DYM Chapter 1837

This female immortal was covered in a light veil spell, so it was impossible to see her looks clearly, but her figure was very good, and her white immortal dress looked even more out of the ordinary, at this moment she was sitting at the mouth of the golden staircase leading to the seventy-second level to adjust her breath.

Ye Mo’s heart wavered a little the first time he saw this person, he didn’t expect there to be such a heaven defying woman who could climb to the seventy-first level in the Sealed Position Tower. He knew his own business, he was able to climb here, and maybe even to a higher position, not because he was more powerful than others. Rather, it was because his divine sense and immortal energy were far stronger than those of his peers, and he was also a late stage Immortal Spirit Body Refining Immortal. More to the point, he had the Golden Page World.

After so many layers, and the forty-second layer out, Ye Mo already had a certain understanding of the inside. Once the pressure was too much, he could even transfer the pressure from this Sealed Position Tower to the Golden Page World. This made Ye Mo vaguely feel that the Sealed Position Tower was also an interface with a world rule. The rules of his own Golden Page World might be higher than this Sealing Tower, so he could transfer the pressure of the rules therein.

As for whether this was the case, Ye Mo was not very clear. Yet Ye Mo was certain that he had arrived here, not because he was more qualified than others, but because of something else. But this female Immortal King, what made her able to climb here as well?

“Who is it?” The woman who was still tuning in suddenly stared at Ye Mo and asked loudly.

Ye Mo froze, he didn’t think that he would be surprised just a little bit, and that slight fluctuation would reveal the trail.

Having already been drunk through, Ye Mo simply did not continue to hide and revealed himself directly.

“It’s you? You actually managed to make it to the seventy-first floor?” This white-clothed female immortal looked at Ye Mo in disbelief, she really couldn’t imagine that there was a third person who could come here. Moreover, this person she had seen before. The person who had fought with another Lower Heavenly Domain Heavenly Lord on the first level.

However, this female immortal’s astonishment quickly pa*sed. It was just staring coldly at Ye Mo. Wanting to see if Ye Mo could enter the seventy-second layer. She looked down on Ye Mo for such a hideous move, what was the point of being able to go up to the 70th floor? It wasn’t like he was alone, so why hide his head?

Ye Mo clasped his fist and said, ”Oh, I like to go up the Sealing Tower while practicing my concealing body technique. It looks like I’m the second one to come here, you continue, I’ll go up first.”

Ye Mo just said casually, not meaning to stay and rest at all. The female immortal was stunned for a moment. Climbing to the seventy-first floor was in itself a very remarkable thing, even since the opening of the Sealing Tower, not many people had been able to reach the seventy-first floor.

But this guy didn’t even take a rest, he was going to continue to the seventy-second floor, was he really that powerful? Or was he just posing hard in front of himself? Because she had seen too many people who wanted to pretend in front of her, in fact, all those who pretended were, in her opinion, just pretending to be fat.

Seeing that Ye Mo was really going to step onto the 72nd floor, the white-clothed female immortal couldn’t help but say, “In fact. You are not the second, you are the third to arrive here. Better not think too highly of yourself.”

Ye Mo was stunned, the third? Was there someone else at a higher level of the Sealed Level Tower? He had heard that there were very few people in the Sealing Tower who could go above the 60th floor, and he was already very surprised to see Di Jiusheng on the 60th floor before, but he didn’t expect that there were a few more powerful ones than Di Jiusheng. This vast immortal world was indeed full of experts.

“You are right in thinking that there is indeed someone who reached the seventy-second floor earlier than me. That’s why I said that you shouldn’t think too highly of yourself.” That white-clothed female Immortal King didn’t know what was going on, and when she saw Ye Mo acting like this, she just wasn’t happy in her heart. In her opinion, Ye Mo definitely needed to rest, but he insisted on pretending to be more powerful than himself.

Ye Mo frowned a little, he was just surprised that someone else had gone up to the 72nd floor and didn’t say anything more, why was this woman always talking with a thorn in her side?

There was no conflict of interest, yet Ye Mo didn’t want to mess with this woman, he stopped paying attention to the other party and immediately stepped onto the pale golden stairs to enter the seventy-second floor.

The white-clothed female Immortal King was surprised for a moment when she saw that Ye Mo really did not hesitate to go up the pale golden ladder, but the next moment she took out a pill and swallowed it, and also did not hesitate to step up the ladder to the 72nd level.

After Ye Mo had experienced so many steps, he had already summed up the strong and weak dividing line of the steps. Generally speaking, every time you went up a flight of steps, the pressure would increase a little. When the number of steps was about to cross a multiple of nine, the pressure would increase a lot at once.

For example, if he went from the seventy-first to the seventy-second floor, there would be an increase in pressure, but this increase was nowhere near as great as going from the seventy-second to the seventy-third floor.

The higher he reached, the more Ye Mo felt that his understanding of the divine ability became more profound. When Ye Mo stood in the middle of the seventy-first to the seventy-second layer, he even stopped, feeling that his Rainbow Blade Technique, which he had almost broken through before, was about to break through again.

But that feeling was unbearable, it was just that little bit short, just a little bit more and he would be able to slice through the true Purple Sublimity divine Ability.

The white-clothed female immortal who was walking behind Ye Mo was shocked to see that Ye Mo was actually comparing sword moves on the steps. At this moment, she finally understood that Ye Mo was not impersonating and pretending, people were really not under much pressure.

Luckily, Ye Mo also felt that the female immortal behind him was also coming, and he no longer remained on the steps to comprehend, but continued to the seventy-second floor. He felt that the pressure of the steps between the seventy-first and seventy-second floors was not enough for him to break through with his sword strokes. If he went upwards, when he reached the seventy-third level, there was a good chance that his saber divine ability would break through to a new realm.

After speeding up, Ye Mo quickly rushed out of this pale golden ladder and arrived at the seventy-second layer.

“Saintess Yi Yi, you have indeed exceeded my expectations, coming up so quickly ……” a man also dressed in white immortal robes said the first time Ye Mo appeared, but he froze before he finished his words because he recognized that the person coming up was not Saintess Yi Yi.

“Who are you?” This white-robed immortal king asked as he looked at Ye Mo in a daze, this white-robed man was not as perfect in stature as Ye Mo, but he was incomparably handsome in appearance. Moreover, there was a hint of grandeur between his eyebrows, not at all the kind of creamy handsome immortal king.

Seeing that the other party was not speaking very politely, Ye Mo immediately frowned and replied in a light voice, “What does it matter to you who I am?”

“Haha, it’s me, Ding Jing, who’s wrong.” This white-robed man laughed at Ye Mo’s words, his bravado really didn’t quite match his handsome looks.

Ye Mo didn’t expect this man to admit his mistake when he said he was wrong, but he became angry at Ding Jing.

“Can come here I like, not that Nine Van Immortal Pond’s girl child, a fight is just right ……” Ding ring finished has sacrificed a red lance, the same time the lance has brought up a red gun pattern blast towards Ye Mo.

The same time, the red lance was already smashing at him, so he would not be polite.

The purple lance was launched and also brought up a rainbow in the sky and blasted over.

A booming explosion burst out in the middle of this hall as Ding Jing’s red lance pattern and Ye Mo’s purple sandal blade aura instantly and continuously clashed together, the immortal energy exploding out and instantly forming a shattering ripple in the middle of this hall.

“Painful.” After Ding Jing screamed a painful sentence, he surprisingly ignored the lance that was still blasting out red gun patterns and directly charged into Ye Mo’s Immortal King domain with a punch.

If it was said that Lu Zhengqun’s punch only brought up the killing momentum of space, while Ding Ring’s punch had already driven up the entire space, whether it was the killing momentum or the aura in space.

Ye Mo’s Immortal King Domain was immediately shattered when Ding Jing punched it. Even though Ye Mo knew that he did not strike with all his strength himself, he secretly admired this guy’s greatness in his heart and struck out with the same punch.

This time, although Ye Mo still didn’t use his full strength, he used 80% of his immortal energy, and the vortex of killing power immediately rolled up, completely different from the previous time when he was punching against Lu Zhengqun.

The instant Ye Mo punched out with this punch, the space brought up by Ding Jing’s punch seemed to be completely stashed away by this killing vortex.

“Boom ……”

Space and the vortex of killing power met, the entire hall filled with immortal energy exploded, and the spatial ripples around it were even more clearly visible.

“Haha, what a pain, you didn’t even use half of your strength when you fought that guy on the ground floor, making me underestimate you. It’s a good thing you were still able to go up to the 72nd floor and have a painful fight with me. Otherwise it would have been too boring just with that chick.”

As Ding Ring laughed loudly, his aura surged up even more, clearly wanting to strike even more wildly.

“Crazy Ding, who exactly are you talking about chick?” A slightly hoarse, yet incomparably cold voice came over, and Ye Mo immediately knew that it should be the white-clothed female immortal coming over.

Ding Ring’s face stiffened and he gave a heated laugh, collecting his aura while raising his hand to grab back the red spear and said, “Someone’s coming, there’s no point in fighting anymore. I know you haven’t exerted your full strength, I, Ding Jing, shouldn’t be your opponent, I haven’t asked for your name yet.”

Ye Mo had a good feeling about this Ding Jing, his personality was straightforward not to mention that it gave Ye Mo a feeling of being a nice person. This guy’s name did not match his looks at all, calling him Ding Crazy was really a bit interesting.

Ye Mo clasped his fist and said, “There are people going around hunting me now, I’m living my life in anonymity.”

If there was a different venue, Ye Mo would have given his real name, but not only was there an extra woman here, he was not even sure where Ding Ring came from.

Although Ding Ring was straightforward, he was not stupid, and as soon as he heard Ye Mo’s tone, he knew that Ye Mo had scruples. He didn’t think Ye Mo was worried about that Lu Zhengqun at the bottom, Lu Zhengqun wasn’t enough to scare a character like Ye Mo.

“My friend, don’t worry, no matter who you are, I, Ding Jing, will not say anything. Immortal Yi Yi is the holy maiden of the Nine Van Immortal Pond, but she is not a rapist, I come from the Red River Imperial Sect of the Great Red Sky, my name is Ding Jing, nicknamed Ding Crazy.” Ding Jing said unconcernedly.

“I, Ye Mo, am just a scattered cultivator who established an Mo Yue Immortal Clan on his own a few days ago.” Ye Mo could feel Ding Quai’s sincerity, and besides, he wanted to befriend someone like Ding Quai. Since the other party was so straightforward and sincere, there was no need for him to act like a child, so he directly removed his masked magic treasure and said aloud with a clasped fist.