DYM Chapter 1868

Ye Mo’s face was calm, not half angry, he had come to take Little Yun away, not to befriend the Gaja-less Sound River.

Ding Jing, however, could not help but say, “Sovereign Lord, Ye Mo is my best friend, so I am accompanying him here this time, and so is Saintess Yi Yi.”

Hearing this, Saintess Yi Yi immediately stood up as well and said, “That’s right, Lord Immortal Lord Extreme Sheng, big brother Ye has come to your sect this time on some business, and Yi Yi is also here to accompany big brother Ye.”

The two of them, Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi, each called the Sovereign of the Wuga Yin River by a different title, clearly expressing the dissatisfaction in their hearts.

The Immortal Sovereign of Extreme Sheng, Liu Xuanhua, did look at Ye Mo with suspicion, he could not imagine that Ye Mo, who was only a middle Immortal King, had such a great ability to make the Holy Maiden of the Nine Fan Immortal Pond call her big brother. Regardless of whether the Jioufan Immortal Pond would oppose Yi Yi’s move, Ye Mo did not seem to be simple anymore.

Immortal Venerable Extreme Sheng, however, was extremely smooth, and immediately after Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi finished speaking, he said with a smile, “It is also a happy event for the Patriarch of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect to visit my Wuga Yin River, and I, Wuga Yin River, welcome you in every way. Come, immortal fruits and immortal wine are served to welcome our honoured guest.”

Just now, he did not even mention half a word about Ye Mo’s act of neglect.

With these words from Immortal Emperor Jie Sheng, those immortals who were waiting on the side had long taken out immortal wine and immortal spirit fruits and placed them on Ye Mo’s three seats.

Ye Mo’s heart was calm, this Immortal Emperor Jie Sheng was definitely cunning. It seemed that he had suddenly transformed, in fact his words that seemed to admit his mistake not only gave Ding Jing and Yi Yi goodwill, but also expressed the importance he attached to Ye Mo. It seemed as if what he had previously despised about Ye Mo did not exist at all.

This person’s only purpose for doing so was to verify the strength of Ding Ring and Saint Yi Yi’s support for Ye Mo. Otherwise, with his belly of an Immortal Sovereign. It was not so bad that he would have ignored Ye Mo. Even if Ye Mo was from the Lower Heavenly Domain. But after all, he was a patriarch.

Ye Mo, however, did not care about these top grade immortal spirit fruits in front of him. He directly stood up and cupped his fist and said, “Ye Mo has met Lord Immortal Lord Jie Sheng, this time, I, Ye Mo, have come to Wuga Yin River only to hear that my wife, Mu Xiao Yun, is in your sect, so, I have come to take my her away, and I would like to ask the patriarch to make it possible.”

“Mu Xiao Yun?” Immortal Venerable Extreme Sheng repeated doubtfully, this time he wasn’t pretending, this time he really didn’t know that there was a Mu Xiao Yun in the Wuga Yin River.

“Yes. It’s called Mu Xiaoyun.” Saintess Yi Yi took the initiative to step forward and explain, while explaining that Mu Xiaoyun had been brought back by Immortal Emperor Wu Ying and should now be at the Wu Ying Peak.

“It was brought back by Immortal Emperor Wu Ying?” Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng froze, if it was an ordinary disciple, for the sake of Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi, Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng might have agreed to it.

The fact that Ding Jing’s and Yi Yi’s title of Sealed King was not even visible on the Sealed King Tablet had long since spread. Immortal Venerable Extreme Sung also knew that both of these two people might have achievements higher than his own in the future, otherwise Immortal Venerable Extreme Sung would not have come to meet these two Immortal Kings personally.

Now that this Mu Xiaoyun involved the Yingless Ancestor of the Yingless Peak, he immediately became embarra*sed. Ancestor Yingless was the second existence in the Wuga Yin River, even if he was the Sect Leader. Even he didn’t dare to go to the Yingless Peak nonsense.

“This ……” Immortal Emperor Ji Sheng hesitated or immediately said, “Patriarch Ye, if that Mu Xiaoyun is an ordinary disciple. I can make the decision, but I can’t make the decision for a disciple brought back by Ancestor Wu Ying, this matter must wait until Ancestor Wu Ying returns.”

Ye Mo immediately said, “I am anxious, if the Sovereign Lord really does not have the means to make the decision, Ye Mo would not dare to make it difficult, just that I should be able to see Xiao Yun, otherwise I would be very worried in my heart.”

Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng hesitated once again, to meet the disciple brought back by Ancestor Wu Ying, then one would have to enter the Wu Ying Peak, without Ancestor Wu Ying, who would dare to enter the Wu Ying Peak? Even if Ancestor Wu Hua had returned, he would not force his way into the Yingless Peak.

“No, no one has the right to enter the Yingless Peak in the absence of Ancestor Wu Ying. Although I am the Patriarch of the Wuga Yin River, I am just as unable to enter, so I cannot grant you this request either.” Immortal Venerable Extreme Sheng hesitated only slightly before he immediately said.

Ye Mo was anxious in his heart, yet he knew that this was not something that could be done by force, but at this moment, he had no remaining options.

“Lord Sovereign, as a Sovereign of the Lower Heavenly Domain and a junior in cultivation, I should not have continued to force my way into making things difficult for your Lordship. But Xiao Yun is indeed my wife, and it is really hard for me to settle down in my heart without seeing her. Ancestor Wu Ying has now gone to the New Realm and his return date is uncertain. The junior cannot wait until that time ……,” Ye Mo said as politely as he could.

Just before Ye Mo could finish his words, a cold hum came over, “How dare you, you mean you still have to meet that Mu Xiaoyun? I can’t even allow you to see it if I don’t have Gaja Sound River?”

As the words fell, a figure that was so oppressive that the crowd couldn’t breathe appeared in this hall.

The first to bear the brunt of that aura was Ye Mo, who instantly took several steps backwards before stopping.

It was only at this time that the crowd could see clearly that there was suddenly a hostile teenager with a shadowy face in the middle of the great hall. This teenager looked terribly young, but Ye Mo, Ding Jing and Saint Yiyi all knew that this was definitely not a teenager anymore.

“Ji Sheng has met Master Wu Hui ……,” Immortal Emperor Ji Sheng hurriedly went forward and bowed, and the rest of the immortals in the hall also bowed and saluted.

Only at this moment did the three Ye Mo know that this shadowy-faced young man was actually Immortal Emperor Wu Hui. Even the two of them, Ding Jing and Yi Yi, were seeing the Immortal Emperor Wu Hui for the first time, even though they had long heard that there was a Wu Hui Immortal Emperor in the Wu Jia Yin River.

This Yin Yang-faced teenager waved his hand at Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng and stared directly at Ye Mo and asked again, “Yes or no?”

Ye Mo resisted the powerful and terrifying oppressive feeling and said in a deep voice, “Yes, I have to see Little Rhyme.”

“Hahahahahaha ……” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui laughed loudly, “A mere Immortal King mole, you dare to be so arrogant in front of this emperor. This emperor will not allow you to see it, so what?”

Ding Ring and Saintess Yi Yi had not been directly oppressed by such a powerful Immortal Emperor on one side and were both a little overwhelmed, so one could imagine how Ye Mo under the oppression of Immortal Emperor Wu Hui should be tormented.

Ding Jing hastily clasped his fist and said, “Red River Imperial Clan Ding Jing has met Lord Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, Ye Mo is a junior ……”

“So what if it’s the Red River Imperial Clan? It’s not your turn to be a little immortal king jack here, for the sake of the Red River Emperor Clan, I won’t kill you, get lost ……”

After Immortal Emperor Wu Hui finished speaking, his big hand of immortal energy stretched out, Ding Jing didn’t even have the ability to resist before he was grabbed by Immortal Emperor Wu Hui and thrown out.

And Yi Yi Holy Maiden’s face changed and similarly stood out, only she was even worse than Ding Ring, Ding Ring at least said a word, she didn’t even say a word before she was carried and thrown out by Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s big Immortal Yuan hand.

When Ye Mo saw Immortal Emperor Wu Hui carrying and throwing Ding Ring and Saint Maiden Yi one after another, he knew in his heart that it was not good.

As expected, after Immortal Emperor Wu Hui threw the two of them out, he then stared coldly at Ye Mo and said, “You are very good, a mere Immortal King, how dare you injure an Immortal under my sect. Today, this emperor will come and see how much you are capable of.”

After Immortal Emperor Wu Hui finished speaking in a cold voice, his large hand was already grabbing at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s heart sank, he finally knew what was going on, this Immortal Emperor Wu Hui was not concerned because of Mu Xiaoyun’s matter, but because he was concerned because he was able to defeat an Immortal Djinn with an Immortal King. One could imagine that once he was caught by this Immortal Emperor Wu Hui, he would definitely die without even a cinder.

After understanding this truth, where would Ye Mo wait for Immortal Emperor Wu Hui to catch him, without hesitation, he just blasted out a fist.

Fist Dao Avatar, Splitting the Air.

This time, Ye Mo blasted out with all his might, without half a moment’s hesitation or gathering momentum. Just as this punch was blasted out, it swept through the surrounding killing momentum, forming a nine channel cracking storm.

“Boom boom boom ……”

Nine loud bursting sounds resounded in the welcoming hall in quick succession, Immortal Emperor Wu Hui’s immortal elemental hand instantly dissipated into thin air in Ye Mo’s rifting fist, while Ye Mo was once again sent flying out, spurting out a mouthful of blood wildly in the air as he rushed through the hall.

Although Ye Mo’s fist and this Immortal Yuan Great Hand of Immortal Emperor Wu Hui only exchanged blinks of an eye, but Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng’s face changed greatly, he could see it clearly. Ye Mo’s punch was too much even for himself to block. He had not received any information from Immortal Emperor Extreme Blood and had no idea beforehand that Ye Mo was so powerful.

If he had known that Ye Mo was so powerful, he would not have suggested Master Wu Hui to deal with Ye Mo by such means. It was not easy for Wuga Yinhe to develop to where he was today, and it was even more unwise to offend such a terrifying person with potential. If he could kill him, it would be fine, but if he couldn’t, it would bring great trouble to Wuga Yinhe.

“Huh ……” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui couldn’t expect Ye Mo to break his Immortal Emperor’s bindings with a single punch, and he even rushed out of the hall.

“No wonder Extreme Blood is no match for you, you really have some skills.” Wu Hui however was not shocked but happy, the more capable Ye Mo was, it meant the bigger the secret he was carrying.

He was surprised not only because Ye Mo’s ability was great, but also because Ye Mo was able to break through this great hall. Although the formation of this hall was not top-notch, it was still a defensive shielding formation, if one did not know the formation, even an Immortal Emperor would not be able to break through this hall and leave.

The fact that Ye Mo was able to crash through this great hall indicated a few things, firstly Ye Mo was a good immortal formation master, and also that Ye Mo was most likely also an extremely skillful body refining immortal, otherwise it would be even more impossible to crash through this great hall formation with his own physical body.

“Senior Uncle Wu Hui.” Just as Immortal Emperor Wu Hui wanted to rush out and continue to take down Ye Mo, Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng stepped forward with extreme respect and called out.

“You’re saying that this person has amazing potential and it’s not easy for us to offend him until we catch him, right?” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui asked coldly.

Immortal Emperor Extreme Sheng hurriedly said, “Master uncle is clear.”

“Hmph, you go and seal up the mountain gate now and come to my Wuga Yin River, it would be too incompetent for me, Wu Hui, to let a mere Immortal King leave.” Immortal Emperor Wu Hui said icily.