DYM Chapter 1867

“The divine sense can’t sweep in at all.” An early Immortal Emperor stood at the place where Ye Mo had cultivated Rift Sky before, looking at the black hole rift in front of him and frowned.

Although they were all Immortal Emperors, none of the dozen Immortal Emperors here were willing to rush in first, even the Three Great Emperors, the Zha Kong Emperor and the Blood River Emperor.

Just at this moment, an extremely dense burst of immortal spiritual qi was brought out from the black hole.

“What a dense immortal spiritual Qi?” The Immortal Emperors present looked at each other in confusion.

“I’ll go in first.”

Just as the Great Emperor Zha Kong said four words, these Immortal Emperors saw a bloody colour slice through the side without a sound, and instantly rushed into that black hole.

“A blood-coloured spear, the Yuan Shen controlling the blood-coloured spear is very weak, but its experience is incomparably old, surprisingly it can even fool us.” The Blood River Emperor looked at it and immediately said.

The Saakong Grand Emperor grunted and brought up his body, rushing into this black hole in just an instant. When the rest of the Immortal Emperors saw the Saakong Grand Emperor enter, they immediately entered one after another, and in just the blink of an eye, there was no one else here.

After another period of time, several Immortal Kings also arrived here, only after these several Immortal Kings rushed towards the black hole, they were immediately swept out by the black hole, except for one who rushed in, the rest were all torn into pieces and landed outside the black hole.


The No-Ga-Yin River is one of the top existences among the emperor clans of the Upper Heavenly Domain. Although Wu Jia Yin River is only an emperor clan in Yu Yu Heaven, the heavenly lords of Yu Yu Heaven do not dare to rush Wu Jia Yin River. In the Immortal Realm, it is not status that determines superiority, but strength.

Three months later, Ye Mo’s space-time shuttle had rushed into Yu Yu Heaven. It was another few days later. The time and space shuttle appeared outside the clan gate of the Wuga Yin River.

Ye Mo looked at the stretches of mountains that stretched hundreds of thousands of miles in front of him. In his heart, he secretly marvelled, the Mo Yue Immortal Sect was also considered majestic, but thrown inside the Gaja-less Sound River, he could not even see it.

In the midst of these hundreds of thousands of miles of mountains, dense immortal spirit clouds lingered in the air, bordering the white clouds and forming an extremely beautiful picture of the immortal world. In the middle of the white clouds and the immortal spirit clouds, four large golden characters ‘Wuga Yin River’ appear to rise and fall within them, seemingly in any direction. One could faintly see these four large golden characters.

Compared to other sects, which carved their sect name on the huge stone monument at the entrance of the sect, these four large golden characters suspended between the immortal spirit clouds and the white clouds were even more imposing.

An immortal sound that sounded extremely pleasing to the ears came faintly from the rolling hills, making people so relaxed and happy that they did not want to leave.

“This is the Wuga Sound River. There are two main peaks in the Wuga Sound River, the first main peak is the Wuga Peak. The second main peak is the mountain that emits the immortal sound called the Sound River Peak. It is said that the Immortal Emperor Wuga and the Immortal Emperor Sound River created the river together, but the two Immortal Emperors disappeared without a trace after reaching the ultimate level of cultivation. But the two main peaks of the Wuga Sound River were left behind.” Ding Jing said as he introduced them on the side.

“Big brother Ye. There are now four Immortal Emperors in the Wuga Yin River, apart from Immortal Emperor Flowerless and Immortal Emperor Yingless. There are also two early Immortal Emperors, the Immortal Emperor of No Domain and the Immortal Emperor of No Return. The Flowerless Immortal Emperor was heard to be absent from the Gaja Sound River, and as to where he had gone, no one knew. That Immortal Emperor Wu Ying has gone to a new realm this time, and should not be back anytime soon. But the Immortal Emperor of No Domain and the Immortal Emperor of No Return should still be there ……”

Saintess Yi Yi hesitated for a while before speaking out what was in her heart, the time she had spent with Ye Mo was not short and she understood Ye Mo’s temperament.

Ye Mo knew what Yiyi Saintess meant and waved his hand and said, “I am not a match for the Gaja-less Sound River I know it very well, but my wife is at the Gaja-less Sound River, even if I know I can’t beat her, I still want to see her.”

Ye Mo was incredibly determined in his heart, not to mention the fact that there were four Immortal Emperors in the Wuga Yin River, even if there were forty Immortal Emperors, he would still want to retrieve Xiao Yun. Immortal cultivation required patience and calmness, but that also depended on what was going on. If he knew that his woman was in the Gaja Sound River and did not even dare to come and ask, he might as well go and die. Not to mention facing the Flowerless Immortal Emperor, even if he were facing a Saint Emperor, he would still dare to ask about his little rhyme and come to the Gaja Soundless River to take her away.

In life, there are always things that can be done or not done. Taking away Little Yun was a must for Ye Mo, and even if he cowered from this, he could no longer justify his immortal cultivation.

“Is Little Rhyme your wife?” Saintess Yi Yi had been trying to persuade Ye Mo to calm down a bit, but now that she heard Ye Mo’s words, she forgot her purpose and asked in surprise.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “Yes, she is my wife, I have been separated for tens and hundreds of years, I don’t know if she is well now.”

After saying that Ye Mo looked at the magnificent and majestic Wuga Yin River and sighed, he was not a fool and knew that it was not such a simple matter to take Xiao Yun away from the Wuga Yin River I’m afraid.

If Immortal Emperor Wu Ying was an ordinary person, it would be fine, but Immortal Emperor Wu Ying was the second person of the Wu Jia Yin River, such a terrifying existence, how could the person he brought back be easily taken away?

In fact, if Immortal Emperor Wu Ying had really accepted Xiao Yun as his disciple, Ye Mo would be fine even if he did not take Xiao Yun away for the time being, but he had a vague feeling that Immortal Emperor Wu Ying did not bring Xiao Yun back as his disciple.

At this point in time, he did not know nothing about the Immortal World, and had come into contact with not one or two Immortal Emperors, even the Holy Emperors he had come into contact with. Ye Mo knew that in the Immortal Realm, even Immortal Emperors had a lifespan limit, and once they reached their lifespan and were unable to prove their dao, it was likely that they would give up their physical bodies, take over their bodies and be reborn and cultivate again.

Even if Yan Wu Dao was an example that Ye Mo saw with his own eyes, although Yan Wu Dao was not reaching his life expectancy, his failure to attain the Dao was not much different from reaching his life expectancy, and Yan Wu Dao also chose to take a new life to cultivate again. Who can be sure that Immortal Emperor Wu Ying did not bring Mu Xiaoyun back here to take over the body and be reborn? If Xiao Yun had really ascended up, then she was definitely a pure wood spirit root, and the transformation of the immortal spirit root must have been perfect to the extreme.

During this journey, Ye Mo had already inquired about Immortal Emperor Wuying from Sage Yi and Ding Jing many times, and knew that Immortal Emperor Wuying had never had a daoist couple in her life, and that she had an extremely high life expectancy, even older than many deceased Immortal Emperors. In addition to this, rumours had it that she was also a top-level Immortal Pill Master.

In the Cultivation Realm, the Fire Spiritual Root is most suitable for making pills. But in the Immortal Realm, the strange fire of heaven and earth is additionally available. The true immortal dan masters were all out of wood immortal spirit roots, and Mu Xiaoyun was exactly a wood immortal spirit root.

“Ye Mo, what Yi Yi means is that we should first be courteous and then ask about the Gaja-less Sound River without conflict.” Ding Jing had long known that Mu Xiaoyun might have a high status in Ye Mo’s heart, so he was also afraid that Ye Mo would lose his reason.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “If I were to disregard everything, that Extreme Blood Immortal I would have killed, would I have let him off the hook?”

Of course Ye Mo was not a fool, if he was really reckless, he would have killed the Extreme Blood Immortal, and still let the Extreme Blood Immortal off the hook when the matter came to a head. Letting go of the Extreme Blood Immortal Djinn was because he did not want to form a feud with the Wuga Yin River.

“I’ll go and withhold the clan.” Seeing that Saintess Yi Yi was a little dazed, Ding Jing immediately took the initiative to say.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “I’ll go over by myself, you guys are accompanying me, in case something happens, you can get involved, I don’t want your clan to get involved as well.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Ding Jing nodded backwards, Ye Mo was right, if he was the one to withhold the clan first, that meant he was the one leading the charge. If it was Ye Mo who withheld the clan, then it meant that they were just helpers, and even if they were involved in it, it had nothing to do with the clan.

Ye Mo landed in front of the mountain gate outside of the Gaja-less Sound River and said aloud, “Gong Hua Tian Mo Yue Immortal Clan Master Ye Mo, come to pay homage to the clan.”

After Ye Mo finished speaking, Ding Jing immediately followed and said, “Great Red Heaven Red River Imperial Sect North Star Immortal King Ding Jing has come to pay his respects to the sect.”

The reactive Saintess Yi Yi didn’t hesitate either and hurriedly followed, “The Saintess Tantai Yi of the Nine-Fan Immortal Pond in Fandu Heaven has come to pay her respects to the clan.”

Ye Mo listened with gratitude in his heart, he understood what Ding Jing and Saint Maiden Yi meant. Although he was a clan master, he was after all a clan master of a lower heavenly domain, and was simply not qualified to speak in front of the Wuga Yin River. The words of Ding Ring and Sage Yi Yi were completely different; they reported that they were both emperor clans, both clans of the Upper Heavenly Domain, and even if the Gaja-less Sound River was powerful, they could not be ignored.

No sect would dare to ignore both the Red River Imperial Sect and the Nine Van Immortal Pond, not even the Gaja-less Sound River.

Not long after the trio’s words had fallen, they saw the mountain gate of the Wuga Yin River slowly opening, two golden rays of light slowly pulling apart as a pleasant immortal sound came from within the Wuga Yin River clan gate.

After a few moments, an immortal king had welcomed them out, and after this immortal king, there were dozens of extremely beautiful immortal maidens standing on either side, above the coloured clouds.

“Wuga Yin River welcomes the three Immortal Kings to come.” The person who came forward to greet the three Ye Mo was a middle-aged Immortal King who looked very ordinary, but gave off an extremely sincere smile.

Although this kind of greeting gesture was not considered top-level specifications, to Ye Mo’s three Immortal Kings, it was considered giving face.

The middle-aged Immortal King led the way, and Ye Mo soon entered the Welcome Hall of the Wuga Yin River. The two sides of the hall had long been filled with people, and many immortal maids were already waiting at the various seats. The feeling given to Ye Mo was that Wuga Yin River had already known that the three of them were coming.

“The three immortal kings have come from afar, the Wujia Yin River is enriched with glory, I am the patriarch of the Wujia Yin River, Liu Xuanhua.” Ye Mo had just walked to the entrance of the main hall when an ethereal man with an immortal style took the initiative to greet them from inside.

Ye Mo had long seen that this Liu Xuan Zhen was a late Xian Zun cultivator, but it was not much of a surprise to Ye Mo that an Xian Zun was the patriarch of the Wuga Yin River. Many big sects were like this, not the person with the highest cultivation was the patriarch.

Although he was still polite to Ye Mo, after everyone sat down, Liu’s first words were not to ask Ye Mo, but to smilingly express his greetings to the Red River Imperial Sect and the Nine Fan Immortal Pond to Ding Jing and Yiyi Sage, as if Ye Mo was the one following him. Even this patriarch did not even ask about Ye Mo’s Mo Yue Immortal Sect after greeting Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi.