DYM Chapter 2051

How could Ye Mo take the bottom of the gourd to the other party, if he gave it, the other party then really got the Three Treasures Mixed Gourd.

“I’m the same as you, I want that gourd of yours without a bottom, just name a price.” When Ye Mo saw the white-faced scholar start negotiating, he immediately knew that he couldn’t eat both himself and the yellow-skirted goddess. Mainly, that yellow-skirted goddess’s nine-petaled lotus platform was too sharp, and although Ye Mo had not encountered that nine-petaled lotus platform, he could feel that it was not something simple.

The white-faced scholar sneered and simply ignored Ye Mo, turning to look at that yellow-skirted goddess and said, “Ji Shi, I will give you the green vase, you go your way, you are a great figure of the divine Maiden Saint Sect, I won’t do anything to you, why do you need to get involved with such a wild boy? If you continue to get mixed up like this, I will report all your whereabouts to the Divine Maiden Saint Sect, I think ……”

This yellow-skirted goddess was called Ji Shi ah, Ye Mo did not know the name of this goddess until now. However, Ye Mo immediately knew his situation, once this Ji Shi agreed to the other party’s words, he was in extreme danger.

The yellow-skirted goddess Ji Shi also froze, she didn’t expect at all that the other party would be willing to take out the green vase in exchange for her not making a move. She then understood what the white-faced scholar meant, he took out the Green Vase and gave it to himself, then everything on Ye Mo’s body would be his. Not to mention that Ye Mo might have twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls on him, and a Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd, he was making a big profit.

Moreover, she also understood the white-faced scholar’s other intention, as long as he killed Ye Mo, he could continue to hunt himself down and take back the green vase he had taken to himself. In her heart, she was also laughing coldly, the vase was in her hands. The other party still wanted to take it back. That was just a dream. As for reporting it to the clan. She was involved with a man, she didn’t even care about it.

The white-faced scholar was sure that Ji Xi would agree to his terms. He knew that Ji Xi had many secrets and that he might never get his vase back. But he wasn’t worried, as long as he ate up Ye Mo. He was sure that Ye Mo had an even bigger secret on him.

Those twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls he had actually taken out before he refined the first layer of the ban, so obviously the other party had a time control magic treasure, or even a time array disk. Otherwise, it was absolutely impossible for the other party to have refined the twenty-four Thunder Sea God Pearls before he refined the first layer of the forbidden system.

Ye Mo and the white-faced scholar both stared at Ji Shi. Ye Mo didn’t explain to Ji Shi what the white-faced scholar was planning, he was sure Ji Shi would be able to think of it.

At this moment, Ye Mo was thinking that once Ji Shi agreed, he would immediately flee. What the white-faced scholar was thinking was that once Ji Shi agreed, he would immediately seal this space and definitely not let this guy who might still have the time formation disk get away.

Ji Shi was a little hesitant, getting the Green Vase without any effort made her very eager. And she didn’t feel half guilty, after all, she had already given Ye Mo an Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrow, and Ye Mo hadn’t helped her with anything. She didn’t have a share in either the Three Treasures Mixing Gourd or the Thunder Sea Divine Pearl. Although she and Ye Mo had previously discussed using the Dao pearl to seriously injure the white-faced scholar. But whether she could keep the other party or not was another matter. Besides, the Dao pearl was too precious to her. She only had one as well.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, and at the same time, he was already ready to use his Instantaneous Breath divine ability at any time, as long as he had instantaneous time, he could move and escape. He definitely couldn’t let a Dao Transformation Saint Emperor seal this place off completely.

Ji Xi began to hesitate, that meant that the other party had somewhat agreed to the white-faced scholar’s conditions.

“Little white face, what a life.” As a transported light fell, another voice came, interrupting Ji Xie who was still hesitating.

The person who came was a Nurtured Dao Saint Emperor, and Ye Mo immediately saw it. The visitor looked even younger than him, with red hair tied up into an immortal bun, but his eyes were ice blue. There was a hint of unrestrained and wild unrestrainedness on his face, but his hands were slender and snow-white, looking evil and sexy.

His cultivation level was a little higher than his own, and he was already a Yuk Dao.

“Kong Chengtian, I didn’t go looking for you and you dare to come looking for me. I don’t have time to nag you today, get out of the way.” When the white-faced scholar saw the visitor, his face immediately just changed.

If it was in normal times, he would not be able to put this Kong Chengtian in his eyes. It was just that this was the most crucial time for him to force Ye Mo, and when he saw that Ji Xi was about to agree to his request, a Kong Chengtian suddenly appeared.

“Are you two looking for this little white boy to settle scores? Count me in, the three of us will definitely beat the sh*t out of him if we join forces ……” As soon as the red-haired Kong Chengtian arrived, he blocked the white-faced scholar’s way, obviously he saw that Ye Mo and Ji Xi were standing on one side and wanted to come over and give a hand or fish in troubled waters.

Ji Shi gave a secret sigh, she knew she didn’t stand a chance. Whether she agreed or not, there was no need to stay here. Even if she agreed, the white-faced scholar would not agree. Now that there was a strong Yuk Daoist who was against the white-faced scholar, even if she didn’t join him, Ye Mo and he would not be afraid of the white-faced scholar if they joined forces.

Seeing Kong Chengtian offer up his own magic treasure, the white-faced scholar’s face changed again, and without being any hesitation at all, he brought up a faint light and instantly disappeared. Once the other three joined forces, he could not afford to eat. If it was three ordinary Nurtured Dao Saint Emperors, he wouldn’t care. But he knew that this Kong Chengtian and Ji Xie were both among the strongest, plus this somewhat evil Immortal Emperor, he would definitely not be able to win. So he simply walked away.

“Hahahahaha …… little white face, today finally escaped in front of grandpa ……” Kong Chengtian also did not chase the white-faced scholar, standing behind and pointing at him and laughing.

Ye Mo’s good feeling towards this Kong Chengtian rose greatly, not because he saved himself, but his character was somewhat like Ding Jing. He had seen many Immortal Emperors and Saint Emperors, which one of them was not a serious person who looked like they had attained the Immortal Dao? Only this Kong Chengtian in front of him had no saint emperor demeanour, opening his mouth and closing it with a little white face, and he was really quick to speak.

Ji Xi had just hesitated for a moment because of the white-faced scholar’s condition, at this moment she also had no face to continue to partner with Ye Mo to certify the divine ability, without saying a word, she turned around and left in a different direction.

“Huh, isn’t she the woman you picked up? Why did she leave?” Seeing Ji Xie turn around and leave, Kong Chengtian looked at Ye Mo in confusion and asked.

Ji Xie hadn’t gone far when she heard these words and almost stumbled, hating to come back and deal with Kong Chengtian right away. However, she still had some sense, she felt as if she was not a match for Kong Chengtian. In an instant, she quickened her pace and disappeared.

“Haha, I wouldn’t want this kind of woman. Thanks to Brother Kong for helping out just now and scaring away that little white boy.” Ye Mo laughed and said with a fist.

“That’s true, pretty women are less good and more bad, my old man told me that.” Kong Chengtian also said with a harrumph. After saying that, he also clasped his fist, “My name was leaked by that little white boy, I still don’t know what your name is? I admire you for daring to confront that little white face.”

“My name is Ye Mo. This little white face is inexplicably looking for trouble with me, sooner or later, I will finish this little white face off.” Ye Mo did not hesitate to say his name, his name was loud and clear in the Immortal World, but no one knew it here.

The only reason why he said he was looking for the white-faced scholar was because the Three Treasures Mixed Yuan Gourd was such a good thing, of course Ye Mo took it back. And he also knew that even if he didn’t go looking for the white-faced scholar, that guy would still find his way to his head.

“Good, I also want to finish off this little white-faced guy, only I can’t beat him yet. Just now, I also used a little bit of that woman’s qi, but unfortunately, that woman was too uninteresting and left.” Kong Chengtian was upset at Ji Xi for not being mean enough to turn around and leave.

His displeasure came and went quickly, and just as he finished those words, he patted Ye Mo’s shoulder and said, “You’re pretty good, only an Immortal Emperor cultivation, but you dare to appear in the Divine Grave Domain, it looks like your strength is quite extraordinary.”

Ye Mo didn’t care about Kong Chengtian patting his shoulder by a stranger, he felt that Kong Chengtian was a straightforward person, not the type to turn a corner. Moreover, it was impossible for the other party to get anything on him.

Ye Mo originally wanted to admit that he had shaped his dao, but then it occurred to him that if he admitted that he had shaped his dao and he couldn’t sense the Nirvana Forbidden Land, the other party might be able to guess that he had shaped his dao in his own Five Element World. Thinking of this, Ye Mo hurriedly smiled and said, “Although there is some element of luck in it, I am not afraid of ordinary Dao-shaping Saint Emperors.”

“Good, I admire people like you, I’m going to the Nirvana Forbidden Land, do you want to go? If we go, we’ll go together. Don’t worry, that woman you picked up is gone, I’ll cover you.” Kong Chengtian said in a very atmospheric manner.

“I do want to go to the Nirvana Forbidden Land, before I was with that woman, I also wanted her to take me to the Nirvana Forbidden Land. Now that she’s gone, of course I’d be grateful if Brother Kong could lead the way.” Ye Mo hurriedly thanked him.

Kong Chengtian waved his hand, “Then what’s the point of hesitating, let’s go. Don’t worry about that little white boy, even though the woman you picked up is gone, I don’t necessarily fear him much. I can’t beat him, but if I want to leave, he can’t help me yet.”

Ye Mo was able to guess that Kong Chengtian’s cultivation level should not be bad, otherwise, that white-faced scholar wouldn’t just leave. It was just that right now he couldn’t go with Kong Chengtian yet, he still had to refine the golden bone arrows and the thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls.

He was indeed considered a Shaping Dao Saint Emperor, yet he had no qualifications to straddle the divine Grave Domain, and at best, he could only save his own little life. Now that he had six Absolute Saint Golden Bone Arrows and thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls, he would be a fool not to refine them and turn them into his backhand.

The thirty-six Thunder Sea God Pearls, he was going to give them to Yimo, but now that Yimo had not yet ascended, he could always give them away whenever he came across her.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo once again clasped his fist and said, “Brother Kong, I have a little personal matter to take care of, and I guess it will take a few years. Therefore, Brother Kong should go first, I will go to the Nirvana Forbidden Land after I finish taking care of my own matters.”

Kong Chengtian said with a big grin, “It’s just this little matter, it doesn’t matter, I’ll make some divine sense marks along the way and give you a jade token, when the time comes, you can just look for my divine sense marks through my jade token.”

Ye Mo was overjoyed and hurriedly said, “Then, thanks a lot, Brother Kong.”