DYM Chapter 1829

Qin Pei Fu, however, said seriously, “Nian Mei, believe me that I will not lie to you. Your Senior Uncle Yangla’s gongfu heritage is not without origin, it also has a great deal of origin. I will definitely not be wrong or misread. If Bing Yu really likes Ye Mo, then Ye Mo is definitely extraordinary and his future achievements are even more immeasurable.”

“If that Ye Mo is capable of anything, he can ask Senior Sister Bing Yu.” Qin Nianmei immediately replied.

Qin Pei Fu shook her head and said, “If Bing Yu really liked Ye Mo, not to mention asking her, even if she was killed, she wouldn’t say a word. Even if her master asked, she wouldn’t say it.”

“Since Senior Sister Bing Yu likes Ye Mo, father, then you still want me to be with Ye Mo, isn’t that ……” Qin Nianmei suddenly remembered that if Senior Sister Bing Yu liked Ye Mo, she wouldn’t have to worry about it. Although Senior Sister Bing Yu liking Ye Mo was a bit like having flowers in cow dung, but she couldn’t care less about that.

“Nian Mei, if I’m not wrong, your Senior Uncle Yang La has already seen out what happened to Bing Yu. If Senior Uncle Yangara sees it, he will definitely try to make Bing Yu cultivate back to her original dao heart again. It’s a little tougher, but your Senior Uncle Yangla is already an Immortal King, so I think he should be able to do it.”

Qin Pei Fu was also feeling a little tired, talking to his daughter about these things was really not his forte, but he was about to go to the Immortal King Monument Square to be the Sealed King, and he couldn’t keep using his temporary Sealed King title. If it wasn’t for the sake of establishing the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect and making a name for himself, he wouldn’t even have given himself the title of king first.

Looking at her father’s expectant look, Qin Nianmei could not bear to argue, although she still had Yan Xutao in her heart, but she also knew that her father was really kind-hearted.


The first time I saw a woman, I was in the middle of a conversation. That was Ye Mo.

“Bing Yu ……” A gentle call woke her up from her musings.

“Master.” Zhen Bingyu hurriedly got up, she didn’t expect Master to come here.

“You sit down.” Yang La said as she sat down.

Zhen Bingyu obediently sat down, but did not know what Master had come to see her about.

After Yang la waited for Zhen Bingyu to sit down, she said directly, “Bingyu, my title of Immortal King was given temporarily in order to rebuild the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect, so in a while I will be going to the Immortal King Monument Square with the Sect Master to be crowned king.”

After a pause, Yang La sighed and said, “This time I’m only going for two or three years though, it’s just that I’m a bit uneasy about you.”

Raising her hand to stop the way Yan Bingyu wanted to speak. Yang La looked at Zhen Bingyu and asked, “Bingyu, tell Master, is your Dao heart broken?”

Yan Bingyu stood up again and bowed to her master before saying, “Master, what I cultivate is no longer outside the Great Dao. There is no longer any other Dao heart ……”

After Zhen Bingyu cultivated the body refining technique given by Ye Mo, her dao heart had unknowingly changed. When it came to later, Ye Mo modified her gong method and that gong method was already completely different from the one taught by Master. Now that Master asked about it, she said it straight away.

“So, do you already have someone you like?” Yang La asked again.

“I don’t know, all I know is that I have been missing Ye Mo for this period of time and just want to be with him. My disciple’s dao heart is not strong. Please ask for Master’s reprimand.” Zhen Bingyu said truthfully, she had thought that the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect no longer existed, so she came back to see, and then wherever Ye Mo went. She would go wherever he went. But to her surprise, when she came back, not only was the sect still there, but that was Master and Sect Leader had also returned.

“Then after I chastise you. Are you still going to search for that Ye Mo? Or will you re-cultivate the Way of Nothingness and call back your Dao heart?” Yang La looked at Zhen Bingyu and asked.

“I am afraid that my disciple is no longer able to do so.” Zhen Bingyu replied with her head lowered. Although her voice was very soft, her tone was extremely firm.

Yang La smiled faintly and said, “Bing Yu, sit down, I am not here to blame you this time.”

“Ah ……,” Yan Bingyu looked at her master in confusion as she sat down. She knew very well how much her master valued the Dao heart, and since she was young, what he had instilled in her was that apart from cultivating the Dao, the rest was illusory. That was why it was a little strange for her now that Master said he did not blame her.

Yang La let out a small sigh and said, “If I hadn’t advanced to Immortal King, I would definitely have let you continue to perfect your Dao heart. But it was only when I advanced to Immortal King this time that I realised the truth that my Dao of Nothingness is not perfect, and perhaps the gong method I received in the first place was not perfect. This gong method simply doesn’t allow us to cultivate to the highest realm, and there are too many breakdowns in the middle. So even if this hadn’t happened to you this time, I would have made you understand this truth. There is nothing wrong with you discarding this dao heart now.

Moreover, I have seen that Ye Mo, back then I felt that he had great potential, absolutely extraordinary, even back then he might have surpa*sed the Third Grade Immortal Dan Master. He was able to break your Dao heart of nothing and make you like him. He is definitely a man of great perseverance and ability, and his future achievements will be unlimited. You didn’t choose the wrong person when you chose him.”

“Ah ……” Zhen Bingyu gave another ah, looking at her master in confusion, she didn’t even think about Ye Mo’s great perseverance and great ability ah, she just purely wanted to follow Ye Mo together. She even missed the rays of time she spent on Ye Mo’s back, missed every rays of time she spent with Ye Mo.

Yang La knew what her disciple was thinking, yet she did not point it out. The kind of person who could impress the heart of the Dao of Nothing, Ye Mo, was definitely not an ordinary person, he definitely had secrets in his body and was extremely affectionate. If Bing Yu liked him, she should be subliminally moved, and not as much as she thought, then it was right. If Bing Yu was really like what she thought and how she would be in the future, with the kind of person Ye Mo was, he would definitely not fancy it.

Yang La did not ask what Yan Bingyu and Ye Mo had gone through, but she knew very well that the two must have experienced something unusual between them, otherwise Ye Mo could not have made Bingyu fall in love even if he had a big secret.

“If you can, you can invite Ye Mo to stay with us, or you can continue to go out with him for a bit, my master will not blame you.” Yang La saw her disciple’s surging mood and said again with a smile.

Yan Bingyu finally understood what her master meant, and quickly said, “Bingyu thanks her master a lot.”

It was just that she herself knew that she could not go looking for Ye Mo at all. If she could have gone to look for Ye Mo, she would have gone long ago, why would she wait until today to be here in gloom and doom?

Ye Mo was now the Patriarch of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. Once she went to look for Ye Mo, wouldn’t that mean that he was Ye Mo? This was something that Yan Bingyu still knew.

Yang La smiled once again and said, “That girl Nian Mei is here, you guys talk, I’m going to find the Sect Master to discuss the matter of going to the Immortal King Monument to seal the king. You yourself should also work hard on your cultivation, if you and Ye Mo are too different, the two will end up getting further and further apart.”

Qin Pei Fu had counted on a lot, but had not counted on Yang La’s own dao heart which had started to change.

Zhen Bingyu hurriedly got up to send her master away, while thinking about what he had said. Master was right, the difference between her and Ye Mo was already very far right now. If she didn’t work hard on her cultivation, she would definitely be further and further away. Thinking of this, Zhen Bingyu even made up her mind that since Master had already agreed, then the rest of her time. She had to work hard to cultivate. What’s more, all those cultivation resources were given to her by Ye Mo.

Yang La had just left, and Zhen Bingyu had only just realized what she should do now, when Qin Nianmei walked over with a thoughtful face.

“Senior sister Nianmei.” After listening to her master’s words, Zhen Bingyu had understood what she had to do and her mood brightened up instead.

“Senior sister, your mood seems to have changed for the better.” Qin Nianmei immediately noticed the change in Zhen Bingyu’s mood.

Yan Bingyu said with a faint smile. “Yes, Master has enlightened me, and I have figured it out now.”

Qin Nianmei had heard what her father had said, and now once Zhen Bingyu said it. She then thought that Zhen Bingyu had put Ye Mo down, and the thought of Senior Sister Bingyu seeing Ye Mo put down and Pops trying to set herself up with that Ye Mo just didn’t sit well with her.

“Did you come for something?” Zhen Bingyu just wanted to spend all her time on cultivation. Right now, she had pills and immortal crystals if she wanted them. When else would she have to wait if she didn’t close down and cultivate at this time? As Master had said, if she and Ye Mo were too far apart, then they wouldn’t have gone together, and now she and Ye Mo were already far apart.

Qin Nianmei rubbed her head and said, “It’s not my father, he must want me to be with Ye Mo, let me come and ask you where Ye Mo is, sigh, it’s really annoying.”

When Yan Bingyu heard Qin Nianmei’s words, she gave a faint smile and said, “Actually, senior sister Nianmei, you don’t have to worry at all.”

“Why? My father is pushing very hard, saying that Xutao is not suitable for me, and he must make sure I catch that whatever Ye Mo is, I just don’t know, what’s so good about that Ye Mo.” Qin Nianmei asked and then said bitterly to herself.

Yan Bingyu said with a hmph, “It’s not on you, it’s on Ye Mo, he won’t fancy you. Even if the Sect Leader asks you to join him, he won’t join you, so you don’t have to worry.”

Not to mention that Ye Mo had already explained to her, even if Ye Mo didn’t explain, she already knew very well that Qin Nianmei was not the kind of person Ye Mo liked. At the beginning, she didn’t understand Ye Mo, but now she knew Ye Mo far better than this senior sister Nianmei in front of her.

She grunted and said, “Senior sister Bing Yu, I’m at least one of the top ranked beauties in Gong Hua Tian, even if I’m a little bit inferior to you, I’m not so bad that a Ye Mo can’t see me? Besides, when I knew Ye Mo, you were still far from knowing him. Could it be that he saw you but not me?”

When a woman got jealous, there was no reasoning at all. Even though Qin Nianmei knew that she was a little bit worse looking than Zhen Bingyu, she was still uncomfortable in her heart when she heard Zhen Bingyu say so directly that Ye Mo did not fancy her. What did Ye Mo have? He was just a casual cultivator, plus he could refine pills. His appearance could only be described as medium to high, not to mention that he was no match for Xutao, even Senior Brother Hai was better than him.

Although Qin Nianmei didn’t say it, the pride in her heart was still there, that is, if she really wanted Ye Mo to be her dao partner, then there would definitely be no problem. She, Qin Nianmei, was so outstanding, plus her old man was still an Immortal King, so what reason did Ye Mo have to refuse? When he first asked for a cracking talisman to enter the Chaos Star Realm, he even asked for himself.