DYM Chapter 1817

“Jiang Sumeru was taken away by the Purple Frost Immortal Sect, it has nothing to do with me ah …… I’m just the steward of the Immortal Rider Merchant House in Pangkalan Immortal City ……” said that Da Luo Immortal in shock, he didn’t expect the Mo Yue Immortal City’s backstage was so big. In his opinion, Ye Mo was definitely a late Immortal King. Although the combined forces in Punk Capricorn Immortal City were stronger than him, but this was not Punk Capricorn Immortal City, ah, even if an Immortal King came to save him, it would be too late.

Ye Mo saw that this Da Luo Xian stammered and couldn’t say anything at all, once again a blade went over and one of this Da Luo Xian’s ears disappeared again, not waiting for this Da Luo Xian to make a shocked sound, Ye Mo’s voice had already come, “Tell me clearly, if I wait a little longer and you still can’t say it clearly, the rest of my hands and feet, I will slowly cut them off.”

“Yes, yes, I said ……” This Da Luo Xian said in fear while running his Immortal Yuan to stop the blood, “Mo Yue Immortal City has recently purchased too many materials, a few of us merchants had doubts in our hearts and got some news, that’s why we We came here to take a look. At the same time, the Purple Frost Immortal Sect knew that Jiang Sumerian was here and wanted to come and take him away, and since the Purple Frost Immortal Sect has some relations with several of our merchant houses, we all came over together.

When we arrived here, we all got up in arms when we saw that the poisonous mist from the Shanglai Immortal Mountain had really disappeared and that an extremely beautiful Immortal City was going to be built here soon. Apart from me, the rest of us had already gone to Pangkorn Immortal City to distribute the profits. That Jiang Sumeru is also in Punkeng Capricorn Immortal City, because the Purple Frost Immortal Sect also wants a branch here.”

This time this Great Luo Immortal spoke swiftly and incomparably, and had made things briefly clear that it was nothing more than a few major merchants who had taken a fancy to Mo Yue Immortal City and then wanted to divide up the place.

“Senior Brother Luo. Tong Shu and Mei Yu have also followed Jiang Sumeru.” Zhuo Yue Shen, who was standing on the side, said in a hurry.

Ye Mo nodded his head raised his hand and closed this Da Luo Xian’s Immortal Yuan operation. Only then did he say to Yin Ying and Zhuo Yue Shen. “Yin Ying you and Zhuo Yue Shen both accompany me to Pangkuan Immortal City.”

After saying that Ye Mo took out another jade token and handed it to Liu Zhongyan and said, “You and Liu Man stay here and continue to build Mo Yue Immortal City, we will be back soon. This jade token contains my three divine sense attacks, if anyone dares to make a move against Mo Yue Immortal City, use the jade token to attack directly.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Luo.” Liu Zhongyan immediately replied, Ye Mo had shown him what true strength was. A guy who was most likely a Da Luo Immortal was also defenseless against Senior Brother Luo, which showed that their Senior Brother Luo was most likely an Immortal King. In a clan. With an Immortal King, who would dare to come nagging?

Yin Ying picked up the Da Luo Immortal who was paralyzed on the ground and leapt onto a top-grade flying magic treasure that Ye Mo had casually sacrificed.

The Pangkorn Immortal City was not close to the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, so Ye Mo used a very ordinary top grade flying magic treasure, and it only took him less than half a day to arrive at Pangkorn Immortal City.

When several Xuan Xian City guards saw Ye Mo not dropping his flying magic treasure even in the forbidden domain outside the Immortal City, they were about to go forward to stop him. However, when they saw the man with a missing arm and ear that Yin Ying was carrying in his hand, they immediately stopped in their tracks.

The person being carried in Yin Ying’s hand was not unknown to anyone in Pangkorn Immortal City. This was Zheng Ying, the first steward of the Immortal Rider Merchant House, the number one merchant house in Punk Capricorn Immortal City, a late stage Da Luo Immortal. Such an expert had been restrained and had a broken arm in his hand. Who dared to come forward to make a move?

All they could do was to rush to report the matter to the city lord and then to the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce.

After Ye Mo entered Pangkalan Immortal City. There was no need for Zheng Ying to show him the way, his divine sense immediately swept out. There were divine sense prohibitions everywhere in the Immortal City, but these divine sense prohibitions were simply a broken net under Ye Mo’s divine sense.

Ye Mo was determined to establish his authority, so how could he show any mercy? If Mo Yue Immortal City was to stand in Gong Hua Heaven, it would not be enough to suppress these ambitious people in Gong Hua Heaven without establishing authority.

The Immortal Realm, like the Cultivation Realm, was never a place for reasoning, or rather, reasoning here was only for those with big fists. In fact, Ye Mo knew very well that not to mention the Immortal Realm, even in the Mundane Realm he had once visited, reason was also spoken by those with big fists. It was just that the way it was done became a tug of war. A big fist could tug of war with you, but a small fist could only try to listen to others tug of war in a moderate tone.

The city lord of Pangkorn Immortal City was originally a Da Luo Immortal Perfection, and when he received that someone had dared to storm the rules of the Immortal City and had taken down the steward of the number one merchant building, the Immortal Rider merchant building, he immediately just burst into a rage. He didn’t even think about it and was about to rush out.

However, when he sensed a powerful divine sense, which unscrupulously pa*sed through the divine sense ban to wreak havoc in Immortal City, he was instantly frozen in shock. With such a powerful opponent, it was no different from seeking death for him to go up there.

Even the Divine Sense Shielding Barrier was like an egg shell in front of this Divine Sense, so what was he doing going up there with a mere Da Luo Immortal Perfection? Even if he wanted to curry favour with the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce, he could not give away his life. The next moment, he had already retreated and sat down again, while calming himself down.

This matter was no longer something he could manage, what he had to do was to wait until after this dispute, no matter who lost or who won, he would have to go out and whisper.


The Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce was the number one chamber of commerce in Punk Capricorn Immortal City, and the Immortal Rider Merchant House was the number one merchant house in Punk Capricorn Immortal City. This merchant house is not only famous in Gong Hua Heaven, but even in the rest of the heavenly realm, the Immortal Rider Merchant House is also very famous, so the business of the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce is spread throughout the lower heavenly realm.

The reason why the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce was so famous was of course not because of the Immortal Rider Merchant House in Pangkorn Immortal City, but because the first head of the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce, Zheng Zheng, was an Immortal King, still at the peak of the early Immortal King stage. With such great resources behind the Immortal Riding Chamber of Commerce, Zheng Zheng’s cultivation progressed even faster. In a few more decades, it would not be impossible for him to advance even to the middle stage of Immortal King.

At this moment, the luxurious hall on the top floor of the Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce was filled with people, and Zheng Zheng was sitting on the first place. Beside him was also the author of a purple-robed Da Luo Immortal Perfection, a man who was not from Gong Hua Tian, as one could tell from the purple robe he wore that he was Ji Wuliang, the Vice Patriarch of the Purple Frost Immortal Sect.

The reason why Ji Wuliang was sitting next to Zheng Zheng was also not because he was the Vice Patriarch of the Purple Frost Immortal Sect, but because the Purple Frost Immortal Sect was an Immortal King sect and the Patriarch of the Immortal Sect, Li Kai, was a mid Immortal King.

At this moment, Ji Wu Liang was saying with a smile on his face, “After all, my Purple Frost Immortal Sect is an outsider, and we are not willing to interfere with that Shanglai Immortal Mountain. As for Shanglai Immortal City, our Purple Frost Immortal Sect only needs a tenth of the territory as a branch of ours in Gong Hua Heaven. Of course, I am still willing to listen to the wishes of Lord Immortal King Bi Qian of the Immortal Riding Chamber of Commerce on exactly how to distribute it.”

“Yes, Sovereign Ji has a point, we are still at the mercy of Lord Immortal King Bi Qian’s wishes.” A bearded Da Luo Immortal immediately stepped forward and said, he was the head of the second merchant building of the Pangkalan Immortal City, the Demigod Merchant Building, Fu Hongcheng.

With these two men at the beginning, the rest of the group stood up and said that they were willing to listen to the wishes of Immortal King Bi Qian.

Immortal King Zheng Zheng, who was sitting at the top, said with a warm smile on his face, “Since everyone is so generous to me, I will not be polite. Shanglai Immortal Mountain has always been draped with poisonous fog, but this time the fog has automatically dispersed, which is also a good thing for me, Gong Hua Tian. The immortal mountain there is self-forming and dense with spiritual energy, and although my Immortal Rider Chamber of Commerce is spread throughout the entire Gong Hua Heaven, it lacks a clan residence ……”

When he said this, Zheng Zheng deliberately paused and swept a glance at the rest of the people, finding that no one came out to refute his words, he immediately nodded in satisfaction and continued, “I plan to make Shanglai Immortal Mountain the residence of my Immortal Riding Chamber of Commerce, and Shanglai Immortal City, as the common interest of all of us, excluding a tenth of the Purple Frost Immortal Sect. I believe that Shanglai Immortal City will be the number one immortal city in the Gong Hua Heaven in the future, given its location.

What’s more, you have all seen the outline of the Shanglai Immortal City, which is truly magnificent and huge. We don’t have such a grand and huge Immortal City in the Gong Hua Heaven yet, and this person who built it is a talent.”

Although Zheng Zheng said that he was a talent, he was sneering in his heart. Even if he was a talent, if he wanted to gain a foothold in Gong Hua Heaven without having three points of skill, he was still looking at the world a little too simplistically.

It was no wonder that Zheng Zheng thought so, the people who helped Ye Mo manage the establishment of Immortal City, the highest cultivation level of Liu Zhongyan was only at the early stage of Xuan Xian, the rest of them were all Golden Immortals. From this it was clear that the person behind the Immortal City was at most only a Great Immortal. Besides, even if the other party was beyond a Great Immortal and was an Immortal King, so what? They had more than one Immortal King on their side.

“I, the Demigod Merchant House, agree with Immortal King Bi Qian’s opinion.” The first time Zheng Zheng finished speaking, the Demigod Merchant House’s Fu Hongcheng stood up and echoed. He did not want to go up to Immortal Mountain of Lai, and to him, it would not occur to him to go up to Immortal Mountain of Lai. He was already very satisfied with having a piece of land in Shanglai Immortal City.

The rest of the people thought the same as Fu Hongcheng and agreed, this time the benefits were equal to what others had given away for nothing.


Ye Mo’s divine sense blade pa*sed through countless divine sense forbidden formations, and in just breathing time he had already found one of the most luxurious immortal buildings in Panglai Immortal City, with four big golden words ‘Immortal Ride Merchant Building’ written on the immortal building.

There was a huge luxurious hall on the top floor of the Immortal Rider Merchant Building, and at this moment, there were some people gathered in this luxurious hall. Apart from some fairy girls who offered songs and dances, the rest of the people who could gather here had the lowest cultivation level of early Da Luo Xian, and there was even an Immortal King.

At the same time, Ye Mo’s divine sense also swept up Jiang Sumeru, Tong Shu and Xue Meiyu, who were all under house arrest in a room, but were not being punished.

Ye Mo’s divine sense crossed the hall and swept through everyone in the hall. The Immortal King immediately became a little alert and stood up with astonishment. Seeing Immortal King Bi Qian stand up with a shocked expression on his face, the rest of the people in the hall all looked at Immortal King Bi Qian in confusion, not knowing what had happened.

When Ye Mo arrived outside the hall with Yin Ying, he heard that these people were dividing up the Mo Yue Immortal City and became furious.

Without waiting for these people to ask Immortal King Bi Qian, the next moment, the door of this hall was kicked open by Ye Mo along with the forbidden system.

“Unfortunately, I don’t agree.” At the same time as the crowd saw Ye Mo at the door, Ye Mo’s murderous voice had already reached their ears.