DYM Chapter 1874

Seeing Ye Mo being beaten like this and still daring to come forward, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was so angry that he almost vomited blood, but at this moment he had to deal with all the sinister killing opportunities in space.

Ye Mo’s Rift Avatar originally carried a hint of spatial laws, once it was sacrificed it would gather everything in the surrounding space, at this moment the Rift split out, it even accelerated the density of the lightning strikes and blade arcs around it. These various blade arcs of lightning in space added to the killing power of Ye Mo’s Rift, and a purple aura instantly tore the distance between Ye Mo and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had to once again sacrifice the Yang Ah Long Bo Mirror to resist Ye Mo. The haze from the Yang Ah Long Bo Mirror once again knocked Ye Mo away, and Ye Mo’s astounding purple blade-mark was likewise extinguished by the Yang Ah Long Bo Mirror, and the same haze that filled the sky was also extinguished by Ye Mo’s purple mane.

However, Ye Mo was like an undefeatable little strong man, not even waiting to land, another ray of sand came over. The Yang Ah Dragon Wave Mirror blasted out again, blocking Ye Mo’s thunder sand.

Ye Mo then acted as if he had gone crazy, the thunder sand formed thunder lances, the cracks made by the purple sand blasts, and the world stones kept smashing down.

“Boom boom boom” violent explosions continued in this space, forming wave after wave of spatial ripples, only for these spatial ripples to be instantly swept away by the various killing machines in this space.

Time and again, Ye Mo was knocked away, and time and again, he rushed up again to blast out his divine ability. At the end of the day, Ye Mo was simply treating Immortal Emperor Wu Hui like a sandbag for cultivation. This sandbag was indeed powerful, constantly blasting Ye Mo away, but Ye Mo kept coming up again and again.

The wounds on Ye Mo’s body kept increasing, and the same was true for Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, every time he was attacked by Ye Mo. Several more wounds had to be brought out on his body by this space.

Ye Mo, on the other hand, because he was an Immortal God Body refining cultivator. Not only was the damage much less. It was that even his recovery was much faster than Immortal Emperor Wu Hui.

At the end of the day, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was simply going crazy from Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s Immortal God Body refinement cultivation was so durable that he simply ignored ordinary damage and turned around and came back up. And he was subjected to the ravages of this space, and he could not strike out with all his might to deal Ye Mo a fatal blow, so he could only eat his words in a dumb way, unable to say anything.

After a few hours, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui finally couldn’t take it anymore. He no longer wanted to continue fighting with Ye Mo like this, so he directly stepped onto the Yang Ah Dragon Wave Mirror and turned around. If there wasn’t only a place to come in here and no place to go out, he would have rushed out.

Ye Mo had already beaten the situation into such a state, so how could he let Immortal Emperor Wu Hui go? Without even thinking about it, he stepped on the purple sandbugs and chased after him. The space inside was so rampant with all kinds of killing machines that ordinary flying magic treasures could easily be torn apart if they didn’t have extremely strong defensive formations. Of course, Ye Mo could not spare his space-time shuttle, so his speed was much slower than Immortal Emperor Wu Hui.

It was a good thing that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had to resist the various killing machines in this space. The speed was immediately pulled down, while Ye Mo had no scruples. In this way. The two once again formed a two-man chase, one in front of the other. The difference was that before, it was Immortal Emperor Wu Hui who was chasing after Ye Mo, but now it was Ye Mo who was chasing after Immortal Emperor Wu Hui.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was being chased and killed by Ye Mo, a mere middle Immortal King, and his heart was so depressed that he was practically vomiting blood three times. Every time he could not hold back his anger, he would stop and fight Ye Mo, but unfortunately, even though he knocked Ye Mo away countless times, he could not put Ye Mo to death.

In the end, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui simply fled, he knew very well that it was too difficult to kill an Immortal God Body Refining Immortal in such a place. He wanted to find a place where there were no such lightning strikes and bladed arrows and other killing machines, the only place where he could possibly kill Ye Mo. Unfortunately, the two of them fled and chased each other for days on end, and the place was still filled with killing machines, and there was not a single place that was quiet.

Ye Mo did not want to let Wu Hui go because he was afraid that once Immortal Emperor Wu Hui got out, he would go to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect to look for trouble. With such a good opportunity here, he obviously wouldn’t throw it away. If this was all the environment here, Ye Mo would really have the certainty to finish off Immortal Emperor Wu Hui.

In the first few months, he might not be a match for Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, and once Immortal Emperor Wu Hui put up a fight, he would flee. But as time went on, he wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t drag the Immortal Emperor Wu Hui to death. He relied on the fact that he was a body refining immortal with the Immortal God Body, while Wu Hui was not.

This was already the second month, and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s speed had obviously slowed down. At this point, Ye Mo could already catch up with Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, but he just didn’t completely stop Wu Hui, only coming behind him every now and then with one or two Thunder Sand divine abilities. Every time Immortal Emperor Wu Hui wanted to fight for his life, he turned around and fled. If Immortal Emperor Wu Hui did not fight to the death, he would fight hard with Wu Hui.

After being chased for a month or two straight, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui really didn’t have any semblance of temper left.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui also knew that if this continued, he was bound to be dragged down by this Immortal King, and it was not impossible for him to be decapitated in the end. As much as he did not want to admit this, it was an iron-clad fact. He even felt that the Immortal King behind him who was chasing him was still able to cultivate while chasing him all the way.

In fact, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui really wasn’t wrong in guessing that Ye Mo could still really cultivate. However, Ye Mo was refining his body, he was chasing Immortal Emperor Wu Hui while he could also refine his body, although the progress was not much, it was much better than Immortal Emperor Wu Hui who only knew how to run for his life.

After another month of chasing and fleeing, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui finally stopped, he knew that continuing to flee would just deplete his strength.

“What the hell do you want?” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui asked as he stared at Ye Mo with hatred.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “It’s not what I want, it’s what you want? I politely went to visit the Wuga Yin River, what did you old b*****d say? You, Wujiayin River, won’t let me see my friend, so what do I do? I’m telling you now, I don’t do anything, I just want to kill you, you old b*****d.”

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui looked even younger than Ye Mo, he was practically a teenager, but Ye Mo’s mouthful of old b*****ds made him really unable to resist making another move. However, he still held back hard, it would not do him half good to make another move.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t want to say another word after finishing a sentence and was about to sacrifice that big scale of his again, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui couldn’t care less about his anger and hurriedly said, “Wait, that whatchamacallit Mu Xiao Yun you are looking for, I haven’t heard of it at all, since you said it was at Yingless Peak, then go to Yingless Peak and look for it. What are you looking for me for?”

“Isn’t the Yingless Immortal Emperor of the Yingless Peak yours from the Wuga Yin River? What I’m looking for is the Sovereign of the Wuga Yin River. What’s it to you? You want to come out and meddle?” Ye Mo said with a cold snort.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s face was incomparably gloomy. Seeing that Ye Mo was about to make another move, he could only hold back the fire that had already reached the limit of his anger and said in a deep voice, “What will it take for you to stop following me?”

Ye Mo sneered, “Don’t say it so nicely, I’m not following you, I’m chasing you, got it? Chasing and killing you, idiot.”

After saying that Ye Mo’s World Stone Scale had already been sacrificed again. When he killed Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, he was still afraid of not having something? An Immortal Emperor’s stuff was something that even he was looking forward to a little.

Just as Ye Mo’s World Stone was sacrificed, a blue, chilling light rose up in the distance. This blue light shot straight up thousands of feet high and was so bright that it was cold.

As soon as Ye Mo and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui took a look, they knew that this blue cold light was someone doing something, and the person doing it was not low in cultivation, at least at the Immortal Emperor level. However, if it wasn’t at the Immortal Emperor level, it would be hard for anyone other than an Immortal like Ye Mo, who was a body refiner, to survive here.

The first thing Immortal Emperor Wu Hui did was to dash away towards the place of this blue light. Ye Mo also retrieved his World Stone Scale and immediately followed him. He was also clear. It was impossible to kill Immortal Emperor Wu Hui in a short time.


As soon as Ye Mo and Immortal Emperor Wu Hui arrived, the two people who were fighting immediately stopped. Both of them were at the middle Xiantian Emperor cultivation level, far stronger than Ye Mo, and even Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was not enough to look at.

“Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, what are you?” One of the two people in the fight, a middle-aged immortal who looked extremely ethereal, looked at Immortal Emperor Wu Hui and asked in confusion, obviously knowing him.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was in a mess, cloaked in hair, and had wounds everywhere.

If Ye Mo was not only a middle Immortal King, he even suspected that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had been chased by Ye Mo to kill him. Moreover, he was even more puzzled as to how Ye Mo, a middle Immortal King, could have arrived at this place.

When Immortal Emperor Wu Hui saw this middle-aged Immortal Emperor, he hurriedly clasped his fist and said, “Wu Jia Yin River Wu Hui has met Immortal Emperor Zheng Ren.”

Seeing the puzzled gaze of Immortal Emperor Zhengren, where did Immortal Emperor Wu Hui still care about losing face, this was something that would kill him, losing face had long been cast aside by him. Only by seeking the help of Immortal Emperor Zhengren could he restrain Ye Mo. Therefore, he didn’t hesitate at all and continued, “Brother Zhengren, Wu Hui is really shameless and has been chased all the way by this little beast, so I would like to ask Brother Zhengren for help.”

Immortal Emperor Zhengren stared blankly at Ye Mo, but his heart was in shock, he couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo, a mere Immortal King, could really chase Immortal Emperor Wu Hui to such an extent, could he have hidden his cultivation?

The Immortal Emperor who was fighting with Immortal Emperor Zhengren also looked at Ye Mo’s side in amazement, but did not make a move, nor did he intend to leave.

“This person has disregarded my Wuga Yin River and openly siphoned off the Immortal Spirit Veins of my Wuga Yin River’s Wu Ying Peak, I would also like to ask Brother Zhengren to help out a little, my Wuga Yin River will definitely be grateful.” Seeing that Immortal Emperor Zhengren did not make a move, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui hurriedly added again and said.

Ye Mo laughed out loud, then cupped his fist to Immortal Emperor Zhengren and said, “Lord Ye Mo of the Gong Hua Tian Mo Yue Immortal Sect meets Lord Immortal Emperor Zhengren, this old man Wu Hui has turned black and white, Senior Immortal Emperor Zhengren will understand.”

When Ye Mo said these words, Immortal Emperor Zhengren was really completely frozen, even the Immortal Emperor who was fighting with Immortal Emperor Zhengren was also frozen.

What the hell was going on here? If Ye Mo was an Immortal Emperor hiding his cultivation, he would definitely not call Immortal Emperor Zhengren senior. No Immortal Emperor would be willing to call another Immortal Emperor senior, the only possibility was that Ye Mo was not hiding his cultivation and was really an Immortal King.

What’s more, Ye Mo also said himself that he was the head of an Immortal Sect from the Lower Heavenly Domain, and it was impossible to have an Immortal Emperor as the head of a sect in the Lower Heavenly Domain. But an Immortal King chasing after an Immortal Emperor was a bit too outrageous.

“What the hell is going on here?” Immortal Emperor Zhengren was shocked for a while before he muttered a question.