DYM Chapter 1816

Ye Mo didn’t need to be reminded by Little Ice Cucumber, he had already stretched out his domain, while dozens of divine sense nets blocked the way around him. If it was an ordinary Immortal King, it really wouldn’t be able to stop this Spirit Eating Beast.

The spirit-eating beast had little combat power, but its main skill was its speed, which was so fast that even an Immortal King’s divine sense would have a hard time stopping it. However, Ye Mo was different, he had already known that this thing would escape and had set up a divine sense net as soon as he entered.

Under his immortal king domain and divine sense domain, this spirit-eating beast quickly slowed down. Ye Mo’s divine sense had already sensed the Spirit Eater’s powerful immortal spirit power fluctuations, this fellow didn’t know how many immortal spirit veins it had devoured.

Ye Mo grabbed the Spirit Eating Beast with his big Immortal Yuan hand, and the Spirit Eating Beast was already in his hand.

Immediately, Shadowless ran over with its tail wagging and looked at Ye Mo pitifully.

Ye Mo didn’t look at Shadowless, the spirit-eating beast immediately lost its breath when it reached his hand, and only the terrifying to the extreme immortal aura was there.

Little Ice Ginseng hurriedly said, “Boss, this Spirit Eating Beast is the predecessor of the Immortal Marrow Crystal, any strange breath that catches it will cause it to lose its vitality. However, after losing its vitality, the Spirit Eating Beast will immediately transform into an Immortal Marrow Crystal. The immortal spirit energy inside the immortal marrow crystal is the purest, and the effect of cultivation is multiplied. Some spirit-eating beasts will automatically transform into immortal marrow crystals after devouring an extremely large number of immortal spirit veins. After these Immortal Marrow Crystals have evolved over countless years, they in turn become various kinds of Immortal Springs. There are nine Immortal Spirit Veins laid out in here, and I’m afraid that this Spirit Eating Beast was artificially raised.”

It turned out that this was how the immortal springs came about, this was the first time Ye Mo had heard about it, but it was possible that this was just one of the reasons why the immortal springs were created. After listening to Little Ice Ginseng, Ye Mo still said, “This place is a natural formation, so I’m afraid it’s hard for ordinary people to find it. Is it artificially raised. It’s not certain.”

The creation of heaven and earth was miraculous. To be able to generate such a concealing immortal formation. It was not necessarily that someone had deliberately raised it.

At this moment, the spirit-eating beast that had lost its vitality in Ye Mo’s hand had been transformed into a piece of immortal marrow crystal that was bigger than a face basin. When Ye Mo felt the rich and pure immortal spiritual qi in it, he thought to himself that if this thing was given to him to absorb and cultivate, he might be able to advance to the middle stage of Immortal King, or even the late stage of Immortal King.

This spirit-eating beast didn’t know how many immortal spirit veins it had devoured to gather such a large amount of dense and pure immortal spirit qi. At the same time, Ye Mo also thought. In case this immortal marrow crystal was placed inside the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, it could definitely form an extremely dense immortal spring.

Whether he should cultivate it himself, or build an immortal spirit spring, Ye Mo was a bit hesitant. As for the matter of promising it to Shadowless to eat, it had long been cast aside by him.

Shadowless saw Ye Mo grab the Immortal Marrow Crystal in his hand and whimpered twice.

Ye Mo thought about Shadowless and then said in an unpleasant manner, “You can’t eat this thing, you swallow it in one bite and it will hold you up later.”

Ye Mo was not talking nonsense, he believed. Even Shadowless couldn’t swallow such a large and such concentrated piece of Immortal Marrow Crystal in one breath.

“I can eat it slowly, one bite at a time.” Shadowless immediately retorted.

Ye Mo was stunned. He hadn’t thought of this, he had seen Shadowless eat before and swallowed everything in one bite, even if he was eating a rank eight Immortal Demon Demon. But the fact was, Shadowless could also eat slowly.

This was not a good idea, he had promised Shadowless, but it was too wasteful to give such a good thing to Shadowless to eat.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo coughed and said, “Can you eat this Immortal Marrow Crystal to advance to Immortal Taos?”

Shadowless hesitated for a while and said, “I’m afraid that I can’t.”

“Then you still want me to give you such a good thing to eat? How many people can advance with this stuff? Don’t try to eat barley like a turtle and waste food.” Ye Mo chided in annoyance.

“I knew it would be like this.” Shadowless said in a very bored manner.

“Go and devour all the poisonous fog released by the spirit-eating beasts outside, this is a reward for you.” Ye Mo patted Shadowless’s head and said.

Shadowless muttered, “Boss, don’t cheat me with such a cheap trick, just do something if you want me to, don’t say it’s a reward.”

Ye Mo had no choice but to take out the demon pellet of the level 9 immortal demon beast and throw it to Shadowless and said, “This is a reward for you.”

“Huh, good stuff, boss you really have a lot of good stuff, I can definitely advance to the late stage with this demon dan.” Shadowless bit down on that demon pellet in his mouth, but in his heart he secretly thought about when he would ask Boss for a few more of these demon pellets. He didn’t know that Ye Mo only had one of these grade nine demon pills.

Ye Mo collected the three top grade immortal spirit veins, then said to Shadowless, “If there’s still a trace of poison mist when the job is done, you’ll be finished.”

“I guarantee that there isn’t half a trace of poisonous mist left.” Shadowless finished saying that it was already too late to go out and do the work.


A day later, Shadowless and Little Ice Ginseng returned to the Golden Page World once again, the poisonous mist of the Mochizuki Immortal Mountain had been completely swallowed by Shadowless. Shadowless was now anxious to return to the Golden Page World to refine the ninth grade demon pills and prepare for the advancement to the late stage of Heavenly Gourmets.

Ye Mo remained alone at the main peak of the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, thinking about how to set up this great formation. Although several top grade immortal spirit veins had been put away by him, the immortal spirit energy in the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain was still much denser than in ordinary places.

After three days of planning, Ye Mo deduced a great defence formation on his own, the 100,000 Void Imperial Kill Formation. This immortal formation had 100,000 refined mountains laid out as bright formation flags, each set of flags was closely connected, once one of them was broken, the rest of the flags would work. And behind these bright formation flags, there was also a set of concealment formation flags he had refined.

These two sets of formation flags echoed each other to form a top level defence and attack all-in-one immortal formation. Another great advantage of this immortal formation was that it could be upgraded at any time, Ye Mo could only set up a top level six immortal formation now, as for a level seven immortal formation he could not set it up yet. The good thing is that this 100,000 Void Royal Kill Formation is an immortal formation that can be upgraded at any time, as long as he can refine more mountain peaks and concealment formation flags.

Ye Mo’s Golden Page World did not have 100,000 mountain peaks inside, but 1,000 mountain peaks were there, plus the original mountain peaks inside the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain, there were 1,200 mountain peaks. Together, these mountain peaks would be enough to raise the formation to the peak of a level six immortal formation.

Ye Mo took all the peaks around this Mo Yue Immortal Mountain into the Golden Page World, leaving the main peak alone. The main peak he needed to refine outside, and the rest of the mountain peaks, he had to refine inside the Golden Page World.

Ye Mo, who was already an Immortal King, however, did not have so many worries and directly took out the Time Formation Disk and spent a day refining the main peak. Then he entered the Golden Page World and kept refining the rest of the mountain peaks in the Time Formation Disc.

The main peak of the Mochizuki Immortal Mountain was a thousand miles in circumference and towered into the clouds. The rest of the peaks ranged from a few miles to tens of miles, and the largest was only a few hundred miles. In the time array disk of the Golden Page World, Ye Mo refined them even faster.

Two months had pa*sed outside the time array disk, and Ye Mo had already refined almost all of the mountain peaks.

Ye Mo left the Golden Page World and was ready to start setting up the formation when he felt the jade token he had given to Yin Ying being crushed.

Ye Mo was very relieved that Yin Ying was doing his job, he would not crush the jade token if there was no special matter, and the next moment Ye Mo had already appeared on the outskirts of the Mo Yue Immortal Mountain.

A huge immortal city that was already showing its outline appeared in front of Ye Mo. Although the immortal city was not even a tenth of it, it was already showing its majestic aura.

Ye Mo, however, had no time to be happy, he was already furious. At this moment, Yin Ying’s mouth and nose were bleeding and he was suppressed and almost crawled to the ground. Liu Zhongyan and Zhuo Yueshen, who were standing next to Yin Ying, were similarly suppressed by the powerful aura, bleeding from their seven orifices, and dozens of cultivators below the Golden Immortal level behind Yin Ying were even on the ground, while the one suppressing them was a late Da Luo Immortal.

Ye Mo coldly snorted as his furious Qi surged out wildly, and that Da Luo Xian was immediately sent flying by the impact of Ye Mo’s Qi, smashing into a huge rock. Yin Ying and Liu Zhongyan and the others instantly felt a lightness all over their bodies, as if a huge mountain of billions of pounds pressing down on them had been removed with ease.

“Senior Brother Luo ……,” Yin Ying called out in surprise when he saw Ye Mo coming, only his voice was exhausted.

Ye Mo popped out a few pills and sent them into the mouths of Yin Ying and Liu Zhongyan a few times before asking in a deep voice, “What’s going on?”

When Yin Ying saw that Ye Mo had easily swept away a Da Luo Xian with his qi, he was even more shocked, while his eyes showed elation. Now that Ye Mo asked, he immediately said, “We have been recruiting people to build the Mo Yue Immortal City, and the progress of the Mo Yue Immortal City is fast. It is because we are purchasing too many materials and they are too precious. Five days ago, several Great Immortals however found us here.

Among these people were people from the Purple Frost Immortal Sect, which had come to take away Jiang Sumeru. When several others saw such a great project here and saw that the poisonous mist had disappeared, they immediately said that the place was theirs. Moreover, they were excited to send out numerous messages saying that the poisonous fog of the Mochizuki Immortal Mountain had disappeared and that they could come here to seize the territory.”

“What about Jiang Sumeru?” Ye Mo’s tone was already tinged with a hint of killing.

Zhuo Yue Shen also slowed down at this time and immediately said, “Senior sister Jiang Sumire has been taken away by someone from the Purple Frost Immortal Sect, as soon as Jiang Sumire was taken away, senior brother Yin Ying crushed the jade token, as a result we were immediately suppressed by that person.”

At this moment, that late Da Luo Xian had already come back to his senses, when Ye Mo came out, just his aura almost tore him apart, and without waiting for Ye Mo to ask, his heart and guts were already split. He was a late Da Luo Immortal, and the other party was able to suppress him with his aura and almost die, what was this if not an Immortal King? It might even be an Immortal King.

“Seniors, seniors ……” This Da Luo Xian saw Ye Mo coming over and immediately called out with a frightened heart.

“You are the one who said that my land is yours? You also captured my people? And if I don’t come, am I going to kill all the people on my side?” Ye Mo asked in an icy tone.

“Yes, no, not ……” This Da Luo Xian was already so frightened that he couldn’t even say anything.

Ye Mo raised his hand and slashed out a blade, one of this Da Luo Xian’s arms immediately disappeared, without waiting for this Da Luo Xian to beg for mercy, Ye Mo asked in a cold voice, “Where was Jiang Sumeru taken to? Who took it away?”