DYM Chapter 1846

Only after killing the Long Heaven Immortal did Ye Mo collect the Long Heaven Immortal’s ring without panicking. After holding his breath and escaping for these half a day, he had finally collected some interest.

Lu Zhengqun did not flee, nor did he leave, he just swallowed several pills and stared at Ye Mo with a somewhat ugly face. It was as if the Changtian Immortal was given to Ye Mo to kill, and Ye Mo killed him so fast that by the time he reacted to Ye Mo’s incomparable treachery, the Changtian Immortal had already been decapitated by Ye Mo.

“It looks like this Junzi Immortal King of mine has to be given to you, you are the real Junzi.” Lu Zhengqun sneered when he saw Ye Mo coming over.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Lu Zhengqun, I don’t dare to take away this Junzi Immortal King of yours. While I am treacherous to my enemies, I am very different to my friends than you are to yours. You, on the other hand, I’m afraid, are very gentlemanly both to your friends and your enemies, aren’t you?”

“Sovereign Luo, you know that it is impossible to kill me even if you want to, so count me as Lu Zhengqun’s admission today and let’s leave it at that. From now on, you go your way, I’ll go mine.” Lu Zhengqun said slowly, without the slightest murderous intent on his body.

Ye Mo suddenly clapped his hands and said, “Good, it’s a deal ……”

“Click ……”

At the same time Ye Mo’s voice fell, his purple shooting head had already clashed with Lu Zhengqun’s Seven Star Sword. It was obvious that both Ye Mo and Lu Zhengqun had thought of the same thing, to sneak up on each other in an instant. Both of them did not use their divine powers in order to strike quickly.

As a result, the swords clashed together, stirring up a ** ripple of immortal energy in the void as the swords and sword lights spilled out in all directions.

“It looks like this Junzi title is really mine.” When the sneak attack failed, Lu Zhengqun once again sneered.

“I didn’t want your title of Junzi Immortal King in the first place.” Ye Mo finished speaking. The purple banking stalk was sacrificed. This divine move Lu Zhengqun had seen before. Rainbow.

However, unlike dealing with the Chang Tian Immortal King, Ye Mo was using his full strength in this move, whereas against the Chang Tian Immortal King, he was only using 80% of his strength.

Although Lu Zhengqun had a Yuan Shen body to help him, he was seriously injured at this time, and he did not really want that Yuan Shen body to take the initiative in his own body.

Seeing that Ye Mo had once again cast out the Rainbow, the Seven Star Sword was offered up by Lu Zhengqun at the same time, and this time Lu Zhengqun did not offer up one Seven Star Sword. Instead, it was seven seven-star swords.

Ye Mo, however, did not expect that at this point in time, Lu Zhengqun still had a backhand. Only one of these seven Seven Star Swords was real, while the remaining six were imitations.

“Hmph, you only used forty percent of your strength to spar with me at the Sealing Tower, and you even had to conceal twenty percent of your strength when facing an Immortal King. You do need the title of Junzi Immortal King ……”

Lu Zhengqun snorted coldly as seven seven-star swords flew up and spun around, forming a sword formation in an instant.

Ye Mo looked at this sword formation with disdain and laughed as coldly in his heart. How dare he play a sword formation in front of himself.

At this moment, he didn’t even have the thought of breaking the formation, facing the heavily wounded Lu Zhengqun. If he still had to solve this guy by breaking the formation, he was too inferior himself.

As soon as Ye Mo brought his hand, a huge mountain peak fell directly from the top of Lu Zhengqun’s head, this mountain peak would not be smaller at all than the great seal that Immortal Long Tian had sacrificed before.

This mountain peak gave Lu Zhengqun an extremely strange feeling, as if it had fallen across the void without any trajectory in the middle. At this moment, the Yuan Shen who was beside Lu Zhengqun could no longer hold back his shocked voice, “Spatial law divine ability?”

When it came to the word “Law”, how could Lu Zhengqun dare to relax in the slightest? He could not even afford to be shocked at this moment, as the Seven Star Sword Formation immediately met the World Stone Scales. In his haste, he could only additionally sacrifice another ordinary defensive immortal weapon, trying to block this rainbow of Ye Mo’s.

Dense clashing sounds rang out, and Lu Zhengqun’s defensive immortal weapon was split into pieces by Ye Mo’s rainbow in the first place.

The rainbow blade aura converged and turned into a long purple rainbow blasting towards Lu Zhengqun.

In this instant, a powerful domain stirred up, instantly blocking Ye Mo’s rainbow. Lu Zhengqun frantically retreated, and the purple-built rainbow still brought up a long bloody gash on Lu Zhengqun’s chest.

While blood spurted out sharply from the wound on Lu Zhengqun’s chest, his Seven Star Sword Formation was smashed right into the formation door by the World Stone Scales.

“With a continuous crunching sound, six of the seven Seven Star Swords in the Seven Star Sword Formation were shattered, and the only one was about to fall, but Lu Zhengqun forced it back. The seven-star sword that had not been smashed was the real sword.

How could Lu Zhengqun not know at this point that he was no match for Ye Mo? Not to mention the fact that he was at the end of his rope, even when he was at his full strength, he would still need the help of his Yuan Shen Body to defeat Ye Mo.

Lu Zhengqun withdrew his Seven Star Sword and retreated rapidly, he wanted to escape.

But at this moment, how could Ye Mo let Lu Zhengqun escape? There was an explosion in the void and countless lightning flashed as if it was an ocean of thunder sand, the lightning in this ocean of thunder sand instantly converged and formed a thick thunder lance that was black with golden tones that diagonally stabbed down from the void. And the surrounding void was instantly locked by this thunder spear.

“Senior Kai You, please give a hand to help ……”

Wrapped in the aura of this huge golden thunder lance, Lu Zhengqun’s heart was filled with despair. He really could not figure out why his opponent, who was only an early Immortal King, was so heaven defying. The Seven Star Sword in his hand had already been sacrificed, and he knew that this Seven Star Sword would definitely not be able to stop this kind of unstoppable thunder lance.

This thunder lance suddenly cut the air from the void, even reflecting the void a little cold with the black and golden aura of its entire body, and it was simply impossible for him to block it.

“Give me your body, or I won’t be able to block it either.” That Yuan Shen body said in a deep voice.

Lu Zhengqun’s heart was filled with despair, how did he know that Ye Mo was so powerful to this extent? With this kind of full power, not to mention him, even a peak Immortal King might not be a match for him. Even if he didn’t come, it was still unknown whether that Immortal Emperor Chang Tian could kill the other party.

He, Lu Zhengqun, had always counted on others, but this time, he had been counted on solidly. From the moment he entered the Sealing Tower, he had always been calculated by this guy who had ascended from the Cultivation World only a few decades ago. When he thought that he was so talented, but he was suppressed by a cultivator who had ascended for decades, Lu Zhengqun felt a pang of depression in his heart.

Seeing that the Seven Star Sword was about to crash into the lightning spear that came across the sky, Lu Zhengqun knew that if he did not make a decision. He would die without even a Yuan Shen. Although his heart was reluctant. He could only let go of his mind. Letting that Yuan Shen body control his sea of consciousness and body.

“Boom ……”

The unrelenting thunder spear directly struck the Seven Star Sword that was blocking it across the sky, and a bursting sound rang out as the Seven Star Sword instantly flew out. And the thunder spear only slightly slowed down before it blasted at Lu Zhengqun again.

The thunder spear went on its way and fell with a terrifying might that swept across the entire void. A ripple ripple rippled through the void, instantly enveloping the entire surrounding void in this shot.

“Poof ……”

Blood and flesh flew about as half of Lu Zhengqun’s body was blown apart by the thunder lance. And the thunder lance actually went straight through his body and rushed into the void.

The corners of Ye Mo’s eyes jumped. He knew very well the power of the Thunder Sand Avatar, it would definitely not just tear half of his body and spill into the void. Being stabbed by a thunder lance formed by thunder sand would definitely explode, but Lu Zhengqun only burst half of his body, or even said that he was carried by the edge of the thunder lance.

This was definitely not normal.

“Kai you old pipsqueak ……”

Lu Zhengqun’s incomparably angry voice rang out again, Ye Mo was startled, and the next moment he saw a shadow that was illusory to the extreme spill out. This shadow was clearly Lu Zhengqun’s genesis, only this genesis was also incomplete, it should have been damaged by his thunder spear stabbing just now.

But Lu Zhengqun, who had lost half of his body, grabbed the illusory shadow as if nothing had happened. He took it into his mouth.

Eating his own Yuan Shen by himself? Ye Mo only froze for a moment before he suddenly understood. Lu Zhengqun had been seized by someone, and this person who had devoured his shadow should be the same Yuan Shen body that was on Lu Zhengqun before. A fellow who could devour a Yuan Shen was definitely not of a simple origin. Shadowless could devour a Yuan Shen, that was a natural divine ability.

This fellow Lu Zhengqun deserved this kind of retribution, Ye Mo laughed coldly. At this moment, Lu Zhengqun, who had half of his body torn apart by the thunder lance, instantly recovered, and soon returned to the exact same shape as before. The only difference was that the half of the body that had grown up later had no clothes.

“Doll, Lu Zhengqun is dead, and the grudge between you has been settled. Now we don’t cross the river in well water and go our separate ways.” A hoarse voice came out of Lu Zhengqun’s mouth, and Ye Mo knew that this Lu Zhengqun had really been taken over.

A write off, Ye Mo sneered in his heart, believing that this person who had taken over Lu Zhengqun was willing to write off with him, then he, Ye Mo, might as well believe that Lu Zhengqun was a true gentleman.

This person was able to avoid the thunder sand so that the thunder spear could not be fully released, and even used the thunder spear’s attack to weaken Lu Zhengqun, so he knew that this person’s heart and strength was deeper than both him and Lu Zhengqun.

Ye Mo didn’t even say a word, and while the World Stone was being offered, he had already slashed out with another slash.

The sense of crisis this man gave him was far too powerful than Lu Zhengqun, at this time he did not take advantage of this man’s weakness to kill him to see, it would be too late to kill him when this man recovered his vitality.

When this Yuan Shen body called Kai You saw that Ye Mo even attacked him, he sneered and was not afraid, raising his hand and blasting at the World Stone Scale, while offering a long blood-coloured spear.

The spear swung out and seemed to bring up a long river of blood in the void, the smell of blood was so thick that it almost made people vomit.

If Lu Zhengqun was still alive at this moment, he could definitely see that Senior Kai You, who had previously been looking kindly at him, was like a demon king at this moment. Holding a river of blood spear in his hand, he rolled the blood-coloured killing Qi in the void.

The roaring sound in the void was incessant, carrying a river of red blood straight towards Ye Mo’s purple wing. These long rivers of blood linked together in the blink of an eye and fell as if the vault of heaven was rolling backwards.

“Boom ……”

A dull and muffled sound rang out, and the river of blood that was like a backwards roll of the sky was unexpectedly torn apart by Ye Mo’s purple-blade. And the unrelenting might of the blood river no longer had that aura of sweeping through the void and the sky after it was torn apart by Ye Mo’s slash.

“What divine ability is this?” Kai Nei cried out in shock.

“Let you try this king’s Rift Blade ……” After Ye Mo broke away this river of blood, his aura became even more powerful, and the Rift madly rolled the killing power in the void, even to crack the void as it slashed directly towards Kai Nei’s brow.