DYM Chapter 1885

Ye Mo casually found a ripple ban and touched it with his hand, and he immediately felt the complexity of the ban, which was simply a ban he had never seen before. Moreover, the means of arranging the forbidden system was also very different from the ordinary forbidden systems in the Immortal World, bearing no resemblance whatsoever.

“Some forbidden systems can only be broken, but cannot be opened forcibly, once opened forcibly, the backlash power of the forbidden system will be even greater, and the forbidden system, even including the things inside the forbidden system, will be completely destroyed. This is still a light case, the heavy case ban backlash will also hurt people. When I first worked with them, it also took me almost ten years to break one of the forbidden systems.” Seeing Ye Mo use his hand to feel the forbidden system, Immortal Emperor He Chong hurriedly added a sentence on the side.

In fact, he was indirectly reminding Ye Mo that the two of them alone would not be able to open the forbidden system.

Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t hear it and continued to stroke his hand on the forbidden system for a while before he said to Immortal Emperor He Chong, “This kind of forbidden system is indeed something I have never seen before, Brother He Chong, find a separate forbidden system to break and see, or join forces with Immortal Emperor Zhengren to break it, I need to study this forbidden system, I guess it will take a bit longer.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, River Chong shook his head somewhat helplessly, he knew that everyone who saw the forbidden system here for the first time would want to see if they could break it alone. In fact, after decades of verification, the forbidden system here could rarely be cracked off alone, except for those few great emperors. Even if they could crack it, it would not be a matter of a year or two.

Ye Mo was different from the rest, he was truly confident, and when he touched this forbidden system, it was as if he saw a new door. What was inside this gate. It was something he had never touched before.

What he wanted most at the moment was peace of mind to break the forbidden system here. Use the ‘Three Life Decision’ to slowly deduce it.

River Chong didn’t even talk about Ye Mo. The rest of the Immortal Emperors were even more reluctant to say much, each was breaking the prohibitions in front of them, who had the time to care about Ye Mo?

Even if Ye Mo had struck the shielding ban, no one would bother. It was normal to break the forbidden formation here and knock down the shielding ban. In case one’s divine sense peeped in during the cracking process, it would affect one’s mood.

After Ye Mo struck down the shielding prohibitions, he quickly immersed himself in the derivation of these prohibitions. Although the deduced dao rhymes of the ‘Three Life Decree’ were blocked somewhat by the shielding prohibitions. However, some of it still escaped.

It was just that the back hall of the great hall was incomparably dense with immortal spirit energy and contained some vicissitudes. The breath of Ye Mo’s deduction was blocked by the shielding system and some of it escaped, but it was not particularly noticeable.

A new forbidden technique and forbidden concept was deduced by Ye Mo and incorporated into his own formation dao in the blink of an eye. Forbidden systems were originally one of the formations, and under the derivation of the ‘Three Life Dao’, once Ye Mo immersed himself in it, his level of formation was skyrocketing.

Immortal Emperor He Chong did not join Immortal Emperor Zhengren’s squad, everyone else’s forbidden systems had already been pushed to almost the same level, so he added to it. That would be like asking someone for something. So he just found a forbidden system not far from Ye Mo and was pushing it alone.

When a year had pa*sed like that. When Immortal Emperor He Chong saw that Ye Mo was still projecting in the shielded forbidden system, his heart sank a little. It was absolutely impossible for him to break a forbidden system in a short period of time if he was projecting it alone. At this moment, two forbidden systems had already been opened by others, and inside these two forbidden systems, one of them surprisingly had three Emperor’s Rootstones. Inside the other forbidden system were two Tai Chou Soul Stones that emitted an extremely faint halo of light.

Both of these items were of immense value and were simply immeasurable things.

Di Luo Zhi, one of the top grade nine immortal herbs in the Immortal World, was the main immortal spirit herb used to refine the ‘Tai Wei Emperor Returning Pill’. The ‘Tai Wei Emperor Returning Pill’ was an immortal pill that could increase the chance of an immortal dweller advancing to immortal emperor by 30%, and compared to the other ‘Emperor Prime Pill’, which was made from the inner pellets of rank nine demonic beasts, the ‘Tai Wei Emperor Returning Pill’ The grade of it was unknown how many times higher and could not be compared at all.

And the Tai Chu Soul Stone was even something that could refine beyond immortal weapons, and it was rumoured that it could refine divine weapons, and you could even refine even more powerful divine weapons if your refining skills were high enough.

The two forbidden systems were opened and the contents were so heaven defying that even Immortal Emperor He Chong could not help himself a little. It was true that the Immortal Emperor did not need the ‘Tai Wei Di Hui Dan’ right now, but with the Immortal Spirit Gra*s to refine the ‘Tai Wei Di Hui Dan’, what could he not exchange for?

Seeing that Ye Mo was still concentrating on breaking that forbidden system, Immortal Emperor He Chong did not bother to wait for Ye Mo, but found one of the group that had just broken the forbidden system and added it, preparing to break the next forbidden system.

These two forbidden systems being opened immediately stimulated the rest of the Immortal Emperors again, even more so, to concentrate fully on breaking the forbidden system.


After another six months had pa*sed, Ye Mo suddenly opened his eyes, raised his hand and struck a few hand techniques, and the forbidden system in front of him, which he had been pushing for a year and a half, was opened with ease. An area of only a few cubic meters in circumference appeared in front of Ye Mo, and an ancient jade vase with orchids engraved on the outside was placed in this space, quietly.

However, Ye Mo felt that what was inside this orchid jade vase was definitely not simple, and the outside of this orchid jade vase was also wrapped with a forbidden system, so his divine sense could not even probe in.

At this moment, Ye Mo was different from before, this forbidden system, which he had been deducing for a year and a half, had made him understand that this forbidden system was a completely different kind of forbidden system. If the immortal world’s forbidden means were the foundation, then the forbidden means here was a new forbidden means that transformed various foundations and then combined them.

This means allowed Ye Mo to see a whole new world of formations and forbidden means. After this world opened up, he could roam in the middle of it unhindered, frantically absorbing and deducing all kinds of new formation and forbidden means. In just a short span of a year, his formation level had even improved by leaps and bounds. More importantly, his understanding of formations had long since surpa*sed its original level.

Although the ‘Three Life Decree’ could derive all things, Ye Mo could not use the ‘Three Life Decree’ to create all things right now. Only when there were new things could he deduce them based on them, and only then could he perfect and extend new things.

Just like the forbidden system in front of him, once he had broken one of the forbidden systems, the rest of them were no longer new to him.

After putting this orchid jade vase away, Ye Mo then opened his shielding prohibitions. Ye Mo found that all the people were fully concentrating on breaking the forbidden system in front of him, even He Chong was following the other squad to break the forbidden system, and Ye Mo didn’t bother to call him.

These forbidden systems were either clueless to others, or they knew a bit of a clue and then needed to spend time slowly to grind it out. To Ye Mo, these forbidden systems no longer needed to be deduced one by one. All he needed to do was just to crack away the different methods of arrangement in this new system of forbidden systems.

The second forbidden system took Ye Mo half a month to break, the forbidden system opened up with a white jade stone the size of a fist inside, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the jade stone, he only felt a burst of relief for all his divine sense, and some of the divine sense fatigue caused by breaking the forbidden system instantly disappeared. Immediately, Ye Mo knew that this was something good again.

When Ye Mo broke the second forbidden system, other Immortal Emperors already saw it, Immortal Emperor He Chong was even the first to come to Ye Mo’s side in surprise and asked one after another, “Sect Master, you have mastered the way to break the forbidden system here?”

Seeing the rest of the Immortal Emperors coming over, Ye Mo didn’t hide anything, “That’s right, I have indeed mastered the way to break the forbidden system here. However, this method is extremely consuming and damaging to the divine sense, and when I break one or two of the forbidden systems, my divine sense will have to regress a lot.”

The latter sentence was of course Ye Mo’s nonsense, it was true that cracking a forbidden system would consume some divine sense, but with Ye Mo’s divine sense cultivation, he would be able to recover very quickly and definitely would not regress much.

When they heard Ye Mo’s words, some Immortal Emperors’ eyes were already shining, if Ye Mo had mastered the way to break the prohibitions here, then there would be good things inside each of the prohibitions here, how many good things would they get then?

Ye Mo started to break the third forbidden system. If Ye Mo’s current understanding of these forbidden systems was anything to go by, he could in fact open the third forbidden system in just two days. But those Immortal Emperors were all staring at him to do it, so Ye Mo could only dawdle and spend another half a month before he could open the third forbidden system. A small blue tree was in the middle of the forbidden system, and five blue fruits were hanging on the tree.

“It’s this kind of fruit, one can allow an Immortal Emperor to advance one level. ” called out the first time Immortal Emperor He Chong did.

No one recognized this kind of fruit, and those Immortal Emperors who did not get this kind of fruit were already looking at these fruits of Ye Mo with red eyes. Ye Mo, however, was not half polite, and at the first moment, he collected this fruit tree. This was something that he was going to plant inside the Golden Page World.

“Ye Mo, let’s continue, there are so many forbidden systems here, get rich ah ……” Immortal Emperor He Chong even stared at the countless forbidden systems in front of him with glowing eyes.

Ye Mo, however, knew that if this was really going to happen, even if he was a Ninth Grade Immortal Dan Patriarch, he would be finished. He smiled faintly and waved his hand, “Brother He Chong, this probably won’t work, although it is easy for me to break the forbidden system, the consumption is simply too great. And according to my projections, the maximum number of forbidden systems here can only be broken is ninety-nine, if I reach that number and have to continue breaking them, then it might cause great trouble.”

With so many Immortal Emperors here, it was obviously a very unrealistic problem for him to make a fortune alone, and Ye Mo hadn’t thought of it that way. Although he wasn’t consuming a lot to break these prohibitions, that vague feeling of not being able to break them all was there.

Ye Mo also understood that this was because his formation level was still not good enough, so he couldn’t accurately guess exactly how many of the forbidden systems he could crack, and simply said a random number of ninety-nine.

“Besides, even if there is no limit to the number of forbidden systems that can be broken, with my cultivation level, I can only break about ten at most, and then I cannot continue. If I continue to crack it, it will deplete my own sea of consciousness.” Ye Mo said with some regret. To make a big fortune, one had to muffle it, if one were to make a fortune openly like this, it would be seeking death.

In fact, Immortal Emperor He Chong already knew that this would definitely not work the moment he said those words. Luckily, Ye Mo had planned ahead and did not say that he would eat alone, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.