DYM Chapter 1811

The two of them were not lonely along the way. Ye Mo is now at the cultivation level of Immortal King, while Zhen Bingyu is only at the cultivation level of Great B Immortal, the difference in their cultivation levels is really too big. When she thought of the time when she was still in the middle stage of Xuan Xian and Ye Mo was in the cultivation level of Gold Xian, she felt a bit sad. She knew that she would never be able to catch up with Ye Mo’s cultivation in the future, and the difference between them would only get farther and farther apart.

Ye Mo took out a pile of pills and gave them to Zhen Bingyu, who did not refuse them, knowing that Ye Mo could no longer use them. Even so, when she saw the three ‘Yi Wang Dan’, she was still stunned for a long time. Even her master did not have the ‘Yi Wang Dan’, and even the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect had heard that it was destroyed because of the ‘Peng Yue Immortal Fruit’ that was used to refine the ‘Yi Wang Dan’.

Now that the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect no longer existed, those of her siblings were gone, while she had easily obtained three ‘Yi Wang Dan’. Thinking about the days when she left Gong Hua Heaven with Ye Mo, her heart was even more sad.

“Senior brother, there are still some days to go to Gong Hua Tian, I want to go for closed-door cultivation.” Zhen Bingyu held the pills given by Ye Mo and suddenly said an irrelevant word.

Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, he understood what Zhen Bingyu was thinking, her cultivation progress was too slow, she hadn’t even reached the middle stage of Great Bronze Immortal. Given her qualifications, if she had a large amount of cultivation resources, she would have been able to cultivate to the late Da Yi Immortal stage. Now that she had given her these cultivation resources, of course her first thought was to go into seclusion.

“That’s fine, go and close up, and try to advance to the middle stage of Great B Immortal before Gong Hua Tian.” Ye Mo immediately nodded his head in agreement, he had a time array disk for his cultivation, but Zhen Bingyu did not. Yan Bingyu needed to spend all the time she had to cultivate. He, on the other hand, needed to spend all the time he could to find cultivation resources.


The time shuttle flew through the void under Ye Mo’s control. The distance between the Middle Heavenly Domain and the Lower Heavenly Domain was much shorter than the distance between the Upper Heavenly Domain and the Middle Heavenly Domain. Moreover, between the realms of the Middle Heaven Domain and the Lower Heaven Domain. The void turbulence and meteorite flow were also much smaller. This makes the speed of the Space-Time Shuttle even faster.

What’s more, the route chosen by the space-time shuttle’s orientation coordinates dial was more concise than an ordinary immortal ship, so Ye Mo estimated that in less than two years’ time, he would be able to reach Gong Hua Heaven.

One reason for going to Gong Hua Heaven was because Zhen Bingyu wanted to visit the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect, and another was that Ye Mo had made an appointment with the people of Mo Yue City to meet in Gong Hua Heaven after his ascension.

A year and a half later, when the time shuttle was approaching Gong Hua Tian, Ye Mo felt the fluctuation of Zhen Bingyu’s cultivation aura. Ye Mo knew that this was Zhen Bingyu’s breakthrough to the middle stage of Great Ethereal Immortality. It was true that with such qualifications as Zhen Bingyu’s, as long as she had the resources, her cultivation speed was much faster than his.

Ten days later, Ye Mo’s space-time shuttle crossed the boundary of Gong Hua Heaven’s celestial void in a place with very little turbulence, and entered Gong Hua Heaven.

Instead of controlling the space-time shuttle to fly through Gong Hua Heaven, Ye Mo stopped while restoring his original appearance. His cultivation level was also controlled at the early stage of Great Bronze Immortal. Some people in Gong Hua Tian knew him, if he had only been around for a few decades. Already being an Immortal King, this kind of thing would definitely spread to the rest of the heavenly realms very quickly.

In fact, with his qualifications, controlling his cultivation at the early stage of Great Bronze Immortal was already very outrageous. After all, Zhen Bingyu was only at the middle stage of Great Bronze Immortal, and there was a Du Xia Tian Guo in between.

As soon as Ye Mo’s space-time shuttle stopped, Zhen Bingyu stopped her cultivation and walked out from inside the shuttle at the same time, her cultivation level already solidified at the middle stage of Great Ethereal Immortality.

“Congratulations, Senior Sister Bing Yu.” Ye Mo said with a smile as he put away the time and space shuttle.

Zhen Bingyu smiled faintly and was also happy in her heart. If she hadn’t returned from such a trip with Ye Mo, she would have had at least a couple of hundred years to advance to the middle stage of Great Ethereal Immortality. Although she knew that compared to Ye Mo, this bit of progress she had made was really nothing, but compared to the others, her progress was already very impressive.

“Senior brother, do you have any plans?” Seeing that Ye Mo had concealed his cultivation at the early stage of Great Bronze Immortal, Yan Bingyu immediately asked.

“Senior Sister Bing Yu, I want to establish my own sect power, I have many friends who will converge in Gong Hua Heaven, I must have my own place.” Ye Mo didn’t hide the fact that he also hoped that Zhen Bingyu could join his sect if she didn’t have a place to go.

Zhen Bingyu had wanted to follow Ye Mo, and now when she heard Ye Mo’s words, she immediately replied, “I want to visit the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect, and then follow you to establish a sect.”

“Good, but I can’t establish a sect with my current identity, when I want to establish a sect, I will have to change my identity.” Ye Mo immediately agreed, it would be a joke if he went to establish a sect as a Great Ethereal Immortal.


Xinyan Immortal City, this was the second time Ye Mo came here. Xinyan Immortal City was the same as it was decades ago, almost nothing had changed. The statue of Xinyan Emperor outside Xinyan Immortal City was still standing. Thinking of the surging and yearning feeling he had when he saw the statue of Xinyan Emperor, when Ye Mo saw the statue of Xinyan Emperor again at this time, there was only an extremely bland indifference.

The height one is at determines one’s vision. At this moment, Ye Mo’s vision was no longer the same as back then, when he was just a small Xuan Xian, but now he was also a ranked Xian.

Yan Bingyu was also overwhelmed with emotion, the last time she came was when she was carried by Ye Mo, while this time she was already in the middle stage of Great Ethereal Immortality. How good would it be if the sect hadn’t been wiped out?

Ye Mo walked into Xinyan Immortal City but felt that something was wrong, many eyes were involuntarily staring at him and Zhen Bingyu. Soon Ye Mo knew exactly what was wrong, his cultivation level was lower than Zhen Bingyu’s, while Zhen Bingyu was following closely behind him, seemingly with him as the leader. It would have been fine if Zhen Bingyu looked ordinary, but after Zhen Bingyu’s body refining nirvana, she happened to grow prettier and prettier, which made her look abrupt.

“Senior Sister Bing Yu, you go ahead.” Ye Mo immediately said with a voice transmission.

Zhen Bingyu responded, only before she had time to speak, she heard a surprised and clear voice call out, “Senior Sister Bingyu ……”

Zhen Bingyu’s body shook as she immediately saw Qin Nianmei standing at the window of the Immortal Rest Building. If it was before, she would have seen it, but since she had experienced the destruction of her sect, her state of mind had changed greatly. When she saw Qin Nianmei again, she was just as excited.

Qin Nianmei was even more excited than Zhen Bingyu, and the next moment she flew down from the window of the Immortal Rest Building, “It’s really you, Senior Sister Bingyu ……”

Qin Nianmei was a lot more mature than she was back then, and Ye Mo sighed a little when he thought that she was the one who had taken him to the Extreme Sword Sect back then. It was just that he was puzzled that the Extreme Sword Sect had been wiped out, and the last time they left, he heard that there were people wanted from the Extreme Sword Sect, so why did Qin Nianmei dare to appear here?

“Nian mei, my master, is she well?” Yan Bingyu’s first words were a little trembling as she asked about her master.

Qin Nianmei hurriedly said, “My father and Master Uncle Lara are fine, it’s just that Master Uncle Lara is very worried about you, and after hearing that you were carried to the Middle Heaven Domain, she was even more worried and was ready to go to the Middle Heaven Domain. By the way, I forgot to tell you that Senior Uncle Lara is already a ranked Immortal, and is now the Moral King of my Extreme Sword Immortal Sect. My father is also an Immortal King, my father is the Immortal King of the Extreme Sword. Now that the Extreme Sword Sect has been rebuilt, our cultivation levels are all rising very quickly, I’m about to reach the middle stage of Xuan Xian, eh, senior sister your cultivation level ……”

As soon as we met, Qin Nianmei talked incessantly, only when she got to this point, Qin Nianmei unexpectedly found that she could vaguely see that Zhen Bingyu was already at Great B Immortal cultivation level.

Ye Mo, however, drifted off, it turned out that the head of the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect, Qin Pei Fu, and the First Elder, Yang La, had not been killed after their sect was destroyed, but had escaped with their disciples and now advanced to Immortal King instead. Now that the two had both advanced to Immortal King and returned, even the Self-Realisation King was probably no match for them. If that Self-Realization King still wanted the ‘Misty Lotus Heart Flame’, then Ye Mo would not want him to come to him.

It seems that the news that Lan Di Sheng heard at the beginning was not all nonsense. It was likely that Qin Pei Fu had obtained the Peng Yue Immortal Fruit and was favored by the Self-Realization King, and as a result, under the pressure of the Self-Realization King, Qin Pei Fu had abandoned the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect with some of his core disciples. Now that he and Yang La had both advanced to Immortal King, they had come back to rebuild the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect.

“Huh, how come you’re with Senior Sister Bing Yu?” Only then did Qin Nianmei see Ye Mo next to Zhen Bingyu, and then she was even more surprised to find that Ye Mo’s cultivation level seemed to be blurred as well, as if he was higher than her.

“Senior Sister Bing Yu?” It was only at this time that Qin Nianmei felt that Zhen Bingyu seemed not quite the same as before, not only was she more beautiful than before, but she also had less of that strangely icy attitude towards everything.

Qin Nianmei looked at Ye Mo and then at Zhen Bingyu, she couldn’t believe that the two would walk together. It was only after a while that she stared at Ye Mo in shock and asked, “Ye Mo, you, you can’t be the one who carried Senior Sister Bing Yu onto the immortal ship back then, right?”

“Senior Sister Nian Mei, it was Senior Brother Ye Mo who saved me back then.” Zhen Bingyu sobered up from the great surprise that her master was still alive, and when she heard Qin Nianmei’s question, she hastily took the initiative to reply.

“Senior sister Bing Yu.” Another surprised voice rang out, and the next moment Hai Chuan Wu’s figure appeared in front of Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu. After Hai Chuan Wu, there was a man and a woman.

The woman came close and also called out in surprise, “Senior sister Bing Yu, you’re back.”

This woman Ye Mo also knew, her name was Shi Ya You, he had met her when he had just gone to the Extreme Sword Immortal Sect. There was another one called Feng Morchun, he had some other dealings with Feng Morchun, he just didn’t see Feng Morchun here.

The only one Ye Mo didn’t know was the man, who, like him, was also at the early stage of Great B Immortal cultivation, tough looking and incredibly handsome. The corners of his mouth were slightly curved, and he was obviously an extremely confident man.