DYM Chapter 1839

Saintess Yi Yi said indifferently, “Whether Ye Mo is worthy of being a friend or not, I am not very clear, I just know that there is some truth in what he said, as long as there is one percent hope, one should give it a try.”

Ye Mo’s actions on the immortal ship had already been heard by Saintess Yi. At this moment, when Ye Mo said that he was going to the seventy-third level and didn’t advise Ding Jing to stay, she immediately wanted to give it a try.

Once he went to the 73rd level to seal the king, that Immortal King position would definitely be twice as powerful as the 72nd level to seal the king. What’s more, if others could try, why couldn’t she? Cultivating Immortality was originally about competing for opportunities, and if nothing was competed for, where would there be so many opportunities?

Saintess Yi Yi insisted on going to the seventy-third level of the Sealing Tower, and Ding Jing said nothing more. Of course Ye Mo would say even less, he hadn’t seen Ding Jing climbing the seventy-second layer, but from the state of Yi Yi Sainted Maiden from the seventy-first to the seventy-second layer, Ye Mo doubted that Yi Yi Sainted Maiden could really go to the seventy-third layer.

The moment Ye Mo stepped onto the golden ladder, he felt that something was wrong. The pressure on this ladder leading to the seventy-third level was indeed about twice as strong as the ladder leading to the seventy-second level, but this was surprisingly not the main thing, the main thing was that this ladder also contained the pressure of sensing divine abilities.

In other words, if you have perceived a certain divine ability on this ladder, if you cannot integrate it before you walk up to the 73rd level, you will be directly pressurised down. Of course it doesn’t have to be a divine ability, or a cultivation doubt that has plagued you for a long time, etc., it’s all the same.

If there were no immortal yuan and divine sense pressure, with the ability of Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi to climb to the seventy-second level, they would have to comprehend one of the divine words with the help of this golden ladder. It was true that it would not have much effect. But that powerful pressure of divine sense and immortal energy. There was also spiritual pressure pressing down. How could one have the time and mental energy to perceive divine abilities, or even to comprehend them?

After just a few steps, Ding Jing and Saint Yi Yi’s faces turned pale. When Ye Mo saw this from the side, he knew that the two of them could not hold on any longer. Ding Jing might still be able to go up another step or two, but Yi Yi could be teleported away at any moment.

Ye Mo’s Immortal King Domain and Divine Sense Domain immediately stretched out without reservation, and a wall of Divine Sense blocked out. Almost as soon as Ye Mo’s Divine Sense Wall and and Immortal King Domain shielded Ding Jing and Yi Yi Sainted Maiden, the terrifying and crazy pressure all pressed down on Ye Mo.

Ye Mo’s face instantly turned as pale as ever. He communicated with the Golden Page World almost the instant this pressure came over, sending all of these rule pressures into the Golden Page World.

Even so, he was still trembling a little. Ye Mo could be sure that even if an Immortal Emperor came over, this kind of powerful rule pressure would not necessarily be able to stop it. If he didn’t have the Golden Page World, he would have been sent away long ago.

Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi had already risen in despair, that terrifying pressure was simply not something they could stop, and only at this point did the two realize how much their simple words from before would cost them. Saintess Yi Yi was even planning to be transported out. As for whether they could be teleported to the seventy-second or the first level, that could only depend on luck.

But the two soon sensed that something was wrong. That terrifying pressure instantly disappeared into thin air. Both of them were amazing people, and the next moment when they saw Ye Mo’s face pale and his body trembling a little, they immediately understood what was going on.

Ding Jing was about to speak when Saintess Yi Yi bellowed coldly, “Right now he is resisting the pressure of this golden step, once you distract him, it won’t do any good to the three of us, it will just make us get transported away faster. What we can do now is to seize the time to comprehend our divine abilities and then reduce the pressure on Ye Mo.”

Although the words were said like this, but in her heart, Saintess Yi was just as shocked as Ding Jing. This Sealing Tower was simply where the rules of heaven and earth were, and for Ye Mo to ignore the rules of heaven and earth and block the pressure for them, even if it was only for a dozen breaths, was shocking beyond belief.

At this moment, she also knew that she should not continue to think about those useless things, the main thing was that she and Ding Ring had to comprehend the divine ability of the Golden Staircase as early as possible to reduce Ye Mo’s pressure.

In fact, Ye Mo had already eased off at this point, after he had completely integrated the entire pressure given by the Golden Staircase into the Golden Page World, his pressure had been reduced to a minimum.

With the pressure lowered, Ye Mo immediately began to comprehend the Blade Technique Avatar once again, his Blade Technique Avatar was only lacking that little bit before it would be fully integrated and coherent. As Ye Mo’s comprehension became deeper and deeper, he continued to advance up the golden steps, and when he felt the need to go further, he subconsciously took a step forward.

Ding Jing and Yi Yi were also completely immersed in the divine ability’s comprehension at this time, they did not have any pressure, they only needed to put their minds and hearts completely into this comprehension.

And Ye Mo’s perception of the divine ability of the sword technique had surprisingly gradually influenced the two of them. As Ye Mo advanced, the two unconsciously followed behind Ye Mo.

When Ye Mo stepped out of the last step and entered the seventy-third floor, a complete divine ability of the sword technique formed naturally and in one piece. In the next moment, Ye Mo’s Purple Sharingan had already been raised and a slash was made, and purple lightning cut through the air.

Ding Jing and Saint Yi Yi only stepped onto the seventy-third floor after Ye Mo’s slash had been cleaved out. They had just reached the seventy-third floor when they felt a chill run through their bodies, and the space around them seemed to be able to move, carrying them towards the purple slash that Ye Mo had made.

The two of them hurriedly ran their immortal energy to stop the urge to rush towards the blade mane along with the space, and looked at the slash that Ye Mo had made with horror.

Even this incomparably thick space inside the Sealing Tower was cut by this slash with a black slit, and it was as if they saw the purple blade mane splitting the void, causing one’s heart and soul to go out of the body.

“Boom ……” The purple blade mane was like purple lightning splitting through the space on the seventy-third floor, leaving a constant purple scar that did not dissipate.

The slash had pa*sed while the surrounding space still seemed to be flowing, towards the middle of this slash trail. Some slight clicking sounds made it very clear to Ding Jing and Saint Yi that although Ye Mo’s move seemed to have ended, in fact it had not, and the killing intent of this slash was still pulling in all the life around it.

Looking at Ye Mo’s grip on the strange long blade, Ding Jing and Yi Yi Sage were silent. Ye Mo was still in the midst of his senses after this slash, but they knew that this slash was far beyond what the two of them could break.

They were still behind this slash and were so affected by it that once they took the brunt of this slash, there would be no more room for manoeuvre.

Ding Jing knew very well in his heart that although he had sensed the divine ability just now, he was unable to cast it out. If his divine ability could not be exercised, with this slash of Ye Mo’s he would not be a match for him. Compared to the amazingness of this slash, Ye Mo bringing the two of them into the seventy-third floor was rather not that shocking. Even if the two knew that taking the two of them into the seventy-third layer would be far more difficult than this slash’s comprehension. However, the stunningness of this slash gave them the most intuitive feeling.

After a long time Ye Mo slowly opened his eyes, the long blade in his hand automatically flew up and was inserted into the sheath behind his back before he said, “This blade will be called Rift.”

Crack, after hearing these two words, Ding Jing and Yi Yi Sage could not help but think of the crack that Ye Mo had just cut with his blade. That crack was not an ordinary crack, but a slash that pulled the void and drove the void to kill. This slash was called a crack, it was too fitting. Those who had not seen this slash did not know what the crack represented, only Yiyi Sage and Ding Ring, who had seen it with their own eyes, understood very clearly that this slash meant death and destruction.

The moment the purple wing was put away by Ye Mo, Ding Jing and Yi Yi Sainted Maiden immediately felt the murderous energy around them instantly dissipate into thin air, as if Ye Mo had never cleaved this slash divine ability before.

“Good blade.” Ding Jing surprisingly felt a cold sweat come out of his back already, this slash was surprisingly powerful like this.

Sage Yi Yi even looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, ever since she started her cultivation, she had come into contact with either patriarchs and seniors or genius immortals. But she had never seen an Immortal King as powerful as Ye Mo, and this Immortal King was not even from the Upper Heavenly Domain, but from a Lower Heavenly Domain. Even Ding Jing admitted that he was no match for him, how terrifying should this person be?

Although Ding Ring was not well known in the Upper Heavenly Domain, but Saintess Yi Yi knew how powerful this Ding Ring really was. He just didn’t care to fight ordinary people, as he was already standing at the top piece of the hierarchy. Although Saintess Yi Yi did not think that she was inferior to Ding Ring, she also knew that she would not be better than him.

“Brother Ye, you are the first person I admire in Ding Ring. That slash was just too terrifying, next time I won’t look for you to compete, I’ll just teach that Yan Jiutian a lesson.” Ding Jing shook his head, he was still thinking in his heart that when he got out of the Sealing Tower and met in the future, he would seek a match with Ye Mo again. But with Ye Mo’s slash out, what was there to compare then?

Ye Mo, however, did not explain this slash, but only smiled and said to Ding Jing and Saintess Yi Yi, “Will you stay here on the seventy-third level, or will you continue to go to the seventy-fourth level with me.”

Saintess Yi Yi, who had come to her senses, immediately said, “Thank you, Senior Brother Ye, for the mention, Yi Yi wants to go to the seventy-fourth floor.”

As a Saintess of the Imperial Clan, Yi Yi knew very well that this was definitely not the time to be polite. She had just gone from the seventy-second to the seventy-third floor and had already gained a complete sense of a divine ability, once she went up again, she could definitely comprehend and perform this new divine ability.

Sensing the divine ability was not the main thing, the main thing was that after she stood on the seventy-third floor, her understanding of the Dao position had been added to a level. If she was allowed to continue up the tower again, she would most likely be interested in making an initial fusion of her cultivation.

How could she let go of such an opportunity?