DYM Chapter 1845

Although Immortal Emperor Chang Tian was seriously injured, this time he struck with all his might, obviously not resting until he killed Lu Zhengqun.

The tens of miles square great seal smashed into Lu Zhengqun, and Lu Zhengqun’s Seven Star Sword also brought up seven star trails.

Although the great seal and the star trails had not yet collided, the powerful fluctuations of immortal energy were already like an ocean, majestic and undulating. Immortal Emperor Chang Tian’s huge seal had completely covered the surrounding void, and Lu Zhengqun had no possibility to dodge under this huge seal. The only thing he could do was to use his immortal energy and divine sense to fight the Long Heaven Immortal once more.

He saw very clearly that Lu Zhengqun was not doing it alone, he also seemed to have a Yuan Shen body on him, and that Yuan Shen body’s divine sense was incredibly powerful, and it could stretch out to block the domain of the Chang Tian Immortal.

It was precisely because Immortal Emperor Chang Tian’s domain did not have the slightest effect on Lu Zhengqun, and because Immortal Emperor Chang Tian respected his wounds, that Lu Zhengqun was able to barely cope with Immortal Emperor Chang Tian.

The Seven Star Sword brought up seven bright starbursts, reflecting even this hazy void with starbursts leaping under the huge pitch-black square seal.

“Boom boom ……”

The seven star sword’s sword aura and the spatial ripples from the huge seal were spilling out in all directions, crashing into the void and bringing forth a sound that was like piercing gold and cracking stone.

As soon as the first wave of seven starlight sword arrows struck the huge seal mark, the mark immediately slowed down and even shrank. He did not wait for the first wave of seven star trails to dissipate before the Seven Star Sword once again brought up seven star trails out of thin air, and these seven star trails crashed into the Immortal Emperor Chang Tian’s seal mark again with almost no gap.

The sound of “boom boom” became more and more intense, while the spilled immortal energy and the starlight and sword aura inspired by Lu Zhengqun’s Seven Star Sword rolled together, and the colours in the turbulent void became richer and richer.

After the third time, he continued to blast out seven more sword auras. Lu Zhengqun’s Seven Star Sword finally slowed down, and at the same time, Lu Zhengqun spurted out several mouthfuls of jīng blood one after another.

At this moment, the Immortal Emperor of Chang Tian still did not know that Lu Zhengqun had also concealed his strength before, he once again let out a stifled grunt and offered up the red-silver giant axe.

Ye Mo was secretly shocked in his heart, he never thought that Lu Zhengqun would be so powerful. Even if he had the help of a very high ranked Yuan Shen body, Lu Zhengqun’s strike was still a bit outrageously powerful. Of course, Ye Mo did not know that Lu Zhengqun was already having a hard time at this point.

Not only did he now have to rely on that Yuan Shen body to help him block the Immortal Sovereign’s domain, even if he were to cast the Seven Star Sword and kill the Immortal Sovereign of Chang Tian against him. He also needed the divine sense help of that Yuan Shen body.

This was greatly contrary to Lu Zhengqun’s previous thoughts, although that Yuan Shen body was under his control and he usually respected it. However, he had never thought of opening up his consciousness completely to the other party, in which case, once the other party backfired. He would not be able to eat his way out. Unfortunately, at this moment, he was already riding a tiger, and his sneak attack had surprisingly failed to shatter Immortal Long Tian’s dantian.

According to his calculations, his previous sneak attack would almost certainly have shattered the Immortal Emperor’s dantian. But the truth was, his sneak attack had indeed succeeded as he had thought, and Immortal Long Tian’s combat power had been lost by a small margin. However, this was still far from the destruction of the opponent’s dantian. This was because once the Dantian was broken, even if the Immortal Sovereign of the Long Heaven was powerful, he would not be able to continue to do anything.

Luckily, that Yuan Shen body did not have the intention of devouring him back, but wholeheartedly helped Lu Zhengqun block this Immortal Long Tian’s attack.

Although under the combined divine sense of Lu Zhengqun and that Yuan Shen body. Lu Zhengqun had barely been able to resist his opponent, but his immortal energy was too different from his opponent’s. He could only keep using his Seven Star Sword to stir up starlight sword aura, which was used to reduce the pressure on his immortal energy. Even so, he still could not stop the pressure of Immortal Emperor Chang Tian’s thick immortal energy. He spurted out several mouthfuls of jīng blood without stopping.

He felt his immortal energy getting drier and drier, as well as his sea of consciousness gradually becoming unable to control the Seven Star Sword. Lu Zhengqun’s heart was incomparably yīn. At this point, the scene was completely out of his control.

With Ye Mo healing on one side, he didn’t even have to expect Ye Mo to come to his aid in any way. If he didn’t think of something else, even if he blocked the big seal, the red axe would still split him in half. The Immortal Dweller was indeed no match for the Immortal King, and Lu Zhengqun knew very well that if it wasn’t for the help of that Yuan Shen body, he would have been killed long ago.

Lu Zhengqun put his heart on the line and burned his jīng blood and immortal energy one after another, and even his divine sense began to burn up. Even that part of his divine sense that did not belong to him, he also burned it up.

The Seven Star Sword became even more radiant in that instant, and the seven starlight sword maces that the Seven Star Sword had transformed into turned into meteor sword maces. And these seven meteor sword maces split again, one turning into seven again, forming forty-nine meteor sword maces that still did not stop splitting, each meteor sword mace likewise turning into seven.

In just the blink of an eye hundreds of meteor sword maces were transformed by Lu Zhengqun and blasted out at the same time.

In this void, as if fireworks suddenly bloomed, these hundreds of meteor sword mangles seemed to suddenly fall from the void, swiftly colliding with the huge seal of Immortal Long Heaven.

“Boom ……”

The huge seal mark was finally unable to stop this meteor sword aura from Lu Zhengqun, and was smashed away with a bang. However, the meteor sword aura did not weaken in the slightest, and as usual, it blasted the giant axe in an overwhelming manner.

Although the red axe was powerful, it was not the full strength of the Immortal Emperor of the Long Sky, so when it was rushed by the meteoric sword awnings, it became irrelevant.

Hundreds of sword arrows were mostly blocked, but the extra weakened sword arrows once again tore through the Immortal Emperor’s body with a loud ‘poof’ sound.

Even though Immortal Long Tian knew that Lu Zhengqun was also in a state of extreme weakness, he did not dare to stay here. Lu Zhengqun was nothing, but that Yuan Shen body beside him was too terrifying. If he stayed here any longer, he wouldn’t have to leave.

Without even thinking about it, Immortal Long Tian turned around and left, instantly bringing up a vanish light and disappearing from in front of Lu Zhengqun’s body. When Immortal Long Tian wanted to leave, Lu Zhengqun could not do anything, he could only watch the other party flee.

When Ye Mo saw that Immortal Long Tian was leaving, and he was still going in his direction, could he not know that this fellow was trying to take himself away on his way out.

He suddenly stood up and at the same time struck out with a fist.

Fist Dao divine Power, Void.

Immortal Emperor Chang Tian was being pressured by Lu Zheng Qun and was also seriously injured, at this moment, he wanted to catch Ye Mo, a small early Immortal King, and this guy still dared to resist, his heart was even more furious. This time he was considered to have turned over in the yī gutter and was actually counted by Lu Zhengqun in the void.

He had seen Ye Mo’s hands, and that slash was still decent, but even if this punch was as powerful as that slash, so what? He, Chang Tian, would not care about a small early Immortal King even if he was seriously injured. He didn’t even think about it, and while the Immortal King domain was extended, his big hand grabbed towards this fist of Ye Mo’s.

“Buzzing ……” muffled sounds were heard from near to far, and the surrounding void suddenly fluctuated in the air. At this moment, there seemed to be endless killing potential gathered from the void, and in the blink of an eye, these killing potential formed a killing potential vortex, which grew bigger and bigger, and the killing potential became stronger and stronger.

“Ka ka ka ……”

Already in a weakened state, Immortal Emperor Chang Tian realised that his Immortal Sovereign Domain had completely shattered open. He was shocked to find that the Immortal King’s Immortal King Domain of his opponent was not much worse than his weakened Immortal Sovereign Domain, and he was also shocked to find that his opponent still had a Divine Sense Domain.

But these were not the most important things, the most important thing was the other party’s punch. This fist swept up the void with a killing momentum, carrying a terrifying aura of destruction. It was as if anything in this nearby void would be destroyed without a trace as long as it was swept up by this fist.

Compared to the previous slash of the rainbow, how many times more powerful was this punch?

In fact, Ye Mo’s punch of emptiness was indeed more than twice as powerful as the previous slash, and he did not have the slightest idea of reserving his strength in this punch. Facing an Immortal Dweller, even if it was a seriously injured Immortal Dweller, to reserve his strength would be an act of seeking death.

What’s more, this punch of emptiness was the real divine ability, or a Fist Dao divine ability that carried the laws of space. That move of the rainbow was at best only a semi-divine ability.

“What a jiān cunning thing, how dare you hide your strength ……” The Long Heaven Immortal was once again shocked and enraged, the first time he was set upon by the jiān cunning Lu Zhengqun, but this time he was once again set upon by the jiān cunning Ye Mo.

What was even more frightening was that these two cunning guys were both top-tier and strong existences among Immortal Kings, even this Mo Yue Immortal Sect’s Patriarch was probably not much worse than a peak Immortal King. If Lu Zhengqun didn’t have the help of that Yuan Shen body, even he wouldn’t be a match for this person.

If he had known that Ye Mo was so powerful, even if Immortal Lord Chang Tian wanted what Ye Mo had on him, he would not have come to take it now, and even if he had to flee, he would have chosen a place to flee that was the furthest away from Ye Mo. In fact, he knew very well that among the three people who had fought so far, the first ‘injured’ Early Immortal King was the strongest, but he sighed that he had chosen the strongest place to make his move.

Even if he was even more shocked and angry, Immortal Emperor Chang Tian knew that he had to pawn this punch off.

It was just that even with his full strength at this moment, it was too late to block Ye Mo’s punch.

“With an explosive sound, Immortal Long Heaven’s arm was directly turned into nothingness by Ye Mo’s punch, and the next moment Immortal Long Heaven’s body collapsed in the middle of this punch, splashing blood and mist in the void.

“Hate to kill me too.” Immortal Emperor Chang Tian spat out his last four words, and even his Yuan Shen was blown away by Ye Mo’s punch.