DYM Chapter 1830

Yan Bingyu didn’t care about Qin Nianmei’s fire and said blandly, “He didn’t fancy me either, but I know him a little better than you know him. Or rather, you don’t know him at all and only see something on the surface.”

“Senior Sister Bing Yu, are you saying I’m superficial? Originally, I didn’t like that guy, but now I’m a bit interested, I want to see if that Ye Mo likes superficial me.” After Qin Nianmei finished speaking, she found that Zhen Bingyu’s face didn’t change in the slightest, and her expression didn’t even move a bit, so she was immediately bored in her heart.

When I thought that I had asked that Ye Mo to pretend to be a daoist couple, didn’t that guy quickly agree? She didn’t believe that if she did it again, that guy would refuse.

Qin Nianmei no longer wanted to stay here, she stood up and said goodbye in anger, only when she reached the door, she couldn’t help but say one more thing, “Senior Sister Bing Yu, did you know that that Ye Mo has a wife?”

“I know, not only does he have a wife, he has more than one, he has told me.” Zhen Bingyu’s reply made Qin Nianmei almost stumble.


There were countless immortal cities in the Thirty-Three Heavenly Domains, all of which had different names, except for the name Sealed King Immortal City.

In each of the three heavenly domains, there was an immortal city with the same name, and this immortal city was the Sealed King Immortal City where the Immortal King Tablet was located, and the Sealed King Immortal City in the Lower Heavenly Domain was in the Moi Heaven.

The Sealed King Immortal City in Moi Heaven was already famous because of the Immortal King Tablet, and now that it is the once-in-a-millennium time for the Sealed King, the Sealed King Immortal City is even more lively. Although not many Immortal Kings had been promoted in the Lower Heavenly Realm in a thousand years, together with the Immortal Kings who had not come to the King Sealing before, there were 20 to 30 of them.

But of course, it was not the 20 to 30 Immortal Kings who caused the extra hustle and bustle in the Immortal City. Rather, it was the immortals who came to see the King Sealing. Every time the King was crowned. The Immortal City was always particularly busy. Those who came to see the sealing of the king. Those who come to feel the rhythm of the Dao of the Immortal King Monument, those who come to set up stalls and sell things, those who come to participate in auctions, all kinds of things.

The biggest place in the Immortal City is the Immortal King Monument Square. In the middle of the square, there is a huge tablet that cannot be swept by divine sense, and on it are the names of the kings of the immortal kings.

On the side of this monument is another huge tower that also towers into the clouds and cannot be scanned by divine sense. The tower was hidden by a hazy cloud, and it was impossible to use one’s divine sense to scan the whole of it, or even to see clearly if the tower was situated on the square.

In the middle of the square in front of the tower and the monument, there were already more than twenty immortals sitting there, their eyes closed as if they were feeling something. Although the square was huge, not a single Immortal below the rank of Immortal dared to enter it at this time.

“This is the Immortal King Monument Square?” Ye Mo asked as he looked at the immense square, and the stele that could not be swept by his divine sense.

Lu Feng said solemnly, “Yes, this large square is the Immortal King Tablet Square. The tall tower at the edge of the square is the Sealing Tower, and many Immortal Kings are now sitting in front of the Sealing Tower to feel the aura and dao rhythm of the Sealing Tower. When the Sealing Tower opens, the more profoundly they feel the Dao rhythm, the faster they will be able to ascend to a higher position.”

“Why do I see that Immortal King Tablet has a rank on it?” The Sealed Position Tower was hidden by the mist. But the rest of the Immortal King Tablet could be seen clearly, except for the top.

Lu Feng nodded his head and said, “Yes. You are correct in reading that the general title of Sealed King is based on how many levels you can climb in the Sealed Level Tower. The Immortal King Monument is in fact also divided into eighty-one regional levels, and if you can get to the top level in the Sealing Tower, then you can walk to the top level and carve your name when the Immortal King Monument is sealed as king. Because of this, many Immortal Kings would come to the square to sit and feel the Dao rhythm of the Sealing Tower before they sealed their kings. So that they can climb higher in the Sealing Tower and carve their names higher on the Immortal King Tablet when they are also sealed as kings.”

Ye Mo swept a glance at the few twenty or so people sitting in the square, and indeed they were all at the early stage of Immortal King. It looked like he had overestimated the number of people who could advance to Immortal King in the Lower Heavenly Domain in a thousand years, it had been a thousand years and there were still only twenty or so Immortal Kings, there might still be those who had advanced before and hadn’t come to be sealed as kings. It was no wonder that even a mere mid-immortal king, the Self-Realization King, could be arrogant in Gong Hua Heaven.

“Actually, there are already quite a lot of Immortal Kings here, many of them will leave the Lower Heavenly Domain after advancing to Immortal King and go to the Middle Heavenly Domain or even the Upper Heavenly Domain to look for opportunities, otherwise it would simply be impossible to break through to Immortal.” Lu Feng could see Ye Mo’s thoughts and took the initiative to say something at the side.

“Let’s go in too.” Lu Feng took the lead and walked into the Immortal King Monument Square, found a good spot, took out a futon and sat down on his knees.

The Immortal King Monument Square in the Lower Heaven Domain was extremely small in number and the place was wide, so finding a good spot was simple. After Ye Mo sat down next to Lu Feng, he also began to feel the Dao rhythm of the Sealing Tower.

Soon Ye Mo felt that the dao rhyme was a fusion of his cultivation, divine power and immortal elemental divine sense, as well as a hint of understanding of the Immortal King’s dao position, and also contained the strength of each level of the Sealing Tower stairs and the elements to pa*s the stairs. But only after the first level is sensed will the second level be sensed, and by the time all eighty-one levels of this Sealing Tower are sensed, it is estimated that decades will have pa*sed.

This thing was indeed of great benefit to ordinary Immortal Kings, but Ye Mo had little interest in it. To understand the Immortal King’s Dao position, he might as well meditate under the Bitter Bamboo for a year. Besides, he was not willing to sit here for over a year for nothing, with this time, he would rather find a place to retreat.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo stood up again.

When Lu Feng saw Ye Mo stand up, he was a bit surprised. Ye Mo said quickly, “I have some things to do, so you can stay here alone and feel good. When the Sealing Tower opens, I will come by myself.”

When Lu Feng saw that Ye Mo did not want to sense the Sealing Tower, he did not say anything more, he just nodded and sat down by himself, continuing to sense the hint of the Immortal King’s Dao position of the Sealing Tower.


At this time, in an extremely ordinary immortal building in the Immortal City of the Far Star of the Extreme Windy Sky, there were a dozen immortals sitting around inside a hall. This immortal building looks just like an ordinary immortal’s cave on the outside, there is nothing unusual about it, if I must say that there is anything special, it is that this place is simply not accessible to ordinary people. Not only is there no road leading to it, but there are also forbidden formations all around.

Only those who frequent this immortal building know that this immortal building is the number one immortal building in the Lower Eleven Heavenly Realms, the Heavenly Lord Building. The Heavenly Lord Alliance was located in this place, which was also the most powerful place in the Lower Heavenly Domain.

At this moment in the hall, however, the atmosphere was rather dull, and no one spoke for a long time. There were a total of sixteen people sitting inside the hall, all sixteen of them were Immortal Kings, and all of them were Immortal Kings of not low strength.

“That Luo’s surname is indeed too arrogant.” A fat and white-looking Immortal King spoke in a sullen voice, not knowing whether it was to vent his discomfort or to break this silence.

“The Moon-moon Immortal Sect has risen strongly in the Luo Yue Continent, not only establishing a sect without going through the Heavenly Lord of Gong Hua Heaven, but also going strongly to the Heavenly Lord’s House that was leveled by Yue Heng Heaven. Immortal King White Rider was right just now, this Luo’s surname is too arrogant.” Another Dao-suited Immortal King holding a Buddhist dust echoed, and after finishing his sentence, he also looked at another blue-faced middle-aged Immortal King on the opposite side.

When that blue-faced Immortal King saw this Dao-suited Immortal King looking at himself, he immediately grunted uncomfortably and said, “Sending Dao Immortal King, what do you mean by looking at me? Although I am now the Heavenly Lord of Gong Hua Heaven, but can I control his Mo Yue Immortal Sect?”

The Daoist who was called the Sending Dao Immortal King grunted and said, “This person is opening an immortal clan in Gong Hua Heaven, he didn’t go to greet you, so you can go and reprimand him, right?”

The blue-faced Immortal King said disdainfully, “The Self-Realization King has been arrogant in my Gong Hua Heaven for more than a day or two, when I asked for everyone’s help to remove the Self-Realization King, what did everyone say? Not a single one of them stepped in. Even though the Self-Realisation King is so powerful, he was easily exterminated by Sovereign Luo, and you’re asking me to go to the Sovereign of the Mochizuki Immortal Sect? Are you disgusted with me for having lived long? I have already taken a stand by not coming to their door several times to congratulate them on opening their sect. That Immortal King Ssheng and Patriarch Luo are very close, why don’t you dare to go and talk to him?”

“Alright, let’s not argue, there’s no point in bickering like this. That Sovereign Luo of the Mochizuki Immortal Sect is indeed not something we can stop here, even I’m afraid I’m not a match for him. The fact that he was able to instantly kill the Self-Realisation King, that his strike left Immortal King Bi Qian in check, and that he left Immortal King Si Cheng without a temper means that his cultivation level is at least equivalent to a peak Immortal King, or even a half-step Immortal Dweller. Any of us here would not be a match for him either.” An old man in green, sitting at the top, raised his hand to interrupt the argument between the two.

After this green-clothed old man spoke, both the blue-faced Immortal King and the Daoist stopped speaking as well, and the White Riding Immortal King who had spoken before took the initiative to arch his hand and said, “I think if Vice Lord Lu leads the way, a dozen of us surrounding him may not necessarily be impossible.”

The old man in green waved his hand and said, “I’ve seen the images of that Moon-Moon Immortal Sect’s Patriarch making his move, even if we all did it, we might be able to take him down, but at least half of our number would have to go. Everyone should have heard of the incident between the Peerless Immortal Emperor and the Predicate Wind Immortal Emperor, right? The Predictable Wind Immortal Emperor defeated the Peerless Immortal Emperor in the end, but in fact nine Immortal Emperors fell in the entire Upper Heavenly Domain, and the Predictable Wind Immortal Emperor himself was seriously injured.

And we already have fewer Immortal Kings in the Lower Heavenly Domain’s Celestial Lord Alliance, plus Immortal King Ssing seems to have a tendency to defect to the Mochizuki Immortal Sect, so if we fight hard, it would be extremely unfavourable for us.”

“Can’t we just let it go like this?” One of the Immortal Kings in the middle spoke up in a jab.

The old man in green laughed coldly, “Let it go? If he had only established a clan in Gong Hua Heaven without greeting, then it would still be possible to forget about it. But he has leveled the Heavenly Lord’s House in Yueheng Heaven, if we just let it go, what is the need for our Heavenly Lord Alliance to exist? He will soon understand that the Heavenly Lord’s House is not something that can be touched casually.”