DYM Chapter 1819

At this moment, Fu Hongcheng dared not to take any chances, and hurriedly stepped forward to bow and said respectfully, “Lord Luo, previously, Mo Yue Immortal City also bought many materials from my Demigod Merchant House, so in order to show our sincerity, my Demigod Merchant House is willing to take out 20% of the materials needed for the construction of Mo Yue Immortal City this time, and is also willing to provide one billion immortal crystals. Also if Mo Yue Immortal City needs my Demigod Merchant House to purchase materials from the rest, my Demigod Merchant House is willing to help for free.”

Ye Mo nodded, the twenty percent of materials for the construction of the Mo Yue Immortal City was already very much, and the fact that this Fu Hong Cheng was offering one billion immortal crystals showed that this guy was still somewhat sincere.

“Very well, I’ll take your 20% of materials, and the one billion immortal crystals won’t let you pay for nothing, you Demigod Merchant House can have a medium sized merchant house in the Mochizuki Immortal City.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Fu Hongcheng was overjoyed. He had taken out so much and was already in great pain, but now that he was also getting a merchant building, he was finally getting some of it back, and then he hurriedly said, “Many thanks to Lord Luo, junior will definitely do his best to serve the construction of Mo Yue Immortal City.”

“Good, your idea is good. You can go down first, just go and find my senior brother Yin Ying later.” Ye Mo became more and more satisfied with this Fu Hongcheng who saw the wind and the rudder, the construction of Mo Yue Immortal City needed people like Fu Hongcheng, their experience was definitely much more adequate than Yin Ying’s.

After Fu Hongcheng went down with a happy heart, Ye Mo lifted his hand and lifted Zheng Zheng’s ban, then looked at Zheng Zheng Zheng coldly and said, “What are you going to do about your Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce?”

Zheng Zheng saw that even Immortal King Li Kai of Si Cheng had no room to fight back in front of Ye Mo, so how could he not know that it was like killing a chicken for Ye Mo to kill him? At this moment, Ye Mo had released his confinement, so how could he not know that he had to seize the opportunity. If he did not seize the opportunity. He would have been miserable. No matter how big the hatred was. It was simply not enough in front of strength.

Without even waiting for Ye Mo to ask a second question, Zheng Zheng hurriedly bowed and said, “My Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce is willing to provide five billion immortal crystals, and is also willing to provide fifty percent of the materials used to build the city.”

Zheng Zheng was prepared to hemorrhage money, he knew that once his stuff was not to Ye Mo’s liking, not only would he be finished, but his Chamber of Commerce would be just as dangerous.

Ye Mo nodded and said, “For the sake of your sincerity, I will let your Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce off the hook this time, if it offends my hands again. The Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce will disappear forever.”

“Yes, many thanks to Lord Luo.” Although Ye Mo did not give the merchant building, Zheng Zheng was horrified and thanked him repeatedly.

After thinking about it, Ye Mo still said, “That five billion immortal crystals will be used as an investment for your Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce to also own a merchant building in Mo Yue Immortal City, double the size of the Demigod Merchant Building.”

Zheng Zheng was relieved to hear this, he didn’t care about the merchant building in Mo Yue Immortal City, but Ye Mo was obviously not going to kill him by saying this. Of course, if he knew the importance of the merchant building in Mo Yue Immortal City, he wouldn’t think so.

After Zheng Zheng retreated. A Da Luo Immortal with a face like a black pot hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Junior Yi Tian Merchant House Kwai Bone, although my Yi Tian Merchant House is not as big as the Demigod Merchant House. Yet, it is willing to provide 500 million Immortal Crystals and 10% of the Mochizuki Immortal City construction materials.”

“Yes, when you have provided enough materials, you can also have a merchant building in Mo Yue Immortal City, half the size of the Demigod merchant building.” Ye Mo allocated the merchant buildings according to the amount of materials each family provided.

After Yi Tian Merchant House Kwai Bone went down, the one who came up again was a young beautiful woman, this beautiful woman first bowed to Ye Mo before saying, “My junior, Lu Feng of Huan Feng Merchant House in Hai Lan Immortal City, I happened to pa*s by here this time. I, Huan Feng Merchant House, am willing to provide all the remaining construction materials for Mo Yue Immortal City, as well as coordinate all the materials to be equipped afterwards, and provide the manual strength to build Mo Yue Immortal City. In addition to that, my Huanfeng Merchant House is also willing to provide the materials for senior Luo to establish the Immortal Sect.”

“Oh.” Ye Mo did take a surprised look at this Lu Feng, in fact based on what the previous few had provided, there was absolutely no need for her to provide so many things. The fact that she was offering so much meant that she had something to ask for. All of these things added up to so much more than that Zheng Zheng.

“What are you asking for?” This was the first time Ye Mo asked the merchant who had offered something what he wanted, before he had just thrown a merchant building out at random.

“The junior wants to have a chance to have a shot at Lord Luo.” Lu Feng stated her request.

Ye Mo understood as soon as he heard it, this Lu Feng was very shrewd, seeing that she had made a powerful strike, she wanted to make one of her own, it looked like this woman had an extremely powerful enemy. However, for the sake of so many things, Ye Mo did not refuse and immediately nodded his head and agreed, “Yes, although I am not considered a good person, I do not kill innocents indiscriminately, as long as I take advantage of reason and the other party is under Immortal Dweller, I can strike once for your Huanfeng Merchant House for free.”

“Thank you, Lord Luo, junior definitely does not dare to ask senior to kill innocents indiscriminately.” Lu Feng hurriedly thanked him.

Ye Mo dropped a jade token to Lu Feng and said, “When you need my help, just bring the jade token over.”

“Yes.” Lu Feng hurriedly took the jade token and retreated.

When the rest of the people heard Ye Mo’s words, they all drew in cold air, under Immortal Dignity, strike at will, how domineering were such words. How many Immortal Dwellers were there in the Lower Heaven Domain? This statement was simply a general killing in the Lower Heavenly Domain.

Zheng Zheng’s mouth was full of bitterness, and while Li Kai was shocked, he was secretly glad that he had not yet formed a big feud with the other party, for if he did, then his Purple Frost Immortal Sect would really be finished.

The remaining several merchants could only express their willingness to provide the construction of the Mochizuki Immortal Sect because the construction of the Immortal City had already been wrapped up by the previous ones.

These statements made Ye Mo very satisfied, and after letting these people go down, Ye Mo then looked at Li Kai.

At this moment, Li Kai did not know that it was his turn, so he quickly stood out and cupped his fist and said, “Immortal friend, please feel free to order anything, as long as I, Li Kai, can do it.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Good, with these words from Patriarch Li I’m satisfied, there are already many enthusiastic chambers of commerce to help with the establishment of the immortal city and sect. It’s just that this sect was requested to be built by my senior brother, who soared up from the Luo Yue Continent. His intention in establishing this sect was also to give the ascended cultivators from the Luo Yue Continent a place to go.”

When Ye Mo said this, Li Kai had already guessed some of it.

Sure enough Ye Mo continued, “I would like to ask Sect Master Li to do me a favour, there are ascension halls and major famous immortal cities in the Lower Heavenly Domain to establish notice monuments to inform all ascended cultivators in the Luo Yue Continent that they can find the Mo Yue Immortal City in Gong Hua Heaven. I wonder if Patriarch Li can help?”

“Fellow Immortal Luo, don’t worry, I, Li Kai, will definitely be able to help in this matter.” Li Kai hastily clasped his fist and said, although this matter that Ye Mo said was not a simple matter, but as an Immortal King, he could also help by having an Immortal King clan.

“Good, then thanks a lot Sovereign Lai, after Sovereign Lai helps with this, I am willing to refine an immortal pill for Sovereign Lai.” Ye Mo also clasped his fist and said.

The development of the Immortal Sect could not rely on him alone, killing Li Kai was easy, but compared to becoming a trading party with Li Kai in terms of benefits, Ye Mo’s side gained more benefits.

“Immortal friend Luo is still an immortal elixir master?” Li Kai asked in amazement.

Ye Mo originally wanted to make Mo Yue famous through the fact that he was an immortal dan master, otherwise he wouldn’t have said that he would refine pills for Li Kai.

Now that Li Kai did ask, Ye Mo said unhurriedly, “Patriarch Li is mistaken, I am not an Immortal Pill Master, I am a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Master and can refine Seventh Grade Immortal Pills. Of course, the materials are required to be provided by you.”

“What ……”

Ye Mo’s words were like dropping a bomb in the middle of this hall, not only Li Kai, but all the people in the hall froze.

A Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster? There didn’t seem to be one even in the entire Lower Heaven Domain. Even if a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster appeared, it was not something they could come into contact with.

When the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect had been able to become friends with Fifth Grade Immortal Pill Master Gongsun Yin, they had already envied a bunch of Immortal Sects, and now a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Master had appeared in front of them, this was simply a stone that had raised a huge wave in the sky.

Yin Ying and Jiang Sumeru and the others were already stunned by Ye Mo’s power, and now that Ye Mo had said that he was a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster, several of them opened their mouths even wider. In that case, the achievements of the Mo Yue Immortal Sect in the future would simply be indefinable.

“Lord Luo, are you really a Seventh Grade Immortal Pill Grandmaster?” Lu Feng, shocked, stepped out and asked in a trembling voice.

Ye Mo immediately said, “Of course, after my Immortal City and Immortal Sect are established, my Mo Yue Immortal Sect will face the entire Lower Heavenly Domain to recruit disciples, and at the same time I will refine pills for the entire Lower Heavenly Domain for three days.”

Ye Mo believed that once this word was released, it would be impossible for the Mo Yue Immortal Sect to not become famous. Immortal pills had always been a top resource in the Immortal Realm, but there were very few immortal pills masters, let alone immortal pills zong masters.

Lu Feng trembled as he took out the jade token Ye Mo had given him before, then took out another jade box, took out a Peng Yue Immortal Fruit in the jade box and said, “Lord Luo, junior would like to ask senior’s hand once to help junior refine a furnace of ‘Yi Wang Dan’, junior only needs one of the pills. ”

Seeing Lu Feng take out the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit, almost all the people in this hall stared at this Peng Yue Immortal Fruit with red eyes. This was something to refine the ‘Yi Wang Dan’, this was simply a priceless treasure. Yet they had not expected that this Lu Feng, who was with them, would have this item.

If it wasn’t for the presence of a Heaven-reversing Immortal King here, they might have all made a move to grab it.

“You just asked me to make a move once, wouldn’t it be a pity to use up this opportunity now?” Ye Mo asked casually as he took the jade token and the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit.

Lu Feng still said in a trembling voice, “It has been ten thousand years since my junior was stuck at the Great Luo Immortal Perfection, and my junior opened the merchant building in order to take the opportunity to break through this barrier. However, junior has obtained an empty Peng Yue Immortal Fruit, but cannot find an Immortal Pill Master to refine a pill for junior, so I ask senior to make it happen.”

“Yes, this ‘Yi Wang Dan’ I guarantee that I will help you refine it. For the sake of your help in building my Mo Yue Immortal Sect, I will give you three ‘Yi Wang Dan’. In a month’s time, you will wait for me at Mo Yue Immortal City.” Ye Mo could also guess Lu Feng’s mood and immediately responded.

Lu Feng only took out a Peng Yue Immortal Fruit, without any supporting materials. Ye Mo had plenty of ‘Yi Wang Dan’ inside his ring, so if Lu Feng really contributed greatly to the Mo Yue Immortal Sect, it would be fine to give her three of them.