DYM Chapter 1864

The second Nine Falls of the Blood River came down with a bang, space bursting up, the harsh shrill of the blood spear and the oppressive murderous aura of the Blood River made even the Immortal Kings watching the battle from a hundred miles away breathe hard.

Such a terrifying divine ability, or a continuous divine ability, could not be blocked by anyone given among them, Ye Mo was only an Immortal King, could he block the Nine Falls of the Blood River a second time? Even Ding Jing looked at Ye Mo with worry, although the person he admired the most was Ye Mo, he was still very unsure if Ye Mo could block this Nine Falls of the Blood River.

After Ye Mo struck the first cracking punch, his face only turned slightly white, and now when the second Nine Falls of the Blood River came down, he took a step up instead of retreating, and at the same time, he once again threw a punch.

After this punch was thrown, the space around him instantly transformed, and the void and killing momentum that had just been driven by the Nine Drops of the Blood River turned to form fist marks after fist marks under Ye Mo’s fist momentum.

These fist marks were the same as the first time, but this time, because Ye Mo did not wait in the slightest, the Immortal Kings outside could see clearly that after Ye Mo’s fist brought up nine swirls of killing potential, these swirls of killing potential blasted directly at the nine long blood-coloured backwards scrolling rivers.

“Boom boom boom ……”

The Rift Fist potential vortex and the blood rivers clashed together solidly, and nine successive earth-shattering loud sounds exploded once again, blood splattered everywhere, Immortal Yuan spilled out in all directions, and the surrounding space began to shake violently, a circle of spatial ripples brought up by the shattering power of Immortal Yuan and Divine Sense, which could be seen completely with Divine Sense.

If the crowd had not seen clearly how Ye Mo had defused the Nine Falls of the Blood River the first time the two had fought, then this time the crowd could see clearly. Ye Mo was in a head-on encounter and directly executed his Fist Dao divine ability to bombard these nine rivers of blood.

Moreover, Ye Mo’s Fist Dao divine ability consisted of multiple vortexes of killing power. It could be divided into nine in one. It could even be divided into more killing power vortices. Under this killing power vortex, the nine rivers of blood that fell from the sky could only be blasted away.

Ye Mo was able to use his fist to directly blast away your blood rivers, that physical body was already strong to an extreme point, this was simply not something that could be done with divine abilities alone. In the Immortal World, most Immortals who used the Fist Dao divine ability were basically body refiners, and extremely strong body refiners at that.

Some experienced people already understood why Ye Mo’s first punch was delayed, he was solely to attract Kai You to continue with his second move with the Nine Falls of the Blood River.

The surrounding spectators all saw Ye Mo’s thoughts clearly. Kai Nei, who was in the middle of the situation, was obviously even more aware of Ye Mo’s thoughts.

He was in a state of constraint, but he did not expect that Ye Mo had made such a terrible progress in just a few months. At the beginning, it had taken him nine punches to block his Nine Falls of the Blood River, and after the nine punches, his immortal energy and divine sense had already been consumed by 90%.

And today, Ye Mo had not only fused his nine punches from last time to form a new Fist Dao divine ability, but he was also able to defuse his Nine Falls of the Blood River twice in a row.

“No wonder he has the guts to stay here and wait for me, it’s because he has a way to break my Nine Falls of the Blood River.” After Kai Nei sneered coldly at Ye Mo, he suddenly let out a long whistle. Once again, he spat out four words, “Blood River Nine Falls ……”

The third River of Blood Nine Falls came down with a bang. A terrifying blood river aura filled the air and the surrounding space experienced three consecutive blood river nine falls, finally a little bit of fine lines appeared, such fine lines could already be clearly seen with the naked eye.

Ye Mo’s face changed slightly, he only guessed that Kai Nei had the ability to perform the Nine Falls of the Blood River twice in a row, but he never thought that Kai Nei could perform the Nine Falls of the Blood River a third time, this was completely out of his expectation.

Seeing Ye Mo’s face change slightly, Kai Nei laughed loudly, his face was a little abnormal, obviously caused by casting the Nine Falls of the Blood River three times in a row.

“You will never be able to guess what my next move will be, you will never be able to guess where my strength is. So today you can only die here, Blood River, kill me ……”

Kai You’s ice-cold to the bone voice rang out, even if he had to put up a serious injury, he had to kill Ye Mo today. He had received an encounter, but casting three Blood River Nine Falls in a row was also backfiring badly, he didn’t believe that Ye Mo could block his three Blood River Nine Falls.

At the same time as the third Nine Falls of the Blood River came crashing down, his Immortal King Domain and the Blood Spear had already formed a most hardened Immortal King Domain, which completely bound Ye Mo’s way, even if Ye Mo wanted to escape, he would not be able to do so.

Ye Mo wouldn’t escape, and he didn’t think about escaping, he surprisingly didn’t move at all as he once again blasted out with a fist, “Splitting the Sky ……”

Cracking the air, you have to tear the void to call it cracking the air, and Ye Mo’s cracking the air is not able to tear the void here now, but his cracking the air can tear open your Blood River Nine Falls.

This fist blasts out, the fist power sweeps hundreds of miles, the killing power rushes out, the whirlpool of the fist power of the road is like a rolling sea of wild waves that stretches on and on.

This third fist was even more powerful than the first and second fist, and the vortex of killing power was even more frantic.

Kai Nei’s face immediately changed drastically after seeing Ye Mo perform the third fist Cracking the Air, he was completely surprised that Ye Mo had improved so much in four months. He was already very crazy to be able to perform one more Blood River Nine Falls in four months, but surprisingly, there were even crazier ones than him.

Even if Ye Mo had obtained the Chaos Nest, he would not be able to perform three consecutive moves of this terrifying fist technique within these four months, right?

He didn’t know that Ye Mo was cultivating the ‘Three Life Dictate’, which was most suitable for deducing all things, and once the Split Sky divine Ability was deduced, then it would immediately evolve into a new divine Ability Fist Technique. This new divine Fist Technique certainly did not need to use the immortal energy and divine sense of continuously casting the Nine Fists of Emptiness, not only that, this had formed an independent Fist Dao Divine Aptitude Cracking the Sky with a little less immortal energy than the consumption of continuously casting the Nine Fists of Emptiness.

He did not expect Ye Mo to be able to perform three consecutive Rift Air moves, and Ye Mo likewise did not expect Kai You to be able to perform three Blood River Nine Falls.

“Boom boom boom boom ……” Terrifying booming explosive breaths rolled around, the Immortal Kings watching from outside could only see a vortex of killing power and layers of blood mist diffusing and intertwining at this moment. The figures of Ye Mo and Kai Nei could not be seen at all.

The third Blood River Nine Drops was blown away by Ye Mo’s fist cracking the air, and Kai Nei immediately suffered a repercussion, he was already at the end of his rope after performing three Blood River Nine Drops in a row, but he never thought that Ye Mo could block his three Blood River Nine Drops one after another. If he knew that Ye Mo had this ability, he would never have used this way to fight against Ye Mo.

Kai Nei knew that he had lost the moment the third Blood River Nine Falls was blown to pieces by Ye Mo, not only did he lose, but he also lost completely.

Kai Nei couldn’t even care about his blood spear at this point, and frantically began to burn his immortal energy and longevity, he had to escape in the shortest time possible.

It would have been better if it was the immortal spirit, but this physical body of Lu Zhengqun gave him a great constraint, preventing him from escaping in the first place.

Unfortunately, Ye Mo would not give him the chance, as lightning in the air intersected up and formed a thunder lance in this instant, the thunder lance was mixed with endless killing opportunities and stabbed down diagonally from the void. Kai Nei’s Immortal King Domain instantly shattered open and the Blood Spear shook.

Kai Nei knew of Ye Mo’s thunder sand and just barely moved his body a little.

“Poof,” the thunder spear pa*sed through Kai Nei and blasted him into the vortex of Rift Fist momentum that had not yet dissipated. Kai You’s seized flesh was instantly turned into a pile of flying flesh and blood in the vortex of Ye Mo’s killing power.

It was just that these flesh and blood were interspersed in the river of blood that had not yet completely dissipated, so they could not be seen at all.

Ye Mo stood in the midst of this blood, his face was incomparably gloomy, not the slightest bit joyful. A Saint Emperor was really not that easy to kill, even though he had crushed Kai You’s physical body, his Yuan Shen still escaped. Not only did the Yuan Shen escape, but even his blood spear was not seen.

The solidity of the Saint Emperor’s Yuan Shen was simply a little too terrifying, and under such a terrifying vortex of killing machines and killing power, he was still able to walk away. Even in what way he walked away, Ye Mo didn’t even notice.

However, the only thing that rea*sured Ye Mo was that if Kai You’s Yuan Shen wanted to reach the level of an Immortal King again, it wouldn’t be possible without a few hundred to a thousand years. This was only if he could find a suitable physical body, otherwise it would take even longer. Of course, if he met with an unbelievable chance again, it would be very difficult to say.

“Haha, Ye Mo, you are really powerful, even this kind of bully was killed by you and only his Yuan Shen fled.” Ding Jing was the first to come up and congratulate Ye Mo, Ye Mo had killed Kai You with only his Yuan Shen, many people saw it, and of course Ding Jing saw it too.

At this time, the dozen or so immortal kings around also gathered around one after another, an extremely delicate immortal girl lightly walked up to Ye Mo, bowed and saluted, “Flower Desire Snow many thanks to senior brother Ye for saving my life, Desire Snow ……”

This female fairy lusted for words, and her body carried a faint scent of freshness, a scent that made it easy for a person to rise up with a good feeling and heart for the opposite sex at the first smell.

Ye Mo, however, had an intuition that he didn’t have much good feeling towards this extremely delicate female immortal in front of him, he just nodded and said, “You don’t need to thank me, I didn’t save you on purpose either.”

“Hehehe, she’s a woman from the Devil’s Delight Sect, I’m sure she came up here to talk to you just to seduce you, if you just hint a little, you’ll be ready for bed in no time.” Ding Jing chuckled heatedly to the side and transmitted a voice.

Ye Mo suddenly remembered another woman, who was also from the Devil’s Delight Sect, called Hua Ru Xue. This female immortal in front of him was called Hua Lust for Snow, so she was obviously not very close to Hua Ruxue, thinking of this Ye Mo said coldly, “Your Demonic Huan Clan really spoils the word snow.”

He had even killed the Immortal King of the Demon Huan Clan, would he not try to please the Demon Huan Clan?

Hua Desire Snow’s face immediately changed greatly after hearing Ye Mo’s words.

However, without waiting for her to speak, Ye Mo had already rushed into the dozen Immortal Kings first, grabbed a female Immortal in a pink dress and asked nervously, “What did you just say? Say it again.”