DYM Chapter 2052

“I have one more thing to ask Brother Kong. Does Brother Kong know if it is possible to get out after coming inside here? Does it have to be after one has proven to be a hybrid before one has the chance to get out?” This was the thing that Ye Mo was most concerned about.

Kong Chengtian said with certainty, “It is definitely possible to get out, but the place to get out is not necessarily the remnants of the Holy Dao Realm outside, it is likely to appear in other interfaces. As for witnessing a mixed origin, there may not necessarily be one within a hundred thousand Saint Emperors. What’s more, where in this world could there possibly be so many Saint Emperors right now? Of course if you really do attain Saint Emperor, you might be able to casually rip through the space here and go out.”

Ye Mo was immediately overjoyed and hurriedly asked again, “May I ask Brother Kong, where is the way out?”

Kong Chengtian shook his head and said, “I only know that the way out is in the Nirvana Forbidden Land, but I don’t know where it is. I’ve only been in the Divine Grave Domain for a few hundred years, and this time I’ve advanced to the Yuk Dao, so I want to go to the Nirvana Forbidden Land to take a look. There are many old demons that have stayed in the Nirvana Forbidden Land for countless thousands of years, these old guys might know, you just need to ask these old demons and you will know.”

“Thank you, Brother Kong, I’ll see you at the Nirvana Forbidden Land.” Ye Mo knew that Kong Chengtian could probably only know this, so he simply stopped asking further.

Kong Chengtian was a very dry person, he didn’t say anything to Ye Mo at all about how terrifying the Divine Grave Domain was and that he would fall if he wasn’t careful or something like that. To him, as long as Ye Mo had come here, it meant that he was prepared for this, and he didn’t need to say all that nonsense at all.


It was already a month after Ye Mo and Kong Chengtian parted ways, and in the Golden Page World, Ye Mo had already refined the two golden bone arrows he obtained behind him to the ninety-ninth level of the ban. The golden light of the golden bone arrows was getting fainter and fainter instead. But the frighteningly majestic killing aura of the bone arrows was getting heavier and heavier.

The more the golden bone arrows were refined to the back. The more difficult it was to refine. After Ye Mo refined the bone arrow to the ninety-ninth layer of the ban, he was no longer able to continue refining it.

Ye Mo did not forcefully refine it, he knew that with his current ability he could only refine it to the ninety-ninth layer of the ban. In the following time, Ye Mo did not rest and refined the Golden Bone Bow and the arrows all to the ninety-ninth layer of the forbidden system one after another. Unfortunately, even after Ye Mo refined the bows and arrows to the ninety-ninth layer of the ban, what he had in his hand was still the Absolute Immortal Golden Bone Bow and the Absolute Immortal Golden Bone Arrow.

After refining all of these, the time array disk had already been running for four months.

He felt that the power of the bow and arrows had increased by tens of times. Ye Mo’s heart was greatly relieved. At the beginning, that all dying Yudao Saint Emperor was able to grab his bone arrows with one hand, now that his bow and arrows had all been raised to the ninety-ninth level of the ban, even that white-faced scholar wouldn’t be able to grab it, right?

Suppressing his desire to give it a try, Ye Mo took out thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls. He now had forty-eight Thunder Sea God Pearls, and Ye Mo knew that twelve of them were fake.

When separating the Thunder Sea God Pearl and the Three Treasures Mixed Gourd, Ye Mo knew that this Thunder Sea God Pearl was also forbidden, only the forbidden system was completely different from the golden bone arrow technique. The same one hundred and eight prohibitions, Ye Mo spent almost half a year and could only refine the same to the ninety-ninth layer of prohibitions.

It looked like this was the same level as the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Bow. Ye Mo looked at the thirty-six thunder beads that were suspended in front of him after he had refined them and guessed secretly.

The surging thunder source killing intent and a thunder law in the thunder beads. It made Ye Mo instantly understand the power of these thirty-six beads.

“At last, there is some self-preservation power.” Ye Mo said as he slowly breathed out as he collected these thirty-six Thunder Sea God Beads into his sea of consciousness.

At this time, he had been in the Golden Page World for almost a year.

After Ye Mo came out of the Golden Page World. Immediately, he took out Kong Chengtian’s jade token. As soon as the jade token was taken out, Ye Mo sensed the mark made by Kong Chengtian through the jade token.

“Not bad.” Ye Mo felt that Kong Chengtian was interesting enough as a person, at least he didn’t talk nonsense. When he said he made a mark, he made a mark. Otherwise, right now, he wouldn’t know the direction at all.

Having been with Ji Shi for more than half a year, Ye Mo had gained a lot, and now without Ji Shi to accompany him to seal the divine ability, Ye Mo’s gains along the way were far less than when he was with Ji Shi. Because the path Ye Mo took was one that Kong Chengtian had walked through once, so there weren’t many good things along the way. Even if there were good things, Kong Chengtian had taken them away.

For these, Ye Mo did not care, and he walked a little faster without anything along the way.

Ye Mo walked along the way, verifying his divine ability along the way. The Divine Grave Domain space was solid and incredibly sturdy, even if his divine ability could extinguish a star, it would not be able to make much of a stir in the Divine Grave Domain.

Four months later, Ye Mo’s thirty-six Thunder Sea divine Beads could already form a Thunder Sea divine Bead Formation, which, together with his own Dao-shaping Domain, could completely bind a Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor. What’s more, the Thunder Sea divine Beads also had the use of countless lightning attacks and disturbing people’s consciousness, and after trapping a person, it was equivalent to forming a sea of thunder as terrifying.

The six arrows of the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Bow could kill a Dao-shaping powerhouse in seconds, but the amount of Yuan Qi and Divine Sense consumed by all six arrows was also extremely huge. The only thing that Ye Mo regretted was that his Tai Chou Divine Pattern had not improved much.

As for the World Stone and the Haotian Drum, they had become Ye Mo’s marginal magic treasures. The Haotian Drum was of a very high grade, but unfortunately, Ye Mo did not like the drum sound divine ability much and seldom studied it, and only took it out occasionally to save his life. As for the World Stone, it was truly remarkable and unfortunately Ye Mo had obtained too few of them. The World Stone he had could still be used to play tricks when he was in the Immortal Realm, but when he arrived at the Divine Grave Domain, such a small piece of World Stone would not be very useful.

In fact, Ye Mo loved the World Stone as a magic treasure, and if it wasn’t too small, he would have taken it out often.

He even often thought that if that World Mountain had been refined in its entirety by him back then, it would have been an absolute killer, and that World Mountain would definitely be no less than an innate spiritual treasure. Unfortunately, he did not have that ability back then, and even now, when he stands in front of the World Mountain, he may not be able to refine it.


This day Ye Mo was still pushing his fallen scar blade pattern during his rush when he was attracted by a miserable white light that lifted thousands of feet high. With that violent fluctuating law aura and messy violent spatial cracks, Ye Mo immediately knew that two experts at least above the Yuk Dao were fighting.

Another tragic white moon wheel flew up, with faint traces of red behind it, and Ye Mo instantly recognised that one of the people fighting must be the white-faced scholar. The one who could fight with the white-faced scholar had a cultivation level of at least a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor.

If it was another Daoist Saint Emperor fighting, Ye Mo would have stepped aside as far as possible, but the white-faced scholar was the person Ye Mo wanted to kill the most. Therefore, after Ye Mo knew that one of the two was the white-faced scholar, he did not hesitate to fly over.

As those two fought and walked, Ye Mo surprisingly had to keep following behind in order to keep up. In order not to let the white-faced scholar know that he was following him, Ye Mo even concealed his form all the way. Although his cultivation was not as good as the white-faced scholar’s, his concealment technique was not inferior to any Dao Transformation practitioner.

When he saw that he was getting closer and closer, Ye Mo finally saw clearly what kind of person was fighting with the white-faced scholar. It was an extremely ordinary-looking middle-aged woman, who looked just like a neighbourhood aunt.

Although the woman looked ordinary, her hands were not ordinary at all, she was definitely a Dao of Transformation cultivator. A pair of silver light thers similarly shot out a miserable white light, intertwining with the white-faced scholar’s Sun and Moon Eight Trigrams Gun, and it was impossible to see clearly which light was the one blasted out by the other.

“Boom ……”

The Silver Light Thou and the Sun and Moon Eight Trigrams Gun once again blasted together, the Silver Light Thou’s miserable white curtain of light instantly dissipated, and the woman was immediately blown away, spewing several mouthfuls of blood in the air.

The white-faced scholar was clearly not suffering either, as his Moon Wheel blasted the woman’s chest but was struck by the same white light from his opponent’s Silver Light Thur. However, his injuries were much less severe than the woman’s.

These two people had been fighting for days and now that they were both injured, Ye Mo knew that this was the perfect time to sneak in. But then he saw that at the place where the white-faced scholar had fallen was a canyon, and there were actually seven or eight people already inside this canyon.

Ye Mo only hesitated slightly before he sacrificed his purple sandal-blade, and the falling scar blade pattern had been completely blasted out.

Originally, it would have been best to sneak attack with the Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow, but with so many people here, Ye Mo did not want to expose his bow and arrow, so he simply used the Falling Scar Blade Pattern to sneak attack the white-faced scholar. He didn’t want to lose this good opportunity to sneak attack.