DYM Chapter 1870

With a few immortal formation masters joining him, Ye Mo was almost discovered a few times. Ye Mo knew clearly that if he didn’t move around and just stayed in one place, he would be less likely to be discovered. But he didn’t come in to avoid the search, he came in to take away Xiao Yun.

After six hours had pa*sed, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui finally became a little annoyed, his divine sense swept through the sect indiscriminately, not even sparing some of the places where the disciples were in retreat.

Ye Mo’s heart was dark, he knew that if this continued, he would be exposed sooner or later. This kind of immortal emperor divine sense was sweeping around recklessly, even if his concealment technique was powerful, but his cultivation was in this place.

Two Immortal Kings pa*sed in front of Ye Mo, and Ye Mo was tempted to take these two down and force them to ask what direction the Yingless Peak was. However, he also knew that he could not do that. If he didn’t, that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui might still think that he had left the Wuga Yin River. Once he did so, even an idiot would know that he was still in the Gaja-less Sound River and hadn’t left.

“There’s no need to go over ahead, the two main peaks and the Yingless Peak, both of which are natural formations. Now that Ancestor Flowerless and Ancestor Yingless are not in the clan, no one can enter over there. The Sound River will open soon, let’s now go around from to Qi Yin Peak to check it out ……”

The conversation between the two Immortal Kings was clearly heard by Ye Mo, who was immediately overjoyed, and when the two were far away, Ye Mo immediately turned to vanish from where the two Immortal Kings had just said he didn’t need to go.

Ye Mo had just walked for less than an incense stick when he heard a simple sound coming from him, at first he didn’t care, but soon he felt that something was wrong. The simple-minded sound was like a maggot in his tarsus, drilling into his meridians and consciousness, causing him to almost scream out loud.

Ye Mo was horrified in his heart. This kind of sound was too terrifying. If he did not enter the Golden Page World. As long as he continued to listen to it for half a pillar of time, he wouldn’t be able to support it and would definitely expose his trail.

At the beginning, the sound was still a hint, after tens and breaths, the sound had become a **, and finally it was simply like a shocking wave swarming the future, almost like a long river rolling backwards. To completely drown Ye Mo.

Ye Mo forcibly ran the ‘Three Life Dictate’ to resist this terrifying sound aura, his heart became more and more shocked, no wonder it was called the Wuga Sound River, this sound could simply be compared to a sea of sound.

If he didn’t think of a way to leave, then he could only enter the Golden Page World, otherwise he would definitely expose his trail in the next moment.

Ye Mo did not dare to hesitate any longer and called out Little Ice Ginseng at the first opportunity, “Little Ice Ginseng, I just heard someone say that there is a natural formation here. The natural formation can lead to the two main peaks of the Wuga Yin River, as well as the Wu Ying Peak. You immediately take the Golden Page World with you. Find this natural formation and go in.”

“Boss. Ahead is the natural formation, leave this to me, I will enter there as fast as I can.” Little Ice Ginseng immediately patted his chest and said.

The situation was getting more and more tense, Ye Mo was now unable to resist this sound himself, and having to help Little Ice Ginseng resist this vast river of sound was even more overwhelming.

“I’ll enter the Golden Page World, you can enter the natural formation before blocking this river of sound, right?” Ye Mo was still a bit uneasy, once he lost his protection, it was really a toss-up as to whether Little Ice Ginseng could block it.

Little Ice Ginseng grinned and said, “Boss, I was born with an immortal spirit body, this kind of sound will not have much effect on me, don’t worry about it.”

Ye Mo listened to what Little Ice Ginseng said, without any nonsense at all, he immediately entered the Golden Page World, and Little Ice Ginseng took it with him, disappearing with the speed of light and shadow. In fact, it was the Little Ice Ginseng that had already taken the Golden Page World into the natural formation.

Half a column of incense later, Ye Mo came out from inside the Golden Page World, only to find that he was in a completely different place. The sounds from outside could still come in, but they were far less powerful. Moreover, Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept the three big words ‘Yingless Peak’ on the huge mountain peak in front of him.

At this moment, he was finally relieved that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui definitely couldn’t enter the Yingless Peak, even if he knew he was there, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui wouldn’t dare to rush in to find him unless he dared to break the Natural Formation of Old Man Yingless.

Now that he thought about it, it was still an extremely good thing for himself that Old Man Yingless had left the Wuga Yin River. Ye Mo likewise knew that he had to take Little Yun away before Old Man Yingless returned, otherwise that would really be a case of being caught in a jar.

There was no one else in Yingless Peak apart from a few low-level female immortals. Even if Ye Mo’s divine sense swept around in here, he didn’t have to worry about anyone knowing about it. Ye Mo was simply reckless in finding where Xiao Yun was. This was the Yingless Peak, even the divine sense of the Immortal Emperor Wu Hui could not sweep in.

It was just that although there was only one natural formation outside of the Yingless Peak, there were as many formations inside here, and Ye Mo not only had to face all kinds of formations, but he also had to keep breaking them.


In a top-notch concealment formation deep in the Yingless Peak, there was a cloistered garden that looked pretty good. At the edge of the garden however was a green-coloured room, and an extremely beautiful woman wearing a pale yellow dress and a goose egg face was sitting in the corner of the room with a sad expression on her face.

“I won’t believe your words, my grandfather has told me that my gong methods must never be pa*sed on to others.” The woman in the pale yellow dress said abruptly, in fact there was no one in this room at all.

And just as this extremely beautiful woman finished saying these words, a cold snort could be heard saying, “Mu Xiaoyun, don’t be stubborn. Now that this b*tch Wu Ying is not at Wu Ying Peak, once she returns, you will not have the chance to tell me even if you want to. Tell me now, I can still help you once I break free ……”

It was obvious that this extremely beautiful woman in a pale yellow dress was Mu Xiaoyun, who Ye Mo had been looking for, and the person she was talking to was not in the middle of this room.

Seeing Mu Xiaoyun hesitate, the voice said again, “Is your gongfa important, or is meeting your husband important? If you don’t leave here as soon as possible, in a few hundred or a thousand years, you will have been taken over by that b*tch Nuan Yu Yu. What do you think she got you here for? If she wanted to take you as a disciple, she would have done so already, why wait until now?

That b*tch Nuan Yu Yu is a pure wood immortal spirit root and was born with a Dan Dao body, almost identical to you. The reason she hasn’t made a move on you yet is not because she has spared you, but because of two reasons. The first is that she still wants to struggle to try to see if she can achieve Dao enlightenment, and the second is that she still wants to see if she can find a better replacement.”

Mu Xiaoyun was immediately puzzled, didn’t she say that her Immortal Wood Spiritual Root and Dao Body were both suitable for Nuan Yu Yu? Why did she need to find a better one?

Although Mu Xiaoyun didn’t ask, the voice still knew what was in Mu Xiaoyun’s mind, and just snorted coldly, “That b*tch Nuan Yu Yu is a prude, and is naturally averse to men. The fact that you are not a virgin makes her extremely unhappy, and if it weren’t for the fact that you are too suitable for her to take over, she would have abandoned you long ago.”

When Mu Xiaoyun heard that this was the reason, her eyes immediately showed her thoughts, fortunately it was her husband, if it wasn’t for him, then she might have been taken over by now.

“Hmph, you shouldn’t celebrate too early either. If that Nuan Yu Yu can’t find the right person, I’m afraid the first thing she’ll do when she comes back this time is to seize the body from you and close the door. If you still want to see your Sangha, then tell me the gong method you cultivate. Do you think I would covet your gongfu? I, Luo Guangyue, am not so greedy as to covet the gongfu of a newly ascended cultivator like you, just because your gongfu is attributeless and carries a hint of divine rhythm, or can break through my inhibitions.”

The voice said with a cold hum once again as if it knew what was in Mu Xiaoyun’s mind.

Mu Xiaoyun hesitated for a moment and said, “But, my Sangha ……”

“Returning your Sangha, why are you so pedantic? From what you said before, your Sang-du could still be in that small divine continent world, or on Earth. If you don’t make an effort to get out of trouble and cultivate a great divine power, you may not be able to see your Sang-du in the future when he dies of old age. A mere gongfu is nothing.” Seeing that Mu Xiaoyun was still hesitating, that voice said even more nonchalantly.

After these words were spoken, Mu Xiaoyun immediately made up her mind and said, “Senior Luo, the gong method I cultivate is the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dao’. When my Sangha first pa*sed on this technique to me, he said that it was left behind by a senior named Meng Burin. The law says, ‘At the beginning of Hong Meng, creation has not yet been born, the three lives come after, creation comes before, how dare you go beyond the Hong Meng duel? The beginning of the lineage, come and cultivate the mother of the soul ……”

Luo Guangyue began to hear ‘Three lives are after, creation is before, how dare one transgress the divine decision?’ She was still puzzled, but immediately forgot everything when she heard the rest, this kind of technique that took away the creation of heaven and earth made her feel unbelievable, she was sure that even the immortal world didn’t have such a top cultivation technique.

Although Mu Xiaoyun also had some opportunities, the main reason she was able to cultivate so fast was because of the ‘Hongyang Creation Dictate’.

“Boom ……”

With a boom, Mu Xiaoyun immediately stopped continuing to recite the merit method, and a stunningly beautiful woman wearing a thin layer of veil suddenly appeared in the room where Mu Xiaoyun was.

The bursts of fluctuations in the surrounding space let Mu Xiaoyun know that this person had arrived here after breaking free from the spatial ban.

“A good gong method, there is actually such a gong method, I, Luo Guangyue, have never encountered such a divine level gong method even in my entire life. This is definitely the top grade gong method ……,” the stunningly beautiful woman only knew how to mutter after she appeared. Only her mouth kept saying that this gong method was not simple and kept repeating how powerful it was.

“Senior ……” Mu Xiaoyun was also secretly shocked in her heart, she didn’t expect that this Luo Guangyue could break free from the prohibitions and restraints on her body just by listening to the gong method she dictated, how high should this person’s cultivation be.

Luo Guangyue was suddenly startled and immediately said, “Xiao Yun, don’t worry, I will definitely take you out of here. That b*tch Nuan Yu Yu is not at Yingless Peak, so this is our chance. You wait on the side, I’m going to take out the Transporting Talisman ……”

Luo Guangyue was about to take out the Transporting Talisman from her own Sea of Consciousness when a burst of simple-minded sound aura came in, she was stunned for a moment and immediately came to her senses, then she laughed loudly and said, “Surprisingly, the sound river has been activated, which means that someone has broken in here, this is simply a heavenly opportunity for us.”