DYM Chapter 1858

A Da Luo Xian’s magic treasure attack went down, not only did it not do any damage to this immortal demon beast, but this Da Luo Xian was also killed by a backhanded slap from the immortal demon beast, this kind of demon beast was simply too heaven defying.

The other two Da Luo Immortals saw this and hurriedly turned around and fled. This star beast found that although these people who came looked similar to Ye Mo, their strength was so different that they didn’t flee anymore and turned around and rushed up and slapped down several more slaps.

The two Da Luo Immortals could not even break free from the power bindings of the star beast, and were slapped to death by these two star beasts which were close to ten feet in just a moment.

In the blink of an eye, three Da Luo Immortals were killed, while the two Star Beasts were unharmed at all.

Seeing the two Star Beasts charging towards the crowd instead, someone in the crowd finally recognised them and immediately shouted out, “These are Star Beasts, their skin and flesh are so hard that there is no way for ordinary magic treasures to harm them. This kind of immortal demon beast survives in the borders and does not cultivate its Yuan Shen or divine sense, yet it has great strength. Some star beasts can even be proficient in the laws of power and can tear apart everything.”

“Boom ……” The star beast’s palm and an immortal king’s magic treasure clashed together, and this time the star beast, which was lower than ten feet, did not have an advantage after all, and was directly knocked away by this immortal king’s magic treasure.

Even so, this star beast did not suffer half an injury. However, these two Star Beasts had already discovered that there were still people here who could beat them and did not dare to charge up again, turning around and retreating, disappearing in a few moments.

“I’m glad I left, this thing is simply a bit too scary. The only way to meet one below Immortal King is to seek death.” A Great Luo Immortal said with a palpitating heart as he looked at the direction where the Star Beast had retreated.

The Immortal King who had repelled the Star Beast said in a deep voice, “You don’t understand Star Beasts at all, they appear in flocks. And I’ve heard that once star beasts appear in the space at the border. It is overwhelming. They are densely packed. Although the ones we saw were just two star beasts, there might be more coming, even countless times more than our people.”

“Ah ……” Some people who didn’t understand the star beasts were immediately alerted, these two star beasts had almost overwhelmed them, once they came over in an overwhelming number, how much more could it be?

“And ……” this Immortal King’s tone changed and he said even more gravely, “I heard that this kind of star beast also has more than ten feet, if it is met with more than ten feet. We can hardly even escape …… However, I have heard that star beasts are generally very violent and definitely will not retreat of their own accord. Just now these two star beasts actually missed a blow and retreated instead, that’s the strange thing.”

After this Immortal King finished his words, all the Immortals present fell silent, if this was really the case, they would not be thinking about how many Immortal Spirit Gra*ses to collect in these twelve years, but how they should get through it?

At this point, everyone outside had almost been teleported in, and under the discussion, everyone knew the original story. They soon found out the reason for this, and most of them started to think about the way out.

Firstly, there were star beasts everywhere in here. Secondly this was not the entrance to the Heavenly Chaos Starfield at all.

“Let’s hurry and get out of here and find a safe place to talk.” Someone already suggested out.

“Leave? In places where Star Beasts live, there are Star Beasts everywhere, it’s already very lucky to just meet two of them here.” An Immortal King said disdainfully.

Just as this Immortal King said these words, he saw thousands of Star Beasts rushing over.

Just now, two Star Beasts had almost scattered the crowd, and now that thousands of Star Beasts were rushing over all of a sudden, almost all of the people’s nerves were tensed up.

“Everyone don’t panic, form up and attack with magic treasures, a few people attack one, there are many of us. All the Immortal Kings stretch out their Immortal King Domains to stop these Star Beasts.” An Early Immortal King immediately stood out and said loudly.

The highest cultivation level to enter this was only an Early Immortal King, and the Early Immortal Kings who came in could only be those whose Laws had not become great, once the Laws became great, even Immortal Kings would not be able to enter this place.

With the Immortal Sovereign taking the lead, the rest of the Immortals began to organise themselves.

In total, there were more than 20,000 people who had entered this space, and there were five Immortal Dukes. There were even a couple of thousand Immortal Kings, and the rest were all Da Luo Immortals.

Under the leadership of the Immortal Kings and Immortal Dignitaries, the 20,000 or so people fought with these thousands of Star Beasts.

For a time, magic treasures were criss-crossed and immortal energy overflowed in all directions. There were constantly Da Luo Immortals or Immortal Kings being slapped to death, and there were constantly Star Beasts being decimated.

Although the Star Beasts were incredibly powerful, after all, none of the Star Beasts here came beyond ten feet, and under the divine powers of Immortal Kings and Immortal Daoists, some Star Beasts were constantly being decimated.

The advantages of star beasts were obvious, and so were their disadvantages. These Immortals, just like Ye Mo, had gradually grasped the flaws of the Star Beasts after fighting them for a period of time, and identified the weak points of their bodies.

As these experiences were pa*sed out to each other, the originally evenly matched scene turned into one where the Star Beast was at a disadvantage. As the number of dead Star Beasts increased, those Star Beasts finally couldn’t help but start retreating.

Soon, all the remaining Star Beasts dissipated, leaving only a trail of corpses and wretched ground.

Although this contact battle was brief, hundreds of immortals died, while only a few hundred star beasts died. This was still because of the River Forest Valley, no star beasts beyond ten feet had come through. Otherwise, at least half of the immortals here would have died.

“This thing is so powerful, there are so many of us and we only barely won. It looks like we can’t act alone in the future, we have to do it together.” An Immortal King panted.

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” The Immortal King who was leading the group said with a frown, “A few thousand Star Beasts are not a lot at the border, they can only be considered few even. But that’s not the point, the point is that there are no Star Beasts beyond ten feet here, as far as I know, in the borderlands, not only are there Star Beasts beyond ten feet, but there are also a very small number of Star Beasts beyond twenty feet. If there were star beasts that exceeded twenty feet, even I could only flee, and I might not even be able to get away.”

After a great battle, coupled with the words of this Immortal Dignitary, the scene fell silent once again. A twenty-foot star beast might not even be able to get away from an immortal djinn, so there was no need to say anything about the rest of the people. And what if there were more star beasts that were more than ten or even twenty feet? What about that?

Some of the Yuan Shen whose flesh bodies had been decimated drifted through the void in fear and helplessness, but they didn’t know where they should go.

“Lord Immortal King, what do we do now?” An Immortal King broke the silence and asked the question that everyone wanted to ask.

“What do you have in mind?” That Immortal Sovereign, however, did not come up with a better note.

Another Immortal King instead stepped forward and said, “The only way is to immediately build an Immortal City, we don’t need to build an Immortal City that is too big and then use it to block these Star Beasts. Moreover, the inner pellets of star beasts can refine top-grade body refining immortal pills, so we can find our way out by hunting star beasts while we are at it. If we are unable to cultivate, we can use this inner elixir to refine our bodies.”

“I’m afraid that won’t work, there are strong star beasts that are beyond ten feet, I’m afraid that even if the walls of the immortal city are strong, they won’t be able to stop them.” Another immortal djinn said.

This Immortal Dignitary who proposed the establishment of an Immortal City was not flustered and said again, “Of course it won’t work by relying on the Immortal City, but the Star Beasts have one drawback, that they don’t cultivate their Yuan Shen and Divine Sense, relying on brute strength only. We just need to establish a large number of illusion formations outside the Immortal City, as well as establish concealment formations, or even diversionary formations, and basically nothing will happen.”

This proposal was immediately agreed to by almost everyone; star beasts had no divine sense, nor did they have a Yuan Shen, so even if they didn’t build an immortal city, it would be impossible to bypa*s the illusion and concealment formations.

With hope, there was certainly motivation. These Immortals who had originally come in to search for the entrance to the Heavenly Chaos Starfield immediately began to build Immortal Cities. With over 20,000 people building Immortal Cities, and with the lowest cultivation level being that of a Da Luo Immortal, the speed at which this Immortal City was built was simply flying.

The immortal city was built with good materials, but the illusion and concealment formations outside the immortal city were made of good materials.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. The star beasts outside here were many, but when they saw Ye Mo coming, they all gave way.

Ye Mo saw these star beasts giving way, but stopped. He was puzzled to find that many of the star beasts carried wounds on their bodies, and according to his divine sense observation, these wounds were also wounds from magic treasure attacks.

Had someone else come here? Or was it that old fellow Kai You? When Ye Mo thought of this, he immediately arrived in front of a wounded star beast and reached out to grab it.

There was no star beast here that didn’t know Ye Mo and Shadowless, when it saw Ye Mo coming to grab it, it didn’t dare to resist at all and immediately stopped there.

Ye Mo took a closer look at the star beast’s wound, and it was indeed smashed out by a magic treasure.

“It looks like there are really outsiders here, this is not the commotion made by Kai You, the magic treasures that made these star beasts injured are different. Go, go over and take a look.” Ye Mo dropped the star beasts in his hands and greeted Shadowless.

Based on the traces of these star beasts coming over, Ye Mo quickly used his divine sense to check out an immortal city under construction, and there were various formations outside the city.

There were really people coming, and Ye Mo didn’t know where these people were coming from, so he immediately had to go over and take a look.

“Boss, Kai You that old thing ……” Not waiting for Ye Mo to go over, Wu Ying already called out from the side.

Almost at the same time as Shadowless called out, Ye Mo also found Kai Nei, he didn’t even think about it and immediately rushed towards Kai Nei.

He came here with one main purpose, to kill Kai You. Now that he saw Kai You, how could he be willing to let go?

Kai Nei also saw Ye Mo at the first moment, and like Ye Mo, he also found out that many people had come here after decades of hiding in here. However, at the same time he discovered the Immortal City, Ye Mo saw him.

Kai Nei didn’t even think about it, he immediately turned around and fled. He wasn’t afraid of Ye Mo, he believed that Ye Mo would definitely catch up. He and Ye Mo had the same idea of killing each other in a deserted place.