DYM Chapter 1863

When Yan Jiutian heard this voice, his face immediately turned ugly, he didn’t even need to look to know that Ye Mo had come. Ye Mo had taken what he wanted and had obviously advanced greatly in strength once again. He was no match for him in the first place, and he was even less of a match for him now.

Apart from Ding Jing, the rest of them all looked at Ye Mo in shock. Although Yan Jiutian had entered this with them, no one had expected Yan Jiutian to be so heaven defying, before they were trapped by countless star beasts, while Yan Jiutian came and just sent out a few simple divine abilities, those star beasts scattered.

The two Immortal Kings were killed on the spot by Yan Jiutian just because they were slightly disrespectful to Yan Jiutian. At this moment, when Yan Jiutian wanted to keep Ding Jian, no one dared to say a word, as long as Yan Jiutian didn’t look for trouble with them.

And who was this person who had just arrived? He treated Yan Jiutian in such a tone, and Yan Jiutian didn’t even have a fit? This was completely different from the way he had killed two Immortal Kings just now because of a simple word.

All eyes turned towards Ye Mo, in fact, Ye Mo was carrying a simple sword with a sheath, it really didn’t have any semblance of an immortal king, it looked more like an ordinary mortal from the lower realms.

“Ye Mo, I was thinking of going to look for you after I got out of here, but I didn’t expect you to be here too, it’s really great. You don’t know how arrogant this guy is, and I really can’t beat him yet.” Ding Ring said somewhat helplessly.

Ye Mo patted Ding Jing’s shoulder and said, “This guy is a late Immortal King, he hides his cultivation, just because you can’t beat him now, doesn’t mean you can’t beat him in the late Immortal King stage.”

Yan Jiu Tian was shocked at Ye Mo’s words, he couldn’t imagine that he had hidden his cultivation and was actually seen by Ye Mo. And surprisingly, he couldn’t see anything about Ye Mo.

“This guy is a bit too shameless. Ye Mo you teach him a lesson. I’ll help you cheer.” Ding Jing pulled up his sleeves without the demeanor of an immortal king and looked at Yan Jiu Tian with disdain.

Ye Mo knew that Yan Jiu Tian had a lot of tricks to escape, and it was completely impossible for him to kill him now if he wanted to. However, if he didn’t teach him a lesson, he wouldn’t feel comfortable in his heart.

Just as Ye Mo was about to sacrifice the Purple Sandal, Yan Jiutian suddenly transmitted a voice, “Ye Mo, I am no match for you. I admit it, but it is simply impossible for you to kill me, Yan Jiutian. If you want to fight, I can fight with you. But when Kai Nei comes over later, if Kai Nei and I join forces, can you still beat the two of us?”

Ye Mo immediately frowned, although Yan Jiutian’s words were uncomfortable to him, but what Yan Jiutian said was the truth. Yan Jiutian’s ability to escape was definitely first-rate, and Ye Mo thought to himself that he was also good at escaping, but he was still not as good as Yan Jiutian.

At the beginning, the Immortal King Ji Bo of the Devil’s Joy Sect was chasing after Yan Jiutian alone, and he was even escaped by Yan Jiutian. Later, he was intercepted by Ji Bo. But he was unable to escape, so it was clear that Yan Jiu Tian’s escape skills were definitely too much better than his.

Seeing that Ye Mo frowned and did not say anything. Yan Jiu Tian said again, “Ye Mo, I know you have an immortal clan, but I have never gone to your immortal clan to cause trouble. If you have the guts, wait until after our respective Immortal Emperors to fight again, normally I can’t kill you, and you can’t kill me, so any more fights would just be a waste of Immortal Energy. What’s more, you know that I will definitely kill you with my own hands, and will definitely not be foolish enough to tell your secret. I believe you think the same as I do.”

Of course Yan Jiu Tian wouldn’t be so noble, he didn’t go to the Lower Heavenly Domain purely because he didn’t have the time. All his time was spent on cultivation, where would he find the time to nag the Mo Yue Immortal Sect? Besides, apart from Ye Mo, that Mo Yue Immortal Sect was not yet in his sights.

What’s more, Yan Jiu Tian believed that as long as he reached Immortal Emperor, even if Ye Mo was even more heaven defying, he could still kill Ye Mo. He had several great divine abilities, all of which had to be cultivated by Immortal Emperors.

If it was outside, Yan Jiu Tian would not have said that. But although this Qing Meng space was large, it was limited, and as the star beasts here seemed to be able to transmit messages, it didn’t seem difficult for Ye Mo to find himself. But there was one thing he didn’t say blindly, and that was that he would never be foolish enough to tell Ye Mo’s secrets, those things were all predetermined by him. He wanted to kill Ye Mo, indeed he wanted to kill him himself.

Ye Mo did not care about reaching Immortal Emperor cultivation before making a move with Yan Jiutian, he knew that since Yan Jiutian chose to make a move with himself when he reached Immortal Emperor, he must have a virtue. Even if he did, Ye Mo would not be afraid of him.

“Ye Mo, you just teach this Yan a lesson, I’ll stop this guy and definitely not let this b*****d get away.” Ding Jing said with a heated smile, and finished staring sinisterly at Yan Jiutian.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said to Yan Jiutian, “Get lost, I don’t want to kill you right now.”

Yan Jiu Tian’s face turned blue, but he could only turn around and leave, disappearing without a trace in a few moments. Ye Mo was arrogant, and he could only watch as Ye Mo went about being arrogant.

“Ye Mo, why didn’t you kill him?” Ding Jing looked at Ye Mo in confusion and asked.

“Because there is someone coming that I want to kill even more.” Ye Mo finished staring at the open space in front of him, and soon a man in grey appeared in this open space. It was clearly Kai Nei, who had previously fought a battle with Ye Mo and then disappeared for several months.

As soon as Kai Nei appeared, Ye Mo felt that this guy seemed to be a little more threatening than he was a few months ago, indicating that this guy had had a new encounter in between these few months.

Kai Nei did not draw away Ye Mo this time, but just stood in front of Ye Mo and looked at him coldly, “I knew you would go and take those Chaos Nests away, you idiot. Give me death ……”

After saying that, Kai Nei didn’t even wait for Ye Mo to say anything, the blood-colored spear was already sacrificed, and the river of blood fell nine times.

Raging blood odor and sinister aura filled the air, and the terrifying Immortal King domain spread wildly outwards. The dozen of Immortal Kings, including Ding Ring, could only retreat, instantly moving away from the range where Ye Mo and Kai You were.

The blood spear was offered, and between the blood and the insidious fury, the entire space shook sharply, and the booming sound was continuous in the air.

Ye Mo experienced it several times without feeling it, but the rest of the surrounding Immortal Kings were looking at the void in horror, this kind of might was simply like a dome falling down, was this still a fight between Immortal Kings? Even a fight between Immortal Kings is just like this, right?

The thunder rushed out, nine long blood-coloured rivers rolled down from the starry sky, this was not like the sky falling down, this was a real sky falling down.

Even the Immortal Kings who were tens of miles away from Ye Mo and Kai Nei felt the breathlessness. There was a time when he thought he was already standing at the peak of Immortal Kings, and there were definitely not many people in his cla*s who could compete with him.

But he could not defeat Yan Jiutian, even if Yan Jiutian was a late Immortal King. But now he found that he was also unable to defeat Kai Nei, who was fighting against Ye Mo. This Kai Nei was even more powerful than Yan Jiu Tian. At this moment, Ding Jing realized that there was no shortage of geniuses in this world.

Even if it was Ye Mo, which one of Yan Jiutian and Kai Nei was not more powerful than him? And this Kai Nei still looked like he was only at the early stage of Immortal King. Whether he was hiding his cultivation or not, the other party must be an Immortal King without a doubt.

As the nine rivers of blood fell, the originally green and cloudy air instantly turned blood red, while the sickening smell of blood and Kai Nei’s Immortal King domain completely blocked the space.

He was waiting for Kai Nei to cast the Nine Falls of the Blood River. If Kai Nei did not cast the Nine Falls of the Blood River, it would not be easy for him to kill Kai Nei through the method he had thought of.

Kai You was once a Saint Emperor, who knew how many tricks he had that he hadn’t unleashed?

The people around him could only see nine long rivers of blood rolling towards Ye Mo, Ye Mo did not even have a place to survive, let alone escape in such long rivers of blood.

Ye Mo didn’t even think about escaping, after Kai You’s Nine Falls of the Blood River was cast down, his Rift Sky had already blasted out.

The sound of bursting resounded in the middle of the blood river, although it was not as loud as Kai Nei’s blood river blast, but Kai Nei’s blood river blast could not cover up this bursting sound at all.

The surrounding immortals soon saw a void trail forming beyond the river of blood, then gathering, then curling up the surrounding void killing power, slowly becoming a vortex of killing power that could not be seen clearly at all.

“What kind of Fist Dao divine ability is this?” The surrounding Immortal Kings were even more shocked as they looked at Ye Mo’s Splitting Sky.

Kai Nei’s Nine Falls of the Blood River was already amazing enough, and Ye Mo could actually perform such a terrifying Fist Dao divine ability in the midst of the Nine Falls of the Blood River, none of these two were easy to mess with.

As soon as Kai Nei saw Ye Mo’s Rift Sky come out, he frowned, as a former Saint Emperor, his vision was countless times better than others. Ye Mo’s Rift was completely different from his previous Void Strikes, back then, Ye Mo had only blocked his Nine Falls of the Blood River through the same Fist Dao divine ability nine times in a row.

And now, although Ye Mo had only performed one punch, the power of that one punch was surprisingly greater than the nine fist strikes in a row back then. In other words, Ye Mo had fused those nine punches in a row to form a new divine ability.

If this person was not killed today, there would be endless problems in the future. To have fused a new divine ability in just a few months’ time, such a person was definitely one of the rarest of the rare.

If he didn’t kill the other person when he was not strong enough, it would be much harder for him to kill him in the future than it is today. The good thing is that his cultivation broke through again in these few months, although the other party is powerful, but also can’t imagine that he has even more amazing progress than a few months divine ability, so he will kill the other party today.

“Boom ……”

The killing vortex brought up by Ye Mo’s Rift Sky divine ability instantly burst in the middle of the blood river, the nine blood rivers were twisted by the killing vortex brought up by the Rift Sky and immediately exploded, blood colours spilled in all directions, the surrounding ground and void completely messed up into a mess.

Kai Nei snorted coldly as the blood-coloured spear once again emitted a sharp chirp in the air, not waiting for the nine rivers of blood to completely dissipate, another nine rivers of blood rolled down with a bang, interspersed with Kai Nei’s icy cold voice, “This emperor will see how capable you are of catching my second nine falls of blood.”