivation, but he dared to sneak attack a Transformation Dao Saint Emperor. This sneak attack made everyone here understand that Ye Mo was definitely not an Immortal Emperor.

The white-faced scholar was almost split in half by Ye Mo’s slash. Even if he hadn’t been split in half, he was still injured and had already hurt his body origin.

“Thank you, Brother Yun Li, please protect me.” The white-faced scholar only had time to say one word before he hurriedly swallowed a potion and began to heal his injuries.

“Thank you for this holy brother’s help, my name is Kan Zitong.” Although the middle-aged woman was also injured, she was nowhere near as heavy as the white-faced scholar, and now that Ye Mo had sneaked up on the white-faced scholar, she immediately came over to express her gratitude to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo hastily clasped his fist and said, “My name is Ye Mo. This little white face took something of mine and I was going to settle the score with him.”

Ye Mo had already looked. Of the eight people in this canyon, there were two Transformation Dao Saint Emperors, and the rest were all below Transformation Dao. What relieved him was that there were no Dao Yuan powerhouses here. At the same time, he saw Ji Xi here, only Ji Xi did not come out to speak to him, but stood to the side and watched coldly.

With so many people staying in this canyon and not leaving, this canyon was definitely not simple. Originally, without a successful sneak attack, Ye Mo would have retreated immediately, but now knowing that this canyon was not simple, he simply stayed behind as well.

There were originally two Dao Transformation Saint Emperors here, one was the Brother Yun Li that the white-faced scholar had spoken of, and there was also an old man with an immortal style. Now with the white-faced scholar and Kan Zitong, there were already four Dao Transformation Emperors here.

However, Kan Zitong was injured and a latecomer, while the white-faced scholar was even more seriously injured. At this moment, most of the people looked towards the immortal old man, while one or two people also looked towards Ye Mo and Kan Zitong.

Ye Mo dared to sneak attack a Daoist and succeeded, so Kan Zitong and Ye Mo were still in the same gang, and their strength was definitely not to be underestimated. The people here were all speculating whether Ye Mo was also a Daoist, no one really thought that Ye Mo only had the cultivation level of an Immortal Emperor. It was almost impossible for an Immortal Emperor to survive in the Divine Grave Domain.

“Wood Mou Sacred Emperor, there are more than ten people here now, so come and say something.” An obese Yuk Dao Saint Emperor saw that there was some silence here and took the initiative to stand out and say with a big grin.

The immortal old man nodded, took two steps forward and cupped his fist to Ye Mo and Kan Zitong and said, “My number is Mu Mao, you two have just come here, I’m afraid you’re not quite sure why we stayed in this canyon.”

While speaking, Saint Emperor Mu Mao observed Ye Mo’s demeanor, he could not see Ye Mo’s cultivation clearly. It was because of this that he was afraid of Ye Mo. Moreover, the two rippling blade marks that Ye Mo had just sneakily attacked the white-faced scholar made him still feel a little frightened.

“May I ask Brother Mu Mao, what is the reason for everyone to stay here?” Kan Zitong immediately asked in a blunt manner.

Saint Emperor Mu Mao replied, “I wonder if Fellow Daoist has ever heard of the God’s Grave Domain’s Undying Valley?”

Ye Mo had never heard of the Undying Valley at all, so he didn’t care about what the Wood Mou Sacred Emperor said. However, Kan Zitong asked in a shocked voice, “Could this be the Undying Valley?”

The Wood Mou Sacred Emperor said with certainty, “Yes, this is definitely the Undying Valley. It’s just that the formation outside the Undying Valley is so advanced that the eight of us have been searching for several days and still haven’t found any entrance.”

Kan Zitong, who was straightforward in nature, said with some disappointment, “The Wuding Elder’s formations are peerless, so it looks like no one has broken through the entrance formations of the Wuding Valley, right?”

The Mu Mao Holy Emperor said slightly embarra*sed, “That’s right, although there are many of us here, there are no top formation masters, my formation level is slightly higher, but I can barely set up a rank eight immortal formation.”

Ji Xi’s gaze was fixed on Ye Mo’s body, it wasn’t that she had any thoughts about Ye Mo, but she knew that Ye Mo’s formation level was definitely beyond all the people here.

Ye Mo’s divine sense was also searching this valley at this time, he didn’t know who Old Man Wu Ding was, and likewise didn’t know what good things were inside Wu Ding Valley. Since so many people were searching here, it meant that this Wuding Valley was not simple.

“My formation level is also very average, what does Brother Mu Mao mean?” Kan Zitong’s heart grew even more disappointed when he heard Saint Emperor Mu Mao say that the highest level of formation here was only at the level of an eighth grade immortal formation. If the space sealed up by the Wuding Elder could be found at the eighth level of formation, then the Wuding Elder couldn’t be called a formation peerless.

“What I mean is that I want eleven people here to carry out the attack on this valley in groups, so that we can always find out where the entrance is.” The Mu Mao Holy Emperor spoke out the original plan that several people had discussed long ago.

Kan Zitong subconsciously said, “But this way, there is only a ten percent chance of finding the entrance, and a ninety percent chance that this space will be completely sealed off and can never be opened again.”

The Wooden Moutain Holy Emperor said helplessly, “In fact, we have long discussed that a hard attack is also a desperate thing to do.”

Ye Mo suddenly asked, “Senior Sister Kan, may I ask what is the origin of the Undying Valley?”

After hearing this question from Ye Mo, except for Ji Xi who knew a little bit about Ye Mo, the rest of the people looked at Ye Mo in astonishment. Those who could come to the Divine Grave Domain obviously had some knowledge of the Divine Grave Domain. Besides, even if they didn’t purposely try to understand the Divine Grave Domain, how many of those who could cultivate to Saint Emperor didn’t know the main places inside the Divine Grave Domain? Ye Mo actually asked about the origins of the Undying Valley, this was really too speechless.

Kan Zitong looked at Ye Mo suspiciously and asked, “Brother Ye Mo, you really don’t know about the Wuding Valley?”

Ye Mo replied awkwardly, “I’ve been following my master in the cave to cultivate, and it’s only been a mere few years since I walked around the Remnant Domain of the Sacred Dao Realm.”

“So that’s how it is.” Kan Zitong said in a daze, and then explained carefully, “Elder Wuding is a legendary existence in the Sacred Dao Realm, with profound dao skills, and Elder Wuding’s formations in particular are even more powerful. As for whether Elder Wuding was a mixed existence, I am not very clear, but all people know that Elder Wuding lived in this part of the Divine Grave Domain, and the place where he lived was called Wuding Valley.

Later on, there was a great chaos in the Sacred Dao Realm, and this part of the Divine Grave Domain was also affected. Even some mixed seniors fought here, so Old Man Wu Ding didn’t want to get involved in this great war, so he began to set up formations to completely seal up this area of space where his Wu Ding Valley was located.”

Ye Mo immediately understood that Old Man Wuding had sealed the space he lived in, which was not affected by the great war, and obviously had countless divine spirit objects and even various dao fruits. There was also, of course, Elder Wuding’s inheritance and the like, it was definitely a huge treasure.

“Senior Sister Kan, do you mean that Old Man Wu Ding is still in Wu Ding Valley?” Ye Mo thought about the fact that since the Wuding Old Man had cultivated to the point where he was comparable to a hybrid, he must also have an infinite lifespan.

At this point, the Wood Mao Saint Emperor already understood that Ye Mo really did not know about the Undying Valley and the Undying Old Man, and took the initiative to reply, “After the Undying Old Man sealed this canyon in the first place, he was affected by the Great War before he had the chance to hide inside. One of his closest old friends came over to invite him to help him fight, which resulted in a great enemy being attracted. Old Man Wu Ding fell in that battle.”

A sealed valley of an ancient Saint Emperor, there was no need to doubt at all that there must be countless good things inside. Ye Mo was just as unexempt, and he was also moved.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had just swept through this canyon and although he didn’t have any clue, he believed that he could still find where the formation’s gate was even if he couldn’t break this sealing formation.

Just as Ye Mo was trying to find the benefits, he suddenly saw the white-faced scholar stand up, apparently having contained his injuries.

Ye Mo looked at the white-faced scholar and suddenly thought of something, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he decided to take this fellow.

The white-faced scholar was an elite character, he saw Ye Mo’s unsuspecting smile and immediately knew what Ye Mo meant. The formation that Ye Mo had arranged at the bottom of the Three Treasures Mixed Gourd was still fresh in his mind. This showed that Ye Mo was also a top-level formation master.