DYM Chapter 1856

While Shadowless was busy devouring the gold-eating ants, Ye Mo looked at slanting river after slanting river in front of him but was a little surprised. The rivers in the slanting rivers were of different colours, but overall the closer they were to the inside of the River Forest Valley, the darker the colour of these rivers became.

At the same time, Ye Mo also understood what was going on, seeing these rivers outside of the River Forest Valley, it was like a river forest.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into that river water, but he found that his divine sense had a tingling sensation. He hurriedly withdrew his divine sense and walked to the edge of one of the sloping rivers, sticking his hand in and touching it. An icy, biting pain came over him, making Ye Mo even feel that his hand had been corroded by this liquid.

Ye Mo hurriedly took his hand out, only to find that his hand was intact, and the skin of his hand seemed more radiant, and a feeling of great power came up, making him feel strange.

“This is where the body is refined.” Shadowless was already staring at the slanted river here with glowing eyes.

Ye Mo suddenly woke up, no wonder those star beasts were all incredibly strong, so they were refining their bodies in this kind of place. With his own late stage Immortal Spirit Body refining cultivation, he felt pain in this place, so he could see that this was indeed a good place to refine his body. Moreover, this slanting river vaguely contained a power, I wonder if it was possible to comprehend the laws of power in it through this slanting river?

Thinking that the river water here was all for refining the body, Ye Mo was overjoyed, he was long tired of not being able to cultivate in this place and could only keep killing. If he could refine his body, even if he couldn’t raise his cultivation level and didn’t contain any laws, as long as he could raise his body refining cultivation level, it would be the same.

At this moment, he was at the late stage of Immortal Spirit Body, once he advanced to Immortal God Body. That was even if it was only the early stage. The strength of his physical body would be no less than that of an ordinary Immortal Emperor’s physical body. If that was the case. Even if his cultivation level was lower, he would not be afraid of ordinary Immortal Emperors.

Ye Mo sped up and arrived next to the second tilted river while reaching down and touching it, the even hotter pain provoked Ye Mo to immediately take his hand out. He knew that in order to enter this and refine his body, he would have to run the Continuous Body Technique. The law of these slanted rivers Ye Mo had already understood was that the further you went inside, the more powerful this body refining effect would be.

When those dozens of star beasts saw Ye Mo and Shadowless circling around the slanting river, they also cowered and did not dare to go forward. Even the star beasts that were more than twenty feet tall. Now they were all very scornful of Ye Mo. The gold-eating ants had almost wiped them out, while this sudden neighbour had easily wiped out all the gold-eating ants. It was already clear who was the most powerful in between.

Ye Mo was too lazy to bother with these star beasts, he directly found a suitable slanting river to go in and then said to Shadowless, “You find your own place to refine your body, if those star beasts are going to come nagging, just eat them directly, if not, you should not take the initiative to provoke them.”

“Those mosquitoes, I don’t want to go and eat them.” Shadowless excitedly rushed to a slanted river he had chosen long ago and jumped in with a flutter.

Seeing both Ye Mo and Shadowless go to the slanting river to refine their bodies. Those star beasts were relieved instead. There were many of these slanting rivers, if Ye Mo was only refining his body and not destroying it. There was nothing to it.

After putting their minds down, those star beasts took the initiative to start gathering up while crushing all those remaining gold-eating ants.

This Qing Meng space, because Ye Mo and Wu Ying had found something to do, gradually calmed down. Those star beasts also went to Slanting River to refine their bodies, but those star beasts would choose a place farther away from Ye Mo and Wu Ying to cultivate.


The lower celestial domain that experienced the ravages of the nine-headed void-devouring bug gradually calmed down, not because the nine-headed void-devouring bug did not continue to devour immortal cities and sects, but because more than ten immortal emperors from the upper celestial domain joined forces to come to the lower celestial domain. These ten or so Immortal Emperors fought with the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect and its master, and in the end, no one could do anything to anyone, and a consensus was formed.

That was that the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect was not allowed to continue to wreak havoc in the Immortal Realm, and its master was allowed to establish his own clan in the Upper Heavenly Realm. Of course, for those immortal cities that had been devoured by the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Bug before, they had to let it go. Even though all of them knew that this was raising a tiger as a problem, there was nothing that could be done.

Even if there were those who were unjust, no one dared to stand up and say a word of dissent.

In this catastrophe of the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Bug in the Lower Heavenly Domain, countless immortals had died, and the Moon-Moon Immortal Sect had lost several disciples as well.

At this time, more than ten years had pa*sed since the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect’s catastrophe, and almost thirty years had pa*sed since Ye Mo disappeared.

The last time Zha Kui Immortal City was this busy was decades ago, when many Da Luo Immortals went to Qing Wei Heaven to attend the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Conference.

However, the last time the immortals who went to the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit Conference were almost all at the Da Luo Immortal cultivation level, except for some of those who led the group, while this time, there were thousands of Immortal Kings and some Immortal Dwellers among those who came.

“Hmph, Yan Jiu Tian, it’s this guy again.” Outside the large square a handsome man dressed in blue snorted coldly and looked disdainfully at a grey-clothed male Immortal standing not far in front of him.

The grey-clothed male immortal had the same handsome face as the blue-clothed man, and when he heard the cold snort, he just swept back a glance at the blue-clothed man and said with the same disdain, “How dare you be arrogant when you are defeated by your men.”

After saying this, the grey-clothed male immortal turned around and walked away, surprisingly not bothering to pay attention to this blue-clothed man.

“When Ye Mo arrives, let’s see how you can still be arrogant in front of this king?” The handsome man in blue scratched a handful of his hair in displeasure, but there was nothing he could do.

A female immortal wearing a white immortal dress with a veil on her face came over and said, “Senior Brother Ding, I suspect that this Yan Jiu Tian has hidden his cultivation, maybe he is not at the early stage of Immortal King at all, or even already at the late stage of Immortal King.”

Obviously this man and woman were Ding Jing and Tantai Yi, the Yi Yi Sage, whom Ye Mo knew, because Ye Mo had said about Yan Jiutian, Ding Jing could not find an opponent in the same rank, but he found Yan Jiutian by chance. As a result, the two did not even have second thoughts and fought.

Although Ding Jing was invincible in the same cla*s in the Upper Heaven Domain, he could not beat Yan Jiutian. If he didn’t have a few life-preserving magic treasures, he would have been killed by Yan Jiu Tian.

This time, he had come to Vandu Heaven for the possible opening of the Extra-planar Heavenly Domain. Because of this opportunity, almost all of the Immortal Kings had come. Of course there were even more Da Luo Immortals who had come here in order to try to enter the Extra-planar Heavenly Realm.

Ding Jing nodded, agreeing very much with what Saintess Yi Yi said, and after a while he continued, “This time, when I returned from the Extra-planetary Heavenly Domain, I went to look for Ye Mo. Ye Mo said that he went to the Chaos Star Domain in the Lower Heavenly Realm, I don’t know if he has gone.”

Tantai Yi was about to reply when she saw a dozen figures land on the high platform in the centre of the square.

The man at the head of the group, whom most of the immortals knew, was one of the Four Great Immortal Emperors, Emperor Zha Kong, and behind him were Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor and Dragon River Great Emperor.

Having reached this stage in their cultivation, it was no longer something that could be solved by seclusion. What was needed for an Immortal Emperor to achieve perfection in order to attain the Sage Emperor was not seclusion, but constant seeking of opportunities.

As soon as the Saakong Emperor came out, the immortals in the square instantly fell silent.

The Great Emperor Zha Kong nodded in satisfaction before saying aloud, “There have been many lively events recently, only a few decades ago we found the Little Heavenly Domain, allowing Da Luo Immortals who had been stagnant for many years to advance to Immortal King, and it has only been a short time since we once again found an entrance to the Heavenly Domain.

Of course, this entrance may not be the entrance to the Heavenly Realm either. However, based on our guesses from the chaotic aura spilling out of it, the possibility of a Heaven’s Beyond Star Domain entrance is still very high ……”

Before the words of the Great Emperor Zha Kong fell, the Immortals below became excited, especially some Immortal Kings who were in the Perfection of Immortality, and those who were in the Perfection of Da Luo Immortality.

This was because all of them understood that there were entrances to Chaos Star Regions in the three major heavenly realms in the upper, middle and lower parts of the Thirty-three Heavens of the Immortal World. And each Chaos Star Domain had nine levels, and as to whether these Chaos Star Domains were the same, no one knew.

But all people knew that the things and sights they saw when they entered the entrances to the Chaos Star Domains from the three great celestial domains, Upper, Middle and Lower, were completely different.

The three Chaos Star Regions have been searched for countless years, and even if one enters now, one can still find opportunities. Because of this, there are still many people who enter the entrances to the Chaos Star Realms every year.

Moreover, everyone also knew that the entrance to the Chaos Star Domain was not just between the voids of the three great celestial domains, the Chaos Star Domain was supposed to have had another entrance beyond the voids of the three great celestial domains. That entrance was the entrance to the Outer Heavenly Realm, and it was rumoured that the entrance to the Outer Heavenly Realm was also nine levels.

Unfortunately, for countless years, no one had ever seen the Heaven’s Beyond Star Domain, and no one had ever found the entrance to the Heaven’s Beyond Star Domain to go there.

Now that Emperor Zha Kong has actually said that the entrance to the Heaven’s Beyond Starfield may have been discovered, wouldn’t all people go crazy? There were countless good things in every layer of the Chaos Star Domain, not to mention the Heaven’s Beyond Star Domain that had just been found.

If the Heaven’s Beyond Starfield was also nine of the thirty-six layers of the Chaos Starfield, how many good things should one get by entering this unexplored Heaven’s Beyond Starfield?

Seeing everyone’s excitement and noise, Emperor Zha Kong waved his hand on the high platform and said, “Everyone, be quiet, this black vortex entrance is not necessarily the entrance to the Heaven’s Beyond Chaos Star Domain, it is just our guess that it probably is. Because there are laws of heaven and earth in it, there seems to be a law of power here. It will be strongly repelled by Immortal Emperors or Immortal Dignitaries who have become great in the law. That is why it is said that only those who do not have a Law Da Cheng are allowed to enter.”

When Yan Jiu Tian heard this, he immediately frowned, wondering if he could enter. His strength had recovered to the late stage of Immortal King, and his spatial laws were gradually being perfected. However, because his realm was not yet ready, his laws had not yet become great.

To him, if this was the entrance to the Heavenly Chaos Star Domain, then he would definitely have to go in. One could imagine that entering the recently discovered Extra-terrestrial Star Domain would definitely make him rich as hell? And what he lacked, Yan Jiu Tian, was not gongfu or chance, what he lacked was cultivation resources, as long as he had enough cultivation resources, he would be able to cultivate to a sufficient height.

“Of course, if this black vortex is not the entrance to the Heavenly Chaos Star Domain, then there will be a certain amount of danger upon entering, and as to what kind of danger, those who enter are at their own risk.” With a turn of phrase, the Sagacious Emperor said something that splashed cold water.