DYM Chapter 1852

Su Jingwen looked at the qualification testing magic treasure in front of her, but did not reach out to test it. She was certainly clear about her own qualifications, and in the entire Luo Yue Continent, it was estimated that there was no one with better qualifications than her. Otherwise she would not have been the first to ascend to the Immortal Realm in such a short period of time.

And these people came to test her qualifications, obviously to take in disciples, once they found out that she had good qualifications, these people would definitely not just let her go.

“Put your hand into the hand seal of the testing immortal weapon, this immortal weapon can determine which level your qualifications belong to based on your qualifications and also your bone age.” The extremely fat cultivator said with a smirk as he looked at Su Jingwen.

This testing magic treasure of his was far inferior to Ye Mo’s testing door, the testing door refined by Ye Mo could judge a person’s good or bad qualifications based on a combination of factors such as bones, spiritual roots, perseverance, and enlightenment, while this testing immortal artifact could only judge based on immortal spiritual roots and bone age.

“Sorry ah, I don’t quite want to join these sects, my husband is in Gong Hua Heaven, I just want to go to Gong Hua Heaven to find my husband.” Su Jingwen gritted her teeth and said, she didn’t know if she would anger the other party by saying that.

Before that fatty could say anything, a person next to her hemmed and hawed and said, “Looking for a daoist couple, there are many here, why go to Gong Hua Tian ……”

Su Jingwen glared angrily, the man saw Su Jingwen’s eyes were not good, but he said without the slightest shock, “I was the one who just said that, what? I would like to see what you just said. I’d like to see how you, a newly ascended Void Immortal, can kill me, a Golden Immortal, haha ……”

Su Jingwen turned around and left, she knew that she had just ascended and could not beat anyone here, not to mention that she also knew that she certainly could not make a move here.

“Haha ……” the immortal who had just maliciously mocked Su Jingwen laughed and said again. “It’s better not to go after your husband. A little gra*shopper like him. It’s probably too dead to die long ago, it’s better to run a few steps less, it’s readily available here ……”

That fat man also had a sunken face, Su Jingwen actually dared to leave without testing. However, not waiting for him to reprimand Su Jingwen, Su Jingwen had already sacrificed her double moon ice blade. Daring to curse Ye Mo to death was already offending Su Jingwen’s bottom line, so how could she care about anything else.

With two white lines of ice, the Twin Moon Ice Blade stabbed at the immortal who had just laughed, as swift as lightning.

The people around her saw Su Jingwen take the initiative to strike. They shook their heads one after another. The rule here was that immortals of high cultivation and those who had ascended first were not allowed to make a move against a cultivator who had just ascended, and the Hall of Ascension did not allow it either. But if a cultivator with a low cultivation level dared to make a move against an immortal here, then there was no need for the high cultivation level to be polite; this high cultivation level could dispose of the low cultivation level at will.

The fact that Su Jingwen had been provoked to make a move first meant that the other party could dispose of Su Jingwen at will.

“Ka ka ka.” With two sounds, this Golden Immortal just casually offered up his attacking magic treasure, and Su Jingwen’s Double Moon Ice Blade was broken and thrown to the side. As a Golden Immortal, where would he even put his eyes on such a low-level attack against Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen saw her Double Moon Ice Blade being broken. In her heart, she became furious, this Double Moon Ice Blade was still given to her by Ye Mo. It was more of a memento than a magic treasure, and now that it had been broken, how could she still be calm.

Su Jingwen was just about to rush up and grab the Double Moon Ice Blade when she heard a voice transmission come over, “You, a newly ascended cultivator, still don’t hurry and run away, daring to offend an immortal here is simply looking for death.”

Hearing these words, Su Jingwen was suddenly alerted that this was not the Cultivation Realm anymore, but the Immortal Realm. She was not in any position to speak at all, and now she could only find Ye Mo first. Thinking of this, Su Jingwen forcibly twisted her body and rushed out of the outer hall of the Ascension Hall.

The Golden Immortal had cleaved Su Jingwen’s magic treasure with a single move, and when he saw Su Jingwen’s figure, he knew that Su Jingwen would come to snatch her magic treasure. He planned to wait for Su Jingwen to come up and snatch the magic treasure before making a move on Su Jingwen, so that it would look as if Su Jingwen had sent it to her door.

Only what he hadn’t expected was that Su Jingwen had just launched her figure and turned the direction, directly rushing out of the Ascension Hall.

This Golden Immortal froze for a moment and immediately gave chase. Seeing this, the obese cultivator from the Three Talents Jade Immortal School immediately followed him, and the rest of the people in the Hall of Ascension saw that there was something lively to see and followed him out.

How could Su Jingwen not know at this moment that she had caused a great deal of trouble? The immortal she had attacked was already reaching out to grab her.

Just then, she looked up and saw a huge sign outside the Ascension Hall, which read, “The Mochizuki Immortal Sect welcomes ascended practitioners from the Luo Yue Continent.

Without even thinking, Su Jingwen rushed over and grabbed a corner of that sign and said loudly, “I am the cultivator going to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.”

When the Golden Immortal who was chasing after her saw that Su Jingwen had grabbed the Mo Yue Immortal Sect’s sign, she did not continue to grab it with her hand, but only sneered and said, “The Mo Yue Immortal Sect only welcomes ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent, what does it matter if you are an ascended cultivator from the Xuan Yuan Vault Continent? Besides, if you dare to make a move against me in the Ascension Hall, I will definitely take you away.”

At this moment, the immortal who first questioned Su Jingwen looked at her suspiciously and asked, “Didn’t you say before that you came from the Vault Continent? Why did you ascend from the Luo Yue Continent again?”

Su Jingwen was speechless, surprisingly speechless.

The immortal shook his head, he was already sure that Su Jingwen had insisted that she was from the Luo Yue Continent because she wanted to escape from the other side’s poisonous hands. Although the Mochizuki Immortal Sect was strong, it would not stand up for such things, not to mention, how often did such things happen in the Immortal Realm?

Seeing that the immortal from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect shook his head, Su Jingwen was greatly anxious, she guessed that this Immortal Sect should be the one established by Ye Mo when she saw the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. Now that the other party didn’t acknowledge her, how could she not be anxious, she hurriedly said, “My husband’s name is Ye Mo, you should know him from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.”

What puzzled Su Jingwen was that the immortal from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect looked at Su Jingwen and shook her head, “Sorry, I really don’t know any Ye Mo.”

What Su Jingwen did not know was that very few people knew about Ye Mo as the Mo Yue Immortal Sect’s Patriarch, even Lu Feng only found out about it later. As for the others, they were even more ignorant.

“Haha, keep making it up ……” The Golden Immortal who chased out really thought that Su Jingwen was from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, and was startled by Su Jingwen’s words at first, but now that he heard that no one from the Mo Yue Immortal Sect knew who Ye Mo was, where was his concern?

“Huh, you’re Brother Ye’s daoist couple?” A surprised voice suddenly interrupted the Golden Immortal’s words to ask.

Su Jingwen immediately said, “Yes, senior, junior’s daoist partner is really Ye Mo, he said that I should go to Gong Hua Heaven and wait for him.”

Su Jingwen could not see the other party’s cultivation clearly at all, but she knew that there was always nothing wrong with calling him senior, his cultivation was definitely much higher than hers.

“What credentials do you have?” As this voice fell, a square-faced man landed in front of the crowd. After this man landed, no one could tell his cultivation level.

“Senior, this woman has just ascended, and she dares to make a move against the immortals of the Ascension Hall. And not a single word she said just now was true.” When that Golden Immortal saw that this man seemed to be coming out to help Su Jingwen speak, he hurriedly intervened and said.

“Get lost.” The man stared at this Golden Immortal and shouted coldly.

Su Jingwen immediately took out a crystal photo and handed it to the other man and said, “Senior, this is the image of my husband.”

The man didn’t even take it, he just swept it with his divine sense and said with a big smile, “It’s really true, just put the photo away. Brother Ye, I’ve finally helped you a little.”

After saying that this square-faced man said to Su Jingwen, “My name is Yin Huan, from now on you can just call me by my name, I am friends with Ye Mo, he has always helped me, this time I happened to come and join him, I didn’t expect to be able to help him, it’s really great.”

Among all the friends Ye Mo knew, Yin Huun’s origins were the most mysterious. However, Yin Huun was a very righteous person, and the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ that Ye Mo brought to Thistle, he also shared one with Yin Huun.

This time, Yin Huun was promoted to Immortal King and came to the Lower Heavenly Domain not to join Ye Mo, but to repay him. Since Ye Mo was opening a clan in the Lower Heavenly Domain, he came to strengthen his voice for Ye Mo. However, he did not expect that he would meet Ye Mo’s daoist couple, Su Jingwen, when he pa*sed through the Jade Completion Heaven, which made him happy. In his opinion, although it wasn’t much of a favour, helping Su Jingwen a little bit was always a way for him to return a little favour to Ye Mo.

“Yes, big brother Yin.” Su Jingwen hurriedly called out in surprise. Of course she wouldn’t call Yin Huon directly, she could tell that Yin Huon’s cultivation level was very high, even to a level she couldn’t have imagined.

“Is this the mole that was about to make a move on you just now?” Yin Huun asked, pointing at the Golden Immortal who had just tried to make a move on Su Jingwen.

Su Jingwen nodded, and before she could say anything, that Golden Immortal immediately said in a trembling voice, “Senior, junior ……”

“Dare to deceive this king, go to hell ……” Yin Huun raised his hand and sent a sword qi, this Golden Immortal just said four words and was immediately beheaded by Yin Huun.

Killing was not allowed at the entrance of the Hall of Ascension, but when an Immortal King wanted to kill a Golden Immortal here, no one dared to come out and say a word at all.

The fat man from the Three Talents Jade Immortal School had wanted to take the clan out, but after hearing Yin Huun say the word this king, he no longer dared to say more than half a word, and shrank carefully into the outer hall of the Ascension Hall in a gray manner.

When Su Jingwen saw that Golden Immortal being killed by Yin Huun, the first thing she did was to rush over and take that Double Moon Ice Blade in her hands.

“Hmph, so what if it’s an Immortal King? Can an Immortal King just kill at the entrance of my Jade Completion Heaven Ascension Hall?” An icy cold voice rang out at the same time Su Jingwen picked up the Twin Moon Ice Blade.

Immediately afterwards, a mighty pressure so strong that it was Yin Huen who couldn’t help but retreat several steps under such a powerful pressure.

An old man in green robes suddenly appeared in front of the crowd, and as soon as Yin Huun took a look at this old man, he knew that this person was at least a peak Immortal King, or even at a half-step Immortal Dignity cultivation.