DYM Chapter 1853

“An Immortal King can just kill people in my Jade Completion Heaven Ascension Hall?” The green-robed old man said with a cold snort as he landed and looked at Yin Huun.

Yin Huun gestured for Su Jingwen to stand behind him before he clasped his fist at the old man and said, “A Golden Immortal dares to make a move on my friend’s Daoist couple, what harm would it do for me to kill him?”

A peak Immortal King, although he couldn’t defeat him, wasn’t afraid either. He had seen countless Immortal Emperors, so how could he be afraid of an Immortal King? Besides, he himself was also an Immortal King as well.

“A cultivator who has just ascended?” When that green-robed old man saw that Yin Huun was not afraid of him, he was a little more cautious and looked at Su Jingwen before he added a question.

“Yes, senior, my junior is none other than a cultivator who has just ascended. That person wanted to make a move on me, so big brother Yin took the initiative.” Su Jingwen hurriedly said.

“What was going on just now, someone tell me.” If it was an ordinary person, this green-robed old man would have already used his strength, Yin Huun was not only an Immortal King, but he was not the least bit afraid when he saw himself, which made him be careful.

Who dared to say anything in the face of the Mochizuki Immortal Sect? That Immortal Receiver of the Moon-Moon Immortal Clan hurriedly stepped forward and bowed, “Senior, this is how it is. She was a cultivator who had just ascended to the Luo Yue Continent, and that Golden Immortal who was killed by Senior Yin had seen her beauty, so he wanted to use force. Elder Yin was angry because he knew an elder from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.”

This Immortal from the Mochizuki Immortal Sect who had met him had by now believed that Su Jingwen was really an ascended one from the Luo Yue Continent, and as for her lying before, she should have been careful. He had almost let Su Jingwen suffer because he had made a mistake, and it would be idiotic not to come out and take credit at this time.

As for whether or not the Golden Immortal who was killed was motivated by lust. No one knew. But Su Jingwen was provoked before she struck. All could see that.

Although some people knew that this Immortal of the Moon-Moon Immortal Sect was not speaking the truth. But no one was willing to stand out and say more at this time.

Some people had already recognised that the green-robed old man who had come was Lu Yong, the Vice Lord of the Heavenly Alliance, the Sovereign of the Mo Yue Immortal Clan who had publicly destroyed the Heavenly Lord’s House of Yue Heng Tian and then disappeared together with Lu Zhengqun and Immortal Long Tian, and he had not even gone to the Mo Yue Immortal Clan to say a word, so it was strange that anyone would come forward to speak for that Golden Immortal at this time.

This green-robed old man was indeed Lu Yong, the Vice Lord of the Heavenly Lord Alliance. More than ten years ago, when Ye Mo disappeared together with the Heavenly Lord Alliance’s Immortal Sovereign Chang Tian and Lu Zhengqun, he knew that the Immortal Sovereign Chang Tian had most likely fallen. As for whether that Immortal King Luo of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect had also fallen, he was not sure yet.

But no matter what. Before he had advanced to Immortal Sovereign, he would not go looking for trouble with the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. Now that he heard that this matter involved the Mo Yue Immortal Clan, he had long since stopped wanting to care. To offend the Mo Yue Immortal Sect for a mere Golden Immortal, unless he was out of his mind.

Thinking of this, Lu Yong looked at the people around him and said with a cold snort, “Anyone who dares to make a move against a newly ascended cultivator in the future will be killed without amnesty.”

After saying this, Lu Yong once again looked at Yin Huon with cold eyes and said, “If you dare to make a move against a newly ascended cultivator, you should indeed be killed, but it’s not your turn to kill a foreign Immortal King. If you dare to kill someone in the Hall of Ascension, don’t blame me for being ungracious to the Heavenly Lord Alliance.”

Lu Yong finished. The aura on his body immediately shot up wildly, and the surrounding immortals instantly retreated. In fact. Lu Yong did not want to fight Yin Huon at all, but unfortunately, he was riding a tiger. Who had told him to mind his own business? He had come here to take a turn and had wanted to make a statement to vent his recent depression, but he had never expected to meet a tough fight.

The immortals of several immortal cities and sects in the Lower Heaven Domain had been devoured one after another for no apparent reason, and as the vice-leader of the Celestial Lord Alliance, it was obvious that he had to look into it.

Yin Huun could of course see that what Lu Yong wanted was just a stepping stone, and he was about to say a few words of ceremony when he heard a terrifyingly huge hiss coming from the air, and the next moment nine huge, ugly heads appeared from the air. A line of slime thicker than a bucket of water dripped down from the heads, disgusting beyond belief.

“Nine-headed Void Devouring Insect?”

There were too many people with insight in the Immortal World, and almost all of them had already recognized the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect the moment it came out.

Countless Immortals who saw this Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect immediately all frantically sacrificed their magic treasures and fled in droves.

The nine headed Void Devouring Insects are vicious insects that cultivators raise with their divine souls, whose mouths can devour space and whose saliva can corrupt everything. When its nine souls are united, it is already invincible in the world of cultivation. When the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect reaches the Immortal Realm and devours a large number of immortal beings, it will grow a crown. Once the crown appears on top of the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect’s head, even Immortal Kings can be devoured.

However, the crown of the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect is also divided into five colours: red, green, cyan, purple and gold. The red crowned Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect is still the most common king insect, and an ordinary Immortal King is no match for it. As for the purple crowned Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect, even Immortal Emperors are not afraid of it. A nine-headed Void Devouring Insect with a golden crown is generally not available.

And right now this Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect’s crown was already light green, this level of Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect was simply an unbeatable existence in this place.

When Lu Yong saw this Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect, he immediately understood that it was this Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect that was responsible for the destruction of all those Immortal Cities and Immortal Sects before. If it was something ordinary, he would still have the courage to fight, but against a Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Bug of this level, even he was defenseless. What’s more, it was still unknown whether this Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect had a master.

Therefore, the first time he saw this Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect, Lu Yong did not even think about it and raised his hand and disappeared with a vanish light.

The remaining heads in the immortal city were sucked in casually, and a black shadow was carried to chase after him.

The moment he saw the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect, Yin Huan knew it was over.

He had already prepared to give this Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect a blow before he died, or at least make it suffer some light injuries, but to his surprise, the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect actually just took a mouthful and went after the green-robed Immortal King.

Even with a casual suck from the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect, fifty to sixty percent of the immortals on the ground had already disappeared. Those who could stay alive were all above some immortals. Su Jingwen would have been similarly sucked away if not for Lu Yong’s magic treasure covering her.

Yin Huun knew perfectly well that once this Nine-Headed Void Devouring Bug had chased after Lu Yong, the first time it would come and devour everyone in this Immortal City, to escape was obviously now.

Without hesitation, Yin Huun slapped out a talisman, which instantly swept Su Jingwen up, and he himself similarly slapped out a talisman.

Two flashes of evanescent light pa*sed by and Yin Huun and Su Jingwen disappeared from the city. Countless immortals took out their own transport talismans and fled the city as soon as they could. At this moment, the immortal city was filled with all kinds of transporting lights.

Lu Yong frantically flew away, but the speed of the nine-headed Void Devouring Insect was even more powerful than his. Seeing that he could no longer escape, Lu Yong simply turned around and sacrificed a yellow lamp and smashed it down.

The moment the yellow lamp was sacrificed by Lu Yong, hundreds of yellow flames were emitted, which were only as thick as a thumb when they first appeared, but by the time they got close to the nine-headed Void Devouring Insect, they had already become arm-thick and were still getting thicker.

After these hundreds of yellow lights, surprisingly, hundreds of yellow lights spawned again, and these yellow lights were still getting more and more.

The Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect that had been chasing Lu Yong did not expect Lu Yong to have such strength, and in haste, it was swept by several yellow lights, and immediately several bloody holes appeared on the top of its head, and dirt-like blood flowed out.

At this moment, the nine-headed Void Devouring Insect was immediately enraged, and its nine huge heads hissed in anger at the same time, spewing out countless lines of black mist-like water at the same time.

The yellow light of the yellow lamp was immediately dimmed by the excitement of these black mist-like water lines. And Lu Yong’s Immortal King’s domain was also crippled by the black mist-like water threads. In just a short time, his Immortal King’s Domain dissipated without a trace.

As soon as Lu Yong felt his Immortal Energy lag, he understood that he was completely controlled by the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect. The strength of the Nine-Headed Void-Devouring Insect was even more powerful than he had imagined, so Lu Yong dared not continue to fight, and he once again burned his immortal energy to inspire his evasion technique.

But he had just fled away when a huge, ugly head opened its mouth and bit down.

When the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect opened its mouth, it was still some distance away from Lu Yong, but by the time the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect bit down, the space between Lu Yong and the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect had already disappeared into thin air.

“Space Devouring ……” Lu Yong only had time to say four words before he was swallowed by this Nine-Headed Void Devouring Insect in one bite. Lu Yong could not have imagined on his deathbed that he would end up being swallowed by a worm after being so careful and cautious.

The Void Devouring Insect that swallowed Lu Yong did not even stop, turned around and rushed towards the Xihao Immortal City once again. Those immortals in Xi Hao Immortal City who did not have time to flee were swallowed by the nine-headed Void Devouring Insect one after another, and in just a short period of time, the lively Xi Hao Immortal City turned out to be like a ghost city.


In front of the Ascension Hall in Jade Finished Tianchuan Pond Immortal City, Yin Huan was looking at a Xuan Xian in front of him with an anxious face and said, “Immediately send Su Jingwen to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, then tell the several Immortal Kings that the Nine Headed Void Devouring Insect has appeared and tell them to deal with it carefully, I have urgent business to leave.”

This Xuan Xian was none other than the one from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect who had stayed in Chuan Chi Immortal City to welcome the ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent. After Yin Huun had used the Transport Talisman to bring Su Jingwen here, he asked this person to send Su Jingwen to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect in Gong Hua Heaven, and in fact only accompanied Su Jingwen on a few teleportation arrays.

Yin Huun himself, however, was so anxious that he had to bring the matter of the Nine-Headed Void Devouring Worm appearing in the Lower Heavenly Domain to the Upper Heavenly Domain. Luckily, he knew that there was a teleportation array from the Lower Heavenly Domain to the Middle Heavenly Domain, and this teleportation array was in the Extreme Wind Sky. However, this transmission formation would not normally be activated unless it was a major event in the Heavenly Domain.