DYM Chapter 1818

All eyes turned towards the doorway, and then these people simultaneously saw Zheng Ying, the Steward of the Immortal Rider Merchant House, only at this moment this mighty Steward had had one of his arms chopped off, and was without even one ear, and was still being carried in the hands of a tiny Golden Immortal.

Everyone inside the hall did not move and turned their gazes towards Zheng Zheng. When Zheng Zheng saw Ye Mo, however, his eye brows knitted and he suppressed his anger. He had already seen that Ye Mo was an early Immortal King, although his cultivation level was a little bit lower than his, but the Immortal Yuan could not even spy it, it was simply unfathomable.

“As the same Immortal King, I wonder why your friend is forcing his way through the council hall of my Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce? Could it be that you think my Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce is easy to bully?” Zheng Zheng stared at Ye Mo and said coldly.

Ye Mo casually grabbed Zheng Ying, who had a broken arm, and threw it in the middle of the hall before sneering, “I didn’t think that the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce was a good bully, but does the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce think that I, Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, am a good bully?”

“Mochizuki Immortal Mountain? Where does that come from? I’ve never heard of this Immortal Mountain, I’m afraid this friend has misunderstood?” Zheng Zheng was furious in his heart after hearing Ye Mo’s words, he was sure that Ye Mo had misunderstood. To provoke his Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce so much because of a misunderstanding, this kind of thing he, Zheng Zheng, would definitely not tolerate.

Seeing that the Immortal King of the Immortal Riding Chamber of Commerce did not even dare to make an immediate move against Ye Mo, how could Yin Ying not know that this Senior Brother Luo in front of him was also an Immortal King, at this moment when he heard Zheng Zheng’s words, he immediately stood out and said, “Mo Yue Immortal Mountain is the previous Shang Lai Immortal Mountain, our Senior Brother Luo retired the poisonous mist and let us establish Mo Yue Immortal City and the Immortal Sect, I never thought that you would forcefully try to take over our Immortal City. You even took Senior Sister Jiang Sumeru captive, I pooh.”

Once Yin Ying’s words were spoken. All the people inside the hall understood. It turned out to be the same thing. In that case. It was really the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce that had made the first move against Mo Yue Immortal Mountain. The people inside the hall were discussing how to divide up the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, but now it was a good thing that they had come to the door.

Once Zheng Zheng heard this, he obviously understood what was going on, the backstage of the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain was actually an Immortal King, and even if it was an Immortal King, he wasn’t afraid.

Things had come to a head, instead he laughed and then said aloud, “Not bad. That Mo Yue Immortal Mountain is what my Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce has its eye on. You’re just an immortal king who has established an immortal sect in my Gong Hua Heaven without making a sound, do you still have my Gong Hua Heaven in your sights? Since you are also an Immortal King, I will give you face. We will take the Mochizuki Immortal Mountain, and we will also take the Immortal City outside. We will compensate you one billion immortal crystals, and as for the matter of you injuring the steward of my Immortal Rider Merchant House, let’s put it aside.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and no longer bothered to speak. Raising his hand, he struck out with a ball of flame, and Steward Zheng Ying, who was lying on the ground, immediately turned into a cloud of flying ash.

“You seek death.” Immortal King Bi Qian shouted in anxious anger, and similarly a red light was offered out. That light instantly enveloped Ye Mo.

Immortal King Bi Qian’s side made a move without any warning, and the few Da Luo Immortals around him were suppressed by this powerful aura and instantly vomited blood. Several of the early Da Luo Immortals. They even spurted out several mouthfuls of blood in quick succession. If the Immortal Rider Merchant Building wasn’t imprisoned by the defensive formation, it would have collapsed from this powerful aura.

Ye Mo raised his hand and with a wave, this terrifying aura of Immortal King Bi Qian immediately dissipated and disappeared.

Zheng Zheng, as an early Immortal King, was not even close to the Self-Realization King. In front of Ye Mo there was no way to even look at him, so how could Ye Mo care about a mere early Immortal King.

The next moment Ye Mo’s Immortal King Domain and Divine Sense Blade had already split out, Zheng Zheng was struck by the Divine Sense Blade and his whole body immediately trembled. His Immortal King Domain had no room to hold on under Ye Mo’s Immortal King Domain, and it dissipated in a moment.

Although Zheng Zheng was far worse than Ye Mo, but his vision as an Immortal King was there. When Ye Mo’s Immortal King Domain and Divine Sense Blade came out, he immediately understood that he was even worse than a mole in front of his opponent. The other party had not really struck yet, and once he did, he would be the one to be killed in seconds.

At this moment, Zheng Zheng was already horrified and could not wait to ask Ye Mo to stop immediately, but that divine sense blade was so strong that if he was not careful, it would split into his sea of consciousness and he simply did not have any energy to speak.

It was only at this moment that Ye Mo took a step forward without slowing down, raised his hand and slapped out, the red diamond-shaped magic treasure was directly slapped to the side by Ye Mo’s slap. Almost the moment Zheng Zheng called out the word stop, Ye Mo had already slapped Zheng Zheng’s face with another slap.

Poor Zheng Zheng, an Immortal King, was actually slapped by Ye Mo’s slap with a dozen of teeth, and his face was immediately drenched with blood.

“Boom” there was a dull muffled sound, and the oppressive feeling in the hall space immediately disappeared. Zheng Zheng, who was still furious a moment ago, was already being carried in Ye Mo’s hands like a chicken, unable to move a single muscle.

The whole battle was over in just a few breaths, and the Immortal King of the Immortal Riding Chamber of Commerce had already fallen into the hands of his opponent.

Ye Mo completely sealed Zheng Zheng’s meridians and threw them at his feet, then sat where Zheng Zheng was sitting just now, before he said to both Yin Ying and Zhuo Yue Shen, “You two sit by my side.”

Only then did the stunned Yin Ying and Zhuo Yue Shen wake up to the fact that Senior Brother Luo was so powerful, this must be an Immortal King, if not an Immortal King, which Immortal King had this kind of ability? The two responded with surprise immediately after they reacted, “Yes, Senior Brother Luo.”

Ye Mo looked at the Vice Patriarch of the Purple Frost Immortal Sect, Ji Wu Liang, who was originally sitting next to Zheng Zheng and hadn’t reacted until now, and said with a cold bellow, “Scram down and invite Jiang Sumeru and the others over. If a single hair is missing from them, I will go to the Moei Heaven and exterminate that whatsoever Purple Frost Immortal Sect of yours cleanly.”

“Yes, yes ……,” this Great Luo Immortal Vice Patriarch of the Purple Frost Immortal Sect hastily replied in a trembling voice, this Senior Brother Luo in front of him was also a little too terrifying. After seconding Immortal King Bi Qian, he was sure that the Purple Frost Immortal Sect’s Patriarch, Immortal King Si Cheng, was definitely not a match for this killing star in front of him.

“This Immortal Friend, what happened before was my Immortal Riding Chamber’s fault, I, Zheng Zheng, apologize.” Zheng Zheng, who had his meridians sealed by Ye Mo and was unable to run his immortal energy, struggled to climb up. At this moment, the anger in his heart was simply three rivers and five seas, and his heart was churning with regret and horror alike.

Had he known that the backstage of Shanglai Immortal Mountain was so terrifying, even if that Immortal City was ten times bigger. He wouldn’t have bothered with the idea. At this moment, he already hated Zheng Ying, the Steward of the Immortal Riding Merchant House, to the marrow of his bones. Unfortunately, Zheng Ying had already been killed. Even if he hated it more, he could not teach Zheng Ying a lesson.

After Ye Mo waited for the two of them, Yin Ying and Zhuo Yue Shen, to sit on either side as well, he swept a glance at the trembling Da Luo Immortals in the hall before saying unhurriedly, “Are you all trying to split up my Mo Yue Immortal Mountain?”

“I don’t dare, senior, my junior is blind ……” Although the Demigod Merchant House’s Fu Hongcheng was rough looking, his mind was one of the most delicate. Previously, he was incredibly deferential to Immortal King Bi Qian, and from time to time, he spoke out in agreement. Now Ye Mo had seconded Immortal King Bi Qian by an absolute margin as soon as he arrived. How could he not know the highs and lows.

Ye Mo said noncommittally, “Since you are blind, what should be done?”

“The Demigod Merchant House is willing to compensate for the loss of the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, as well as make the greatest contribution to the construction of Mo Yue Immortal City ……”

Just as Fu Hongcheng finished saying this, that Vice Patriarch of the Purple Frost Immortal Sect, Ji Wuliang, had already brought Jiang Sumire and the others over.

When Jiang Sumer saw Ye Mo, who was sitting at the top, and the Immortal King Bi Qian lying on the ground, where did the three of them not know what had happened? Immediately, they were surprised and came forward to call Senior Brother Luo.

After Ye Mo let all three of Jiang Sumer sit to the side, he then looked at Ji Wuliang and said, “Your Sovereign should be arriving.”

Ji Wuliang’s heart was shocked, he immediately knew that he had gone out to inform the Sovereign that Ye Mo knew about it, he quickly bowed and said with trepidation, “The junior knows that this matter cannot be decided. Therefore, he informed the Sovereign Lord ……”

“Haha ……” A loud laugh came while a clear voice said, “Purple Frost Immortal Sect Li Kai has met this Immortal King friend.”

The voice and the person landed in the middle of this hall almost at the same time. At the same time an extremely strong Immortal Yuan fluctuation came from the hall, and the terrifying Immortal King Domain instantly swept through the entire hall. Just as the people in the entire hall were overwhelmed unbearably again, a man wearing a golden immortal robe had landed in the middle of this hall.

Ye Mo snorted coldly and the Immortal King Domain stretched out at the same time, while the Divine Sense Domain was also added on top of the Immortal King Domain. The hall that was incomparably oppressive just now immediately relaxed, and even a burst of breaking sounds could be heard by the crowd.

Before Lai Kai could fall, his face changed drastically, and the next moment he felt his Immortal King Domain dissolve into nothingness, while almost at the same time, he found himself bound.

In this moment, Li Kai’s face changed drastically, even if he was bound for a breath of time, it would be easy for his opponent to kill him. He could no longer care about laughing wildly, and frantically burned his immortal energy to break free from that terrifying feeling of being bound.

It was at this moment that Ye Mo’s calm and waveless voice came through, “I’m going to kill you, you’re not even in your original spirit at this point.”

Li Kai’s body was covered in cold sweat, before he heard Ji Wu Liang’s words, he thought that Ye Mo had succeeded in sneaking up on Immortal King Bi Qian. Now, it seemed that the other party really had the ability to instantly kill Immortal King Bi Qian, and could even instantly kill himself. How terrifying should a person who could kill him in the middle stage of Immortal King in seconds be?

Li Kai trembled in shock as he reverted to Ye Mo and said with a respectful fist, “Purple Frost Immortal Sect’s Li Kai has met Immortal Friend, thank you for your mercy, if the Purple Frost Immortal Sect has offended before, Li Kai is willing to make amends.”

Hearing the Purple Frost Immortal Sect’s Immortal King Si Cheng and Immortal King Bi Qian in one breath, the people in the hall immediately knew that this Senior Brother Luo in front of them was simply too strong to even be compared to the Immortal King Clan.

“Take your time with the apology, you sit aside first.” Ye Mo said blandly to Li Kai, he had come here today to establish his authority so that he could find benefits, but not to kill. Without benefits, his Mo Yue Immortal Sect and Mo Yue Immortal City would not be able to be built.

When Li Kai sat down, Ye Mo only looked at Fu Hongcheng and said nonchalantly, “You only have one chance, if this chance is wasted, there will never be a Demigod Merchant House again. Well, you can now talk about how you plan to compensate.”