DYM Chapter 1876

Ye Mo had plenty of experience in catching Horned Soul Algae and Void Flying Snow, and knew that it would be absolutely difficult to catch up behind such extremely spiritual things if they fled first. The fact that those few immortal dì dū did not catch up with this ‘Dustless Fruit’ right now already spoke volumes.

The ‘Dustless Fruit’ is not necessarily as fast as the Void Flying Snow, but it is more spiritual than the Void Flying Snow, and it also carries a hint of spatial attributes. sometimes you are clearly about to catch the ‘Dustless Fruit’, but the speed of this thing suddenly speeds up, or it suddenly jumps through space and disappears. Or it suddenly jumps through space and disappears.

If the person chasing the ‘dustless fruit’ was not an Immortal Emperor, the ‘dustless fruit’ would have disappeared long ago. These Immortal Emperors could catch the slightest fluctuations in space, which was why they hadn’t lost the ‘Dustless Fruit’ by now.

Ye Mo’s divine sense saw the ‘Dustless Fruit’ flying head-on, but he immediately collected his aura and did not even cast a divine sense net. He guessed that if the ‘Dustless Fruit’ could be caught with the Divine Sense Domain or Divine Sense Net, this ‘Dustless Fruit’ would have been caught by the Immortal Emperor long ago, so where would it still fly to his side?

In fact, Ye Mo really didn’t guess wrong, once the ‘Dustless Fruit’ was touched by any divine sense, it would immediately vanish into thin air, and the next moment it would already appear in another place. Because of this, the ‘Dustless Fruit’ had been vaguely seen by the Immortal Emperor with his divine sense, but he had been unable to catch it.

As the ‘Dustless Fruit’ rushed near Ye Mo, Ye Mo suddenly reached out and a jade box had stopped the ‘Dustless Fruit’ head-on, and the next moment, the ‘Dustless Fruit’ that had entered the jade box had The next moment, this ‘Dustless Fruit’ that had entered the jade box had been sealed with a ban by Ye Mo and put away in the ring.

At this time, several Immortal Emperors landed around several people, these Immortal dì dū were extremely jīng and smart people, although Ye Mo was only a mere Immortal King, no one came up and made a move.

Ye Mo stood in this space without a single protective magic treasure around him, and the various thunder arcs and blade manners from this side of the space seemed to have no effect on him, hitting him immediately and disappearing, or simply disappearing without hitting him at all. All the people had to do was take a look and they knew that Ye Mo was at least an immortal with an immortal spirit body refining immortal.

In the Immortal Realm, an Immortal Spirit Body Body Refining Immortal was extremely rare, while an Immortal God Body Refining Immortal was simply a rare existence. Some people had never even seen someone who could cultivate a body refining to such a degree, so although no one had taken the initiative to come forward to speak to Ye Mo, Ye Mo had already caught the attention of the crowd.

“Oh, Brother Zhengren and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui ……” The Immortal Emperors who came had already recognized Immortal Emperor Zhengren and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, and one of them had already come out first to clasp his fist in greeting.

Immortal Emperor Zhengren hastily clasped his fist and greeted them one by one. Ye Mo also saw clearly that of the seven Immortal Emperors here, there were no figures from the Four Great Emperors, and there should be no Immortal Emperor Wu Ying either. The one with the highest cultivation was an old man, he heard Immortal Emperor Zhengren call him Immortal Emperor Nong Yan, with a late Immortal Emperor cultivation.

Ye Mo, however, strangely found that the few Immortal dì dū who came here knew Immortal Emperor Zhengren and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, but did not know Immortal Emperor He Chong.

After Immortal Emperor Zhengren, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui and the few Immortal Emperors who came here had met, one of them, a mid Immortal Emperor, however, looked at Ye Mo and asked suspiciously, “Who is this?”

“Oh, this is Patriarch Ye Mo of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect of Gong Hua Heaven.” Immortal Emperor Zhengren immediately introduced him.

As an Immortal King, Ye Mo also hurriedly stepped forward and cupped his fist and said, “Ye Mo has met all the seniors.”

“Are you really an Immortal King?” The Immortal Emperor who had asked Ye Mo earlier looked at Ye Mo in doubt and asked again, how could Ye Mo, an Immortal King, appear here.

However, after he asked, he immediately understood that although Ye Mo was an Immortal King, he was an Immortal God Body Refining Immortal.

If he could understand it, the rest of the Immortal Emperors certainly also understood that Ye Mo could come in because he was a Body Refining Immortal. And Ye Mo did not seem to be very old, not only had he cultivated to Immortal God Body, he was also an Immortal King, so he obviously had a lot of secrets on him.

Although the crowd didn’t move, a few Immortal Emperors already had their hearts set on Ye Mo. Who would not have a little secret on them if they could cultivate to Immortal Emperor? But everyone was an Immortal Emperor and knew about it, and no one wanted to make a move. Unless it was like the former True Saint Emperor and the Peerless Immortal Emperor, who had too many secrets on them and ended up provoking public anger.

Ye Mo’s sixth sense was the strongest as he cultivated the ‘Three Life Dictates’, and he immediately had a faint sense of crisis.

But Ye Mo was not very worried, in this space, he was indeed not a match for these Immortal Emperors. However, if he wanted to escape, he could do it. Fleeing was completely different from chasing, fleeing could be done by instantaneously moving in any direction he chose, so his speed would be one step faster. Elsewhere he could not escape the Immortal Emperor’s pursuit, but here he could.

Immortal Emperor Zhengren sneered in his heart, if Ye Mo was so good at being mugged, then he would have been Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s dish long ago, where would he need to introduce him here?

None of them knew Immortal Emperor He Chong, and Immortal Emperor He Chong didn’t take the initiative to go up and greet him, he just continued to blast out his own magic treasure, and the ground that was as hard as a magic treasure was immediately blasted out by him with an extremely deep gully.

It was at this moment that the extremely dense immortal spirit energy came up, and the crowd’s eyes were immediately drawn to the extremely dense immortal spirit energy gully.

“Haha, there are really three extremely high quality immortal spirit veins, I’ll take one first.” Immortal Emperor He Chong finished laughing and had already drawn out a very high quality immortal spirit vein of excellent quality and sent it into his ring.

Only then did these Immortal Emperors who had come over understand that it turned out that Immortal Emperor Zhengren and the others had already found a place where Immortal Spirit Veins were hidden here.

Although the extremely high quality immortal spirit veins were extremely eye-catching, no one had bothered to move them. If it was outside, someone might have already gone and grabbed it, but this space, it was not impossible to find such a place if one looked hard enough.

Seeing this, Immortal Emperor Zhengren also stepped forward and drew away the second Immortal Spirit Vein. Just when all the people thought that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was going to draw away the third Immortal Spirit Vein, they found that Ye Mo, who was only a middle Immortal King, had actually stepped forward to draw away the third Immortal Spirit Vein.

The Immortal Emperors who came over were stunned, there were only three Immortal Spirit Veins, so it was not Ye Mo’s turn to take the third one, who was only a mid Immortal King.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had a great hatred in his heart, he felt that he was simply humiliated. Even so, he was unwilling to come out and explain.

“Haha, River Chong will go first, Brother Ye Mo, this is my communication bead, contact me if there is something.” After obtaining an Immortal Spirit Vein, Immortal Emperor River Chong directly threw Ye Mo a round bead and turned around and had disappeared without a trace.

Ye Mo put away Immortal Emperor He Chong’s communication bead and cupped his fist to Immortal Emperor Zhengren and several Immortal Emperors and said, “My fellow Immortal Emperors, my humble servant bids farewell.”

“Wait ……” Seeing this, the middle Immortal Emperor who had previously asked Ye Mo who he was, immediately reached out to stop Ye Mo who was about to leave.

Previously, he thought that Ye Mo was because he had a relationship with Immortal Emperor He Chong, which made Immortal Emperor Zhengren and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui scornful. However, now that Immortal Emperor He Chong had left a communication bead for Ye Mo after he left, it was obvious that the two did not know each other before.

The remaining few Immortal Emperors who were also thinking clearly about this matter stopped speaking when they saw that someone had already stepped forward. Several Immortal Emperors had already made up their minds that once Ye Mo had a top-notch body refining technique on him, then they would want a top copy of it no matter what.

Ye Mo stopped but did not speak, he respected the other party’s cultivation level, it did not mean he had to be afraid of them. He already felt that this Immortal Emperor who told him to stop had some ill intentions, so where would he continue to be polite with the other party.

“This emperor, Xuan Feng of the Demon Huan Sect, Patriarch Ye can come to this space alone with only an Immortal King’s cultivation, so he is extraordinary.” This Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng spoke in a seemingly polite manner, but showed a tone of a senior. His breezy attitude, coupled with the pale purple immortal robe he was wearing and the golden belt with Xuanqing sè auspicious clouds around his waist, was really the style of a senior in the immortal world.

Ye Mo would not think that this guy was really an immortal senior, his tone of senior to junior was already unpleasant to Ye Mo’s heart, plus the fact that this person was even from the Demon Huan Clan, Ye Mo was even more upset.

Immortal Emperor Xuanfeng didn’t seem to care whether Ye Mo answered or not, he directly continued, “Just now that ‘dustless fruit’ several of us came after, you were lucky to help us stop this ‘dustless fruit’ ……”

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, but didn’t say a word, he was curious to see how thick-skinned Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng really was.

Seeing that Ye Mo still didn’t say a word, Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng was a little less satisfied, he grunted and said, “We as seniors won’t let you, a junior, help us for no reason, you take out the ‘dustless fruit’ and I will reward you with a few pills.”

After the remaining few Immortal Emperors heard Immortal Emperor Xuanfeng’s words, they immediately knew that Immortal Emperor Xuanfeng would not take the stuff for himself even after he had gotten it. Immediately, they each began to play with the idea that this Immortal King was able to obtain a top-tier body refining technique, so perhaps there was another inheritance. If that was the case, how much would they each get to share?

“So the ‘Dustless Fruit’ was raised by you guys in here?” Ye Mo sneered and said, and after saying this, he was already ready to flee at any moment.

Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng’s face sank, “You are only an Immortal King, what use do you have for the ‘Dustless Fruit’? Could it be that you are still unwilling to take it out?”

“You’re right, I’m not willing to take out what I have.” Ye Mo said with growing irritation, while already starting to run his immortal energy.

Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng snorted coldly and without another word, he reached out and grabbed towards Ye Mo.

Seeing Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng make his move, none of the rest of the Immortal Emperors at the side were willing to say much, and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui even laughed coldly in his heart.

He knew that this Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng was slightly more powerful than him, but that was because his cultivation level was higher than his, being a mid Immortal Emperor. But a mere middle Immortal Emperor dared to use his hand so carelessly to grab Ye Mo, it was simply arrogant. He wouldn’t even remind Immortal Emperor Xuan Feng that he had suffered too many losses in front of Ye Mo, and it would be extremely unbalanced in his heart if he didn’t let others suffer some losses