DYM Chapter 1857

“How can my generation of immortal cultivators be afraid of danger? If we are afraid of danger in everything, we might as well hide at home and not come out.” As soon as the words of the Great Emperor Zha Kong fell, some immortals below echoed the words.

One person came out to concur, and the rest of the people echoed their words.

Immediately afterwards, the Zha Kong Emperor took out the huge crystal ball and displayed that entrance vortex.

If Ye Mo was here, he would have noticed that this entrance vortex was much bigger than the one he had entered in the first place. However, this vortex was also much more peaceful than the one he had entered, and although it was just as dark, the speed of rotation was far less than the one he had entered.

After the immortals in the square had seen the black vortex, Emperor Zha Kong said again: “At the same time, I would like to remind everyone that according to our projections, this vortex will only open again in the opposite direction in twelve years. Only at that time will everyone be able to come out, so before going in, all of you must think clearly.”

The crowd who were already itching to be lured by the Heaven’s Beyond Star Domain, except for a few people, most of them where still in the mood to consider. To immortal cultivators, twelve years simply snapped their fingers and did not count as time at all.

How one could use these twelve years to find a large amount of cultivation resources was the most important thing.

The Great Emperor Zha Kong nodded, this had long been expected, even if he said it was a hundred times more dangerous, there would still be countless people who would want to rush in.

“But one thing that I would like to remind you all of is that after twelve years, if you don’t come out, this vortex will disappear into thin air, and as for when it will appear next, no one knows.” After finishing his speech, the Sagacious Emperor did not even wait for the crowd to speak before he continued, “After entering the Heaven’s Beyond Star Realm. All immortal spirit objects above the ninth level must be handed in, or else be put to death. But there are heavy rewards after having handed in immortal spirit objects of the ninth level or higher.”

All of them shuddered as they listened, the four immortal emperors said that they would be executed, so they were really executed, there was no room for refutation. Some people who understood instead put their hearts down, it would be strange if the several Great Immortal Emperors did not want anything. When the small heavenly domain was opened, didn’t the several great immortal emperors take away the best things?


A sloping river in the River Forest Valley in Qingmeng Space. Ye Mo was sitting in it, at this time the river water had formed a ripple shaped ripple around him, the very few impurities were now expelled from his body, while his flesh and power were still in the process of being quenched and strengthened.

As time pa*sed, the river around him turned from rippling to tumbling. As the tumbling of the river water grew larger and larger. It was as if those river waters had formed a substance and gradually broke away from the sloping river and began to swirl around Ye Mo.

In the end, Ye Mo was surrounded by this swirling river water and could no longer see his figure at all.

“Boom ……” A huge burst rang out in this whirlpool, exploding all the river water that was swirling around Ye Mo.

These exploded river waters instantly dissipated in the void, and the sloping river where Ye Mo was immediately dried up after this explosion.

At this moment, Ye Mo was draped with long hair. His body was perfectly muscled, and even his clothes had been blown away.

When the star beasts in the distance saw the explosion over here, they even dared not come over and stayed away. Ye Mo gave himself a few de-dusting decisions. After taking out a clean set of clothes and changing into them, he flew and stood in the air and went out with a long whistle.

After so many years of hard practice, he had changed countless slanting rivers. Finally, today, he had advanced his body refinement to Immortal God Body.

Even in the Immortal Realm, Immortal God Bodies were an extremely rare existence. Although Immortal Emperors could theoretically compare the strength of their physical bodies to Immortal God Bodies. However, that actual recovery and hard resistance ability was even worse than the Immortal God Body.

At this time, Ye Mo had advanced to Immortal God Body, which meant that he had the capital to gain a foothold in the Immortal Realm, and even if he faced an Immortal Emperor, he would not even have the chance to escape.

What’s more, what Ye Mo had gained in this River Forest Valley was not just the promotion to Immortal God Body, he had also comprehended a new kind of law, that was the Law of Power.

In the ancient times, the Law of Power was the simplest and most basic law in the Immortal Realm, but it was also the most difficult law to reach the highest realm. Of all the Laws of the Dao, the Law of Power is the most difficult, and no one has ever succeeded in doing so in the past or in the present.

It is easy to comprehend the Law of Power, but extremely difficult to achieve. Therefore, over time, few people at the Immortal level purposely comprehended the Law of Power, and in the end, the Law of Power even went up in smoke.

It was only until today that Ye Mo comprehended the Law of Power in this kind of Qingmeng space, which was definitely a huge benefit to Ye Mo.

Even if he didn’t use his power to prove his dao in the future, the law of power was incredibly important.

“Boss, you’ve reached Immortal God Body?” Shadowless ran over fartily, he had devoured so many good things and cultivated at Slanting River for such a long time, but he was just a little bit short of Immortal Taos. He was not very worried because his boss had not been promoted either, but now that his boss had been promoted and he still had not, he was a bit stressed.

Ye Mo knew that it was extremely difficult for Shadowless to advance, so he didn’t care, he just waved his hand and said, “I’ve already had my first glimpse of the Laws of Power, and I’ve also advanced to Immortal God Body, there’s no more use to stay here, we can leave and look for a way out by the way.”

What made Ye Mo pity was that the slanting river here could not be taken away, once it was taken away, that power rule of body refinement would be lost. Otherwise, when Ye Mo left, he would have collected at least half of the slanting river here.

Shadowless had been cultivating here for more than ten years, the novelty of the place had long since pa*sed, and now that Ye Mo wanted to leave, he had half a word of no there, and hurriedly followed behind Ye Mo.

Ye Mo and Wu Ying left the river forest valley, those star beasts gave way, these star beasts knew that these two guys were powerful, it was better not to mess with them.

Ye Mo, however, was thinking about the origin of those gold-eating ants all the way, there must have been no gold-eating ants here before, and so many gold-eating ants suddenly appeared behind them, I don’t know if they were hiding in the River Forest Valley or flew in from somewhere else.

That River Forest Valley was originally not very big, and he and Shadowless had searched all over it for a long time in the past ten years, but had not found a single trace of gold-eating ants.


“What is this place?”

Hundreds of immortals suddenly appeared in this green and hazy space, and most of them almost asked this question.

Without waiting for anyone to answer, hundreds more people appeared here once again, people were constantly being transported in, and soon the place had exceeded ten thousand.

“This doesn’t seem to be the entrance to the Heavenly Chaos Starfield.”

“Not necessarily, the Chaos Star Domain just went in and it seems to be a green and cloudy area too, similar to this.”

“It’s similar, but it’s bare here, there’s nothing at all. And ……”

This last Immortal King did not finish his sentence, but it was clear to everyone that the Immortal Spiritual Qi here was almost all close to nothing, and it would be strange to have Immortal Spiritual Objects.

These Immortal Kings and Da Luo Immortals who came in were all experienced people, and immediately after entering, they sensed that the atmosphere here was not right. The main thing was that there was no immortal spiritual energy. A place with no immortal spiritual energy, to say that there had to be many high-level immortal spiritual objects was simply self-deceiving.

So when these people came in, not a single one of them left first. Most of them had already guessed that this might indeed not be the entrance to the Heavenly Chaos Star Domain, but a unique space. As for what was inside this space, whether it was dangerous, or something else, none of them were willing to try it first.

“Huh, look what kind of demonic beast is that, guys?” A Great Luo Immortal Perfection asked in shock as he pointed at the two star beasts that appeared in the distance. These two star beasts were both close to ten feet, and they seemed to be walking as fast as they could.

“How many levels of immortal demon beasts are these?”

“I can’t seem to tell, it’s covered in green fur and seems to have a lot of strength.”

“I’ll go take a look.”

After several Da Luo Immortals had discussed for a while, a late Da Luo Immortal flew out of the crowd and carefully approached the two star beasts. After this Great Luo Immortal pa*sed, the other two Great Luo Immortals also carefully followed.

Seeing a Great Luo Immortal approaching, these two Star Beasts immediately turned around and left. They had a sense that the person who came was similar to Ye Mo and was definitely not something they could block.

The Da Luo Immortal who was still cautious saw the Star Beast turn and flee, and immediately sacrificed his magic treasure and said, “This kind of Immortal Demon Beast has very little guts and is probably not very strong, I’ll kill one first and see.”

After this Great Luo Immortal finished speaking, he had already blasted out his own magic treasure.

With a buzzing sound, his magic treasure did not deviate at all and blasted directly at one of the star beasts, but that star beast was attacked by this magic treasure and was not even half injured. Moreover, when this star beast saw someone taking the initiative to attack it, it once again hissed and raised its huge palm to slap down.

“Pfft ……” A sound of blood and flesh shattering rang out, and this Great Luo Xian was directly slapped into meat paste.