DYM Chapter 1865

“Ye Mo, she’s from Wuga Yin River, Wuga Yin River is the number one Immortal Sect in Yu Yu Heaven, among which the Flowerless Immortal Emperor Sang Qi never comes out, but her cultivation is no less than that of the Zha Kong Emperor, and she’s even at the half-saint level. It is the second immortal emperor, Immortal Emperor Nuan Yu Yu, who is also a peak immortal emperor, no one dares to mess with her, not to mention that there are four immortal emperors in the Wuga Yin River, and no less than a dozen immortal dignitaries, don’t mess with her.”

Seeing Ye Mo grabbing this pink clothed female immortal, Ding Jing hurriedly transmitted his voice to Ye Mo, he was afraid that Ye Mo would make an inappropriate move out. Even his clan could not afford to mess with the Wuga Yin River, many of the top Immortal clans in the Immortal World had three Immortal Emperors, while the Wuga Yin River had four Immortal Emperors, who dared to mess with them?

Who would dare to mess with them? What’s more, Wuga Yinhe was extremely strong and extremely protective, once his disciples were bullied, they would be hunted down and killed.

Ye Mo acted as if he had not heard Ding Jing’s words, still staring coldly at the red-clothed female immortal whose wrist he had grabbed and said, “What did you just say? Say it again?”

The pink-robed immortal king gradually eased up after her initial nervousness. She was nervous because she had seen with her own eyes how powerful Ye Mo was, not to mention that she was also an Immortal King, but in front of this Immortal King who was carrying an inconspicuous long sword, she was afraid that she was an existence that would be killed in seconds.

“You let go of me first.” The pink-skirted Immortal King’s face turned red as she angrily scolded.

Feeling that he was wrong, Ye Mo immediately let go of his hand, but was too late to apologise and just stared at the immortal king.

“I just said that you and the image of the jade pendant Xiao Yun was carrying were somewhat alike, I didn’t offend you, who are you to strike at me ……”

The words after this pink dress female immortal, Ye Mo didn’t listen to them at all. He was already frozen in place. All his mouth knew was to mumble and repeat this Xiao Yun’s name. When Mu Xiaoyun first disappeared from the small world. He had gone to the Small World several times to search for her, but had returned in despair.

Later, he learned from Fu Mai where Mu Xiaoyun might have gone, but he could never return to the Small World again.

And now he heard Xiao Yun’s name again, not to mention the fact that someone else said that this Xiao Yun carried an image of himself, could this not make him incredibly excited?

“You show me Little Rhyme’s image and tell me where Little Rhyme is?” Ye Mo stared at this pink-skirted female immortal and said eagerly, not even having the slightest intention to apologize or explain.

Seeing that Ye Mo had no intention of apologizing or explaining at all, he just stared at himself. The pink-skirted female immortal had to say, “Ten years ago Ancestor Wu Ying brought back Little Rhyme, and since Little Rhyme’s residence was arranged by Senior Sister Peng and I, Senior Sister Peng and I met her once, and just now I also asked Senior Sister Peng a question because I saw you. It’s just that I haven’t seen Xiao Yun since then, and at that time, Xiao Yun was carrying a jade pendant, and inside the pendant was your image.”

“Her surname is Mu? Is that right?” Ye Mo asked loudly, completely forgetting about the height of his voice.

The pink-skirted female immortal frowned or nodded and said, “Yes, her name is Mu Xiaoyun. This is her image ……”

After saying that this pink dress female immortal took out a crystal ball and handed it to Ye Mo with a randomly engraved image. Immediately, Ye Mo grabbed the crystal ball and then murmured, “It really is Xiao Yun, it really is Xiao Yun ……”

Not only Ding Ring, but everyone around had understood by now that this Mu Xiao Yun should be Ye Mo’s acquaintance who had now appeared in the Gargantuan Soundless River. For a while, no one said anything else.

“How is she now? Is she Senior Wu Ying’s disciple?” Ye Mo put away the crystal ball and asked one more question in a trembling voice. Wu Ying was an immortal emperor, so if Xiao Yun was her disciple, she shouldn’t be living too badly.

The pink-skirted female immortal shook her head and said, “Whether it’s Ancestor Wu Ying’s disciple, I don’t know. Because I haven’t seen her since, and Ancestor Wu Ying hasn’t brought her to any big gatherings or public events since.”

Ye Mo immediately frowned, according to what this disciple of Wuga Yinhe said in front of him, it was very likely that Xiao Yun was not the disciple of Immortal Emperor Wu Ying. Usually a master who loved his disciple would definitely often bring his disciple to various sect gatherings and let his disciple show his face. Why did Xiao Yun’s master never bring her to show her face?

And there was another thing that puzzled Ye Mo even more, and that was that Xiao Yun’s qualifications were very poor, just a little better than his. Even if she was cultivating the ‘Hongmeng Creation Skill’, it would be impossible for her to ascend in such a short time. If Little Rhyme hadn’t ascended on her own, then it was the one brought back from another interface by the ancestor of the Wuga Yin River. Or perhaps Xiao Yun had met an unbelievable opportunity, but even if she had an unbelievable opportunity, once the Gaja Soundless River’s old ancestor knew about it, how could she still keep it?

“What was Little Yun’s cultivation level when you met her?” Ye Mo asked in a deep voice once again.

The red-clothed female immortal froze for a moment before saying, “It seemed to be a Transformation True, I didn’t really care.”

She was an immortal king, how could she care about an ordinary ascended disciple? If this disciple wasn’t the one that Old Ancestor Wu Ying had explained her to arrange, she might not even remember to remember.

“Ye Mo, this Mu Xiaoyun is someone you know?” Ding Jing also understood and looked at Ye Mo and asked.

Ye Mo nodded, “That’s right, Ding Ring, how did you guys get in? Can you get out? I need to go out now to find Xiao Yun.”

Ye Mo was worried that Xiao Yun might not have a high status in the Wuga Yin River, this kind of big sect in the immortal world, an insignificant ascended disciple who died would have absolutely no one to pay attention to.

Ding Ring shook his head and said in a deep voice, “I’m afraid it won’t work, when we came in, those Immortal Emperors said that even if we were to go out, we would have to wait until twelve years later.”

Just as Ding Jing finished speaking, a red flying sword fell down. Ding Jing reached out and grabbed the flying sword and immediately said in surprise, “Saint Yi Yi said that an Immortal Emperor has come in and is now in the Royal Star Immortal City, let’s hurry back and take a look. This bird place, I got tired of staying long ago.”

Ye Mo was overjoyed to hear this, and the rest of them were just as overjoyed. A dozen Immortal Kings quickly left and flew in the direction of the Royal Star Immortal City.

There were no more Star Beasts outside the Imperial Star Immortal City long ago, and it was as if those Star Beasts knew and retreated to some unknown place at this moment.

Tens of thousands of Da Luo Immortals and Immortal Kings had gathered outside the Royal Star Immortal City, and Ye Mo saw a dozen Immortal Emperors as soon as he arrived. The aura of those dozen Immortal Emperors was so strong that Ye Mo immediately felt it in his heart. He drew a cold breath backwards while carefully controlling his aura.

If he was talking about Immortal Dwellers, he wasn’t too concerned, but when facing Immortal Emperors, Ye Mo really didn’t have any bottom line. Even if it was a worst early Immortal Emperor, he reckoned that he was no match for it.

A handsome man with a long beard stepped up in the void, then said to the rest of the group, “Originally, we guessed that this was the entrance to the Heaven’s Beyond Star Realm, but we didn’t expect this to be the Green Monarch Space where the Star Beasts live. It’s a good thing that there is a problem with this Green Monk Space and another interface has been opened up. The way out of Qing Meng Space has come out, so everyone can return along the original path, and those who have the ability to go to another space can go there with us.”

Ye Mo knew this man, it was the Heavenly Lord of Qing Wei Heaven, Immortal Emperor Predicate Wind, Immortal Emperor Wushuang was killed by this guy, this guy should be a ruthless and ruthless person.

After the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor finished speaking, he immediately turned around and brought up a vanish light and disappeared. The rest of the Immortal Emperors didn’t even say anything at all, they all flashed out of the vanishing light and disappeared.

Ye Mo did not know where another realm had appeared, he was not the least bit interested, he suddenly remembered something and immediately turned to look at Ding Jing next to him and asked, “Ding Jing, has that Immortal Emperor Wuying of the Wuga Yin River come yet?”

“It’s here, among those who just followed the crowd to leave was Immortal Emperor Wu Ying.” Ding Ring hurriedly said with a voice transmission, he did not dare to speak out with Ye Mo like that.

“Please wait for a moment, Lord Immortal Emperor Wu Ying ……,” Ye Mo hurriedly shouted, while about to chase after him. At this moment, where could he care about hiding his breath, Mu Xiaoyun was the one brought back by Immortal Emperor Wu Ying, even if Wu Ying was a Saint Emperor, he still had to ask for clarification.

Unfortunately, Immortal Emperor Wu Ying was too fast, and they had long disappeared by the time Ye Mo spoke.

“How dare you, a mere Immortal King, how dare you interfere with the important matters of Ancestor Wu Ying, you don’t want to live?” A black-faced man snorted coldly and blocked Ye Mo’s path.

This was a middle Immortal King, Ye Mo stopped himself instead, he also knew that he couldn’t catch up if he chased after him any further.

“Senior Uncle Extreme Blood, he said he had a friend in our Wuga Yin River, I guess he wanted to chase after Ancestor Wu Ying to ask about this friend as well.” Seeing this, the pink-clothed female immortal who had been grabbed by Ye Mo’s wrist for questioning earlier hurriedly stepped forward and explained.

Ye Mo said in a deep voice, “Not bad, Senior Wu Ying has a disciple who is my friend, so I want to ask Senior Wu Ying if this friend of mine is in the Wuga Yin River.”

“Hmph,” the Extreme Blood Immortal snorted coldly and looked at Ye Mo with disdain, “Ancestor Wu Ying would casually accept a person of unknown origin as a disciple? Are you dreaming? As far as I know, Ancestor Wu Ying has never had a disciple, so you don’t need to ask.”

Ye Mo’s eyes were cold as he immediately looked at the pink-skirted female immortal, “What the hell is going on? You just said that Little Rhyme was brought to the Wuga Yum River by Senior Wu Ying.”

That pink dress immortal king was suddenly speechless, she was somewhat afraid of Ye Mo from the bottom of her heart, Ye Mo’s terrifying tactics were still on her mind even now, now that Ye Mo was staring at her in reproach, she could only stammer and say, “I’m not sure if Xiao Yun is Senior Wu Ying’s disciple, I’ve only seen her once …… ”

When Ye Mo heard this, he became very anxious. What good could come from an old immortal emperor demon bringing a newly ascended cultivator to the sect without being a disciple?

“Seek death.” When that Immortal Emperor saw that Ye Mo’s tone was actually getting worse and worse, he became furious and a green longsword was already sacrificed, and at the same time, the longsword rolled towards Ye Mo with a cloud of green light.

Ye Mo had long since been in no mood to care which sect the other party was from, and the purple shooting head slashed out directly, a purple blade mane of hundreds of feet extended out instantly, in just the blink of an eye, this blade mane had swept out for tens of miles.