DYM Chapter 1838

“Good, I said you are so powerful, how come you look so old-fashioned, it turns out that you are wearing a mask.” Ding Jing immediately said.

After saying that Ding Ring seemed to remember something and said once again, “Ye Mo, which guy is the one chasing you, when the king is sealed, bring me to meet him.”

Ding Ring spoke directly by name without any turn of phrase, but Ye Mo didn’t care and waved his hand and said, “I won’t be afraid of that guy either, you don’t need to do this little thing.”

“That’s right, even I’m not your opponent, that guy who dares to go against you will definitely be beaten out by you ……,” Ding Jing said happily, and seemed to recall the Yi Yi fairy on the side, and hastily stopped the conversation.

“You are Ye Mo?” Fairy Yi Yi, whose face was covered with a light veil, stared at Ye Mo in amazement for half a day. She had been somewhat amazed in her heart when she heard Ding Ring admit earlier that he was inferior to the other party. Ding Ring was incredibly proud, but had never admitted to being inferior to the same rank. But now when she heard Ye Mo’s name, she was relieved instead, because Ye Mo was a name that she had heard of long ago.

Ye Mo’s heart tightened, he intuited that Ding Jing was trustworthy, so when Ding Jing wanted to befriend him, he didn’t want to make a cover-up. Yet, he didn’t expect that a nameless person like himself would still be known to this saint girl.

“Ye Mo, you don’t need to be nervous, no matter what you are, Saintess Yi Yi won’t tell anyone nonsense. I, Ding Ring, guarantee it with my head.” Ding Ring said with a big grin, obviously seeing Ye Mo’s worry.

Immortal Yi Yi hummed and said, “I, Yi Yi, am not a long-winded person yet, you don’t need to look at me with that frown.”

Ye Mo smiled slightly and cupped his fist, “Thank you, Sage Yi Yi. I just don’t know where you heard my name from?”

Yi Yi said indifferently, “Not only do I know your name. I have also been to Qing Wei Heaven with you on the same boat. You think of all the people on that immortal ship. Who else would not know about you?”

“You were on top of that immortal ship?” Ye Mo immediately understood that if Yi Yi was on the immortal ship, then 100% of them would have heard of him. He had even killed an immortal king on the immortal ship, so would he not be known?

At this moment, Ye Mo had already remembered that he seemed to have heard someone on the immortal ship talk about the Holy Maiden of the Nine Van Immortal Pond, who seemed to be called Yi Yi, and her cultivation level was only a hair’s breadth away from the Immortal King at that time. This Saintess Yi Yi had not long advanced to Immortal King and was able to go up to the 72nd level. It seemed that she was not an easy master either.

“Oh, Fairy Yi Yi, what did Ye Mo do on the immortal ship?” Ding Jing had not been on the immortal ship, so of course he did not know about Ye Mo.

“He was a Da Luo Immortal at the time, so he killed an Immortal King on the immortal ship, do you think he would be famous?” Immortal Yi Yi spoke in a flat tone, but in her heart she was shocked beyond belief, when she heard about Ye Mo at that time, it seemed that Ye Mo was still only at the early stage of Da Luo Xian, how could he be at the early stage of Immortal King in the blink of an eye?

Ding Jing heard that Ye Mo dared to kill an Immortal King at Da Luo Xian. Immediately, he gave a thumbs up and said, “Ye Mo, I really did not make the wrong friend. Although I, Ding Jing, feel that I am not inferior to anyone. Yet, I wouldn’t dare to kill an Immortal King at the Great Luo Immortal, you are stronger than me.”

When Ding Jing said this, his words changed, “I will have to look for you in future fights, you are most suitable for fighting, others are not comfortable fighting. In my opinion, the more capable a fighter is, the more worthy a friend he is. The more fierce I beat up whoever I beat up, the more worthy he is of being a friend.”

Ye Mo laughed and said, “You really are Ding Crazy.”

Ding Jing didn’t get angry when he heard Ye Mo call him Ding crazy, he said with a heated smile, “Of course, I also have to be as good as I see in Ding crazy, if I don’t, I won’t bother to beat him.”

Ye Mo suddenly thought of Yan Jiutian and suddenly said, “Ding Jing, I’ll introduce someone for you to fight, that guy’s cultivation is now similar to mine, yet he likes to fight. But you have to be careful, once you can’t beat someone, they will kill you. He doesn’t care if you’re a disciple of some imperial clan or holy emperor, anyone has only two kinds of life and death in his eyes.”

“Oh, there’s this kind of interesting guy? Quick, what’s his name?” Ding Jing immediately rubbed his hands together and said excitedly. Although he liked to fight and had a smooth fight with Ye Mo, he knew that he was not Ye Mo’s opponent. If he found someone who was a little bit closer than him, but not too much worse, it was best if he could press his opponent to fight, then the fight would be enjoyable.

“This person’s name is Yan Jiutian, he is a casual cultivator, and he has a grudge against me as well.” Ye Mo immediately helped Yan Jiutian find an opponent.

Ding Jing waved his hand and said, “The next time this Yan Jiutian meets me, he will be dead.”

After saying this, Ding Jing said straightforwardly as if he had made up his mind, “After I seal the king, I will go to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect in Gong Hua Heaven to look for you. Right now I’m going to go into my room to feel the king dao dao position. Ye Mo, pick a room too, I didn’t expect that there would be three more of us on the seventy-second floor of this Immortal Tower.”

Ye Mo, however, laughed, “I still want to try the seventy-third floor again ……”

“What? Ye Mo, you’re not talking nonsense, are you? You can still go up to the seventy-third floor? The seventy-third floor and the seventy-second floor are only one layer apart, but the pressure is nearly twice as strong as the seventy-second floor ah. Ever since this Sealing Tower opened, even the most astonishing Immortal King could only stay on the seventy-second floor.”

Ding Jing was first astonished, but then became more and more cautious as he spoke, once Ye Mo couldn’t make it to the seventy-third layer, or even if he was seriously injured, it would be more than worth the loss. Sealing a king at the seventy-second layer would normally seal a top Immortal King, there was no need to continue up there.

“You still want to continue up to the seventy-third layer?” On the other side of the room, Saintess Yi Yi couldn’t even help but ask, her thoughts were a little different from Ding Jing’s, she thought of how easy it was for Ye Mo to go up to the seventy-second layer, and maybe he could really go up to the seventy-third layer. But that was also a possibility, this possibility was only 10%.

“I still want to give it a try, since I’m here wouldn’t I be able to stop without challenging my limits?” Ye Mo knew that the seventy-third floor was quite a bit more powerful than the seventy-second floor, but he wasn’t worried, he believed he could go up.

Ding Jing froze for a little bit before he gave a thumbs up and said, “Good, I, Ding Jing, will accompany you on the trip up.”

“Are you crazy? After entering the Sealing Tower, there will be no chance to come in once more. Once you fail in climbing the seventy-third level, it is likely that you will be transported to the first level. Even if your strength is not greatly affected, it will be a hundred times more difficult to advance to Immortal Dignity in the future.” Saintess Yi Yi said as she looked at Ding Ring in shock, it was Ye Mo she didn’t even think highly of.

Ding Ring laughed and said, “My name is Ding Crazy, if I don’t do a few crazy things, what else would I call Ding Crazy. Ye Mo, you’ve made a good friend, a really wonderful friend, I don’t have a guy with guts like you among my friends.”

“Saintess Yi Yi, keep this place to yourself, I’m going to accompany Ye Mo up. Luckily I haven’t chosen a room yet, otherwise where could I be when it comes to such a fun thing?” Ding Jing was directly about to go up the steps first after laughing. The steps leading from the seventy-second floor to the seventy-third floor were no longer pale gold, but had turned golden.

“Let’s go up together.” Ye Mo saw that Ding Jing was going up and was immediately about to follow. Although Ding Ring didn’t care, but he couldn’t harm this guy, once this guy couldn’t block the pressure of this golden staircase, being transported to the seventy-second layer was not a big deal, in case he was transported to the first layer, then he would really be dragged down by himself.

Ding Jing looked at Ye Mo suspiciously and asked, “Ye Mo, why don’t you advise me a bit? Because I’m the one who wants to go up because you want to go up, and that’s why my heart wants to go up, huh?”

Ye Mo felt more and more that this Ding Ring was somewhat interesting, he said with a heated smile, “Crazy Ding, will you not go up if I persuade you?”

“Of course not, if you can try, why can’t I try?” Ding Jing replied without hesitation.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Then won’t that be fine? I know I can’t persuade you, what do I need to persuade you for?”

Ding Jing once again burst into laughter, he felt that he had made the right friend.

However, Ye Mo then said, “Ding Jing, immortal cultivation is against the heavens, if you still do something that you know won’t work, then you are an idiot. But if you don’t do something that has a ray of hope, you will always be a little bit worse than those who are standing at the top in the future. Just as you are now going to the 73rd floor, knowing that the chance of success is only one percent, but after all, there is a chance of success. So, from this point of view, I wouldn’t advise you. What’s more ……”

Ye Mo paused for a moment and suddenly said with a haha smile, “What’s more, you are still with this king, how can this king cut off your path to Immortal King?”

Ding Jing originally heard Ye Mo’s previous words and was already looking at Ye Mo in a different light, someone who could think of that ray of hope in this place was definitely not an ordinary person. He was about to continue with his words of admiration for Ye Mo, but who knew that Ye Mo would end up with such an unrealistic sentence, which immediately made him feel like a poked ball, and his opinion of Ye Mo took a 180 degree turn.

Can you help others inside the Sealed Tower? At any time, he would be teleported out, not to mention from the seventy-second to the seventy-third level, who was qualified to help others?

“Wait ……”

Sage Yi Yi suddenly called out to the two people who came and said, “I also want to try this ray of hope.”

Ding Jing listened to my Yi Yi saint maiden’s words and suddenly froze, for a long time he asked in doubt, “Yi Yi fairy, you are the saint maiden of the Nine Van Immortal Pond, you dare to take this risk, once the successor dao is cut off, will your Nine Van Immortal Pond be able to rest? When the time comes, don’t say that Ye Mo has harmed you.”

Ding Jing spoke very directly, not even beating around the bush.

Saintess Yi Yi’s face was cold as she said, “Ding Ring, it’s my own business if I want to go to the first layer, what does it have to do with Ye Mo? Why should you guys be able to go and I can’t? I’m at least a Saintess of the Imperial Clan, can’t I have a sliver of a chance to pursue that one percent?”

“Ye Mo is talking nonsense and you really believe it? I just think Ye Mo is worthy of being a friend, that’s why I accompanied him on the trip, do you also think Ye Mo is worthy of being a friend?” Ding Jing looked at Saintess Yi Yi in confusion.