DYM Chapter 1854

“Fairy Jingwen, this is the Mochizuki Immortal City.” A grey-clothed Xuan Xian said to Su Jingwen, pointing at the imposing Immortal City in front of her.

“It’s so beautiful.” Su Jingwen said as she stared blankly at the majestic Mo Yue Immortal City, which was draped in clouds and mist. This hadn’t even entered the Immortal City yet, and the dense immortal spirit springs outside gave people a soothing feeling.

She had been to both Xihao Immortal City and Chuanchi Immortal City, and although she had not been outside the Immortal City to see the vast side of the Immortal City, she could feel that those two Immortal Cities were far inferior to this Mochizuki Immortal City in front of her.

“I’ll take you to the City Master’s residence, as long as a cultivator who has ascended to the Luo Yue Continent is not required to take a test, the minimum one can enter the outer sect of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect and become an outer disciple.” Although Su Jingwen had only just ascended, the grey-clothed Xuan Xian said politely as he didn’t dare to be rude. He was an immortal sent by the Moon-moon Immortal Sect to meet him at Chuanchi Immortal City, so of course he knew that ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent were important here.

“You’re a cultivator who has ascended from the Luo Yue Continent?” A clear and melodious voice interrupted this grey-clothed Xuan Xiantian and asked Su Jingwen directly.

Su Jingwen and this grey-clothed Xuan Xian immediately saw a female Xian who was dressed in a green dress. This female immortal was extremely pretty, and her figure was even more stunningly beautiful. Su Jingwen was considered a top beauty in the cultivation world, but when she saw this immortal in front of her, she felt a little ashamed of herself.

Even if Su Su and Light Snow were not inferior to each other in terms of beauty, they still lacked the same kind of physique.

“Yes, please ask this fairy sister ……” Su Jingwen hastily bowed and politely responded.

It was the grey-clothed Xuan Xian who also hurriedly bowed and cupped his fist and said, “Yin Chao, an outer disciple of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, has met senior.”

The green-clothed Xuan Xiantian smiled sweetly and said, “My name is Zhen Bingyu, not any senior.”

Su Jingwen saw that the other party had taken the initiative to give her name. She hurriedly said again, “Su Jingwen has met Fairy Bing Yu.”

Zhen Bingyu nodded and asked once again. “Are you a cultivator who ascended from Luo Yue?”

She had heard Ye Mo talk about it. He was the one who had ascended from the Luo Yue Continent. Now that she had been in seclusion for more than ten years and had advanced to Great Supreme Immortal, she really couldn’t help but want to see Ye Mo, which was why she came here on purpose to take a look. But to her surprise, she had just come here and saw Su Jingwen. The matter of Ye Mo and Lu Zhengqun disappearing together had not been mentioned by Yan Bingyu’s master, Yang La, so Yan Bingyu could not figure it out at all.

“Yes. I came here specifically to look for my husband, Ye Mo, and my husband asked me to come to Gong Hua Tian to look for him.” Su Jingwen saw that Zhen Bingyu was standing at the entrance of Mo Yue Immortal City, and her tone was kind, so she didn’t hide it.

Zhen Bingyu trembled and her face changed slightly, but she quickly recovered. She knew that Ye Mo’s wife was in the Luo Yue Continent, but she never thought that his wife would finally have ascended now. Moreover, this Su Jingwen was so beautiful, she could be sure that once Su Jingwen also cultivated the body refining technique given by Ye Mo, she would definitely not end up being even a fraction worse than her.

Women were the most sensitive. Even though Zhen Bingyu’s cultivation level was countless times higher than Su Jingwen’s, Su Jingwen saw Zhen Bingyu’s instantaneous expression. In her heart, she also had some guesses.

“Senior, if you have nothing to do, junior is going to take this disciple into Immortal City.” That grey-clothed Xuan Xian saw that Zhen Bingyu did not leave nor did she say anything, so he had to say again.

Zhen Bingyu was suddenly alerted, and only then did she shake her head blankly and say, “I am fine.”

She had already known that Ye Mo had a wife, and she had even thought about not caring about Ye Mo having a wife before. But now when Su Jingwen was really standing in front of her, she realised that there were times when she didn’t know how hard it was until she faced it.

She had previously been so careless about other things that she was now surprisingly afraid to stay in front of Su Jingwen much longer. She found that she already had the intention of leaving before she even entered the Moon-Moon Immortal Sect.

Looking at Su Jingwen and the Xuan Xian who were gradually walking away, Zhen Bingyu suddenly spoke, “Su Jingwen is not an outer disciple, she is an inner disciple.”

After saying these words, Zhen Bingyu did not linger any longer and turned around and left. She suddenly wanted to enter the Chaos Star Realm again and then keep going to cultivate and cultivate again. The reason she said this before leaving was because she was afraid that no one would know that Ye Mo was the Patriarch of the Mochizuki Immortal Sect and that Su Jingwen was forgotten. Little did she know that there were definitely no less than ten people in Mo Yue Immortal City who knew about Ye Mo.


Ye Mo stood in the boundless Qing Meng space, with the still ugly purple sandal slung behind his back, his heart was equally at a loss, this was already the tenth year he had entered the Qing Meng space.

During these ten years, his cultivation level had completely consolidated at the middle stage of Immortal King, but there was no more progress. However, when it came to his fighting ability, Ye Mo believed that even a late Immortal King would not necessarily be his match. It had nothing to do with cultivation, he had come from the midst of killing all these years.

He didn’t know if Susu had ascended, how was Yingzhu, Jingwen and Qingxue. He didn’t know how Yimo was doing now, let alone how Xiao Yun was doing, these were all the people he had to hold on to. But he was already an Immortal King, yet he was unable to go and look for them, instead he was trapped in the middle of this Qingmeng space.

Although Ye Mo was here, as if he had become a king, this was not what Ye Mo wanted at all.

Shadowless and Little Ice Sen stood at Ye Mo’s side, both of them knew that the boss could not find a way out and was in a bad mood, so going to talk to the boss at this time would be asking for trouble.

The boundless star beasts were all in the distance, yet none of them came over, even if it was over twenty feet, as long as Ye Mo didn’t take the initiative to tease it, it would pretend not to see it.

“Boss, that tree is already five feet tall, I heard that as long as it grows to one foot tall, the tree can recognize its owner. But the further back you go, the harder it grows.” Little Ice Ginseng whispered at one side.

Ye Mo knew that Little Ice Ginseng was talking about the Chaos Tree, and he stroked Little Ice Ginseng’s head and said, “Not bad, you’re already doing your best. As for when you can grow to a ten feet tall, just let nature take its course.”

Seeing that Little Ice Ginseng had been praised, Shadowless immediately said with a twinkle in his eye, “Boss, have you noticed that these star beasts are afraid of us though ……”

The little ice ginseng unceremoniously interrupted Wu Ying’s words, “Don’t be pretty, those star beasts are not afraid of us, they are afraid of the boss, why do you always like to put a halo on yourself.”

Shadowless said sarcastically, “At least I was able to devour a group of star beasts, but you didn’t contribute a bit.”

Ye Mo waved his hand to interrupt the two guys’ bickering and said directly, “Are you trying to say that these star beasts are adamantly not allowing us to go to the River Forest Valley in the northwest?”

As for the southeast and northwest, which was completely redrawn by Ye Mo here, the River Forest Valley in the northwest was an extremely unique place. Almost all star beasts that exceeded twenty feet were concentrated there, and there were also upside down rivers and some trees without branches and leaves there. Probably the only place with trees in this Green Monarch space was in that place, so it was named River Forest Valley by Ye Mo.

Inside the valley was so dazzling with greenish monsoon that divine sense could not sweep in. Although Ye Mo and his trio had approached several times, they were all stopped by star beasts that were beyond twenty feet.

Although those star beasts were unable to do anything to Ye Mo, the three Ye Mo were also unable to do anything to those star beasts. At the end of the day, Ye Mo knew that with his current strength he was still unable to rush into the River Forest Valley, so he simply took Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng and bypa*sed the River Forest Valley.

Shadowless hurriedly said, “I mean those star beasts that are beyond ten feet have been flocking to the River Forest Valley recently, I don’t know what’s going on, but very few star beasts below ten feet have gone over.”

Only when Ye Mo heard Shadowless’ reminder did he pay attention, and he really found that all the star beasts here were under ten feet. Since he didn’t even kill many star beasts lately, and since those star beasts fled when they saw him coming, he didn’t notice this situation. It was Shadowless who would occasionally devour one or two star beasts that it didn’t like, but it was just too difficult for Shadowless to advance to Immortal Taos, even though it had devoured star beasts for ten years, it was still hovering at the peak of Heavenly Taos.

After discovering that there were really no star beasts above ten feet here, Ye Mo immediately sensed that something had happened in the River Forest Valley.

“Let’s go take a look too.” Just as Ye Mo finished saying these words to Wu Ying, he heard a hissing sound coming from him, followed by several star beasts that were beyond ten feet suddenly rushing into Ye Mo’s divine sense.

Ye Mo shook his head, he was still talking to Wu Ying about not being able to see the star beasts above ten feet, but in the blink of an eye, star beasts above ten feet had already appeared.

However, Ye Mo soon sensed that something was wrong, all these star beasts flying over were missing arms and legs, and had panicked faces.

A few of the star beasts that ran ahead of Ye Mo did not wait for Ye Mo to make a move before opening their big mouths and then shouting while pointing in the direction of the River Forest Valley with an anxious look.

Ye Mo let go of the thought that he was going to sacrifice the Purple Sandal, looked at the star beast in front of him suspiciously and asked, “What do you mean? Could it be that something has happened in the River Forest Valley? Do you want to ask me to help?”

The star beast at the head immediately nodded continuously after hearing Ye Mo’s words, obviously Ye Mo was completely right, something had exactly appeared in the River Forest Valley and they were asking Ye Mo to help.

Ye Mo frowned for a moment, he guessed that the River Forest Valley wasn’t some kind of exit either, it should be a place for the star beasts to cultivate. Because of this, he had no intention of necessarily going in after he couldn’t get in. But when his cultivation level was high, he would definitely still want to go and have a look. Right now, even star beasts over twenty feet and so many beyond ten feet were no match, so the ones these star beasts met must be extremely ferocious.

Between Ye Mo’s hesitation, Shadowless immediately said, “Boss, these green-haired tampered goods are obviously trying to harm us, something they can’t even defeat and want to call us to help, they definitely don’t have good intentions.”

Little Ice Ginseng agreed with Shadowless for once, and also hurriedly said, “That’s right, Boss, these ramming b*****ds might really have bad intentions.”

Both Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng had seen how terrifying star beasts that were more than twenty feet long were, and even such star beasts were no match for each other, so it was obvious what would happen to them in the past.

Ye Mo knew that the star beast was not cunning, he said after a moment of contemplation, “Go and take a look, if you can’t, run away.”