DYM Chapter 1861

Yan Jiutian looked at Kai Nei who disappeared into the blood mist and secretly cried out in pity, if Kai Nei had left a breath later, he could have left the other side.

When Ye Mo and Kai Nei left, hundreds of star beasts in the distance immediately surrounded them. These star beasts were afraid of Ye Mo and Kai Nei, but not Yan Jiutian who had just come here.

This time, Yan Jiutian came here with a raw army and got nothing, so he was already very angry in his heart. The fog threads in his hand turned into countless fog mists, which penetrated these star beasts with unparalleled precision.

These incredibly strong star beasts, which could even kill a Da Luo Immortal with a slap, were actually defenseless under Yan Jiutian’s fog mists, and were killed one after another, and the remaining star beasts suddenly scattered with a bang.

The star beasts at this moment were different from the ones when Ye Mo had just entered, when Ye Mo had just entered, these star beasts were attacking Ye Mo in batches even if they were dead, but now these star beasts were scared by Ye Mo and now as soon as they saw an existence that could kill them in seconds, they immediately retreated smartly and did not come forward anymore.

Even if Ye Mo was here and saw Yan Jiutian’s strike, he would have marvelled at it. Yan Jiutian simply knew the weaknesses of the star beasts too well, and as soon as these mist mists went out, they directly attacked the weaknesses of these star beasts. You know, Ye Mo mastered the different weaknesses of different star beasts, but it took him a whole few months of killing before he gradually became clear.


At the same time, Ye Mo also transiently moved to the group of star beasts. Unlike Yan Jiutian, those star beasts immediately recognized Ye Mo as soon as they saw him appear and scattered, none of them dared to come forward to attack.

“Boss. What do we do now? Should we follow one of the guys?” Shadowless had recovered from the injuries he received from devouring the opene. Now when he saw Ye Mo stop. Immediately, he came out and asked.

“My current cultivation is slightly stronger than Kai Nei’s, but I can’t steadily kill Kai Nei yet, that old fellow Kai Nei’s cultivation has actually increased so much. Once his Nine Falls of the Blood River can be cast continuously, I will have to shed a layer of skin even if I can escape.” Ye Mo shook his head and said.

Kai You had cultivated so fast, who could be sure that he wouldn’t be able to cast the Nine Falls of the Blood River twice in a row when they met for the second time?

Shadowless suddenly said, “Boss, I swallowed that old fellow Kai Nei for a short time though. But I feel that this old fellow had a loss of immortal energy before this, and even had a slight injury. I’m sure that light injury wasn’t caused by fighting with us, maybe he fought with someone else before he fought with us.”

“Confirmation?” Ye Mo’s expression immediately firmed up after hearing Shadowless’ words.

“It’s true.” Shadowless immediately said with certainty as he took in Ye Mo’s gloomy expression.

If what Shadowless said was true, then his cultivation level was not a little stronger than Kai Nei’s, but much weaker. That is to say, if Kai Nei had not fought before encountering him, then Kai Nei would be able to completely cast the Nine Falls of the Blood River, and Kai Nei who could continuously cast the Nine Falls of the Blood River. Then he would definitely not be a match for Kai Nei. If he was not careful, he would even be bound by his opponent’s River of Blood. It was not impossible to fall in the end.

“Boss, I feel that Kai Nei is advancing so fast, he must have found something better than those body refining slanting rivers.” Shadowless guessed at the side.

In fact, without Shadowless guessing, Ye Mo knew that Kai Nei definitely had big opportunities in here, and compared to Kai Nei, the Body Refining Slanting Rivers that he found himself, he probably wouldn’t even put it in his eyes.

He himself had been in this Qingmeng world for decades and hadn’t found any good places, and the only river forest valley was only a refining opportunity when the star beast invited him there. What makes this Kai Nei better than himself? He can just find better cultivation resources?

“That old thing is experienced, so maybe he knew there were good things in here long ago. So as soon as he came in, he went straight for those good things, and only we were foolish enough to fight to the death.” Shadowless was upset at the thought of the good things being taken away by Kai You and muttered to the side.

However, Shadowless’ words made Ye Mo’s heart move, Kai Nei was once a Saint Emperor and certainly had a lot of experience. He knew that there were good things in this border space, while he, Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng were all unseen, so it was normal that they didn’t know about these places. Among the three of them, Little Ice Ginseng was a little more experienced, but even Little Ice Ginseng could only know that this was a place where star beasts stayed, but nothing else.

He was an immortal emperor, or even a semi-saint emperor, so although he was a little less experienced than Kai Nei, he was definitely not too far behind. This Yan Jiutian left that Immortal City and came here, maybe he was also looking for the resources of this space.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo immediately called out Little Ice Ginseng and told him what he thought. Little Ice Ginseng hurriedly patted his chest and said, “Boss, don’t worry, we’ll follow him, and as long as I’m allowed to feel a little bit of the aura of an immortal spirit object, we can find it ourselves.”

“Good, let’s do that.” Ye Mo immediately replied. Originally, the first thing Ye Mo had to do was to go and ask the person who came in if it was okay to go out. But now this matter was being pushed back by Ye Mo without limit, firstly Kai You was not dead, and secondly Yan Jiutian was not dead yet.

With the help of Little Ice Ginseng, and the fact that Ye Mo’s instantaneous movement didn’t go far, Ye Mo quickly found Yan Jiutian’s trail.

Ye Mo didn’t even need to use his divine sense to lock up the other party when he was tracking Yan Jiu Tian, as long as the Little Ice Ginseng alerted him.

But even so, after three days, Yan Jiutian still sensed that something was wrong, he even stopped and used his divine sense to check around, but there was really a limit to how far his divine sense could sweep in this Qingmeng space. Even if Yan Jiutian sensed that he was being tracked, there was no way to find Ye Mo out.

The fourth day had just pa*sed when Little Ice Ginseng immediately transmitted a voice to Ye Mo, “Boss, I feel an extremely dense chaos aura, now even without that Yan, I can still find it.”

“Good.” After Ye Mo heard what Little Ice Ginseng said, he had no more worries and instantly accelerated his speed and rushed towards Yan Jiu Tian. Ye Mo knew very well that it was simply extremely difficult to sneak up on an old fox like Yan Jiutian in this situation.

As expected, just as Ye Mo appeared, Yan Jiutian saw it and didn’t even panic at all as he directly waved out a fog line.

Tens of thousands of fog arrows arrived with a bang, these fog arrows were like stars in the sky, shattering the void and squeezing all the space around them, the aura was as if they would not stop until they tore Ye Mo into pieces.

Ye Mo’s rift was fully capable of breaking Yan Jiutian’s fog arrows, just as Yan Jiutian knew him, Ye Mo knew Yan Jiutian just as well. If Yan Jiutian intended to rely on these fog arrows to try to hurt him, then he would likewise not survive today.

Ye Mo didn’t even sacrifice the Purple Sandals, almost at the same time as Yan Jiutian sacrificed the fog arrows, nine punches were thrown.

When Ye Mo’s nine fists were completely waved, the nine traces of emptiness immediately erupted with a muffled sound driven by Immortal Yuan.

The sound of “clacking” came to mind as the fog arrows in the air were continuously swept up by the killing vortex Ye Mo struck out, emitting a sound of bursting, and then those fog arrows that were swept up disappeared without a trace.

Those nine traces of void struck by Ye Mo gradually converged together after tearing apart some of the fog arrows, emitting an even more booming sound as a huge and terrifying void vortex prototype appeared between Ye Mo and Yan Jiutian.

When Yan Jiutian saw this vortex, his face immediately changed drastically, he didn’t even execute his next move that he had prepared, he immediately gathered up the fog lines and disappeared with a vanish light.

Ye Mo did not go after Yan Jiutian, he also knew Yan Jiutian’s ability to escape, even if he went after him, he might not be able to catch up. At this moment, his face was pale, but his heart was excited.

Ever since he knew that Kai Nei might perform the Nine Falls of the Blood River continuously, Ye Mo had been thinking about how to break the Nine Falls of the Blood River every moment. For Yan Jiutian and Kai You, Ye Mo was more eager to kill Kai You rather than Yan Jiutian.

Therefore, during the past few days of tracking Yan Jiutian, Ye Mo had been thinking about how to fuse his nine consecutive fists of emptiness together to form a new Fist Dao divine ability.

This time, with the help of the battle with Yan Jiutian, he finally blasted out the prototype of his new fist divine ability. Yan Jiutian was incredibly cunning, and as soon as Ye Mo’s fist came out, he knew that Ye Mo was testing the new Fist Dao divine Aptitude on him. If he continued to fight Ye Mo, he would be helping Ye Mo form his new Fist Dao divine Aptitude, and he might even be injured. How would Yan Jiu Tian do such a foolish thing?

Therefore, after he discovered Ye Mo’s attempt, he had no other thoughts at all and immediately withdrew and went away.

At this moment, Ye Mo was still in the middle of feeling the new Fist Dao divine ability, so he had no time to care about Yan Jiutian’s departure. After the nine void cracks merged together, they directly extinguished the space.

There was a continuous roar, and the space around him began to shake. Ye Mo knew very well that his punch was truly devouring space, truly applying the laws of space into it, and was essentially different from the void. This fist was born out of the void, yet it was above the void.

A fist of emptiness could not block Kai Nei’s Nine Falls of Blood, but this fist could completely block Kai Nei’s Nine Falls of Blood.

If he could send out such a punch of divine power in succession, he could even tear Kai Nei to pieces after blocking Kai Nei’s Nine Falls of the River of Blood by surprise.

Kai Nei must have thought that he didn’t know that he could continuously send out the Nine Falls of the Blood River, and the next time they met, it might be a life-and-death battle between the two of them, with one of them bound to fall in the middle.

“Boom ……”

Ye Mo withdrew his fist, and the vortex in the void exploded open, and the immortal energy spilled out in all directions, quickly dissipating into thin air.

“Boss, what a powerful punch.” Shadowless immediately ran out and said curtly.

Ye Mo’s face was a little pale as he shook his head and said, “This punch is much more powerful than the nine consecutive void that I fought against Kai You back then, but I can only barely perform this punch once now. To kill Kai Nei, if I cannot perform two punches, I will definitely be no match for him.”