DYM Chapter 1875

Ye Mo didn’t care that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was still standing next to Immortal Emperor Zhengren, he didn’t even hide half of it and said exactly what happened when he went to the Wuga Yin River.

Immortal Emperor Zhengren did not wait for Ye Mo to finish before he understood the whole story, not to mention Ye Mo’s incredible potential, even if Ye Mo did not have any potential, he would not have helped the unreasonable Immortal Emperor Wu Hui in such a blatant manner. Immortal Emperor Wu Hui obviously thought that Ye Mo had a secret in him and thought that he had Ye Mo in his sights, but he did not expect to end up being chased by Ye Mo. Faced with this kind of thing, how could Immortal Emperor Zhengren go and get into trouble?

Seeing that Immortal Emperor Zhengren obviously had no intention of speaking again, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui immediately knew that it was impossible to count on Immortal Emperor Zhengren, another Immortal Emperor he did not even know.

Seeing this, he could only say to Ye Mo in a stern voice, “If you dare to do anything to me, I, Wuga Yinhe, will completely exterminate your Mo Yue Immortal Sect.”

Ye Mo said in a cold voice, “If anything happens to a single person in my Mo Yue Immortal Sect because of your Wuga Yin River, I, Ye Mo, swear that I will definitely turn Wuga Yin River into ashes in this life. At best, I will only let you Wuga Yin River linger for a few more years.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words Immortal Emperor Wu Hui only felt a chill run down his back, and even Immortal Emperor Zhengren felt a chill as well. They didn’t think that Ye Mo was bragging, Ye Mo could chase and kill Immortal Emperor Wu Hui with his Immortal King cultivation, once he advanced to Immortal Emperor, that Wu Jia Yin River would not be enough for him to stuff his teeth. Immortal Emperor Zhengren was secretly glad that he did not make a casual move against Ye Mo.

With this kind of momentum that Ye Mo had in chasing and killing Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, even if he made a move against Ye Mo, he was afraid that he would not be able to kill Ye Mo. Once the other party escaped, there would be endless consequences. It could be said that if Ye Mo was not killed, no sect would dare to destroy the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

“Haha, good, I, River Chong, admire people like you, just kill this guy, I guarantee that no one will stop you.” The other middle Immortal Emperor who had fought with Immortal Emperor Zhengren earlier also understood what was going on at this point and immediately gave a thumbs up and said. It was obvious that he was very much in agreement with Ye Mo.

Although Immortal Emperor Zhengren was extremely unhappy to hear this, he was xìng and calm, yet he didn’t make a sound. In fact, if Ye Mo and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui continued to fight, he wouldn’t make a move. Although Immortal Emperor Wu Hui resented Immortal Emperor He Chong, he dared not speak out even more.

However, after a moment of hesitation, Immortal Emperor Zhengren still took the initiative to speak out and said, “Ye Mo, I think it’s better to settle grievances than to settle knots. Besides, you are also the head of a sect. What’s more, there are more things waiting for us to dig here, wasting time on fighting is really not cost effective.”

Ye Mo understood what Immortal Emperor Zhengren meant, that was now that his pursuit of Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had been exposed, once he killed Immortal Emperor Wu Hui himself. That would be a deadly feud with the Wuga Yin River. By reminding himself that he was the clan master, Immortal Emperor Zhengren was reminding him to think about his clan.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to reply, Immortal Emperor Zhengren once again took the initiative to say to Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, “Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, your misunderstanding with Ye Mo isn’t too deep. As long as you can promise not to make any moves against the Mo Yue Immortal Sect in the future, I don’t think Ye Mo will continue to pursue you unreasonably.”

Immortal Emperor Zhengren calculated that after the chase was exposed, Ye Mo would not continue to make moves against Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, so he took the initiative to come out and be a peacemaker.

Knowing that this was his only chance, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui hurriedly said, “As long as Patriarch Ye is willing to let go of this beam, I, Wu Hui, will definitely not have any excuses in the future. And definitely don’t move half of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.”

Ye Mo sneered, if he didn’t know that Xiao Yun had already left, he would have to control this Wu Hui even if he didn’t kill him. However, now that Little Yun had left, he had also obtained two Immortal Spirit Veins, and with the persuasion of Immortal Emperor Zhengren, there was no need to continue to cross a Immortal Emperor.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo said coldly, “In that case, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s just that because of your pursuit. I drew away two Immortal Spirit Veins about ……”

“If you let go of this beam, those two Immortal Spirit Veins. I definitely won’t count it anymore.” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui didn’t even wait for Ye Mo to finish before he hurriedly added.

“How did I hear that those two Immortal Spirit Veins are not yours, but the Immortal Emperor Wu Ying’s? What if Immortal Emperor Wu Ying came to me?” Ye Mo asked unhurriedly.

“I guarantee that the Yingless Ancestor will not look for you again, I am also an Immortal Emperor of the Gaja Sound River, do you still not believe my words? I will do what I say. If Old Ancestor Wu Ying is looking for you, this matter is next for me.” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was already so scared of Ye Mo at this point that he was almost slapping his chest.

Ye Mo held up a crystal ball and said, “I hope you keep your promise.”

Even if he knew that his words had been recorded by the other party’s crystal ball, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was helpless. No matter what he had to say, he had to be able to beat the others, and right now he could not beat Ye Mo at all, so saying anything else would be nonsense.

Ye Mo put away the crystal ball, walked up to the other mid Immortal Emperor and cupped his fist and said, “Thank you to this senior for speaking up and helping.”

“Haha, well said, I like to make friends like you. Calling me senior is not fair, my name is River Chong, I’m just a casual cultivator.” Immortal Emperor He Chong said with a big smile.

“My name is Ye Mo, the Patriarch of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, welcome Brother River Chong to come and be a guest.” Although Ye Mo was an Immortal King cultivator, but in this space combined with his body refining cultivation, he was no less than a normal Immortal Emperor, so he didn’t look formal.

“Good, I will definitely go forward. But now there are many good things in here ……”

Immortal Emperor River Chong also said that there were a lot of good things in here, Ye Mo immediately couldn’t hold back a bit, what he lacked now was good things. Now that River Chong and Immortal Emperor Zhengren dì dū said that there were good things here, he quickly hugged his fist again and asked, “Lord Immortal Emperor Zhengren, Brother River Chong, what exactly are the good things here?”

Seeing Ye Mo’s enquiry, Immortal Emperor Zhengren immediately said, “There are extremely many immortal spirit veins hidden underground here, and there is also a top grade immortal fruit called ‘Dustless Fruit’. The ‘Dustless Fruit’ has no flowers, no leaves, no roots and no branches, yet it can wash away the dust of the heart and is beneficial in proving the supreme dao. There is not a single immortal emperor who comes here who does not want this ‘dustless fruit’, but unfortunately there are very few of these fruits and relatively speaking there are quite a few immortal spirit veins.”

Ye Mo was puzzled as he asked, “How can this ‘dustless fruit’ survive without roots or branches?”

Even Immortal Emperor Wu Hui listened nervously to the side, having cultivated to Immortal Emperor, the first thing to pursue was of course the Dao of enlightenment, who wouldn’t want a ‘dustless fruit’ that was now beneficial to enlightenment?

“This kind of fruit just survives in this space, suspended beneath the killing machine, and is constantly purified and re-purified by lightning arcs, blades and flame streams wrapped up all year round. Once a living person comes close, this immortal fruit will automatically escape. I have seen it once since I came in, but had no chance to get it. This kind of fruit has a light golden sè, and to this day, I do not know why this kind of fruit will not be churned up by the space here.” Immortal Emperor Zhengren said with a sigh.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, this world of creation was just too amazing, all kinds of unheard of things had appeared.

“Senior Immortal Emperor Zhengren, I’ve heard that many immortal dì dū have come into this place, why are senior and Brother He Chong the only two?” Ye Mo had heard that there were a large number of immortal spirit veins here and had long been moved. He had cultivated to the middle stage of Immortal King and what he lacked most was Immortal Spirit Veins.

With the rate at which he consumed Immortal Spirit Veins, although he had gotten two from the Gaja-less Sound River, once he cultivated, he didn’t know if this would last him until the late Immortal King stage.

Immortal Emperor Zhengren immediately said, “It was because there was no longer a way out of here, and then some Immortal Emperors found Immortal Spirit Veins here, and then each began to search for them separately. Again, because of the appearance of the ‘Dustless Fruit’, many people started to pursue the ‘Dustless Fruit’ again, which scattered them. River Chong and I got into an argument because there are immortal spirit veins here.”

Although Ye Mo respected Immortal Emperor Zhengren, but Immortal Emperor Zhengren did not dare to look down on Ye Mo and had long since treated Ye Mo as a peer. An existence that could chase and kill Immortal Emperors during the Immortal King period was definitely not a simple character, and now that the four of them were standing here, except for Ye Mo who didn’t use any defensive magic treasures at all, each of the three of them had a defensive magic treasure protecting their entire bodies.

This showed that Ye Mo was still at least a conjoined Immortal with an Immortal God body, and this kind of person with great potential, he was not a fool to take the initiative to offend.

Seeing this, Immortal Emperor He Chong immediately said to Ye Mo with a heated smile, “Elder brother Ye Mo, the Immortal Spirit Veins here are not easy to find, you see that there are no signs here, in fact there are Immortal Spirit Veins down here. In this killing space, whenever those killing machines form a circular shape, it indicates that there are immortal spirit veins down here, and the bigger the circular shape, the higher the grade of the immortal spirit veins here.”

After listening to what He Chong said, Ye Mo paid careful attention to this surroundings, and he really found that the various thunder arcs, blade arrows, and some flowing flames here all took on a circular arc shape.

“That’s right, there should be a huge natural killing array in this space, these lightning strikes and bladed arrows are all caused by the natural killing array, and what provides this natural killing array is the immortal spirit veins below. Theoretically, once all the immortal spirit veins here are drained away, peace will be restored here, though draining away all of them is almost impossible.” Immortal Emperor Zhengren also nodded his head in agreement.

“Zhengren, we have been fighting for quite some time, and no one can do anything to anyone anyway, so I think it’s better this way, the two of us will split this Immortal Spirit Vein equally. If two, then one for each of us, if three, then ……”

Immortal Emperor He Chong subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, when Immortal Emperor Wu Hui saw Immortal Emperor He Chong looking at him, he quickly said, “I don’t want it.”

A hint of disdain appeared on Immortal Emperor River Chong’s face as he turned and continued, “Then one for Brother Ye Mo.”

Even his own rival, River Chong, took the initiative to give face to Ye Mo, Immortal Emperor Zhengren obviously wouldn’t bother offending someone like Ye Mo, and immediately nodded and said, “Alright then.”

After Immortal Emperor Zhengren and Immortal Emperor He Chong finished speaking, they immediately sacrificed their magic treasures and started digging the area. Instead, Ye Mo saw a pale gold sè light rushing over.

Before this light reached close, he could smell a faint sweet fragrance. This was the ‘Dustless Fruit’, and Ye Mo immediately understood what it was.

The next moment seven or eight Immortal Emperors appeared in the middle of his divine sense, all seven or eight of them were obviously chasing this ‘Dustless Fruit’ over.