DYM Chapter 1834

Seeing this, Ye Mo stood out and said, “Enter the Sealing Tower in order, according to the principle of front to back.”

The Immortal King who was standing closest to the Sealing Tower saw this and hurriedly arched his hand to Ye Mo, speeding up to enter the Sealing Tower. With one person entering, the Immortal Kings behind them followed in. Ye Mo and Lu Feng were originally in the middle of the line, and at this moment they also entered in the middle.

As for the matter of whether there would be no room if they went in late, Ye Mo didn’t even put it in his eyes. He believed that with his thick immortal energy and divine sense, it would still not be a problem to find a good room inside the Sealed Position Tower. Only a very small number of Immortal Kings knew that it was just as useless to go in early, the Sealing Tower would not open the second level of the stairs until everyone had arrived. As for the rooms on the first level, the sooner you enter, the better, but how many of them wanted to enter the first level rooms?

Immediately after Ye Mo and Lu Feng entered the light door, they felt a dizzying sensation. It seemed to be a teleportation door, yet it didn’t quite look like one. That dizziness was only for a short time, and when Ye Mo and Lu Feng came to their senses, they found that they were already standing in an immense and incomparable hall.

This hall had no roof, no walls, but nine open doors, and no one could see clearly what was inside the doors.

Seeing that there were already at least a thousand people in the hall, Ye Mo then understood why Lu Feng said that when the Immortal King Monument was sealed to the king, the competition for the ranked Immortal Tower was fierce.

To Ye Mo’s delight, he soon saw a few familiar faces, one was Hong Ling and another was Ren Fei. Ji Shu and Chu Shining and the others hadn’t been seen yet, it seemed that they should not have advanced to Immortal King yet.

Ye Mo didn’t want to use this identity to get acquainted with the two, he just sent a voice to Lu Feng saying that these two were friends of his senior brother. In the future, if these two people went to the Mochizuki Immortal Sect, if they didn’t return to the sect themselves. Lu Feng could make the decision to let the two choose one of the auxiliary peaks each.

Lu Feng had started the Merchant House for countless years. After listening to Ye Mo’s words. Without even asking, he simply responded yes.

There were a few other acquaintances, but they all had some beams with Ye Mo. Little Immortal King Lu Mang, the number one expert of the Myriad Cheng Heaven, Di Braised Cheng, Xiang Changyong of the Dongming Imperial Clan, etc. There were a few others that looked familiar to Ye Mo, but he could not name them.

However, Ye Mo scanned through but did not see Yan Jiutian. If he were to say that Yan Jiutian had not yet advanced to Immortal King, Ye Mo definitely did not believe it. He thought that Yan Jiutian should not need to come to the Sealing Tower anymore. What made Ye Mo a bit depressed was that he didn’t see Lu Zhengqun.


At this time, outside the Seal King Immortal City, a grey transported light quickly landed, the transported light dissipated and a middle-aged man with a white face and short beard appeared at the entrance of the city, this was none other than Lu Zhengqun who had rushed back from Ruan Le Tian.

As soon as Lu Zhengqun returned to Yuehengtian, he knew that the person who had razed his Heavenly Lord’s House was surnamed Luo, and he also knew that this Luo had also established a new sect, the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

This was because Lu Zhengqun already knew that Ye Mo had most likely obtained the True Saint Emperor’s inheritance and might even have the Time Formation Disc in his hands. Plus, after Ye Mo established the sect. He paid extra attention to the cultivators of the Luo Yue Continent, so at this point, could he not guess that most of this Immortal King with the surname Luo was the person he was looking for?

If his guess was correct. That one cultivator, who had only ascended for a few decades, had already reached the Immortal King cultivation level. Once it was allowed to grow any further, what else could it be? Therefore, when Lu Zhengqun got the news that Ye Mo had already gone to the Immortal King Monument to seal the king, he rushed to the Immortal King Sealing City at the first opportunity, even too late to destroy the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

When Lu Zhengqun arrived at the King Sealing Monument Square, he was seeing the last few Immortal Kings entering the Sealing Tower, and without even thinking about it, he rushed into the Sealing Tower. Luckily, he had not sealed the king either, but was also at the early stage of Immortal King, so he entered the Sealing Tower without any hindrance.


The first level of the Sealing Tower had already gathered 1,200 Immortal Kings at this time, and by this time, all the Immortal Kings of the three heavenly realms had basically arrived. The crowd was only in this first level hall to wait for the pa*sage to the second level of the Sealed Realm Tower to open.

As soon as Canyon and the others entered, they immediately found many people they knew from the Upper Heavenly Domain and chatted with each other. Soon, several Immortal Kings from the Upper Heavenly Domain turned their gazes towards Ye Mo’s side, obviously already knowing about Ye Mo’s lesson to the Immortal Kings of the Upper Heavenly Domain. To these gazes, Ye Mo was not afraid at all.

However, the rest of the Immortal Kings of the Lower Heavenly Domain saw many people looking at Ye Mo’s side with bad eyes and subconsciously pulled away from him.

Although you could not kill anyone in the Sealing Tower, there was something even more worrying than killing someone, once someone saw you displeased, they would take the opportunity to teach you a lesson and force you directly into the room at the bottom of the Sealing Tower. In the Sealing Tower, once you enter the room, you cannot come out again unless it is time to open the tower.

Ye Mo saw that the two were going to walk towards him, but he was stopped by that Canyon.

Canyi knew that no one was a match for Ye Mo in a single fight, but those two had disdain in their eyes, obviously thinking that Canyi and the others were too weak. Everyone had just advanced to Immortal King, and after advancing to Immortal King, everyone’s Immortal Yuan and cultivation level had increased wildly exponentially, so no one thought they were inferior to each other.

Now that Canyon had stopped them, it was obvious that they had made them look down on them. They were even thinking that the strength to advance to Immortal King in the Lower Heavenly Domain was just not good enough.

Ye Mo watched those two’s movements in his eyes, but did not care, if these two dared to come up, he would not hesitate to send these two into the room on the first level. Although there were more immortal kings here than rooms, but none of them were willing to enter the first floor rooms until now.

This was a matter of face, and the second was that even the worst Immortal Kings would not think that they could only be in the room on the first level. But once they failed to climb the tower level, a great part of them might be transported directly to the hall on the first level, and at that time there would be no chance to enter the room again.

What was strange to Ye Mo was that both Di and Canyi were from Miao Cheng Tian, and the ones who came out to find him were surprisingly not included in Di.

A figure that finally entered the first level attracted everyone’s attention. Originally all of them thought that no one else would enter the Sealing Tower, but they did not expect another person to enter before the light door closed.

Immediately after this person entered, the light door of the first level of the Sealed Realm Tower closed up.

The person who came in was none other than Lu Zhengqun, who saw Ye Mo at first glance, exactly the same as the image he had received back in Yuehengtian. At this moment, he stared at Ye Mo with cold eyes, but did not go forward to speak to him.

Lu Zhengqun had Ye Mo’s image, and of course Ye Mo also had Lu Zhengqun’s image, he was still wondering how this fellow Lu Zhengqun didn’t come to seal the king, and this fellow came immediately, it was really timely.

“Lu Zhengqun.” Ye Mo sneered, he had already decided to leave Lu Zhengqun on the first level. Lu Zhengqun didn’t want the conflict between him and Ye Mo to be known by others, but Ye Mo didn’t care.

Lu Zhengqun frowned for a moment, he already saw Ye Mo as a dead man after seeing him. Originally, he was going to force Ye Mo into one of the rooms, even if he didn’t see Ye Mo in his eyes, he still didn’t want Ye Mo to improve his strength at the Sealed Position Tower.

What he didn’t expect was for Ye Mo to walk straight over, not caring about the grudge between the two, wasn’t he afraid that the ‘Chaos Tree’ would be known?

“He doesn’t have the aura of the ‘Tree of Life’ on him.”

Lu Zhengqun had just felt the transmission from his Yuan Shen body in his True Spirit World to him when he heard Ye Mo say, “Lu Zhengqun, you are at least a Heavenly Lord of a Heavenly Domain, and you even made a move against a few ascended cultivators. Since you dare to make a move against the ascended cultivators of the Luo Yue Continent, then don’t blame me for being rude. Now that this king has already leveled your Heavenly Lord’s House, I wanted to kill you, but I didn’t expect you to escape. Good thing I met you again today, it’s considered your bad luck.”

As Ye Mo’s words were spoken, all the people understood that there was a conflict over here and immediately all looked towards Ye Mo’s side.

When Lu Zhengqun heard Ye Mo’s words, he immediately understood that this guy was looking for an excuse to exterminate himself. This was good, it was also an open and honest excuse for him to exterminate himself. He couldn’t be exterminated here, but once he found an excuse, he could go out and do it.

The two Immortal Kings who were looking for Ye Mo’s bad luck immediately stopped in their tracks, and they reacted similarly to the others, both staring at Ye Mo in shock.

But they didn’t expect Ye Mo, a mere Early Immortal King, to be so arrogant as to destroy a Heavenly Lord House with a casual move. Was a Heavenly Domain’s Heavenly Lord House something that could be casually exterminated? Wasn’t he afraid that the Heavenly Lord Alliance would turn him into ashes? What was even more puzzling to everyone was that this man had exterminated a Heavenly Lord House and still managed to appear here, knowing that even the Heavenly Lord House of the Lower Heavenly Domain had more than one Immortal Sovereign.

Li Jie sucked in a cold breath, he had finally learned how lawless Ye Mo was. People even dared to cripple the Heavenly Lord’s House in the Lower Heavenly Domain, so how could they be afraid of him alone, an Immortal King in the Lower Heavenly Domain? If he hadn’t taken out the ‘Bounded Embrace Green Flame’ in the first place, he might have been victimized by this man.

“Surnamed Luo, I’m not even in Wind Gang Immortal City, and the matter of capturing Luo Yue’s ascended cultivator has nothing to do with me. And yet you broke the foundation of my Yue Heng Heaven and wiped out my Heavenly Lord House. With such arrogance, I, Lu Zhengqun, am presuming to be the king if I don’t kill you.” Immediately, like Ye Mo, Lu Zhengqun grasped the motive to kill and destroy the other party.

Although he was berating Ye Mo with extreme anger under his breath, Lu Zhengqun was calmer than anyone else at this moment. He did not sense the aura of the ‘Chaos Tree’ on Ye Mo’s body, and Kai You’s Yuan Shen did not sense the aura of this tree either. Then there were only two possibilities, the first possibility that was that Ye Mo had refined the ‘Chaos Tree’ and the Chaos Tree had integrated into the Yuan Shen. The second possibility was that he had the Chaos World, thus concealing the ‘Chaos Tree’.

Of course there was another possibility, that Ye Mo was not the person he was looking for, but Lu Zhengqun thought that this possibility simply did not exist.

“Senior Kai You, could this person have a Chaos World?” Lu Zhengqun’s mind had already started communicating with the Yuan Shen in his True Spirit World.

“It’s difficult, how can something like a Chaos World be possessed casually? But he has the Time Formation Disc. If he knows the reasoning of the ‘Tree of Life’, using the Time Formation Disc might also allow the ‘Tree of Life’ to recognize its master in advance.” That Yuan Shen said in a deep voice.