DYM Chapter 1828

If it were not for the sudden emergence of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, the return of the two Immortal Kings of the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect to rebuild the sect would definitely be a great event for Gong Hua Heaven, and even the Lower Heavenly Domain. However, because of the sudden emergence of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, the rebuilding of the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect had become a branch to set off the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

Countless immortals who wanted to join the sect, their first choice was the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. Luckily, the Mo Yue Immortal Sect did not need many disciples, and many immortals who were not chosen in Mo Yue Immortal City went to the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect once again to test.

Although the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect had been robbed of the limelight by the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, the whole sect should be happy compared to the return of the two Great Immortal Kings, while there was no loss of core disciples. There was no reason for the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect to be unhappy, not to mention the news that the Self-Realisation King had been killed by a nameless expert.

But the truth was that there were really people in the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect who were sullen and unhappy. And it wasn’t just anyone else who was sulking, it was Yan Bingyu, the favourite disciple of the First Elder of the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect, Yang La.

Although her thoughts were not written on her face, her feelings were already evident.

Even Qin Nianmei sensed Zhen Bingyu’s thoughts, but although Zhen Bingyu was a senior sister, her temperament was rather indifferent, and although she and Zhen Bingyu got along wrong, they were far from being best friends. Hai Chuanwu asked more than once about Zhen Bingyu in front of Qin Nianmei, but Qin Nianmei was unable to give Hai Chuanwu an answer.

In the end, Hai Chuan Wu even encouraged Yan Xu Tao to ask Qin Nianmei about Zhen Bingyu. Qin Nianmei could only promise to go and see Yan Bingyu and ask her about her situation, and if possible, call her out. We would all go out for a walk together.

But Qin Nianmei had not yet gone to see Yan Bingyu. Instead, she was called by her father first.

Qin Nianmei actually did not want to meet her father. The main reason was that he had always looked at her sweetheart, Yan Xu Tao, in a bad light. Moreover, old dad seemed to think highly of the Ye Mo she had found for the first time, and had even mentioned Ye Mo more than once.

This made her lose what little goodwill she had for Ye Mo. Previously, because Ye Mo and Senior Sister Bing Yu had disappeared into thin air, Pops had reluctantly accepted Yan Xu Tao. Later, when Ye Mo reappeared, this old dad of hers had his heart set on making that Ye Mo her dao partner again.

She really could not figure out what was better about Ye Mo than Yan Xu Tao. In her heart, the two were too far apart. Of course in Qin Nianmei’s heart. Ye Mo was nowhere near as good as Yan Xutao.

Although she knew that her father was looking for her, she still had to go.

As expected, Qin Pei Fu’s first words after Qin Nianmei sat down were, “Nianmei, after my recent observation over a period of time, I have to tell you honestly that that Yan XuTao is not suitable to be your partner.”

“Is it that Ye Mo who is suitable for me?” Qin Nianmei said with an unbearable headache.

Although she knew that her daughter was speaking in anger and also in contradiction, Qin Pei Fu still nodded and said, “You are right, it is indeed that Ye Mo who is suitable for you. Alas, your mother is no longer here. If your mother were here, she would be the one to say these words to you.”

Qin Nianmei, who was already extremely uncomfortable in her heart, heard her old dad bring up her mother again. Her eyes turned red and that fire disappeared without a trace, and after a moment of silence she said, “Father, that Ye Mo and I don’t have any relationship at all, and he has never looked at me in the eye. Why do you always set us up, we are simply not suitable. I like Xutao, and he genuinely treats me well.”

Qin Pei Fu was different this time from the previous times, but said cautiously, “Nian Mei, tell father, with your looks and status, if you treat that Ye Mo the same as Xutao, will he treat you the same? He treats you badly because you don’t see him in your eyes at all. Think about it, was he like that to you back then? I’ve already heard that when you met Ye Mo in that Immortal City, you always tried to press him to please Yan Xu Tao. Not to mention Ye Mo, no one would be comfortable in their hearts.”

Seeing Qin Nianmei lowering her head and not speaking, Qin Pei Fu asked patiently again, “Tell father, if you were to treat him well with all your heart, would that Ye Mo treat you the same way? Before, I didn’t have time to ask you because of the clan construction. Now that the clan has regained its original prosperity, plus I’m going out again, you should answer me properly now.”

“Father, you always ask these boring questions. How could I treat him the same as Xutao? If you treat him and Xutao in general, what about Xutao?” Qin Nianmei replied somewhat helplessly.

“You just have to answer my question.” Qin Pei Fu, however, firmly wanted Qin Nianmei to answer.

Qin Nianmei was so helpless that she could only say, “I don’t know, but he seems to be the kind of person that people respect him and he respects them. When I found him before, he was a third-grade immortal dan master and had a very good relationship with those few Void Immortals, so I guess he should not be a particularly arrogant person. He also never seemed to take advantage of others for nothing when I was in contact with him, that’s all I know anyway.”

“Good, Nian Mei, I hope you can continue with that Ye Mo, Xutao is not suitable for you.” Qin Pei Fu said very dryly this time.

“On what grounds? Is Xutao inferior to him? Xutao is also a Great Bronze Immortal now, and his cultivation level is a bit higher than Ye Mo’s. Plus Xutao will soon be promoted to Fourth Grade Immortal Pill Master as well, what part of Xutao is inferior to that Ye Mo?” Qin Nianmei saw that her old dad was not very reasonable and immediately became a little impatient.

Qin Pei Fu did not scold Qin Nianmei, but only said in a deep voice, “Nianmei, you can trust my eyes. It is true that Xutao has a strong monastic heart and is an excellent disciple of the clan, but he is not suitable to be your daoist partner, I believe I am not wrong.”

“Then what makes you say that Ye Mo is suitable for me? Is he not suitable to be my dao partner?” Qin Nianmei was very unconvinced in her heart.

Qin Pei Fu, however, did not answer directly, but said slowly, “Do you know what kind of dao heart your senior uncle Yang La cultivates?”

“I don’t know.” Qin Nianmei subconsciously shook her head.

“Your Senior Uncle Yangla cultivates the Dao of Nothing, which is a branch of the Dao of Emotionlessness, although there are some differences, the Dao principles are the same.” Qin Pei Fu said in a gruff voice.

“But I feel that Senior Uncle Yangara is very good, she has always been good to me too, she wouldn’t be heartless.” Qin Nianmei asked, growing more and more puzzled.

Qin Pei Fu shook her head and said, “You don’t understand what is meant by the Way of Nothing, you have only seen the surface. There is nothing more to this dao heart than to cultivate and ask for the highest realm. You can see that Senior Uncle Yangla is very active in coming back to build the sect, but that is because the sect is where she cultivates, and the premise of all this is just for cultivation. Once there is anything to do with cultivation, then she will simply abandon it. She won’t get caught up in her feelings and she won’t pay for them.”

“No wonder Senior Uncle Yangla doesn’t have a daoist couple.” Qin Nianmei sighed with emotion, but after she finished speaking, she seemed to recall something and immediately asked in shock, “Father, if you say so, wouldn’t Senior Sister Bing Yu, then, also cultivate the Way of Nothing?”

Qin Pei Fu nodded cautiously, “Nian Mei, this is why I called you here today, to seriously talk to you about it.”

Seeing that his daughter was seriously listening to his words, Qin Pei Fu said slowly, “It is true that Bing Yu is also cultivating this kind of technique, and there is nothing else but the Way of Asking for the Dao. Moreover, Bing Yu’s qualifications are unbelievable, and she has been taught by your senior uncle Yang La since she was a child, so her heart for the Dao is even stronger. According to reason, there is absolutely no possibility of such a firm heart being cracked open, which means that Bing Yu will never fall in love with any one person in her life.”

“Father, you mean to say that Senior Sister Bing Yu she ……,” Qin Nianmei asked in shock.

She was shocked, not because she knew that Zhen Bingyu cultivated the Way of Nothing, but because she knew that Zhen Bingyu would indeed never be in love with anyone, it was an intuition and a feeling in her heart from spending so much time together. So although she intended to help Senior Brother Hai Chuan Wu, she in fact knew that Senior Brother Hai Chuan Wu was doing a useless job.

“Yes, Bing Yu has returned this time, she has indeed moved on, and your Senior Uncle Yang La also knows about it.” Qin Pei Fu said with a sigh.

“Then who is it?” Qin Nianmei blurted out, but then a figure automatically appeared in her mind.

“You should be able to guess it, the person who made Bing Yu move is that Immortal Dan Master Ye Mo.” Qin Pei Fu said helplessly.

“Ah, I see, it must be the one surnamed Ye who took advantage of Senior Sister Bing Yu’s serious injury and then took advantage of her. No wonder I feel that Senior Sister Bing Yu is in a bad mood, it turns out that it was something done by the person surnamed Ye, this definitely cannot let him off.” Qin Nianmei said angrily.

Qin Pei Fu sighed again and said, “Nianmei, you still don’t understand what I mean. That Ye Mo didn’t do anything to Bing Yu, and for someone who cultivates the Dao of Nothing, even if you do something to her again, it won’t affect her Dao heart.”

Seeing that her daughter still did not understand, Qin Pei Fu could only continue, “Once a person who cultivates the Dao of Nothing likes someone, it will be unchangeable. But it is very difficult for someone who cultivates this dao heart to like someone unless ……”

Qin Pei Fu stared at his daughter and said, “Unless the person has great perseverance, great courage and amazing skills, and also an extreme emphasis on commitment and emotion. These plus are not enough, there must be an opportunity, this opportunity is given to the average person is very difficult to do. In this way, it is possible to impress the person who cultivates this daoist heart. But once the person who cultivates this dao heart likes such a person, her dao heart will all be transformed into the emotions that are infused into this one person by life and death.”

“That’s impossible, even if Senior Sister Bing Yu likes Ye Mo, it has nothing to do with great perseverance or anything. That Ye Mo is only an Immortal Dan master at best, and can’t even touch the edge with anything earth-shattering. I’m afraid it’s because Senior Sister Bing Yu is grateful to Ye Mo for saving her, and that’s why she’s like this.” Qin Nianmei was already somewhat convinced that Zhen Bingyu was in love with Ye Mo, but she did not believe her when she was asked to admit that Senior Sister Bingyu had fallen in love with him because of Ye Mo’s earth-shattering ability.