DYM Chapter 1825

At the same time, Ye Mo also felt some guilt in his heart, these people could be said to have suffered from him.

Ye Mo didn’t go to rescue Meng Pillow and the others first, but turned to the surrounding crowd and cupped his fist and said, “I don’t think I need to say much about what kind of person Lu Zhengqun is, his seal is called the Junzi Immortal King, I think he can add the word fake in front of his seal.”

“Lu Zhengqun’s Immortal King title hasn’t been sealed yet, and in order to enhance his fame, this Junzi Immortal King title was just given to him by others.”

“With his kind of actions, his future position on the Sealing Tower won’t be too high, and likewise his seal on the Immortal King Tablet won’t be much, and he still has the Monarch Immortal King, I pooh!”

“You’re wrong, the Immortal King Monument Immortal King seal has nothing to do with personal character, the height of the Sealing Tower is also entirely based on strength, it shows that you don’t understand. But this person is one thing in the open and one thing behind the scenes, he is indeed unworthy of the title of Junzi Immortal King.”


The crowd was murmuring, without Ye Mo’s encouragement, Lu Zhengqun’s reputation was already notorious.

Ye Mo’s heart however was a bit strange, what is the Immortal King Tablet he had not heard of, how come he heard these people say that Lu Zhengqun’s Immortal King title had not been sealed yet, using only what others had given him, and what was going on?

But these words Ye Mo did not ask, he only had a Xiluan by his side, what he did not know, Xiluan must know even less.

Although some of the people imprisoned in this cell had friends outside, but this cell was grabbed out of the ground alive by Ye Mo, and no one dared to make a move before Ye Mo, the Immortal King, had given his word.

“Is it Fairy Xiluan in front?” When Ji Fei saw Xiluan, he hurriedly called out loudly, he and Xiluan were friends. After Ye Mo had opened the four continents’ teleportation array. Almost all of the experts at the peak of Transformation Truth knew each other. Not to mention that Chi Fei already knew Xiluan.

After Xiluan saw Ji Fei. Somewhat surprised, she said, “Senior Brother Ji, I didn’t expect you to have ascended as well.”

Chi Fei said with a bitter smile, “I’ve been locked up here since I ascended, Fairy Xiluan, how did you come here?”

Xiluan waved her hand and said, “We’ll talk about this later.”

Seeing this, Ye Mo raised his hand and dozens of flame-laden blades went out, and the ordinary immortal weapons that locked the immortals’ lute bones in the cells were immediately split by the flaming blades, while these people’s meridian bans were also instantly unlocked.

Ye Mo simply did a good deed to the end. He waved out hundreds of immortal pills and said, “Each of you swallow one immortal pill and all the hidden diseases will go away. I am the patriarch of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, if there are those who want to go to my Mo Yue Immortal Sect, the king welcomes them. Meanwhile the ascended cultivators of the Luo Yue Continent can stand aside, you can either join my Mo Yue Immortal Sect or leave on your own.”

When Meng Pillow and Turnip heard Ye Mo say the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, their hearts burst with joy. This Mo Yue Immortal Sect was really looking out for the Luo Yue Continent, something had just happened on their side and they had come to their rescue.

The rest of the few Luo Yue ascended cultivators who had been locked up early were completely puzzled. They had heard of the City of Mochizuki, could it be that this Mochizuki Immortal Sect had something to do with the City of Mochizuki?

Xiluan hurriedly stepped forward to explain. She told them about the Moon-moon Immortal City and the Moon-moon Immortal Sect. Hearing that the Patriarch of the Moon-Moon Immortal Sect was the one who had ascended from the Luo Yue Continent, the crowd suddenly understood. Although everyone did not know the name of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect’s patriarch, but since he was also a cultivator who had ascended from the Luo Yue Continent, it was normal to take care of the Luo Yue Continent.

At this moment, some of the people who had been saved by Ye Mo figured out what was going on, plus Ye Mo not only saved them, but also gave them immortal pills to heal their wounds. In a flash, these people came up to Ye Mo to thank him.

The Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master, Kuk Mu, who was called out by the crowd first, was an extremely thin old man, this old man and the familiar people just chatted casually before he came to Ye Mo and bowed and said, “Kuk Mu, thank you for the kindness of saving your lord.”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “Immortal friend Ku Mu doesn’t need to be polite, we are all Dan Dao seekers, this small favour is nothing.”

Ye Mo had a purpose for saying this, he had already heard the conversation between Kuk Mu and the others earlier. It turned out that Kuk Mu had been stuck in the Sixth Grade Immortal Dan Master for tens of thousands of years and was not allowed to progress, which was why he had moved to leave Wind Gang Immortal City and go to the Middle Heaven Domain to look for a more powerful Immortal Dan Master to seek a breakthrough.

Because when he was in Feng Gang Immortal City, Lu Zhengqun had been very kind to him and was also a friend. So when he left, he deliberately came to say hello to Lu Zhengqun. What he did not expect was that it was easy to stay in Wind Gang Immortal City, but it was not possible to leave. As a result, he was thrown into prison by Lu Zhengqun.

The reason why Ye Mo said that he was also a Dan Dao seeker was to entice Ku Mu to go to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

When Kuki heard Ye Mo’s words, he was really surprised and asked, “Your Excellency is also an immortal dan master? I wonder how many grades of immortal dan masters your lordship is?”

“Seventh grade.” Ye Mo didn’t hide it, he had to be attractive enough to recruit an immortal dan master. Relying on the advantages of Mo Yue Immortal City and Mo Yue Immortal Sect was still a little short. The Mo Yue Immortal Sect lacked an alchemy master who could resist the tripod, and Liu Zhongyan was at best a first-grade immortal dan master now, which was still too far from Ye Mo’s requirements.

Kuki looked at Ye Mo in shock for a while before asking in disbelief, “Your Excellency is a Seventh Grade Immortal Dan Master?”

Ye Mo knew his suspicion and directly took out a pill and handed it to Kuk Mu and said, “This is a pill I have refined, how about you take a look?”

When Kuk Mu saw the pill, his heart was shocked, he took the pill handed to him by Ye Mo then he realized that he had not misread it just now.

“This, this is a special grade ‘Yi Wang Dan’ ……” Kuk Mu said in a trembling voice, he liked the Dan Dao, it didn’t mean he didn’t value his own cultivation. He had been refining pills for countless years, yet he had not been given the opportunity to refine a ‘Yi Wang Dan’ once.

As a top-grade sixth-grade immortal dan master, Kuki was even more aware that this exceptional ‘Yi Wang Dan’ had almost no impurities, indicating that not only was the dan exceptional, but the Peng Yue immortal fruit used for refining it was also top-grade.

Once the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ came out, not only was Ku Mu shocked, but even all those who saw the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ were shocked. The Mochizuki Immortal Sect was surprisingly so rich that the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ could even be taken out. Even for some imperial clans in the Upper Heavenly Domain, ‘Yi Wang Dan’ was not something that could just be taken out.

Some Da Luo Immortal Perfection and late Da Luo Immortal stages looked at this ‘Yi Wang Dan’ with red eyes, if this pill was given to them, they would have a chance to achieve Immortal King in the future. If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Mo was an Immortal King, there might have been people who would have gone to grab this ‘Yi Wang Dan’.

Kuk Mu looked at the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ in his hand again and again before he somewhat reluctantly handed it back to Ye Mo and said, “Good Dan, your Excellency is already infinitely close to being an Eighth Grade Immortal Dan Grandmaster for being able to refine this ‘Yi Wang Dan’. Kuki would like to worship Your Excellency as his master, and I ask that Your Excellency can take him in.”

Ye Mo laughed and said, “It is not necessary to worship me, my Immortal Pill Peak of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect is short of a Grand Elder, if Immortal Friend Kuk Mu does not mind, he can go to my Immortal Pill Peak of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect as a Grand Elder, I wonder what Immortal Friend Kuk Mu would like to do? Of course, I will give Immortal Friend some of my alchemy tips, I think with my alchemy tips, it is not impossible for Immortal Friend to advance to Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Kuk Mu immediately fell to his knees and said, “Kuk Mu is willing to join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect and is willing to become an elder of the Immortal Pill Peak.”

“Good, Elder Kuki, get up first, this ‘Yi Wang Dan’ will be given to you as a meeting gift.” Ye Mo said with a joyful heart.

Liu Zhongyan was considered a direct lineage, and since Liu Zhongyan had no intention of continuing to open a sect, Ye Mo was going to open an Immortal Pill branch inside the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, and this branch would be given to Liu Zhongyan to take care of. The branch would be given to Liu Zhongyan to take care of. Kuki belonged to the Grand Elder of the Immortal Medicine Peak and was directly responsible to the Patriarch, and Ye Mo could see that Kuki was not very keen on any position, what he was keen on was Dan Dao achievements.

When he heard that Ye Mo had casually given him such a precious ‘Yi Wang Dan’, Kuk Mu was even more grateful. With his Da Luo Xian’s complete immortal energy base and accumulation, as long as he rested for a while longer and took the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ again, the possibility of achieving Immortal King was more than 80%. What’s more, the alchemical insights of an infinitely close to an eighth grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster were simply priceless. Even if Ye Mo raised harsh conditions again, he would still join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, not to mention Ye Mo making him the Grand Elder of the First Peak.

When the people around saw that Kuki joined the Mo Yue Immortal Sect and was immediately given the ‘Yi Wang Dan’, they were immediately stirred up and some people were already asking aloud if they could join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect. As for the matter of the Yuehengtian Heavenly Master’s Mansion being razed to the ground by Ye Mo, no one paid any attention to it at all anymore.

Ye Mo clasped his fist to the roaring crowd and said, “Gentlemen, my Mo Yue Immortal Sect will have a disciple recruitment event once a year in the future, those who want to join my Mo Yue Immortal Sect can go to Mo Yue Immortal City. Mo Yue Immortal City will become the number one Immortal City in the Lower Eleventh Heavenly Domain because we have Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Sect Masters in Mo Yue Immortal City.”

No one would doubt Ye Mo’s words, an Immortal Sect with a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster wanted to become the number one Immortal City in the Lower Heavenly Domain, there was indeed no problem.

Many people wanted to join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect immediately and wanted to get a ‘Yi Wang Dan’, but they were all rejected by Ye Mo. His ‘Yi Wang Dan’ didn’t just come in a big flood, he wanted it. To get the ‘Yi Wang Dan’, except for people like Lu Feng who had contributed greatly to the construction of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, and also people like Ku Mu who would contribute greatly to the future development of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, otherwise, don’t even think about it.

“My Lord Patriarch, Mangcang thanks you for your kindness in saving me. Mangcang is willing to join the Moon-Moon Immortal Sect, but my cultivation level is low and I am willing to go to Moon-Moon Immortal City to do the test.” A very young looking Golden Immortal went to Ye Mo and bowed in thanks, while expressing his intention to join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

While others hated to be recruited by Ye Mo immediately, this young Golden Immortal was willing to go to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect to do the test, which made Ye Mo feel good about himself. Thinking about what the others were talking about just now, he immediately asked, “Are you the first genius of Feng Gang Immortal City? Why did Lu Zhengqun want to imprison you?”