DYM Chapter 1824

“Brother Luo …… Although there are not many Immortal Sovereigns in the Lower Heavenly Domains, there are some, that Lu Zhengqun is a Heavenly Lord of a Heavenly Domain, once you make a move against him, it might cause the Protective Domain Immortal Sovereigns or even higher great powers to come out. And even if those great powers don’t come out, there is still a Heavenly Lord Alliance in the Lower Eleven Heavenly Domains, if you exterminate one of the Heavenly Lord Houses for no reason, it might cause a great turmoil ah ……”

Immortal King Si Cheng’s tone was worried, in fact, he was also a member of the Lower Heavenly Domain’s Heavenly Lords Alliance, once the action started, it was impossible for him not to participate. However, he had already experienced Ye Mo’s terrifying cultivation, and he thought that even the Heavenly Lords Alliance would not be a match for him if an Immortal King did not come out.

Ye Mo said coldly, “I am not exterminating a Heavenly Lordship for no reason, Lu Zhengqun captured my ascended cultivator from the Luo Yue Continent for no reason, it is hard for me to quench my hatred without killing this old wretch. Patriarch Li, if you are willing, help me to arrest the people that Yue Hengtian has set up in various places to spy on the ascended cultivators of my Luo Yue Continent and hand them over to me, and also help me to go to the Heavenly Lord Alliance to explain.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Immortal King Si Cheng sighed in his heart, knowing that Ye Mo was already clear that he was a member of the Heavenly Lord Alliance. Now he only had two ways to go, one was to continue to befriend the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, and the other was to unite with the Heavenly Host Alliance to take out the other party. However, he was very clear about Ye Mo’s combat power, and the highest cultivated Immortal King of the Heavenly Host Alliance was probably not a match for the other party.

Thinking about the fact that Ye Mo was still a seventh grade Immortal Dan Grandmaster, Immortal King S Cheng quickly made a decision and said to Ye Mo with an arch of his hand, “Brother Luo, I, Li Kai, will bet on this for a while, I will go and help you pull out all the nails in Yuehengtian, and at the same time explain what Lu Zhengqun has done in the Heavenly Host Alliance. If the Heavenly Lord Alliance wants to deal with you, I can only stay out of it.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Brother Li. You can rest a*sured. In the future, you will definitely not regret what you have decided today. If you tell the Heavenly Lord Alliance the reason for what happened. The Heavenly Lord Alliance will still have to deal with me, then the Heavenly Lord Alliance will not exist in the Lower Heaven Domain in the future.”

In fact, Ye Mo was wondering in his heart that Lu Zhengqun was making such a big show of arresting the ascended cultivators of the Luo Yue Continent, this was simply putting the cart before the horse and made no sense at all. It was reasonable to say that even if he wanted to capture, he would do it in secret. With this action, wasn’t he afraid that someone with an ulterior motive would investigate for some reason?

Immortal King Sisheng drew a cold breath backwards. This Sovereign Luo was so powerful and imposing.


The Yue Heng Heaven was not much known among the Eleventh Heavenly Domain, but when Lu Zhengqun, the Heavenly Lord of the Yue Heng Heaven, achieved the rank of Junzi Immortal King, the Yue Heng Heaven was a high status. Even if his Immortal King title was temporarily given to him by someone else and was not conferred by the Immortal King Tablet, it still made his fame soar.

Because of Lu Zhengqun’s achievement as Immortal King, the Wind Gang Immortal City where Yue Hengtian’s residence was located was even more prosperous, and countless immortals and immortal houses wanted to have a place to settle here.

Ye Mo was currently standing outside of Yue Hengtian’s Heavenly Master Mansion, and he was very disappointed that from the information he had received, Lu Zhengqun was not in Feng Gang Immortal City. Not even in Yue Heng Tian. No wonder his men were constantly arresting people, it looked like they had gotten orders from him. He had been ordered to arrest people and hold them here until he returned.

Lu Zhengqun’s Heavenly Lord’s Mansion was built in unbelievable luxury, even compared to the City Lord’s Mansion in Qing Wei Heaven, it was just a little smaller in size.

“Who are you that you dare to stay in front of the Heavenly Lord’s Mansion?” Ye Mo only stood at the entrance of this Heavenly Lord’s Mansion and took a few glances before a Great Bronze Immortal landed in front of him and shouted a loud rebuke.

“Where did Lu Zhengqun go? I’m here to kill him today.” Ye Mo said in a cold voice.

That Great B Immortal had thought that it was just a curious person, but now when he heard Ye Mo spouting off that he had come to kill Lu Zhengqun, how could he still hold back. He could not see Ye Mo’s cultivation level at all, but seeing that Xiluan was only a Void Immortal, he thought that Ye Mo could not be much higher, and immediately sacrificed his magic treasure to attack Ye Mo.

Ye Mo only raised his hand and killed the Great Ethereal Immortal with a blade. When Xiluan, who was following Ye Mo, saw that Ye Mo had no intention of taking the Great Ethereal Immortal’s ring, she hurriedly went up and collected the Great Ethereal Immortal’s ring.

When Ye Mo saw Xiluan’s action, he unconsciously thought of Zhen Bingyu. At the beginning in Zong he killed the Immortal Demon Demon, and Zhen Bingyu was collecting the Immortal Demon Demon cores on the side. He then shook his head, although the two had different motivations, the fact was that they were both people who were in pursuit of strength. And that Daoist heart of Zhen Bingyu, he really did not dare to compliment.

Seeing that Ye Mo had actually beheaded the guards of the Heavenly Lord’s Mansion at the entrance of the Heavenly Lord’s Mansion, the immortals in the distance immediately gathered around and all looked at Ye Mo’s side in shock. Junzi Immortal King Lu Zhengqun enjoyed an extremely high reputation in Feng Gang Immortal City, and it was outrageous that someone dared to fight at his door.

Ye Mo turned back to the immortals who had gathered around him and said aloud, “Fellow immortals, this king is the patriarch of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, and originally there was no hatred with this Lu Zhengqun. However, my junior brother is an ascended practitioner from the Luo Yue Continent, and this Lu Zhengqun has gone mad and arrested ascended practitioners from the Luo Yue Continent. Today, I have come to save the innocent ascended cultivators of my Luo Yue Continent, and at the same time, I am also looking for justice from the man named Lu.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s tone, the people around him immediately understood what was going on. Mo Yue Immortal City and the Mo Yue Immortal Sect were famous all over the world, and most people already knew about it. And what Lu Zhengqun had done, many people had also heard about it. The Heavenly Lord’s House in Yueheng Heaven was arresting ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent everywhere, and almost everyone here knew about it.

So after Ye Mo finished speaking, it was clear to everyone that retribution had come. It wasn’t that there was no retribution, but the time had not yet come. Some immortals who wanted to make a move were even more silent when they heard that Ye Mo was an Immortal King, and no longer dared to come out and speak.

Poor Lu Zhengqun, if he was still in the Feng Gang Heavenly Domain, he would have killed the guy who gave the order to capture random ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent. That guy had simply misunderstood him, he was only going to secretly capture a few ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent to ask them about the situation, not to make such a big deal out of it that everyone knew about it.

In fact, if the Mo Yue Immortal Sect hadn’t appeared, even if Lu Zhengqun’s men had captured all the ascended cultivators of Luo Yue, no one would have said much, and no one would have even bothered to spread the word among themselves. However, with the emergence of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, the matter was immediately exposed and spread. It could be said that the emergence of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect and the announcement of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect had accelerated the exposure of the matter of the capture of Luo Yue’s ascended cultivator by the Yue Heng Tian Tian Tian’s main residence.

After Ye Mo finished his explanation to the immortals watching, he was no longer polite and directly sacrificed an ordinary upper grade immortal weapon and slashed out at this Heavenly Lord Mansion.

As an Immortal King, with such a terrifying slash, even the most magnificent Heavenly Lord Mansion was split into two halves.

A dozen of the Great Luo Immortals and Great Supreme Immortals from the Heavenly Lord Mansion tried to come out to stop them, but they were instantly killed by Ye Mo, while more Immortals, knowing that an Immortal King was coming to destroy the Heavenly Lord Mansion, did not even dare to fight and hurriedly fled.

For those who fled, Ye Mo didn’t bother to chase them. He believed that Lu Zhengqun would not casually tell the truth about the Chaos Tree, he must have smothered it in his heart.

The dull ‘boom boom’ sound was endless, the dozens of miles around the Heavenly Lord’s Mansion was destroyed by Ye Mo at an extremely fast speed, the beautiful Heavenly Lord’s Mansion turned into a ruin.

This was not all, Ye Mo’s Immortal Yuan hand transformed into a large shovel that was tens of miles wide, and with one direct shovel, all the things on the ruins were lifted up by this Immortal Yuan shovel. And after this big shovel picked up all the things on the ruins of this Heavenly Lord Mansion, it directly poured into the void.

When the shovel disappeared, the crowd could no longer see anything on top of the Heavenly Lord’s Mansion at all. There was no telling where the ruins had been dumped by Ye Mo, and all the crowd could see was a flat and incomparably level area.

The immortals around them were even more frightened and drew in cold air, this was a real leveling, no warning, no reservation, an immortal king’s strike was really terrifying.

How many clans had come to congratulate Lu Zhengqun and how many people had come to cater to him when he was promoted to Immortal King? But it was only a few years ago that Lu Zhengqun’s Heavenly Lord House was literally leveled.

Justice for the cultivators of the Luo Yue Continent was of course a must, but for Ye Mo, the main reason for killing Lu Zhengqun was the ‘Chaos Tree’. Even if an Immortal Daoist might really came out against him, he had to finish off Lu Zhengqun. Otherwise, once Lu Zhengqun threw himself on the line and leaked the news, the one who would come out against him would not be an immortal dweller, but an immortal emperor or even a saint emperor. He, Ye Mo, would not be able to escape even if he had three heads and six arms.

In the next moment, Ye Mo’s immortal hand had already grabbed rows of cells out of the ground.

These cells, even after being grabbed out by Ye Mo, were still protected by the forbidden system, so it was impossible to see clearly what was inside.

Ye Mo raised his hand and just waved a few times, the prohibitions on these cells were instantly split off, and the people in the cells were revealed in broad daylight.

“Isn’t that Senior Kuk Mu, the Sixth Grade Immortal Pill Master of my Wind Gang Immortal City? He has disappeared for hundreds of years, I thought he had gone to the Middle Heaven Domain, but I never thought he would be locked up inside the cell of the City Master’s Palace.”

“Ah, how come the Grand Elder of my Gangling Chamber of Commerce is also being locked up in here?”

“Mang Cang, wasn’t he the first genius of my Feng Gang Immortal City, sent by the City Lord to the Immortal Sect of the Middle Heaven Domain? How come he’s here?”


The cell had been broken by Ye Mo, and the person inside was completely visible. For a while, shocked voices kept ringing out. The people in those cells, whose meridians and lute bones were locked, could only use their eyes to see, and now that they suddenly appeared under the bright light, they all froze.

When Ye Mo saw many familiar faces, his anger rubbed off on him, there were five acquaintances he knew inside this cell, Meng Pillow, Xie Turnip, Xie Zheng Shi, Chi Fei and Tsuen Luan. Among them, Meng Pillow and Xie Turnip were still his friends, and Chi Fei was also on good terms with him, but now all of them had their meridians sealed and their lute bones locked, so they had obviously suffered a lot.

These people were all dominant in the cultivation world back then, and now they were being trapped at will.