DYM Chapter 1889

Immortal Emperor Blast Thunder believed in Ye Mo’s ability, and he knew from Immortal Emperor He Chong’s mouth that Ye Mo had taught Immortal Emperor Yu Long a lesson, and he also knew that Immortal Emperor He Chong had joined the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. He even knew that several great emperors had entered the Void Formation Gate once in the middle of this, only that several of them were seriously injured when they returned from the Void Formation Gate. They were even five who had entered and only four who had come out.

He came here to ask Ye Mo if he had a way to deal with the Zhaogong Great Emperors, but he didn’t expect that Ye Mo hadn’t come back yet. Not only had Ye Mo not returned, but the Immortal Emperor He Chong who had entered that vortex with him had not returned either.

“Senior, where does junior have to be before I can find my husband?” Su Jingwen hurriedly asked again, and after asking, she was even more nervous as she looked at Immortal Emperor Blinding Thunder.

The other party was an Immortal Emperor being and the only one who knew news about Ye Mo, once he was gone, it would be a thousand times harder for her to ask for news about Ye Mo again.

Immortal Emperor Blinding Thunder shook his head and said, “Don’t say that you are only a Golden Immortal, even if you are already an Immortal Emperor, it is probably impossible to find Patriarch Ye, my suggestion is that you continue to stay in the sect and cultivate. I believe that Patriarch Ye will return one day.”

After Immortal Emperor Blinding Thunder finished speaking, he took out a communication bead and then handed it to Su Jingwen along with the ring he had snatched from his hand and said, “I broke the ban on this ring, and this communication bead is mine, if there is anything the Mo Yue Immortal Sect needs my help with, or if Patriarch Ye returns, you can contact me in time. I’ll take my leave now ……”

Su Jingwen had just accepted the item when Immortal Emperor Blinding Thunder had long since disappeared.

Lu Feng looked at the empty space in front of him and his heart burst into flames. From Immortal Emperor Blinding Thunder’s mouth. She had already learned. Their sect master, Ye Mo, was actually an existence that could be compared to an Immortal Emperor. In such a clan, was there any fear that one could not go further in the future?

“Jing Wen, let’s go back inside the clan first. You work hard to cultivate, and only when your strength is high can you go and search for the sect master.” Lu Feng said with faint excitement.

Su Jingwen handed all the things in her hand to Lu Feng and said, “Sister Lu, leave all these on your side, there’s no use for me to have them. I’m worried about it. It’s been so many years since I ascended, and surprisingly there hasn’t been a second person from the Luo Yue Continent who has ascended to the Immortal Realm.”


Unable to find a way out from the Great Hall, Ye Mo could only continue to return to that killing space to continue searching for the immortal spirit veins, then cultivate again, then come back to the Great Hall to find a way out.

Time pa*sed amidst this repetition of Ye Mo, and his strength was skyrocketing. As he crisscrossed this space of killing machines all the time, his body refinement cultivation level even directly broke through the early stage of Immortal God Body and advanced to the middle stage of Immortal God Body. At the back, those spatial killing machines could not even touch his body at all and were blown away directly.

At the same time, Ye Mo’s immortal energy strength kept rising and rising again. The strength of divine sense and the sea of consciousness likewise continued to expand, and the Nine Suns of Heavenly Fire even gradually coalesced into a seventh green sun. And the Movement divine Aptitude was already vaguely approaching the fourth level.

Even the space gathered by the Splitting Sky divine Aptitude had increased exponentially, and the Five Thunder Gun Killing divine Aptitude was even more shadowless and invisible. Unfortunately, his cultivation level just stopped increasing by one step, no matter how many extremely high quality immortal spirit veins he absorbed, his cultivation level was just stuck at a little distance from the peak of Immortal Dignity.

This was already the 107th year that Ye Mo had been in this killing space, and the years of digging for the very best immortal spirit veins in the killing space had made him and the killing machines in this space generally come and go without a trace. The whole person is even washed by this killing machine space to become a mundane spirit, without the kind of aura of ordinary immortals. The same is true of Shadowless, who also carries an incomparable aura around him. Those spatial killing machines are no longer able to approach Shadowless, and it even opens its mouth to devour it from time to time.

Ye Mo absorbed countless immortal spirit veins in his cultivation, and he brought Shadowless to collect even more of them. The immortal spirit veins inside the Golden Page World were already piled up like a mountain range, and with Little Ice Ginseng cultivating the Chaos Tree, there was no need to worry about any immortal spirit veins anymore.

On this day, Ye Mo came to the Great Hall with Shadowless as usual.

To find a way out in this space, Ye Mo could not find another place other than this grand hall. Therefore, he would come to this hall once every ten years in this killing space to check whether or not he could find a way out, and he would check every corner of the hall in detail every time. Especially the backyard of the hall where the spatial formation door had once appeared was within Ye Mo’s key inspection.

Even if Ye Mo came here once every ten years to look for it, he was still unable to find out where the real secrets of this hall were. The hardness of the hall was even more impossible to destroy, and Ye Mo did not dare to do so. This might be his only way out.

But this time, after examining the great hall, Ye Mo did not leave immediately, but instead, he coldly stared at the bottom of a futon and said, “Shadowless, stop the entrance of the great hall, so we can collect some old scores today.”

The moment Shadowless stopped the entrance of the main hall, a human figure suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall, a black-faced man with a bitter smile on his face, but his cultivation level was already at the early stage of Immortal Emperor.

However, the aura on this Immortal Emperor could not be concealed from Ye Mo, he sneered and looked at this Immortal Emperor in front of him and said, “Kai You, I didn’t expect you to be plagued by another Immortal Emperor, today I will see how far you can escape.”

After saying that, the purple sandal had already buzzed itself above Ye Mo’s head, and the purple blade aura even dispersed without Ye Mo having to inspire it.

The black-faced man, however, did not sacrifice his own magic treasure, but only spread his hands and said, “Ye Mo, it’s useless for you to kill me, at best, it’s just a way for you to vent your anger.”

This black-faced man was none other than Kai Nei, who was hiding in the east after taking his body again in here, and this meeting with Ye Mo was also among his intentions, he did not want to escape. What’s more, he also knew very well that don’t look at Ye Mo as only a late Immortal, but the difference between him, an early Immortal Emperor, and Ye Mo, a late Immortal, was too far.

“Since I can vent my anger, that means it’s still useful to kill you.” Ye Mo was now not afraid of any Immortal Emperors, and seeing Kai Nei again, where would he let him go?

“Ye Mo, if you kill me, you will never be able to get out, if you don’t kill me, I can guarantee that I will let you out. Moreover, I stayed here with no intention of hiding from you, if I were to hide from you, you wouldn’t be able to find me at all.” Kai You suddenly said when you saw Ye Mo was about to make a move.

Ye Mo frowned for a moment and said coldly, “You can get out and you still haven’t gotten out by now? Who are you fooling?”

Kai Nei said calmly, “Ye Mo, you know that I am a Holy Emperor taking over my body, and you also know that this is my second time taking over my body. For me, I will never be able to return to my original cultivation, and I will never be able to surpa*s you in this lifetime, so you don’t need to worry about me. It is true that I cannot go out alone, and besides, I have no intention of going out either. There are plenty of immortal spirit veins in this space, and I can still look for them to cultivate. Of course, the main thing is that I don’t dare to go out.”

After a pause, Kai You said again, “I can tell you something you don’t even know, or, after you listen to me, you will know why I don’t go out.”

“Do you think I still need you to tell me things at my current strength? Even if the Zhaogong Emperor comes, so what?” Ye Mo sneered, although he was unable to make an inch of progress in his cultivation, he had never put his cultivation on hold all these years. Instead, his strength had skyrocketed, and he had cultivated for at least several thousand years in the middle of the Golden Page World’s time array disk.

Having absorbed so many immortal spirit veins over the years, and even more so, having come and gone in this space of killing machines, he was really not afraid of the Zhaogong Emperor.

Although there was a lack of actual battles here, there were killing machines descending on this killing machine space all the time, and he was spending time in a place that was more actual than any actual battle. Therefore, when he said he did not fear the Zha Kong Emperor, he was really not afraid, not just saying that.

Kai Nei sneered and said, “What is the Saakong Emperor? He’s not even trash in my eyes.”

Ye Mo said indifferently, “You are a Dao-accredited Saint Emperor, when your strength is restored, of course you won’t look at the Zha Kong Emperor in your eyes.”

“Sage Emperor of the Dao?” Kai You suddenly laughed out loud, but after he finished laughing, there was no half-hearted smile on his face, instead, he looked at Ye Mo with even more gravity and said, “Ye Mo, in the Immortal Realm the Dao-attaining Saint Emperor is indeed a top-level existence, and in the ancient times there was no such thing as a Dao-attaining Dao in the Immortal Realm. However, after you stand in the position of a Dao-attesting Saint Emperor, you will know that you are surprisingly so ignorant.”

Ye Mo did not ridicule Kai Nei this time, he knew that the higher his cultivation level was, the more he understood, the more he felt his own inadequacy. Kai Nei’s words were definitely not sensational or deliberately made up.

“After witnessing the Holy Emperor, one can live forever and eternally, destroy the heavens and earth, tear apart any void, and travel through interfaces, isn’t this a top level existence?” Ye Mo asked in a stony voice.

Kai You did not ridicule Ye Mo this time and said blandly, “Who told you that you can live forever and ever after you have attained Saint Emperor? Let me tell you, I have not seen anyone who has lived forever and ever until now, I can’t, even that True Saint Emperor can’t do the same.”

Ye Mo instead gaped this time, his hard cultivation was to attain eternity and then bring those around him to live forever and travel the cosmic stars. Now Kai Nei said that he could not live forever even if he had attained the Holy Emperor, causing him to be a little confused. However, he believed that Kai Nei, as a former Saint Emperor, would not just make up a statement.

Understanding this, Ye Mo instead clasped his fist to Kai Nei and said, “Kai Nei, I’ve heard that attaining the Dao is difficult and requires various paths to attain the Dao, so if you can attain the Dao, why are you still unable to live forever?”

“Dao enlightenment is tough?” Kai Nei smiled to himself before he continued, “You know about the Dao Enquiry Pavilion, right?”

Ye Mo nodded, of course he knew about the Dao Asking Pavilion, and he had even been to the Dao Asking Pavilion once, although he had entered from Ruan Le Tian’s Dao Asking Pavilion, but the reasoning was the same.