DYM Chapter 1820

Word of the Inkmoon Immortal City being built in Gong Hua Heaven spread throughout Gong Hua Heaven and then throughout the entire Lower Heaven Domain at the fastest speed.

The reason was no other than the fact that behind the Mo Yue Immortal City and the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain was not only an Immortal King of unfathomable cultivation, but also a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Master. When those who rushed here saw that this Immortal King Luo had hidden the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain and set up the great sect protection formation alone, they realised that Immortal King Luo was also an Immortal Formation Master.

Countless immortals rushed to Mo Yue Immortal City, and countless immortal merchants also rushed to this place. How attractive should an Immortal City where a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster appeared and an Immortal Sect where a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster appeared be?

There wasn’t an immortal with excellent qualifications who didn’t want to join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, and there wasn’t an immortal merchant who wanted to gain maximum profits who didn’t want to obtain a merchant building in Mo Yue Immortal City.

All at once, countless people found their way to Yin Ying, and for the first time, Yin Ying found that there were so many people sending him materials and immortal crystals. At the end of the day, he simply couldn’t keep busy. Even with the help of a few people from Liu Zhongyan, he was still too busy. In his heart, he had already admired this Senior Brother Luo to his bones, and with a casual remark, he had attracted so many people to come. Of course, he also knew that in order to say this, he had to be qualified to do so.

Luckily, Lu Feng had come, and as the owner of the number one merchant building in Helan Immortal City, she was not only highly skilled, but also had superior insight, and her methods of handling things were far from Yin Ying’s. Under her leadership, the construction of the Mo Yue Immortal City quickly went formal.

Although Ye Mo was not in Mo Yue Immortal City, not only Lu Feng, but also the rest of the merchant buildings had taken the initiative to help. Even Immortal King Bi Qian, the president of the No. 1 Chamber of Commerce in Pangkalan Immortal City, also took the initiative to come to Mo Yue Immortal City to help. To be able to climb to this position in the Immortal Realm. Who would not be able to see the future of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect and Immortal City?

The Mochizuki Immortal City was improving at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. Because there were so many merchants sending materials, as a result, the materials used in Mo Yue Immortal City were even more luxurious and magnificent than before.

There were nearly tens of thousands of immortals working on the Mo Yue Immortal City, and because Ye Mo was not in Mo Yue Immortal City, even those who came to Ye Mo ended up pleasing Yin Ying and took the initiative to start helping out.

During this period of time, the crowd could only see the rumbling and loud noises coming from inside the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, but none of them really dared to enter the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain to take a look. What was really going on.

However, everyone could guess that it should be Lord Luo setting up a formation on the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain. Thinking about an immortal mountain with such a wide area, how huge should the formation to be set up be? Because of this, everyone was even more in awe of Ye Mo.

After Ye Mo experienced what happened last time, he equipped each of the seven Yin Ying people with a divine sense attack jade token of their own, but who would dare to attack the administrators of Mo Yue Immortal City without looking at them now? If they attacked, there would be no need for Yin Ying and the others to do anything at all, someone would help out.


The Mochizuki Immortal City was being built at a better pace than Ye Mo expected, but Ye Mo didn’t know anything about it, at this time he was setting up the 100,000 void imperial killing formation. One thousand two hundred mountain peaks and Ye Mo’s own refined formation flags were continuously laid down by Ye Mo. Two upper grade immortal spirit veins and one middle grade immortal spirit vein, and three lower grade immortal spirit veins were also laid out by Ye Mo.

The outline of the One Hundred Thousand Void Imperial Kill Formation gradually showed up. In order to ensure that the defence and attack of this formation was even stronger, some of the extreme grade immortal weapons and upper grade immortal weapons that had been collected by Ye Mo, as well as some upper grade immortal weapons that he had refined himself and were all arranged into the formation.

It was the end of the second month after he returned from Pangkor Xian City, and Ye Mo had finally finished setting up the Mo Yue Immortal Sect’s Mountain Protection Formation, which was infinitely close to a level 7 immortal formation.

The Mo Yue Immortal Sect had one main peak, eight secondary peaks, ninety-nine sub peaks, and eleven hundred elder peaks on the periphery. A total of 1,208 peaks make up the formation. These peaks are both places for disciples to cultivate and the concealed formation flags for the 100,000 Void Imperial Kill Formation.

When the formation was about to close, Ye Mo was also excited as he stood on the main peak of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, Mo Yue Peak, and began to close the formation.

As the main peak formation flags linked up with the surrounding peaks, the entire Mo Yue Immortal Mountain would emit a loud rumbling sound.

The loud sound was dull, yet continuous and getting louder and louder. At this moment, the immortals in Mo Yue Immortal City stopped what they were doing and looked at the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain together.

“This is the Great Mountain Protection Formation merging into formation.” Zheng Zheng, as an Immortal King with the highest level of knowledge, murmured in shock as he looked at the Immortal Mountain that was getting hazy in the distance.

When the people around them heard even Zheng Zheng say this, they were even more nervous as they looked at the distant Mo Yue Immortal Mountain. Some immortals who wanted to join the Mochizuki Immortal Sect had already fallen to their knees.

Immortals who wanted to join the Mo Yue Immortal Sect had already fallen to their knees, as Yin Ying and the others immediately fell to the ground in reverence. The closing of the Mountain Protecting Formation was a big event, and in a large sect, it was an extremely important event.

As Yin Ying and the others fell to their knees, more people began to fall to the ground.

The “rumbling” sound became louder and louder until, after an incense stick, the crowd heard a loud click. The whole scene in heaven and earth seemed to have changed, and from afar all that could be seen was a coloured cloud lingering between the peaks, and underneath it, there seemed to be a large lake. And a few immortal spirit trees, verdant to the extreme, stretched out their branches and leaves from the coloured clouds, looking vibrant.

The dense immortal spirit energy gathered at once, and even if it was blocked by the great formation, people outside the Moon-Moon Immortal City could feel it.

What a great place, countless people were in awe and delight, more people were thinking about how to enter the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

Ye Mo stood on the main peak, the Mo Yue Peak, and looked at the Immortal Sect that had been combined with the formation in front of him with surprise, this place was too much for him. If he were to establish an immortal clan in the Upper Heaven Domain in the future, he would definitely use the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain as a blueprint.

At this moment, the immortal spirit energy from several spirit veins was emitted, and the immortal spirit energy was incomparably dense. Ye Mo was sure that the immortal spiritual qi here would not be worse than even some of the sects in the Upper Heaven Domain.

The next moment, Ye Mo opened the formation and came out from inside the Mo Yue Immortal Sect.

After the formation opened, the crowd saw the scenery inside the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, with mountains and water reflecting each other and surrounded by immortal spiritual qi. This was a place where every one wanted to stay inside and cultivate. Some people who wanted to join the Moon-moon Immortal Mountain. They were even in a surging mood.

“Huh. The Immortal City is already coming to an end?” Ye Mo said in awe as he landed outside the Immortal City and looked at the magnificent and wide Immortal City.

The Immortal City was planned exactly as he wanted it to be, not only did it carry the grandeur of the Immortal City of the Upper Heaven Domain, it also carried the layout of the inside of the City of the Moons, and even the Moons Lake.

“Very good, very good, I am very satisfied.” Ye Mo said as he nodded his head one after another.

Yin Ying and the others had already come to Ye Mo’s side. Yin Ying even said proudly, “Our Mo Yue Immortal City has received a lot of help, Senior Lu Feng has even been pouncing on the construction of the Immortal City. There is also Lord Immortal King Bi Qian and Sect Master Fu Hong Cheng, as well as the city lord of Pang Cap Immortal City have all given a great deal of help.”

“Many thanks to Brother Zheng.” Reaching out and not smiling, no matter what Zheng Zheng thought, he had helped Mo Yue Immortal City a lot. For that, Ye Mo was still grateful.

Zheng Zheng’s teeth had grown long ago, and when he heard Ye Mo’s thanks, he immediately came to Ye Mo and cupped his fist and said, “Brother Luo, before, I, Zheng Zheng Zheng, had no eyes. This time, it is only right for me to put in some effort for Mo Yue Immortal City.”

“Good. Let bygones be bygones for what happened before. As long as Brother Zheng stays like this, I, Mister Luo, will not treat you poorly.” Ye Mo waved his hand directly and said.

What Zheng Zheng wanted was these words from Ye Mo, when Ye Mo called him Brother Zheng, he already knew that what he had done was not in vain, at least he had won Ye Mo’s goodwill.

The city lord of Pangkuan Immortal City was called Wang Forget Chuan, a Da Luo Immortal with a complete cultivation, his face was a bit yellowish, but his two eyes were extremely twinkling, at a glance, he could tell that this was not a person who stood firm. However, he had contributed to Mo Yue Immortal City, so Ye Mo thanked him politely, and at the same time promised to help refine a potion for free.

Wang Forgotten Chuan had gone to great lengths to take out almost half of his savings to help Mo Yue Immortal City, apart from pleasing Ye Mo, just for Ye Mo’s words. Now that Ye Mo had personally agreed, he was even more thankful one after another.

“Lu Feng, I’m sorry, I said I would give you the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ in a month, but I didn’t expect that setting up the mountain protection formation would take more than two months, delaying your time while you were here helping me a lot.” Ye Mo greeted Zheng Zheng and Wang Forget Chuan before turning to Lu Feng who was waiting on the side.

Lu Feng hurriedly bowed and saluted, “Lord Luo, I have waited for ten thousand years, so how could I care about this month. What’s more, I, Lu Feng, am genuinely happy to work for Moon-Moon Immortal City.”

“Good, just for your words, my Mo Yue Immortal Sect can’t treat you badly, you follow me over.” Ye Mo finished speaking and arrived at a huge open space outside the Mo Yue Immortal City, then he sacrificed his formation flag and started to set up the immortal formation again.

In just a short time of an incense stick, Ye Mo laid out a level six spirit gathering immortal formation, while throwing out hundreds of millions of immortal crystals. Then, on the periphery of this Level 6 Spirit Gathering Immortal Formation, another defensive concealment formation was laid out. The reason for setting up this concealment formation was that he was afraid that the lightning tribulation would be too powerful, and it would be bad if it knocked off Lu Feng’s clothes and exposed him.

After the two formations were set up, Ye Mo took out a jade bottle and handed it to Lu Feng and said, “This is the ‘Yi Wang Dan’, you go in now to cross the tribulation to advance to Immortal King, I will help you protect the spell, it is a compensation for you.”

Lu Feng was pleasantly surprised as she took the jade bottle, she never thought that she would be able to get an Immortal King to protect her, and a Super Immortal King at that.

With the ‘Yi Wang Dan’ in her hand, Lu Feng still couldn’t believe it, she didn’t even dare to open the jade bottle to take a look. ‘Yi Wang Dan’ ah, it meant that she was about to advance to Immortal King. Great Luo Immortal Perfection and Immortal King, that wasn’t even a simple cultivation gap, that was a huge gulf in the sky.

“Thank you, Lord Luo, Lu Feng will definitely repay your kindness.” After Lu Feng finished speaking, he resisted the urge to open the jade bottle and excitedly walked into the Spirit Gathering Immortal Formation that Ye Mo had set up.

The fact that a Da Luo Immortal was going to cross the tribulation to advance to a ranked Immortal in front of everyone was an instant sensation to all of them. The scene of advancing to Immortal King, which some people would never be able to see in their lifetime, was simply an enlightening event now that they could see it once.

In a flash, all the people outside of Mo Yue Immortal City found a good spot and prepared to watch Lu Feng’s Immortal King Thunderclap.

Zheng Zheng secretly sighed in his heart, once Lu Feng had advanced to Immortal King, his gratitude to this Immortal King Luo would be completely from the bottom of his heart.