DYM Chapter 1802

“Nope, didn’t see ……” The two Da Luo Xian met a late Immortal King abruptly and immediately got a little stuck in their speech.

“Oh.” This Eagle-eyed Immortal King slapped away the image ripples before asking in a light voice, “I just heard you guys say that you met some rank seven Immortal Demon Beast? Where did you guys see a rank seven Immortal Demon Beast?”

Seeing that this Immortal King did not seem to be speaking harshly, the scarlet-clothed Grand Luo Immortal slightly relaxed and replied, “Lord Immortal King, the two juniors came from the Immortal Grave Ridge and saw powerful traces of a tribulation at the Immortal Grave Ridge, and the thunder tribulation was definitely an Immortal King’s thunder tribulation or the movement of a rank seven Immortal Demon Beast’s tribulation, so that’s why they guessed so. Because it is impossible for someone to go to Immortal Grave Ridge, where there is a lack of Immortal Spirit Qi, to transmigrate, so junior guessed that it was a rank seven Immortal Demon Beast.”

This Eagle-eyed Immortal King did not reply, but just took out his tracing compa*s and started searching. A moment later, he put away the tracing compa*s and looked at the two Da Luo Immortals in front of him with terrified expressions.

Of course he knew about the Immortal Grave Ridge, and had even been there. Now that there was someone crossing the tribulation at Immortal Grave Ridge, or an Immortal King tribulation, he immediately remembered the battle with him, Ye Mo. The location compa*s just now was also pointing in the direction of Immortal Grave Ridge, and the person he fought with was a Da Luo Immortal.

If the one who was crossing the tribulation was really the one who fought him, that would be very bad. Ye Mo had fought with him, so he knew Ye Mo’s strikes very well, and they could definitely straddle the entire Great Immortal level. If the other party had advanced to Immortal King, once the Immortal King cultivation was firmly established, then it was not impossible to be Invincible as an Immortal King.

At the thought that Ye Mo might be Immortal King invincible, he could no longer calm down. After sweeping his cold eyes at the two Da Luo Immortals in front of him, he suddenly raised his hand and slashed out with two blue lights.

These two Da Luo Immortals were only mid Da Luo Immortals. Compared to Ye Mo. They were too far behind. This Eagle Eye Immortal King suddenly struck again. These two were not expecting it at all and were immediately covered by the two blue lights. A bursting sound rang out, the blue lights disappeared and the two Da Luo Immortals were killed in seconds.

Having killed the two Da Luo Immortals, this Eagle-eyed Immortal King did not even stop for half a second, collecting the two rings and instantly sacrificing his Extreme Immortal Weapon and disappearing.

An hour later, an illusory shadow spilled out from the tattered corpse of that grey Da Luo Immortal. He looked hatefully at the place where the Eagle-eyed Immortal King had fled and said in a cold voice, “If I didn’t have a Soul Protecting Tablet, even my original spirit would have been lost. I, Fang Ji Cong, swear that in this life I will kill you, old man.”

After saying that this Yuan Shen escaped and left, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


The dense thunder arc sword that Ye Mo sacrificed clashed with the golden thick thunder arc, and the sky exploded with all kinds of thunder lights, gold, black, and blue, reflecting the depths of the Immortal Grave Ridge into a colorful scar.

With such a terrifying thunderbolt and such a terrifying person crossing the tribulation, no Yin soul would dare to approach. Either side was not something that ordinary Yin souls could withstand.

The sound of “Boom Boom ……” was incessant and rang out in succession in the depths of Immortal Grave Ridge. It hit Ye Mo’s body.

Although these golden thunder arcs were thick, they were cushioned by Ye Mo’s Immortal King Domain, and suddenly slowed down. And after the dense thunder arc swords hit these thunder arcs again, it weakened the power of these thunder arcs by an even greater layer.

With Ye Mo’s early Immortal King cultivation and late Immortal Spirit Body body, after blocking these lightning arcs, he was only pulled up with a bloodstain. There was no longer the skin and flesh that had been opened before, let alone the bones broken.

Golden thunder sources circled in the air endlessly, Ye Mo’s thunder sword was constantly being tempered, while Ye Mo himself kept absorbing these Immortal Spirit Qi and golden thunder sources to strengthen his cultivation. The blood marks on his body that were pulled out by the thunder arcs even disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Ye Mo was suspended in the air of Immortal Grave Ridge, surrounded by dense golden thunder arcs around him, while his aura did not weaken in the slightest because of these golden thunder arcs. On the contrary, his aura continued to grow and grow again amidst these golden lightning arcs.

After two waves of thunder arcs had pa*sed, the third wave of thunder arcs seemed to have disappeared, not coming down for a long time. Ye Mo, however, did not care and continued to temper his thunder sword and cultivation.

It was not until half a day later that the third wave of thunder arcs came late, with only a few blue thunder arcs falling. Ye Mo was not even interested in absorbing this thunder source to temper his body, so he directly sacrificed several thunder arc swords and struck out. These few blue lightning arcs were struck by the lightning arc sword and instantly collapsed.

Ye Mo knew very well that although there were still bits and pieces of thunder arcs falling, they posed no threat to him anymore. He directly began to run the ‘Three Life Dictates’ again and began to stabilize his Immortal King realm.

Ye Mo reckoned that no immortal spirit clouds would come down this time, and indeed when the last lightning arc fell, the sky returned to its original gloom, with no half of an immortal spirit cloud falling down.

The several times he had crossed the tribulation had made Ye Mo find a pattern. Once the thunderbolt was about to kill him, basically there were no immortal spirit clouds falling. If the thunderbolt did not mean to kill him, there were often immortal spirit clouds that fell to consolidate his cultivation.

Although Ye Mo was furious, there was nothing he could do, and he even suspected that these thunderclaps were manned in shifts. When he met a good guy, he was given a normal thunderstorm, and when he met a perverted guy, he was given a killing thunderstorm.

Ye Mo knew that this idea of his was ridiculous, but compared to other people’s thunder tribulations, his was just a little too perverted. Such a perverted thunder tribulation still didn’t have half a cent of immortal spirit clouds.

At this moment, all his magic treasures, except for the Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron and the Violet Blazing Ring and the World Stone Scale, all the rest of his immortal weapons were reduced to crumbs, and even that seventh-grade immortal weapon was too broken to be used anymore. The Eight Extremes Gamma Cauldron was already somewhat broken, and after this lightning tribulation, it had even dropped from a very high grade immortal weapon to an upper grade immortal weapon again, equivalent to an eighth grade.

After putting all these things away, Ye Mo continued to solidify his cultivation.

In just a short day, Ye Mo, who was still solidifying his cultivation, suddenly woke up with a start as he felt a powerful divine sense sweep into his shielding formation. This divine sense was very familiar to him, it was that eagle-eyed late Immortal King that he had met back in the void.

This guy had actually chased him to Immortal Grave Ridge, Ye Mo’s murderous intent suddenly rose. Immediately, he cleaned himself up, changed his clothes and stood up. That Extreme Immortal Spirit Vein had already been consumed by him, even if he continued to solidify his cultivation. There was no need to stay at Immortal Grave Ridge either.

After putting away the formation flag. Ye Mo surprisingly perceived that the divine sense had only touched his outer shielding formation. Surprisingly, it did not come this way.

Ye Mo was now an Immortal King cultivator and would no longer be afraid of a late Immortal King. He did not hesitate to put away his formation flag, while sacrificing his lower grade divine weapon, the space-time shuttle, and went along that divine sense.

The one that swept Ye Mo was indeed that late Immortal King who was chasing Ye Mo. When he arrived at Immortal Grave Ridge, he found that the inside of Immortal Grave Ridge had fallen silent and there was no more thunderstorm movement at all. He immediately knew. There were only two possibilities, the first was that Ye Mo had already failed to cross the tribulation, and the second was that Ye Mo had succeeded in crossing the tribulation and was recovering his cultivation. Moreover, he was already sure that the person who had crossed the tribulation at Immortal Grave Ridge was, in all probability, **the one who had fought with him to complete the Da Luo Immortal.

At the moment, he was hesitating, he didn’t know whether he should go there now. If the other party was in the midst of the tribulation, then it was just right for him to go. No matter if the other party succeeded or failed, he would definitely be at his weakest after the tribulation. This was the best time to make a move. That was the best time to strike.

However, now that the tribulation was over, he was worried that if Ye Mo succeeded in the tribulation. With the kind of terrifying strike that Ye Mo had, even if he was a late Immortal King, I was afraid that he would not be a match.

It was only in this short time that he hesitated that Ye Mo’s space-time shuttle had already approached him. This Immortal King’s face changed and subconsciously he was about to flee. But then he sacrificed his blue lance and gave up his intention to flee.

Even if his opponent was fierce, he had only just advanced to Immortal King, and was still at the early stage of Immortal King. He himself had already advanced to late Immortal King and had been honing his Immortal Essence for tens of thousands of years, so how could he be afraid of a mere early Immortal King? It was even a late Immortal King whose cultivation had not stabilised.

The space-time shuttle was extremely fast, even more so than the original Green Moon. In just a short time, Ye Mo had already landed in front of this Eagle-eyed Late Immortal King.

“You’re persistent, to chase after him from beyond the void to Immortal Grave Ridge. Since you want to fight so much, then this king will fight with you today.”

Ye Mo suddenly felt that after advancing to Immortal King, it was really cool, he could finally open his mouth and close his mouth in front of this guy.

“This King Qu is shocked, Immortal King Elder of the Yu Yu Heavenly Feather Demon Sword Sect. Your ability to advance to Immortal King is indeed beyond my expectations. For the sake of you being an Immortal King, I don’t necessarily have to fight you, as long as you take out that Immortal Spirit Object from before, half for each of us will be fine. Of course, I’m not taking it for nothing, I’ll also offer some Immortal Crystals.”

In fact, Qu Jing already had some intention of retreating, and although his words were threatening Ye Mo, he was already starting to weaken. At this moment, Ye Mo’s aura was amazing, his Immortal King aura hadn’t been fully collected, and his sharpness was exposed, which made him a bit frightened.

The reason he reported his clan was that the Feather Demon Sword Sect belonged to a Zun Clan in Yu Yu Heaven, letting Ye Mo know that offending a Zun Clan was not a good thing.

Ye Mo sneered and said, “Feather Demon Sword, that’s not something I’ve heard of. But this king’s stuff, I just don’t want to show it to you, what can you do to me?”

Not even giving it a look, let alone sharing it.

Qu Jing’s face changed slightly, those who dared to say the words that a sect’s name had not been heard of, unless the other party’s sect was even bigger, or the other party really had not heard of it. Qu Jing did not believe that Ye Mo had not heard of the Feather Demon Sword Immortal Sect, the Feather Demon Sword Immortal Sect was so famous, and the other party, a Da Luo Immortal Perfection, was now even an Immortal King, it was impossible that he had not heard of it. Even if he hadn’t heard of it, no one would really say that he hadn’t heard of the Immortal Sect.

Since the other party had heard of the Feather Demon Sword Immortal Sect and still said this about not having heard of it, that meant that he did not regard this sect in his eyes at all, and that was tantamount to provoking it.

Qu Jing already had some regrets, using words to frighten the other party was obviously not going to work, when the other party was a Da Luo Immortal, he dared to challenge him to a late Immortal King, now that the other party was already an Immortal King, could he be afraid of a late Immortal King like him?

“Since that’s the case, then I’ll see you later.” Qu Jing did not make a move against Ye Mo in the end, he had a hunch that he was not Ye Mo’s opponent.

“You can fight if you want, chase if you want, I have no problem with that, but if you want to leave, that’s up to you.” After Ye Mo finished speaking, he was already offering a fist, divine Void.