DYM Chapter 1840

Ding Jing immediately clapped his hands and laughed, “Good, originally I didn’t believe it at all, but now I believe you. Ye Mo, you are definitely the first person in this Sealed Position Tower, taking us with you as the second and third person in the future as well. Saintess Yi Yi, Ye Mo only let you on for my sake, so let me be the second person later, and you can barely be the third person.”

In Ding Ring’s opinion, with Saintess Yi Yi’s temper, after she had said this, she would definitely retort back with disdain, as she was never considered weaker than others.

However, what Ding Jing did not expect was that Saintess Yi Yi said to Ding Jing in a very serious manner, “Just according to Senior Brother Ding, I can go up as long as I follow behind, as for the number one, that is all Yi Yi’s chance.”

Saintess Yi Yi knew very well that what Ding Ring said was right, Ye Mo was simply looking at Ding Ring’s face, he already considered Ding Ring as a friend. To her Yi Yi, Ye Mo was still a little wary. It was a gut feeling, there was no reason for it at all. With the other party’s personality that dared to destroy even the Heavenly Lord’s House, he probably didn’t put her, a Saintess, in his eyes either.

“Huh, Saintess Yi Yi, you don’t seem right, do you?” After hearing Saintess Yiyi’s reply, Ding Jing looked at Saintess Yiyi in surprise instead. Not only did Saintess Yi Yi not refute, she even changed her name to call herself Senior Brother Ding.

“Haha, good, I’ve finally gotten you to willingly come in third. Ye Mo, take us up, I want to go to the seventy-fourth floor.” After Ding Jing asked, he didn’t even wait for Saintess Yi Yi to answer before he said with a straightforward laugh.

Ye Mo, however, was very dry, since both of them wanted to go up, there was no need to continue wasting time. With a wave of his hand, he said, “Then go up.”

The three of them went from the seventy-third to the seventy-fourth floor, and then to the seventy-fifth floor ……

On the seventy-fifth floor of the Sealed Realm Tower, Ding Jing comprehended and executed his own divine curtain of gun moves, the Rain Curtain.

On the seventy-sixth level, Saint Yi Yi performed her first divine ability, Sword Cloud Kill …..

On the seventy-ninth floor, Ye Mo once again comprehended the succeeding divine ability of Wave Kill. Five Stacked Waves.

On the eightieth level, Ding Ring and Sage Yi Yi’s comprehension of the Immortal King’s Dao Rhythm went further.

When Ding Ring and Saintess Yi Yi awoke from this endless fusion of comprehension and cultivation, they found that the three of them had already reached the eighty-first layer.

“This has reached the top level?” Saintess Yi Yi awoke with a start.

Ding Jing was equally shocked as he looked at the three giant words ‘eighty-one’ suspended in the void of the tower level, and, like Saintess Yi, thought he was dreaming.

In the history of the Sealing Tower, few people had even entered the seventy-third floor, but now they had reached the eighty-first floor, which was the top floor. They stood at a new starting point in the Sealed Throne Tower. This achievement would most likely not be broken again.

Although they had only reached a few more tower levels of the Sealing Tower, the epiphanies they had had in their lifetime of cultivation combined would not be as profound as the insights they had gained from these few flights of stairs.

“I understand.” Ding Jing muttered.

Saintess Yi Yi did not reply, she likewise understood.

The true enlightenment in the Sealing Tower Sealing King was not in the room, but on top of the stairs. The greatest gain of enlightenment was also not the pale gold stained steps before the seventy-second level. Rather, it was the golden-silver ladder that began at the seventy-third level.

Both Saint Yi Yi and Ding Jing came from famous families, so of course they were clear about what they could feel inside the rooms of the Sealed Position Tower. It was because of this that they knew that what they were sensing could not be felt even if they stayed inside the Sealing Tower room for a year, not to mention a thousand years.

This was not an intuition, but a conclusion drawn from the golden sèd steps of the Sealing Tower.

Without going up to the seventy-third level of the Sealing Tower, one would never be able to achieve the highest level of achievement. Or one might not be able to attain the Dao in the future either. Both of them had gratitude rising in their hearts towards Ye Mo at the same time, it was Ye Mo who brought them from the seventy-second level to the eighty-first level, it was Ye Mo who fulfilled their Dao rhythm perception and divine ability fusion.

Ye Mo stood at the eighty-first level without moving, although he had gone up from the first level to the eighty-first level. However, he did not have the same sense of enlightenment as Ding Jing and Saint Yi Yi. If he had to say that he had an enlightenment, it would be that he had perfected several of his divine abilities and at the same time comprehended a new blade divine ability, the Rift, on the seventy-third level.

Ye Mo did not move, and neither did Ding Jing nor Saintess Yi Yi.

Halfway through the day Ye Mo suddenly looked back at the two and asked. “How much insight have you guys gained in this Sealed Position Tower?”

Yiyi Saintess and Ding Ring nodded their heads almost simultaneously, and Yiyi Saintess said, “A lot. Not only have I comprehended divine abilities, but I have also fused my own cultivation, while gaining an extremely deep understanding of the Immortal King Dao position. This understanding is simply not something that anyone else can tell you or even teach you.”

Ding Jing did not say anything, but nodded in agreement with Sage Yi Yi’s meaning.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not say anything, Saintess Yi Yi suddenly spoke up and asked, “Senior Brother Ye, you should have gained more than us?”

Even Ding Jing looked at Ye Mo expectantly, and Ye Mo pondered for a moment before saying, “I don’t have any cultivation or immortal king dao position perceptions apart from comprehending a few divine abilities.”

“How is that possible?” Saintess Yi Yi and Ding Jing said almost simultaneously, they were able to go up to the eighty-first level because Ye Mo brought them up, without Ye Mo, they wouldn’t even be able to go up to the seventy-third level, let alone the eighty-first level.

Now that even they had sensed the divine power, as well as fused their cultivation and also had some sense of the Immortal King Dao position, how could Ye Mo not have sensed anything?

However, Ye Mo said in a deep voice: “Ding Jing, I treat you as a brother before I say this, and I also know that you are a friend worth making. As for Saintess Yi Yi, I trust you as a person, and what I say here today will not be pa*sed on.”

“Ye Mo, don’t worry, although I, Ding Jing, am crazy. When I recognize a friend, I will definitely not be two-faced. I have met many Immortal Kings as well, but the only one who can make me admire Ding Jing is you, other than that, others I won’t even put in my eyes.” Ding Jing said without hesitation.

Saintess Yi Yi immediately followed, “Brother Ye, I, Tantai Yi, hereby swear that I will never reveal any of Brother Ye’s secrets. If I violate this oath, I will die in a thunderstorm.”

Ye Mo nodded, “Your surname is Tantai?”

“Yes, I was adopted by my master since I was a child, and my surname was still told to me by the master.” Saintess Yi Yi said in a hurry.

The fact that Tantai Yi changed her name to senior brother and called him Brother Ye was clearly a sign of respect and closeness to Ye Mo, and likewise a sign that she would never reveal any of Ye Mo’s secrets. As for Ding Jing not swearing, Ye Mo instead felt that this was only normal. With a person like Ding Jing. If he treated you as a friend, he was a friend. If he swore, then he didn’t treat you as a friend.

“Ye Mo, tell me, what exactly did you find out?” Ding Ring was already a bit impatient, he had sensed the true Immortal King Dao position on the golden sè staircase, and also sensed the true divine power technique, now he was just not interested in entering the eighty-first floor room.

Ye Mo nodded his head and asked, “Fairy Yi Yi. You and Ding Jing are both from the Emperor Sect, after the Great Battle of the Holy Emperors back then, has anyone else succeeded in attaining the Holy Emperor?”

Saintess Yi Yi hurriedly said, “Brother Ye, if you look up to Tantai Yi. Just call me Yi Yi directly.”

“Good, Yi Yi, tell me, have you ever heard of someone achieving Saint Emperor?” Ye Mo didn’t hesitate, to him, there wasn’t much difference between a Saintess and an ordinary person.

This question was answered by Yi Yi and Ding Jing without any hesitation at all, “No. I heard that after the Great Battle of the Holy Emperors back then, no more Holy Emperors were born. The most powerful ones are only half-saints.”

Saintess Yi added a little later, “I heard that the few people who were closest to being Saint Emperors. Eventually, they did not succeed in attaining the Dao. Those people were Yan Wu Dao who had attained the Dao in the Thirty-Three Heavens, Great Emperor Peng Yu who had attained the Dao through the seed of attainment, and the three most ordinary people, He Lin Gu, but in the end, these three people also did not succeed in attaining the Dao.”

Ye Mo sighed and said, “The Immortal Realm might not be the original Immortal Realm anymore. I have a new feeling after walking all the way through the Bit Immortal Tower, however. That is that the Immortal Realm rules are incomplete. Even anywhere in the Upper Heavenly Domain, the Immortal Realm rules are not complete. So if you cultivate in such a place where the rules are incomplete, even if your qualifications are unbelievable, you will not be able to attain the saint emperor, but at best, you will only be an immortal emperor.”

Of course, Ye Mo did not get these feelings on his own, he got them through the rules of the Golden Page World. Although the rules of the Golden Page World were also incomplete, at least it was still a complete world, while the Immortal World looked like this, it was split into thirty-three pieces.

“Ye Mo, do you mean to say that even if we try harder, we can only achieve Immortal Emperor at most, but not prove the Dao?” Ding Jing asked in shock.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “If I’m not wrong, that should be the case.” In fact, Ye Mo knew that if the rules of his Golden Page World were complete, he could completely not attain the Dao in the Immortal World and directly attain the Dao in his own Chaos World. But that was only relative to him, but useless to the rest of the people.

“I believe you.” Ding Jing’s face was equally grave, he was just as astonishingly talented, one of the most hopeful to attain the Holy Emperor. Moreover, he had an unafraid and powerful heart, and above cultivation, his aim was to be able to take three steps, and he would never take only two and a half steps.

Like Ding Quang, Saintess Yi Yi’s face was a little heavy. As a top genius, of course she also hoped that she would be able to attain the Dao in the future. However, she had the same intuition that Ye Mo was amazing, he wouldn’t lie to her about such things.

“Ye Mo, is there something else you haven’t said?” Although Ding Jing was big-hearted, he wasn’t stupid, on the contrary, he was also very attentive.

Ye Mo did not hide and said directly, “It might have something to do with the technique I cultivate, I sensed such a scene on this last nine levels of golden sè stairs, in the middle of a vast and boundless celestial domain, a round of red rays gradually slanted in the west, and as this red rays slanted in the west, this boundless celestial continent also slowly melted away, and finally some immortals looked at that westward slanting setting rays in despair But there was nothing they could do but to follow the slow melting away of this realm.”

“A vanishing realm, the immortal realm has twilight?” Saintess Yi Yi and Ding Jing said in the same voice in shock.

Ye Mo said in a deep voice, “I don’t know, but after this scene came out, I had an extra intuition that if I stay in this Sealed Position Tower, I will never be able to attain the Dao. It’s like being bound by a cage with a trace, and one day it will disappear without a trace like that one realm.”

“What then?” Saintess Yi Yi subconsciously asked, and then she knew she was asking nonsense, how would Ye Mo know what to do?

However, to her surprise, Ye Mo did not say that there was no way out, but said gruffly, “Go up to the eighty-second floor.”