DYM Chapter 1886

“Then what do you mean, Sovereign Ye?” One of the slightly hoarse voices asked.

Ye Mo glanced at this person, who he knew. He had exchanged pleasantries with each other before, his name was Nong Yan, a late stage Immortal Emperor, from the Forbidden Upper Heaven.

Ye Mo said after a brief pause, “With my strength, I can only open seven or eight more of these prohibitions at most, and my cultivation will also suffer a backlash. But I have another way, and that is for me to tell everyone the way to open the forbidden systems individually. This way you spend your own immortal energy and divine sense to wear down the forbidden systems, while I just need to instruct you, although the consumption is not small either, it is so much better than trying to break the forbidden systems yourselves.”

“Good, Sovereign Ye’s solution is good, we will definitely not let Sovereign Ye consume his divine sense for nothing, and will definitely give payment.”

The surrounding Immortal Emperors applauded in appreciation, in fact these Immortal Emperors had already guessed that Ye Mo might be lying. At the same time, these Immortal Emperors also knew that the reason why Ye Mo had to say this was because he did not want to eat alone, for fear of arousing the anger of the public. But knowing was knowing, saying was not something that anyone would say.

Ye Mo had already divided things out implicitly, and at this time, who would be idiotic enough to reveal Ye Mo’s thoughts?

“Patriarch Ye, I wonder how long it will take for us to wear away a forbidden system after your guidance?” Immortal Emperor Nong Yan asked once again.

Ye Mo pondered for a while before saying, “That depends on one’s cultivation level, if it’s at Brother Long Yan’s kind of cultivation level, I estimate that it will only take three to five months.

At this moment, Ye Mo completely put himself on the same level as the Immortal Emperor, there was no need for him to call others seniors, that would only lower his status. When it was time to pull status for himself in the Immortal Realm. He would not pretend not to know.

In fact. If it was Ye Mo himself to break a forbidden system. He knew the methods of breaking the various prohibitions and knew where the immortal energy and divine sense needed to break through, so of course the time would be shorter. However, if he instructed other people to break the forbidden system, others would only be able to break it according to his instructions, and in that case, not only would the time be consumed a lot, but the immortal energy and divine sense would also be consumed not small.

“Sovereign Ye, I have an ‘Imperial Root Chi’ here. I would like to exchange it for a blue fruit from Patriarch Ye, and I would also like to ask Patriarch Ye to show me a way to break a forbidden system.” The Immortal Emperor who had previously broken a forbidden system to get a Di Luo Zhi had long taken out a jade box and came to Ye Mo.

In his opinion Ye Mo was not yet an Immortal Emperor, and the ‘Imperial Luo Zhi’ was definitely of immense importance to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was indeed a little excited after hearing the ‘Emperor Luo Zhi’, but he quickly forced himself to control his excitement. This man had ‘Di Luo Zhi’ which he might have obtained here, and since he had the ability to break the forbidden system, who could be sure that he wouldn’t be able to get a ‘Di Luo Zhi’?

If outside, if he had exchanged the ‘Di Luo Zhi’ for his blue fruit and a method of breaking the ban, Ye Mo would have been overjoyed to do so, but here. He wasn’t that stupid.

Seeing this, Immortal Emperor He Chong immediately said, “Sect Master, this friend got this ‘Emperor’s Root Chi’ here as well.”

Ye Mo knew it clearly in his heart. With a faint smile, he said, “Even if your ‘Emperor Luo Zhi’ can barely exchange for my blue fruit, but I have to point out the forbidden system, I’m too much of a loser, right?”

At this moment, the rest of the Immortal Emperors were watching from the side and did not say anything. Although Ye Mo was negotiating business with this Immortal Emperor, once this deal was agreed, then they could all follow that price later on.

Seeing that this Immortal Emperor was frozen, Ye Mo suddenly said, “Each of the forbidden systems here will take me a certain amount of time and consume a great deal of energy before I can work out some eyebrows, and right now my divine sense is not too consumed. When my divine sense is consumed too much, once there is a deviation, I guess the time for you all to break the forbidden system will be extended a bit. I’m actually more interested in the Extreme Immortal Spirit Veins.”

The last sentence, which had nothing to do with the previous one, was what Ye Mo wanted to say the most.

“I’ll offer three extremely high quality immortal spirit veins and demand a method of breaking the ban.” An Immortal Emperor on one side had long since held back and offered his price.

Ye Mo did not respond, clearly not very satisfied with this price.

Seeing this, that Immortal Emperor immediately added, “Add two more, five Immortal Spirit Veins.”

Five Extreme Immortal Spirit Veins was already an astounding price outside, but it wasn’t really surprising here. Everyone here had extremely high quality Immortal Spirit Veins and they could be dug up at any time, so if you had an extremely high quality Immortal Spirit Vein, did others not?

“Yes, this friend, please point out which of the prohibitions you want to break.” After Ye Mo saw that the Immortal Spirit Veins had been added to five, he didn’t even bother to say anything.

In just half a day, Ye Mo had engraved the method to break this prohibition on a jade slip and handed it to this Immortal Emperor.

Seeing that this Immortal Emperor was already breaking the ban, the rest of the Immortal Emperors took out their Immortal Spirit Veins to trade with Ye Mo. Seeing this, the Immortal Emperor who had the ‘Di Luo Zhi’ hurriedly added five more Immortal Spirit Veins to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo already wanted the ‘Di Luo Zhi’, and now that he had five more Immortal Spirit Veins, he obviously would not refuse. He directly took out a blue fruit and then helped him point out a way to break the ban as well.

Ten days later, Ye Mo had obtained dozens of extremely high quality immortal spirit veins, which made him greatly satisfied. Almost all of them went to break the forbidden system, and Ye Mo also started to break the forbidden system.

Two months later, someone had already broken the first forbidden system, a time that was far less than Ye Mo’s prediction.

The first time this Immortal Emperor broke the forbidden system, the others knew about it. Because everyone was working alone now, no one knew what this Immortal Emperor had obtained after he had broken the forbidden system. Nor did he show the crowd what he had obtained, but just from his delighted expression, the crowd could tell that what this Immortal Emperor had obtained was definitely not bad.

Moreover, the first thing this Immortal Emperor did after opening the forbidden system was to take out five Extreme Immortal Spirit Veins again and ask Ye Mo to help him point out how to break the next forbidden system.

Ye Mo’s purpose was for the extremely high quality immortal spirit veins, so of course, he would not refuse. After taking in the five very high quality immortal spirit veins, he immediately helped him point out another method to break the forbidden system.

He himself was also grasping for time to break the forbidden system. In two months he had also broken several new forbidden systems, which was the result of him forcing himself to suppress the time, otherwise in two months, he could have broken dozens of forbidden systems. He didn’t recognise any of the things he got in the forbidden systems, but Ye Mo was not only an Immortal Pill Master, but also a Weapon Alchemist. He could see at a glance that these things were extraordinary, he could not recognise them and they were directly thrown into the Golden Page World.

As time went on, one by one, the prohibitions were broken and the extremely high quality immortal spirit veins were continuously collected by Ye Mo. At the end of the day, Ye Mo also knew that these Immortal Emperors had collected almost all of their very finest Immortal Spirit Veins from him.

So when another Immortal Emperor came to ask Ye Mo to point out the forbidden system, he said straight away with a pale face that if he broke the forbidden system here again, he would most likely be injured in his sea of consciousness.

Although many people guessed that Ye Mo was lying, but since he himself was not going to break the forbidden system anymore, no one could say anything.

Besides, this time, everyone lost many Immortal Spirit Veins but got some good things that could not even be bought with Immortal Spirit Veins, so no one had much complaint. Some of the Immortal Emperors even left the great hall and went into the killing space again to look for Immortal Spirit Veins.

This was because Ye Mo had said that he would start cracking the spatial formation gates after he had rested, and once he cracked the spatial formation gates, then maybe they would be able to get out. Moreover, according to Ye Mo, cracking the spatial formation gate would only take a few years. Many immortal emperors are taking advantage of the fact that there are still a few years left to simply go out and dig up some more immortal spirit veins to take away.


Ye Mo had already obtained a large amount of extremely high quality immortal spirit veins at this time, and he had also obtained an ‘Emperor’s Root Chi’, so at least he had no more problems with his cultivation resources. It was because of this that he was unwilling to continue breaking the ban.

What’s more, his excuse was open and aboveboard to crack the spatial formation gate. Once the spatial formation gate was cracked, all the people here could get out, so no one would stand up against Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo started to deduce this spatial formation gate, he realised that compared to those prohibitions, this spatial formation gate was really incomparably mysterious. Even though Ye Mo could feel that this spatial formation door and those forbidden systems were of the same origin, the difficulty was too different.

After three years had pa*sed, Ye Mo completely stopped deducing. He had already understood this spatial formation gate, and this formation gate was simply not something he could crack with his current cultivation level and formation level. Only if his cultivation level reached a certain level, even if he did not know the formation, he could still enter through this formation door.

The rest of the Immortal Emperors were all greatly disappointed after receiving the news from Ye Mo. However, more Immortal Emperors began to choose to retreat in the Great Hall, and some Immortal Emperors who had secrets chose to leave the Great Hall to find a more secluded place to retreat.

While Immortal Emperor He Chong stayed in the great hall, Ye Mo left the hall alone. Now that he had sufficient cultivation resources, he was in need of finding a place to go to retreat and prepare for his advancement to Immortal Emperor.


In the Golden Page World, after consuming dozens of extremely high quality Immortal Spirit Veins and the Time Formation Plate had been running for decades again, Ye Mo was shocked to find that no matter how much he consumed the Immortal Spirit Veins and no matter how much he absorbed them, he could not make his cultivation go any further.

Ye Mo was cultivating the ‘Three Life Dictum’, a technique that, with the cooperation of the Bitter Bamboo, had almost no bottlenecks, and for Ye Mo, as long as he had enough cultivation resources, he could advance to any level he wanted to advance to.

However, it was when Ye Mo reached the late Xian Zun stage of cultivation and could not make his cultivation go any further even after consuming dozens of Xian Spirit Veins that Ye Mo became nervous.

At that moment, Ye Mo was just one step away from the peak of Immortal Dignity, but this one step away, no matter how many Immortal Spirit Veins he consumed, he still did not move at all. It was because he could not feel any progress that Ye Mo became worried and nervous.

If he could not cultivate to the peak of Immortal Dignity, even if he had the ‘Tai Wei Emperor Returning Pill’, he would still have no way to advance to Immortal Emperor.