DYM Chapter 1869

“Son of a b*tch.” Ding Ring stood outside the clan gate of the Gaja-less Sound River and cursed.

With an anxious face, Saintess Yi Yi stood beside her and asked, “Ding Ring, what do we do now?”

Just as Saintess Yi Yi finished her words, she saw a burst of booming sounds, and the No-Ga-Yin River, which she had been able to use her divine sense to spy out a thing or two before, completely disappeared.

“That old b*****d Wu Hui has sealed the mountain gate, just so Ye Mo can’t get out, our strength is too low now, even if we are in a hurry, it’s useless.” Ding Jing stared viciously at the already sealed up Wuga Yin River, a feeling of powerlessness flooded his heart.

At this moment, Saintess Yi also calmed down, and she was also thinking of a solution urgently in her heart.

Ding Jing suddenly said, “Tantai Yi, we are friends with Ye Mo, right?”

“Of course, without big brother Ye, I wouldn’t be able to comprehend my divine ability no matter what, nor would I be able to break out of the Sealed Position Tower and seal a king for myself at the top of the Sealed King Monument.” Saintess Yi Yi said without hesitation.

“Good.” After saying the word good directly, Ding Jing continued, “With our current strength, even if we charged into the Gargantuan Soundless River, it wouldn’t help, not to mention that we just can’t get in at all. The only thing we can do is to return to our own clan for help.”

Saintess Yi Yi said with a hint of gloom in her eyes, “Senior Brother Ding, I’m afraid that this matter is extremely difficult, although I am the Saintess of the Nine Van Immortal Pond, not because of how strong I am, but because I am highly qualified. Although my master is very good to me, he may not be able to persuade the Immortal Emperors of the sect to come and fight against the Wuga Yin River for Brother Ye. Not to mention me, I’m afraid that even your Red River Emperor Clan would be the same.”

A hint of determination appeared in Ding Jing’s eyes as he said, “Yi Yi, in fact, even if you don’t say it. I also know. When I go back. Ninety percent of the time, I won’t be able to persuade the sect’s Immortal Emperors to come and fight for Ye Mo. If it was said that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had left the two of us behind as well, then that would be fine, but since Wu Jia Yin River didn’t make a move against us at all, there is no reason for our clan to intervene.”

“Senior Brother Ding, what do you mean?” Saintess Yi Yi looked at Ding Quang in confusion.

Ding Jing said in a deep voice, “That Immortal Emperor Wu Hui would definitely not come to make a move against Ye Mo for no reason, the only possibility is that he sensed that Ye Mo was cultivating at a fast pace and could easily defeat Immortal Emperor Extreme Blood, and that’s why he moved to pry into the secrets on Ye Mo. If I hadn’t guessed. Ye Mo is imprisoned within the formation by Immortal Emperor Wu Hui this time, and is in grave danger.”

“Then what do we do?” Saintess Yi Yi was also anxious at this point, but instead, she couldn’t think of a better way.

Ding Jing said coldly, “A gentleman takes his revenge, why should we care about sooner or later? If there is no news after I go back to ask for help, I will go to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect and save Ye Mo’s clan first. Whether or not the Gaja-less Sound River will make a move against Ye Mo’s clan, I have to go and help. When I am strong, I will collect Ye Mo’s debt for today.”

“If I can’t get help, I’ll go with you.” Saintess Yi Yi immediately said.

The difference in strength was too great, making them feel extremely powerless.


Ye Mo was able to break through this welcoming hall. It was indeed exactly as Immortal Emperor Wu Hui had guessed. He had a clear view of the formation of this great hall and secondly, he was forcing himself to take advantage of the Immortal God Body.

It was clear after he had exchanged a round with Immortal Emperor Wu Hui. He was simply no match for Immortal Emperor Wu Hui. The difference between an Immortal Emperor and an Immortal Dweller was simply greater than the difference between an Immortal King and a Da Luo Immortal. If he continued to stay and fight with Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, there was only one way to die.

As Ye Mo rushed out of the welcoming hall, he immediately made an instantaneous shift, he did not make an instantaneous shift towards the mountain gate of the Wuga Yin River, but in the opposite direction.

Even if he was a top level Immortal Formation Master, he would not be able to open the formation in a short time. Of course, Ye Mo also knew that no matter which direction he instantly moved away from, that kind of spatial fluctuation would be detected. Therefore, this approach of his was only for Immortal Emperor Wu Hui to see.

After Ye Mo’s first instantaneous movement, he immediately concealed his body technique, while instantaneously moving back again as fast as he could, before slowly changing direction.

Ye Mo knew very well that no matter which direction his instantaneous movement was from, he would not be able to conceal himself from Immortal Emperor Wu Hui. Wealth and fortune were at stake, and so was escape.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was only an early Immortal Emperor and was so terrifying, once he met a middle Immortal Emperor or even a late Immortal Emperor, he would be just as dead. There were four Immortal Emperors and even dozens of Immortal Dignitaries in the Wujiayin River, Ye Mo would not think that he would still have a life in the Wujiayin River once he exposed his form.

At this moment, Ye Mo could only pin his hopes on his immensely powerful concealing body technique, once his concealing body technique went wrong, then he would be completely exposed.


The first time Immortal Emperor Wu Hui landed outside the welcoming hall, he caught the spatial fluctuations caused by Ye Mo’s instantaneous movement and immediately said with a cold laugh, “You really have credentials, even a mere Immortal King can instantaneously move such a distance, no wonder you dare to come to my Wuga Yin River.”

As Immortal Emperor Wu Hui spoke to himself, he had already taken a step out, and the next moment he had already appeared at the location Ye Mo had just reached by his instantaneous movement.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, who originally had a cold smile on his face, stood at this location for just a moment before his face changed, he unexpectedly could no longer feel the spatial fluctuations of the next instantaneous movement here. In other words, the spatial fluctuation caused by Ye Mo’s instantaneous movement was only from the Welcome Hall to here.

To say that a little Immortal King could escape from under his nose, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui would never believe it. But after half a column of incense, he truly understood that he had lost the target he was trying to hunt down.

“Extreme Sung ……,” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui coldly bellowed.

Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng had already sealed the mountain gate of the Wuga Yin River and was only slightly more settled at this moment, now that Immortal Emperor Wu Hui called him, he immediately came in front of Immortal Emperor Wu Hui and said respectfully, “Extreme Sheng has met with Senior Uncle.”

“Immediately mobilise the entire sect’s people above Immortal King cultivation to search for this person, this person is definitely still in my Wuga Yin River, and he is also proficient in an extremely powerful concealment technique that even I can’t see right now.”

Hearing Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s words, Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng’s face changed, what he feared most was Ye Mo escaping. With a means like Ye Mo, who was in the middle stage of Immortal King, being able to tear apart Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s great hand of immortal energy, once he escaped, the Wu Jia Yin River was tantamount to adding an unknowingly great enemy to himself out of thin air.

“What are you afraid of? I don’t believe that a mere Immortal King can still escape from this Emperor within my Great Hand of the Wuga Yin River.” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was dissatisfied with Extreme Sheng’s response and immediately chided.

“Yes, Extreme Sung will immediately go and give the order.” Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng was depressed in his heart, but he had to immediately respond.

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was one of the Immortal Emperors with the lowest cultivation level in the Wuga Yin River, and had not been promoted to Immortal Emperor for very long, but his qualifications were heaven defying. Although his age was far inferior to Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng, in any Immortal Sect, strength was paramount, and Extreme Sheng, as the Sovereign, could only listen to Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s words.

Although Ye Mo disappeared without a trace, but Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was not very worried. It was true that the Wujiayin River was large, but the mountain protection formation of the Wujiayin River was also an ancient formation. Even if Ye Mo was proficient in formations and had concealment techniques, he would not be able to escape him in the Gaja Sound River.


As an immortal formation expert who was already infinitely close to a level seven immortal formation master, how could Ye Mo not know the danger of concealing himself inside this great formation? The first thing he did when he returned to the welcoming hall was to carefully shift. Even if his concealment technique was as brilliant as it was, he did not dare to be the least bit careless. This time, he was facing an Immortal Emperor, not an Immortal King.

Ye Mo only wanted to find a place to hide first at this moment, it was simply impossible to escape from the Gaja-less Sound River now. In fact, even if he could escape, he would not escape, Xiao Yun was still here, could he escape alone?

Immortal Emperor Wu Hui searched the place where Ye Mo first instantly stopped for half a column of incense time, this half column of incense time gave Ye Mo a great help, he used this half column of incense to leave the welcoming hall long ago, and carefully sneaked and hid along another direction.

Two hours later, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui finally felt that something was wrong, two hours later the entire clan was unleashed, hundreds of thousands of miles of the Wu Jia Yin River seemed huge, but with the entire clan’s disciples starting to search, these hundreds of thousands of miles were nothing at all.

“I understand.” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui once again returned to the surroundings of the welcoming hall and began to search carefully, he already understood why there was no trace of Ye Mo when he arrived at the end of Ye Mo’s first instantaneous movement. Ye Mo must have transiently moved to this place and then transiently moved back the same way.

Unfortunately, after he remembered this, it was already more than two hours later. After more than two hours, the subtle spatial fluctuations of Ye Mo transiently moving back and then sneaking away in hiding had long disappeared without a trace.

“What a treacherous thing.” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui cursed viciously, and even pointed at several Immortal Formation Patriarchs and said, “You guys now pay close attention to any fluctuations in the entire sect’s formations, and once there is the slightest fluctuation in the formations, immediately send me a message.”

“Yes.” The several Immortal Formation Masters immediately bowed and answered, not daring to be half-heartedly slow.


Ye Mo had long since moved away from the welcoming hall at this time, and he carefully controlled his aura, not daring to let any half of his aura out. At this moment he does not even dare to enter the Golden Page World, he knows that although the Golden Page World can turn into dust, it will not be safer than if he were to hide alone.

Facing an Immortal Emperor, even the smallest speck of dust could be exposed, and he had managed not to be exposed until now, not because of anything else, but because of his concealment technique.

Fortunately, Immortal Emperor Flowerless and Immortal Emperor Yingless were not in the sect, otherwise even with his own kind of sneaking and concealing technique, it was hard to say that he would not definitely be caught. At the same time, Ye Mo was also clear that if he didn’t find a place where he could store and hide without moving as early as possible, hiding around inside the Wuga Yin River like this, even if his concealment technique was even more skillful, he would still be discovered.