DYM Chapter 1804

In the 33 Heavens of the Immortal World, however, there are three Immortal King Monuments: the first one is in the Upper Heavenly Realm in Fandu Heaven, the second one is in the Middle Heavenly Realm in Ruanle Heaven, and the third one is in the Lower Heavenly Realm in Moyi Heaven. Although there are three Immortal King Stele, the content displayed is the same.

In the Immortal Realm, only ranked Immortals have status and can enjoy the long life span of the Immortal Realm.

The Immortal King is the lowest rank of Immortal, and every Immortal who advances to the rank of Immortal King will be given a seal, which is not given by oneself or by others, but is automatically revealed by the Immortal King Tablet.

When an Immortal advances from Da Luo Immortal to Immortal King, he or she achieves the lowest rank of Immortal, and the lowest rank of Immortal has a chance to be crowned King himself or herself, and that chance is to go to the Immortal King Tablet.

Normally, the first time an Immortal King advances, he or she will go to the Immortal King Monument to carve his or her name, and then the huge Immortal King Monument will reveal his or her Immortal King Seal. Only Immortal Kings who have received the Immortal King Monument seal will be favoured by the Immortal World and will be more able to enjoy the Qi of the Immortal World. Likewise only Immortal Kings with the Immortal King Seal will be respected by others.

In large clans and families, after someone has advanced to the rank of Immortal King, there will be peace and heaven and earth visions in a large area where the Immortal King has advanced. Some Immortal Kings who far surpa*sed their peers would even set off visions throughout the entire heavenly realm.

And after someone has been promoted to Immortal King, if it is the birth of an Immortal King of a great sect, there will be people sending gifts and coming to congratulate them. So it is said that the birth of an Immortal King is known to everyone, and few people do not know about it.

The Immortal King Tablet grew automatically after the split of the Immortal World, and it was rumoured in the Immortal World that in the ancient times. Immortal kings were not worthy of the title. Only when they reached Immortal Emperor would they be qualified to be on the Seal. And the usual Immortal Emperor seal. It was also given by Heaven and Earth of its own accord the moment one advanced to Immortal Emperor.

After the Immortal Realm splits into the Thirty-three Heavenly Domains, the Immortal King’s seal is then given by the Immortal King Tablet, which then extends on and on, and will not be re-sealed after one has advanced to Immortal Emperor.

In time, the whole heavenly realm began to unify, and every thousand years, collectively go to the Immortal King Monument to have their kings sealed. This was not only lively. It was also a way to show how different each person was. Because the Immortal King Monument is immense, each Immortal King’s title is different.


Ye Mo had always cultivated and advanced on his own, and even his gong methods were derived from his own chaos world. He had never discussed in depth with any Immortal King, let alone heard anyone talk about any Immortal King Tablet.

To Ye Mo, the people he had come into contact with before were all below Immortal Kings, plus his cultivation level was also the lowest, and no one would talk about the Immortal King Tablet in front of him.

Plus, after Ye Mo had advanced to Immortal King, not to mention the heaven and earth visions, not even a single Immortal Spirit Cloud had fallen. What’s more, no one knew about it.

The reason why Qu Jing hesitated not to leave Immortal Grave Ridge immediately before was because he was wondering if Ye Mo had advanced to Immortal King. This was because even if a poor Immortal King had advanced. The reason why he hesitated to leave Immortal Grave Ridge was because even if a poor Immortal King advanced, there would still be some visions around him, but after Ye Mo advanced to Immortal King, nothing appeared, which made him hesitate a little. As a result, this hesitation cost him his life.

Ye Mo was aware that Immortal Kings had a title, and he had always thought that the title was a name he had just given himself. Therefore, after he had advanced to Immortal King, there was no vision and he didn’t care. As for giving himself an Immortal King seal, he hadn’t thought about it either. To him it seemed troublesome to think of a title for himself, if he knew about the Immortal King Tablet, he might have gone ahead and given himself a title, but he didn’t know about the Immortal King Tablet.

At this time he had already left the forbidden upper sky and was once again flying in the void.


Ye Mo’s lower grade divine weapon time and space shuttle was much faster than an ordinary immortal ship, so he did not intend to take an immortal ship to the Middle Heaven Domain. With his Lower Grade Divine Artifact Time and Space Shuttle, the time it would take to travel from the Forbidden Upper Heaven to the Middle Heaven Domain should be around five years.

This was because the Space-Time Shuttle came with a Void Coordinate Azimuth Disk, otherwise even if he flew for fifty or even five hundred years, he might not be able to find his way.

The value of having the Void Coordinate Azimuth Disk of the three heavenly domains was even higher than the value of the Time Shuttle, and it was because this Time Shuttle had a complete Void Coordinate Azimuth Disk that Yan Jiu Tian treated it as the greatest treasure. Otherwise, he could not have kept this space-time shuttle after taking over his body. When Ye Mo snatched this imitation space-time shuttle away from him, he hated to kill Ye Mo every moment of the day.

In the vast void, if there were no void coordinate directions, no one but Immortal Dignitaries and Immortal Emperors would dare to appear here. Even if it was an Immortal Emperor, there was still the possibility of falling in the vast void. The speed of the lower grade divine weapon Time and Space Shuttle was already near the top level in the Immortal Realm, but Ye Mo still felt that he still needed a faster flying magic treasure.

If he had a real time and space shuttle, he might only need a month or less to reach the Middle Heaven Domain, but unfortunately at this time he had to consume time in the void.

Even if he had a time array disk, there was no way to reduce this spatial distance.

Ye Mo had already handed the Time Space Shuttle over to Shadowless and Little Ice Sen to control as he rehearsed the Four Stacked Waves extended from the Wave Kill inside the Golden Page World. After advancing to Immortal King, the power of the divine ability Thunder Sand and Tarzan Press was even higher. Unfortunately, he did not comprehend any more new divine abilities.

In the following time, Ye Mo refined almost all the immortal spirit herbs and immortal materials that he could refine. His refining level went up another level, and even so, he still had no way to repair the Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron.

One was because the Eight Extreme Gamma Cauldron lacked a lid, the second was that the grade of materials needed to repair the Eight Extreme Gamma Cauldron was too high, and although Ye Mo’s current level of refining was close to the ability to refine a ninth-grade immortal weapon, he was still unable to refine a very high grade immortal weapon that surpa*sed the ninth grade.


The two guys were not willing to rest at all, and even competed along the way to see who could control it faster. The two of them did not even want to rest, and even competed on who could control it.

The first place Ye Mo went to when he came to the Middle Heaven Domain was Zong, he wanted to see if Zhen Bingyu was there. If Zhen Bingyu was there, he would ask Zhen Bingyu if she wanted to leave the place.

When Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu came here, the Qing Mo Immortal City was bustling with people. After a few decades, Ye Mo came here again, but found that the bustle had long disappeared.

There was a desolation everywhere, and the outside of Qing Mo Immortal City was filled with dense immortal demons and devils for thousands of miles. The forbidden system on the Immortal City was in tatters, and Ye Mo could vaguely see that the Immortal King of Ping Chau was still repairing the forbidden system. The immortals fighting those immortal demons on the walls of the immortal city were all equally exhausted. It was obvious that this battle had been going on for many hours and days.

Ye Mo secretly marvelled in his heart, he could not have imagined that the Immortal Demon Demons would have multiplied so quickly, in the blink of an eye, they had already attacked outside of Qing Mo Immortal City. From the looks of it, maybe in just a year and a half, Qing Mo Immortal City would completely disappear.

Ye Mo roughly counted, there were even more Immortal Demon Demons here than the Void Ironwing Bears he saw in the void last time. They were so dense that they were countless. Moreover, the levels were much higher than those Immortal Demon Demons he had seen back then, ranging from level two to level seven.

Level 7 Immortal Demon Demons were already equivalent to the cultivation level of an ordinary Immortal King, and when he thought that there was only one Immortal King of Ping Chau above the Qing Mo Immortal City, Ye Mo just secretly sighed in his heart. Even if an Immortal King relied on the powerful defence formation of the Immortal City, he would not be able to repel so many densely packed Immortal Demon Demons. Not to mention, there were many level seven ones among these Immortal Demon Demons.

Thinking about how Immortal King Ping Zhou and Immortal King Kai Feng and Immortal King Wo Huan had treated him back in Ruan Le Tian, Ye Mo felt a bit sentimental in his heart. Although all three immortal kings were somewhat suspicious of him, when Ruan Lotian’s immortal kings targeted him, these three immortal kings did not hesitate to stand up for him.

Immortal King Kai Feng had even given him an old map jade slip, allowing him to find an ancient relic in Immortal Grave Ridge. In that ancient relic, he had obtained a demon pellet of a rank nine Immortal Demon Beast, and he had also obtained a large Star Refining Stone.

Not to mention that he had received a boost from three Immortal Kings, even if he had not, Ye Mo would not sit idly by, not to mention that Zhen Bingyu might still be inside Immortal City.

Ye Mo was still feeling sentimental when several immortal devils and demons on the periphery had already pounced on him. Ye Mo raised his hand and sent a few thunder swords, and these level 5 Immortal Demon Demons that could have killed him at any time were instantly turned into flying ashes.

The rest of the Immortal Demon Demons saw Ye Mo’s appearance and immediately swarmed over. The first thing Ye Mo did was to take out the mask given by Hong Ling and put it on, once again transforming into an ordinary young immortal king. If he didn’t make a move, it would be fine if he appeared in his original appearance. But once he did, he would have to meet the Immortal King of the Central Continent later, and those who knew him would inevitably have all sorts of suspicions when they found out that he had advanced to Immortal King in a short period of time.

Ye Mo’s Purple Basket had changed so much that he didn’t have to worry about being recognised. The Purple Basket was launched and brought up a thousand feet long purple blade, which immediately cut pieces of Immortal Demons in half.

Ye Mo secretly cried out in his heart that it was a pity, if he had called out Shadowless at this time, it would have been the best. Shadowless was the most fond of eating this kind of Immortal Demon Demon, but unfortunately, he could not expose Shadowless. Although this was the Middle Heaven Domain, as long as he exposed it, one day Shadowless’ appearance in the Middle Heaven Domain would spread to the Upper Heaven Domain.

In just one move, Ye Mo had killed tens of thousands of Immortal Demon Demons, but Ye Mo shook his head, this speed was too slow. If he continued at this speed, he didn’t know how long it would take to kill all these Immortal Demon Demons.

The next moment, Ye Mo raised his hand and waved it out one after another, four green suns with four golden circles of light rose out of thin air, these were the Nine Suns of Heavenly Fire that had regained their original flame colour after advancing to Immortal Flame. With Ye Mo’s current ability, he was already fully capable of sacrificing five suns, because the Heavenly Flame Nine Suns consumed too much, Ye Mo only sacrificed four rounds of suns.