DYM Chapter 1847

“Boom” another muffled sound, Kai Nei’s fist and Ye Mo’s World Stone clashed together, and in just an instant, Kai Nei’s fist cracked open as if it was a turtle shell, followed by a click, and the entire fist disappeared without a trace.

After the endless river of blood brought up by the blood-coloured spear was split apart by Ye Mo, and the crazy killing power brought up by Ye Mo’s purple wings continued to roll in, Kai Nei knew that he would no longer be able to fight hard against his opponent. It wasn’t that he couldn’t beat Ye Mo, but because he hadn’t fused his fleshly body at all.

When Kai Nei’s divine sense clearly saw that his brow had slowly cracked under this slash of Ye Mo’s, he was no longer willing to continue to fight with Ye Mo. Before the slash came down, his brow was cracked, and once this slash came down, he had no physiology.

As the spear rolled backwards, the river of blood frantically surged towards Ye Mo’s Purple Sandal.

However, the momentum of the Purple Chop did not slow down at all, and the space in the void was pulled over by the Purple Chop. If the long river of blood brought up by the Kai You was like the sky rolling backwards, then Ye Mo’s Purple-blade was like an endless mouth, swallowing the blood-red backwards river with an open mouth.

After the purple-blade chopped into the river of blood, the river of blood instantly dissolved and dissipated into thin air. Only after the river of blood dissipated, the open you disappeared.

Immediately, Ye Mo’s divine sense domain stretched out, and a breath later, Ye Mo caught a hint of immortal energy fluctuation in the void.

It was the same as Kai Nei’s immortal spirit taking over, and he did it in front of Ye Mo. In Ye Mo’s opinion, Kai Nei was able to use Lu Zhengqun’s physical body and immortal energy, and with such a strong divine sense, he would definitely not be weaker than Yan Jiutian. It was just that he and Yan Jiutian had different ways of seizing the body.

The way Yan Jiutian took his body was to slowly ask for a saint emperor through his own cultivation, and there was no longer any difference between this kind of shedding and reincarnation. And Kai You seize the body was surprisingly able to perform even Lu Zhengqun’s Immortal Yuan, if not for the fact that he had to deal with his own killing moves. It was that he was once already a Saint Emperor. Of course it was also possible that he did it to cope with his own killing moves afterwards. And then hide in a place to slowly re-cultivate his immortal element and divine sense.

This person knew all of Lu Zhengqun’s secrets. He must have known about the existence of the ‘Chaos Tree’, and now that Kai Nei was at a time of weakness, how could Ye Mo let it go? After he found the immortal energy fluctuation where Kai Nei left, he immediately chased after him.

Kai Nei was indeed similar to what Ye Mo thought, he was able to make use of Lu Zhengqun’s immortal energy, apart from his powerful Yuan Shen, another main reason was that he knew Lu Zhengqun’s immortal energy and sea of consciousness too well. Being carried around by Lu Zhengqun. He was studying Lu Zhengqun’s immortal essence and sea of consciousness every moment.

Kai Nei knew that Ye Mo had an inferior divine weapon flying magic treasure, but he wasn’t worried, he believed that Ye Mo couldn’t even pounce on when he left.

However, Kai Nei soon knew that he was wishful thinking, the subtle spatial fluctuations of his departure had not fooled this Early Immortal King, and the other party not only caught up, but also got closer and closer.

At this moment, Kai Nei was truly a bit anxious, as long as he was given a year’s time, he would not fear Ye Mo at all anymore. However, Ye Mo did not even give him a quarter of an hour, chasing him closely. No matter what concealment technique he used, no matter what evasion technique he used. Ye Mo would soon be able to find out where his real body was and catch up with him.

It was a pity that he didn’t have any particularly advanced recluse talisman right now. If he had a recluse talisman, he believed that he could immediately get rid of Ye Mo’s tracking.

The two of them fled and chased, travelling further and further through the void. Kai Nei was experienced and had a powerful divine sense genesis, and was able to slowly fuse his physical body as he fled. And Ye Mo’s lower grade divine weapon was so fast that, together with his divine sense domain, he followed Kai Nei closely, not falling behind at all.

Kai Nei was depressed, he simply could not figure out where such a fierce Immortal King had come from. This kind of tracking tactic was simply impossible without a powerful divine sense domain. A powerful divine sense domain, then, required a powerful divine sense technique. And powerful divine sense techniques were usually only able to be performed by some ancient great powers. He did not understand from what source Ye Mo, a mere Immortal King, had gotten it.

If he didn’t still have a blood-coloured spear, he wouldn’t have been able to outrun his opponent’s lower divine weapon.

Ye Mo was just as depressed in his heart, he could obviously catch up with Kai You, but after a month had pa*sed, he himself didn’t even know where he was at now, and Kai You he still hadn’t caught up with. The main reason was that the speed of the lower grade divine weapon was stable, and it was difficult to speed up. And Ye Mo didn’t dare not to use the lower grade divine weapon, once he didn’t use it, he simply couldn’t keep the distance between him and Kai You.

The good thing was that Kai Nei could only step on the bloody spear and fly through the void, while he could fly through the void on the divine weapon Time and Space Shuttle.

Even so, Ye Mo did not want to give up. If he didn’t kill Kai Nei, there would be endless consequences. He had introduced Immortal Emperor Chang Tian and Lu Zhengqun into the void, and in fact his strategy was not wrong. However, there were accidents in everything, and the accident this time was that he could not expect Lu Zhengqun to have a Yuan Shen body following him.

If it was an ordinary Yuan Shen body, it would be fine, but this Yuan Shen body was able to stay outside his pursuit.

Another two months pa*sed and the distance between Ye Mo and Kai Nei did not look close, but they were not farther apart either.

If it wasn’t for this Kai Nei constantly changing routes and constantly hiding his form, Ye Mo was even planning to call out the little ice ginseng to help control the time and space shuttle.

Kai Nei was depressed at first, but after a few months had pa*sed, he settled down instead. He even began to speed up the process of fusing his flesh and immortal energy as he fled. As long as he did a vanishment spell or two every now and then, and changed direction suddenly and often, occasionally burrowing into the void rift again, he was not in danger of being chased down. He did not believe that he, a Saint Emperor, would still be caught up by a mere Immortal King. Even if he only had his immortal spirit alive to this day, he was still a Saint Emperor.

But occasionally, when he thought that he was a Saint Emperor and now he was being chased like a dog, he felt an inexplicable anger in his heart. Only he had ever controlled the life and death of others, when had his life and death come under the control of others?


The King Sealing Monument has ended, and both Immortal Kings with a high cultivation level and those with a low cultivation level have received their King Sealing titles.

In the Immortal King Monument Square in Moi Heaven, however, rumours spread that the Heavenly Lord of Yueheng Heaven and an Immortal Dweller had chased an Immortal King, and it was heard that all three had chased him into the void, and all three had ended up missing in the void. The disappearance of the three men was nothing new, but the fact that one of the missing men was an Immortal Sovereign was something else. An Immortal Sovereign chasing after an Immortal King and going missing instead was simply appalling. Of course, it was also possible that the Immortal King had a temporary matter and had not returned.

Only the Immortal Kings of the Celestial Lord Alliance knew that Immortal Sovereign Chang Tian did not have a temporary engagement, and if he had something, it was in the Extreme Wind Sky.

That was why Immortal Emperor Chang Tian should have returned to the Extreme Wind Sky at the first opportunity after killing that Patriarch of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. However, Immortal Long Tian did not return, nor did that Lu Zhengqun who appeared. Lu Zhengqun was the Heavenly Lord of the Yueheng Heaven, so why hadn’t he returned?

Not to mention the Vice Lord of the Heavenly Lord Alliance, even the rest of the Immortal Kings inside the Heavenly Lord Alliance sensed that something was wrong with this matter.

After the disappearance of Immortal Lord Chang Tian and Lu Zhengqun, the Heavenly Host Alliance did not hold another meeting. As for the choice of the Heavenly Lord of Yueheng Heaven, it was also put on hold for the time being. No one mentioned this matter either, although everyone was clear about it in their hearts.

As for the Mochizuki Immortal Sect and Mochizuki Immortal City, even more so, no one would touch the bad luck. As long as there was no news of the three, they would not bring up the matter again.

The celestial lord of Gong Hua Heaven, Ji Zhi Immortal King Meng Chang Shirt, was even more glad that he did not make a mistake, with the immortal lord of Chang Heaven going after that Mo Yue Immortal Sect’s patriarch, both of them disappeared, not to mention his mere celestial lord.


After the end of the seal of kings, Lu Feng’s Immortal King seal is the Ring Wing Immortal King, the Immortal King ranking is not low, in the lower celestial domain is also considered a superior existence. However, Lu Feng was a little worried, Ye Mo seemed to know that he was going to leave in general, and sure enough he escaped after he came out of the Sealed Position Tower before he could even seal the king. And the one chasing him had heard that there was also an Immortal Djinn, whether it was Lu Zhengqun, the Heavenly Lord of Yueheng Heaven, or that Immortal Djinn, Lu Feng was afraid that Ye Mo would have a very difficult time getting through.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do. She could only stay in the Mo Yue Immortal Clan, listen to Ye Mo’s words and help him guard the Mo Yue Immortal Clan and Mo Yue Immortal City. At the same time, she helped him to keep an eye out in the various celestial domains for any ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent.